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Universidad Abierta Para Adulto


Facilitador: Pedro Antonio Flete

Materia: Ingles elemental II

Tema: Actividad 2

Participante: Ángelo Reyes

Matrícula: 16-6072

I didn’t eat apple .what I didn’t do: 1. I want go to the university 3. Write three things you did you last weekend. I didn’t drive the car 3. Which activities do you like? Number the activities from 1 to 6 in the order you like to do them.Go running 3 . I went for a walk yesterday 2. and two weeks ago.Go for a drive Which activities did you do? Which activities didn’t you do? Write three sentences about yesterday. I didn’t go for a drive last week 3. I cleaned my house .Go to the beach 5 . I went running two week ago 2. -What I did: 1. 1. 1.Go bike riding 1 .Go swimming 4 . I didn’t go to swimming 2. Write three things you didn’t do.Go for a walk 6 . last week. I saw a movie last weekend 2. 2 .

3.3. So what did you do on Saturday? c. B: b . Choose the correct responses to complete the conversation. B: e 4. A: what did you do? B: we went swimming and bike riding. A: who went with you? B: some friends from school. 4. a. A: how was your weekend? B: actually. Write questions in the simple past tense. Write the letter on the line. and then I studied. I went shopping. 2. I did the laundry. yeah. Why? 3. A: There was? Too bad I wasn’t there. How’s it going? B: c 2. A: how was the weather? B: it was sunny and warm. Hey where were you Friday night? d. Did you do anything special on Sunday? 1. Now that sounds nice? e. There was a great concert at the stadium. I exercised. A: hi. Complete the conversation. 4. had great weekend. A: what did you do on Saturday? B: I went to the beach. A: well. 1. A: Friday night? Let me think… Oh. b. 5. Not bad.

5. How many books did you read last month? I just read two books. 2. What did you do the day before yesterday? I went to work. A: actually. The weather was beautiful. Use the simple past tense. 6. Did you do anything special last weekend? No. 8. B: d 6. I did. Did you have good day yesterday? Yes. How often did you watch tv last week? I watch TV twice. . I had a great day on Saturday. 7. 1. 3. Who did you talk to first today? I talked to my girlfriend. so I went bike riding at the beach. I didn’t 5. Where you live five years ago? I lived in Samaná. Answer the questions. What time did you come home last Saturday night? I come home at 11:50 pm 4.

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