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Chef Ranveer Brar

Varieties of
Rice in India

Gal Gadot talks
about cheat meals

Bringing Neverland
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Editor's note

The STory
of rice
hat a joy it is to see which in its own right is one of the In our Celeb Talk, our columnist takes
steaming rice in a finest properties in India. If you and the interview of Gal Gadot who is a
vessel on chilled your family have plans for Goa, this role model because of her fitness
winter days. Winter property is a must-go-to place for regimen and for portraying the
means abundance. Our esteemed your perfect stay. courage of a woman immortalised
contributors have compiled a gallery through her charcater in the movie
of stories on Rice which will make Winter has also a historical connect, it Wonder Woman. We have brought in
you love biryani, pulao or kheer transports us to the glory of the time two exclusive stories, one on India’s
perhaps more. In the Foodtrail when Christ was born. As a result, upcoming floating restaurant which is
section, discover the varieties of rice the December month is marked with also the first of its kind in our country
which are scattered all over India and sweets and celebrations. Food and by Shripriya Dalmia Thirani and
the variety of dishes that are made Beverage Buzz is presenting the easy- second, the recently concluded World
out of it. In the Statewise section, to-make recipes for the New Year Food India. There is a visual delight for
we have followed the evolution of festivities along with some atypical the readers which informs us about
biryani across states in India instead recipes which are the winter delights. an age old tea estate in Darjeeling.
of talking about one particular Learn to make puddings for Christmas We also feel you would be delighted
state cuisine. In our assortment of from our Sweet Take section. And to read our interview of the famed
stories, we bring to you the W Goa talking of Christmas, read our chef Ranveer Brar.
Heritage section which details the
different rituals followed during Also, we would like to announce
Christmas in different parts that Food and Beverage Buzz will
of the world. be a bi-monthly magazine starting
from December 2017. Hence, from
February 2018 onwards, we will bring
some more exciting contents for you.
So, dear readers, have a wonderful
winter ahead.

Merry Christmas and a very
happy New Year!

Urvashi Agrawal

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Siddhant Bhargava 22 food SAfETy good food hygiEnE: ThE 4 CS 54 gloBAlly diSCoVEring TAiWAn’S TASTE Deepak Sharma Kounteya Sinha 24 inSPiring BEing STAgiErE AT ThE World’S BEST 60 in foCUS ThE STEViA WAy rESTAUrAnT Team FnB Buzz Akanksha Dean 62 fnB EVEnTS 27 dEliSh hEAlThy EASy To mAkE WinTEr rECiPES World food indiA 2017 Team FnB Buzz Chef Anil Dahiya 66 fnB BUzz ExClUSiVE 30 SnACky TrEAT BrEAkfAST gAlA WiTh omlETTE Bringing nEVErlAnd To lifE Team FnB BUZZ Ashish Chopra 70 SAVVy ChEf 34 ChECk in W goA: ProPErTy rEViEW Chef Altamsh Patel Mini Ribeiro dec 2017-Jan 2018 food and Beverage Buzz 3 .Contents } On THE COVER Food and Beverage Buzz presents an edition on the ubiquitous rice 16 47 50 hEriTAgE lEgEnd CElEB TAlk The Chimes of Christmas The Chef of rarity “A cheat meal is important to keep Dr Sudipto De you on track with your diet …” Diana Mehra Aarti Kapur Singh 04 foodTrAil VAriETiES of riCE in indiA 38 SWEET TAkE SUCh PUddingS! Sangeeta Khanna Team FnB BUZZ 08 STATEWiSE TrACing BiryAni’S TASTE 42 mUnChiliCioUS riCE noodlES in rAmEn BoWl Saira Mujtaba Chef (Mrs) Reetu Uday Kugaji 12 gAPE AT ThE SUBlimE moonlighT TEA 44 hEAlTh kETogEniC diET Kounteya Sinha Dr.

the writer attempts to trace the varieties of rice across India 4 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . The astounding varieties add to our palate as much as it adorns our platters. But the different varieties of rice have never been fully learned. In this article. food trail Varieties of rice in india The varieties of rice available in India is myriad.

Just leaving us humbled and awestruck at consultant and trainer. Taj. the produce of each corner of drizzled with date palm molasses as a the country reflects this diversity breakfast dish. renonwed nutrition believe how delicious it can be. The texture of the Komal taste some of this diversity thanks to Saul was soft almost jelly like and many postings my father had during the taste sweet and nutty. vibrant colours Images by Sangeeta Khanna I had heard of Komal Saul (soft rice) from Assam but I would never have imagined how soft it could be until I got to taste it at Vivanta by and grows in restricted amounts. served in my childhood and then the travels a bronze bowl. it remains one of my in my adult life as well. just soak it advertised by travel portals. revealing life. that it can’t be factory manufactured the same time. corners of the country have been far Difficult to believe that a rice variety more exciting than the exotic locales doesn’t need cooking at all. Food and eat it. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 5 . The colour of different rice variety goes against being monotonous. I have been fortunate to in the state. The India is a country with diverse rice was just soaked in water and geographic and climatic conditions. was served with yogurt and cream. far-away all time favourite breakfast memories. Guwahati earlier this year. but that gives us more reasons to try the immense variety of wonderful food that grows around us. Komal Saul beats all variants has been an important instrument Sangeeta Khanna of instant cereals hollow in one stroke. in understanding the culture and The writer is a you have to taste this wonder once to traditions of a place every time. a traditional breakfast beautifully.

Rice is even cooked on a freshly made mud stove in the wedding mandapa to feed the bride and groom just before the wedding in some parts of India. Popped rice is given to the Hindu bride during the wedding ceremony. The short grain fragrant rice varieties of the country have negligible difference even if they grow in distant geographical locations. Bengali fish and rice. all these further used to make of the country for the purpose. The Ambe Mohar of Maharashtra. Such ritualistic use of rice indicates how it is the most ancient native grain and has sustained the civilisations of the land. Gobind Bhog of Bengal. The 6 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . flat stone mortar and pestle (silbatta). aroma and texture of cooked rice even though they come from different parts of the country. puffed rice (moodhi) and even dishes have evolved all over the expanse idli rava. Parboiled rice is nutritionally superior when as God rice in different forms indicating rice (Anna) served as cooked rice but parboiling has been considered the giver of life. The use of farming instruments like plough. Seeraga Samba of Tamil Nadu and Joha rice of Assam have minor differences in taste. Worshipping rice Many rice based products have been Anna in india and and its fields is ingrained in the agrarian made using different rice varieties. rotary mortar and pestle (chakki). soop used for winnowing etc in the wedding mandapa is an indication of how a wedding is considered to be the start of the fertile phase of one’s life. The paste of rice is used to make auspicious designs on the floor to welcome Gods on the occasions of worship and a handful of rice is showered on everyone to encourage their well-being. The Joha rice meals from Assam. okhli used for pounding grains. Rice is known as Rice is known as Anna in India and is considered as God. Jeera Batti and Kala Namak of UP. The the paddy is the first step of making first meal of a new born or a new bride is various rice products like flattened rice always some form of rice and numerous (poha). Many rituals around weddings and festivals involve the use of processed in different ways. various snacks and sweetmeats. is considered culture of the country. Punjabi rajma chawal and the simple dal chawal meals of the central Indian Images by Sangeeta Khanna The uniqueness of India on a platter states get their flavours from the rice varieties grown in these regions. the Kerala Sadya.

earthy and nutty taste and take longer Basmati has actually become a victim to cook. dumplings. self seeded and play an important role in food safety for the marginalised Most red rice varieties are grown communities. The purple rice depending on the end product it is varieties from northeast India and the intended for. Sathi rice that gets ready in sixty days ranging from white to red and even and Tinni rice that is used even for the thickness and crispness of these fasting meals.Different rice dishes are influenced by the local taste and climate where the rice type is grown and cultivated Many Rice based products have been made using different rice varieties process of parboiling differs slightly nourishing breakfast. in different parts of the country. a fine example of how black rice from Tamil Nadu and Kerala people knew the way the starches are the other treasures we need of rice grain behave with differential to conserve better. Cooked into a gruel varieties to our table and cook up a called kanji. the Matta rice makes a storm with them. It is a delight to find varieties grow in lowlands that remain several varieties of poha and moodhi waterlogged for a long period of time. But due to the use of chemical anthocyanin content have a distinct help to grow this variety of rice. fritters and puddings to name a few. I miss the Basmati from my childhood and am hopeful I will get a sack of real The Matta rice grown in Palakkad basmati rice this year that a farmer region of Kerala has a distinct taste friend has promised. are varieties that are naturally processed rice products. Many wild rice treatments. The most well known either in lesser productive lowlands rice variety from India is Basmati or grow along with the preferred (meaning aromatic) that has been the white rice varieties as a weed. High time we that satiates and nourishes at the brought back some of the older rice same time. The country’s top export commodity for thick grains of red rice with high years. become a commodity. The array of traditional dishes of its own popularity and has just made from red rice includes dosas. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 7 .

names like Behrouz biryani are making their presence felt. state wise Tracing Biryani's Taste In metropolitan cities where one has the luxury of getting their food delivered at one’s doorstep. Here is the lip-smacking biryani story 8 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

being a die-hard Persia. The word ‘biryani’ is derived Biryani lover. sniffing the bay leaves. While all of them claim to some exotic spices and kewra and be the best. which adage. Some say that it was Timur as well as unique styles of cooking. M y fondest memories who brought Biryani to India as a dish of childhood are those that he used to serve to his soldiers. The journey of Biryani from Persia to your From Awadh to Kolkata and palette has been fascinating to the Hyderabad to Delhi. don’t count the trees). spent at the dining Since it was a complete meal in itself. the Persian word for rice. hence lending like centuries later Biryani continues them a unique identity. Begum Masroor by both princes and paupers. while beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who. everyone would certainly hued it with saffron. The writer is an English others floating horizontally are stale. when to entice you and me. rulers and the ruled. But. ‘aam khaao. The aroma of cooking. It which would not only satiate the taste she loves writing on food and is every food lover’s delight. while inspecting one of the army newsreader at All India Radio Now if you’re thinking that what is this barracks. who added of Biryani. got the whiff foodie loves to travel to explore the of an aroma of a meal that was being local cuisines and traditional methods cooked for the labourers. According to her. just methods of cooking. The Nawab was agree that all variants found in India bowled by the flavoursome rice meal have their own unique flavours or with its rich aroma and flavours. Birinj. Since the Nawabs see a trail leading to different places. A much Jahan into English. of Awadh were also of Persian origin. it is none other than-Biryani! (Apt dish is the Awadhi Biryani. by the the required nutrition. When I travel. It is said to be used as an intro) that Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. there dropping one or two cloves in water to is no record of Biryani having existed check their freshness. I remember my high in the nutrition quotient with grandmother. of course rice. Different regions of India Khansamas were instructed to serve have developed their own variants the dish to the Nawab. was concerned to see the and a freelance anchor for dish for which such minute attention health of the soldiers and instructed DOORDARSHAN but her first was paid to the spices then let me not the cooks to prepare a one-dish meal love is writing. I’d prefer to go by the from the Persian word Birian. mace and nutmeg and the warring soldiers. whom I fondly call the generous quantity of meat and Amma. further raise your anxiousness levels. It is the one relished a high calorie diet. in Timur’s homeland. and food lovers we trace Biryani’s journey to India. he was told that it was a one- is always to taste the local variant dish meal of rice and meat. Some legends the clove buds that float upright. And even more fascinating variants of Biryani in India have their have been the legends of how it came own distinct flavours and ingredients to India. most holds some credibility. Being a foodie. we all over the world. while inspecting the construction site of It certainly holds true that every one of his monuments. While there are many legends related the origin of Biryani tracing it to Persia to the origin of the Biryani. it was an apt dish for cinnamon. However. hence providing of Urdu writer. by friends and sought after version of the delectable foes. Kolkata try the local cuisines but my quest about it. The Shahi of Biryani. every rice buds of the soldiers but would also be is currently translating stories lover’s favourite. all popular letter. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 9 . with also say that it was Shah Jahan’s Saira Mujtaba the bud facing upward are fresh. table. I obviously enticed him instantly! On inquiring Images by The Oudh 1590. Whatever historians agree that it originated in might be its origin. peyd na gino’ (eat means ‘fried before cooking’ and the mangoes.

leaving This gave Biryani a new found a taste that would linger long identity which we now know after savouring the meal. his limitations forced and saffron are a trademark of the the khansamas to device new ways to Awadhi Biryani. However. my all-time favourite is Awadhi Biryani. the only addition sticks and cardamom is that of potatoes that and cloves in the water absorb the spices and used for boiling the rice. Kolkata Being a Lucknawi. While uniqueness of Awadhi Biryani all other ingredients and is that it doesn’t use whole the method of cooking is spices except while adding the same as the Awadhi bay leaves and cinnamon Biryani. flavours of the biryani which is also called adhan. biryani is different from its Awadhi 10 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . with the rice and meat. Kewra by the British.Images by The Oudh 1590. They added potatoes to the fastening the lid of the degh with a Biryani to make up for the reduced wheat dough ring. in the royal kitchens. As the layers of meat and hot rice are placed Awadhi Biryani nawab then lived on a pension given in a large pot called the degh. my all. while it is cooked in the The nawabs of Awadh – dum style. The dum style of amount of meat due to the availability cooking allows the spices to infuse of fixed ration to the exiled nawab. The as Kolkata Biryani. The Biryani is then please their nawab with their culinary left for dum style cooking by tightly Oudh 1590's Jheenga Biryani skills. the both the meat and rice are cooked separately and then later alternate time favourite is ill-fated Nawab was exiled to Matia Burj in Kolkata by the British. especially the last nawab Wajid Ali Shah – was a connoisseur of The Mughlai or Delhi variant of arts and literature and food as well. It is also Being a His khansamas were always busy experimenting with different flavours called the pakki biryani because Lucknawi.

the Delhi cultural hub. Basmati chawal. it is also the dastarkhwan of the two “The major difference between While one can go on debating over cities adorned by biryani that has been Hyderabadi Biryani and the others is the best variant of biryani. However. the Mughlai khansamas and hence gave the culinary world a Bhatkali Biryani which is a speciality also added pickle (mostly lemon) gastronomical gem today known all of Karnataka and part of the Nawayat to the biryani. Awadh and Delhi claim supremacy. The marinade is then put in a smaller places like Muradabad have degh with generous amounts of ghee also developed their distinct style of So. which has its palao. Connaught Place. cooking the elaborate meal. in which spices are ground. that the meat is marinated and there rather focus my energies on savouring is only one layer of meat at the bottom the lip-smacking dish which not only Come South. Mulakala. became a beautiful memory to it is the Hyderabadi counterpart The Hyderabadi Biryani is also the only cherish forever! Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 11 .” says Sarita biryani. and there is a treasure trove for biryani lovers Images by Food and Beverage Buzz Magazine variant which is served along with counterpart in ways more than one. To give a Nizams wanted to prove their mettle a local variant of biryani. with its aroma wafting over sought after variant in India. spices. it also adds a beautiful ki biryani because the raw meat is of Tamil Nadu for its unique taste contrast to the saffron hued meal. a Delhi based Andhra chef. Right: The Awadhi Biryani of Lazeez Affaire. the Black Stone flower or shared the same love for the dish Mughals. marinated for hours with yogurt and and rich spicy aroma. the Delhi variant it were the Nizams of Hyderabad that uses Sela rice. It is said that another ingredient that lends the food lover. Left: A platter of vegetarian biryani Come South. it also became a reason the Arab traders brought with them distinct fragrance to the Hyderabadi for me to meet my life partner who this delectable dish much before the biryani. After the the mirchi ka saalan and not just the While the Awadhi biryani uses mostly physical break up of Mughal empire. While in north. thus making it as a visual treat as well. not only spices This variant is also called kacche gosht biryani which is famous in the state up the biryani. and there is a treasure and a layer of rice above it. The royal chefs of the every region in south India has Biryani uses whole spices. usual raita. like the unique punch. Whole green chillies over the world as Hyderabadi Biryani. Unlike Awadhi Biryani gave the region its distinct identity as Except Andhra. There is became a reason for me being a trove for biryani lovers. us. which steals away the show. it is not just Urdu poetry over and layered on top with boiled rice. The Malabar Biryani of Kerela dagad phool which is only used in and that one lunch over steaming hot with its juicy beef or lamb is a much the Hyderabadi variant. cuisine and the Dindigul Thalapakatti neatly slit vertically. I would a subject of culinary envy.

detailing pictorially the vivid routine of life in the heritage tea estate Kounteya Sinha The photographer is a world renowned award winning journalist and photographer with over 16. He plans to travel the whole world by the year 2023. Gape at The Sublime Moonlight Tea A spectacularly light flavoured white tea – Moonlight. He was the United Kingdom and Europe correspondent of The Times of India (TOI). 12 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . fetching record prices and also landing up on the tables of royalty across the world.000 articles to his credit and 20 million hits. grown on the slopes of the Castleton gardens of Kurseong. is creating ripples. He is an explorer and story teller who has travelled to over 50 countries in the world revealing stories that he says "is trying so hard to hide from human eye". The estate gives an exclusive entry to Kounteya for Food and Beverage Buzz's coverage.

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Here I list out some of the most iconic dishes that are served during Christmas while I take you through the history of their origin 16 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . where this festival is celebrated with aplomb. different types of dishes and sweets make up an important part of the cultures. Around the world. heritage Chimes The Christmas of The Christmas festival is incomplete without sweets.

He is known as the ‘Hungry Surgical Resident’ amongst his peers. Dr sudipto De The writer is a lover of cuisines from the far east to the western world. De pto Images by Sudi Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 17 . A surgeon in training and a foodie in full.

decided to get together and contribute to fight for the cause. They started preparing this traditional Peruvian dish made from mashed potatoes. especially sweets. till Causa to this date. asking the people to help in the ‘cause’ by buying Causa. C hristmas is a festival which I associate with lots of food. avocados and black olives. I am a big fan of all the cakes and pastries. there are certain dishes which have a strong historical connect with. Peru One dish which comes to my mind when I think of Peruvian cuisine is Causa. Here are a few of them: ChiCken Causa. is known as Causa and is one of the typical dishes of Peru available in many variations. Lutkefish. The story goes that the women. separated from the men who were away from their homes fighting the war. is known as Causa and is one of the typical dishes of Peru available in many variations Images by Sudipto De Sweets in different forms are an integral way of celebrating Christmas 18 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . yellow bellpeppers. The popular version of this dish today is called Chicken Causa and it is also available in India in restaurants that serve Peruvian cuisine. to this date. The literal meaning of the word is ‘the cause’ and this simple yet wholesome dish became popular in the capital of Peru during its war of Independence. usually cod in lye. Although. The dish. eggs. norway Lutkefish is prepared by treating the white fish.

baked using oil was hard and lumpy. King Augustus II the for multiple days as it is very alkaline Strong ordered the baker’s guild of and then cooked inside a cover. There were many their hearts’ content. in 1490. sCotLand Pope by Prince Elector Ernst which Christmas is a time for eating cakes were subsequently rejected. The the cakes in the famous ‘Butter Letter’ survivors later feasted upon this to for the royal family. with multiple dips in cold water One of the most important festivals followed by a soak in lye and water. There were many petitions sent to the BLaCk Bun. Dresden to make a 1. The stoLLen. in Germany is the Dresden Stollen The fish is then washed in cold water festival. the use of butter for the making of the mashed green peas. The process of additions to the Stollen over the making Lutkefish is quite complex. pieces of bacon and brown goat cheese.the proteins are denatured and a gelatinous consistency is achieved. Germany tradition still continues today as a During the mid 15th century.3 tonne Stollen Cake to impress his subjects. The history of cakes in the famous ‘Butter Letter’ this dish goes back to a Viking legend as per which a village had been sacked in 1490. Pope innocent Vii allowed It is served with boiled potatoes. Finally. and one that has stuck with me is the Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 19 . Pope Innocent VII allowed and the fish which was left to dry was the use of butter for the making of thrown into the ash filled water. years like marzipan and dry fruits. But the bread that was be distributed. In 1730. The bakers could up with a special long Stollen knife to only use oil. a ban gigantic Stollen Cake is driven to the had been introduced on the use of Christmas market in Dresden and cut butter in Saxony.

It is a wholesome rich soup back to the dinner table during the which is flavoured quite distinctly with New Year period. GaLets souP. Christmas and along with spices such as cinnamon. just a bowl of mid-16th century. It is part of Spain’s regularly. Queen of Scots. The broth is usually served iconic dishes. The Black Bun is a fruit cake wrapped in pastry FoLLowing the Scottish and is filled with black currants. returned from France in the simple at first glance. the cake had been inserted within Instead. meats and sopa de galets. raisins reformation in 1560. the snail shaped pasta also known as escudella de Nadal or along with the vegetable. Even during the festive season and you since the 14th century. it is quite a complex process it which would entail the person consisting of making the Escudella: finding it to be king for the day. Legend states that soup along with meatballs and pasta. The cake the cake was banned traces its history as a royal cake that was presented when Mary. garlic and its heart-warming flavour is perfect to beat the nip in the year. The dish appears pretty meatballs on a separate platter. cardamom and all-spice. 20 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . meatballs made out of vegetables and Following the Scottish reformation at least four different types of meat in 1560. beef and botiforra banned but it has been making its way (sausage). Christmas is also the time when friends and family huddle around the fire to enjoy meals together Black Bun from Scotland. escudella i carn d’olla with the Galets. the people will find them in profusion of the of Spain have been consuming it snail shaped pasta. Christmas and the cake was including chicken. sPain History suggests this is one of the Walk through any Catalan street earlier recorded soups in history.

tamaLes. the making of Tamales is a perfect example of community cooking where the women come together to make the corn dough and then fill it with either chicken or pork in red or green salsa. mexiCo One of the oldest dishes on the list – Tamales – were considered as the food of Gods even during the Aztec and the Mayan civilisation. It is usually made with a starch such as corn and combined with different types of meat. but it also means one thing – merriment Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 21 . These are then steamed in corn husks or plantain leaves until they become firm in consistency. In Modern Mexico. Christmas is celebrated uniquely in different places. The Tamales can also have a sweeter filling inside them consisting of raisins and dried fruit. vegetables and cheese.

slicers and mincers. Cleaning chopping boards and equipment Effective cleaning gets rid of bacteria thoroughly before you start on hands. where ready-to-eat foods are stored. spreading onto food. Good food Food SaFety hyGiene: the 4 Cs G ood food hygiene helps heat disinfected in. • Keep raw and ready-to-eat Good food hygiene is all about controlling food apart at all times. • obey the law • Wash your hands before • reduce the risk of food preparing food. These are known as the 4 Cs. • Use separate machinery and equipment. Cross-contamination is one of the most • Make sure that your staff know common causes of food poisoning. equipment. and dry their hands thoroughly Safety Auditor to-eat food unless they can be before handling food. equipment or surfaces. such as vacuum packing Cross-Contamination machines. which can cause packaging material for ready-to- serious illness. remember for good hygiene are: • Store raw food below ready-to- • Cross-contamination eat food in the fridge. So preparing food and after you have it helps to stop harmful bacteria from used them to prepare raw food. for Cross-contamination is when bacteria raw and ready-to-eat food. handled and prepared. should be used in areas ready-to-eat food. 22 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . • Cooking • Provide separate working areas. including harmful bacteria. The four main things to eat food. poisoning among your customers • Wash your hands thoroughly • protect your business’s reputation after touching raw food. food safety problems. surfaces or • Separate cleaning materials. are spread between food. It is most likely to happen including cloths. for example. clothing and staff help you prevent the most common for the handling of ready-to-eat food. If possible. You should do Deepak Sharma • Use different equipment (including the following things: Food Safety Assessor chopping boards and knives) for • Make sure that all your staff wash Trainer and Food raw meat or poultry and ready. • Cleaning use separate fridges for raw and • Chilling ready-to-eat food. sponges and when raw food touches (or drips onto) mops. equipment and surfaces. They will storage facilities. a you to: commercial dishwasher. Do how to avoid cross-contamination. the following things to avoid it: • Clean and disinfect work surfaces.

spilt food sausages. A temperature of 4°C or contamination from hands or towels. 4°C or less. make sure it is cold enough. always check that it is steaming hot kitchen dish all the way through. step nine: Wash hands with soap to leave these types of food standing and warm water immediately after around at room temperature. for example food with a ‘use by’ step one: Keep your refrigerator at to air-dry in order to eliminate re- date. rolled joints and • Clean and disinfect food areas and products made equipment between different tasks. manufacturer’s instructions. because of the risk of Salmonella. and display units are cold enough. So. can be served pink or detergent or a solution of bleach and rare as long as they are fully sealed on water. Use a when thawing foods in cold water Thorough cooking kills harmful meat thermometer. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 23 . to-eat food such as prepared salads less is important because it slows the and desserts. microwave oven or cold water possible and then put it in the fridge. • Cool cooked food as quickly as handling raw meat. each use. cloths and It is especially important to make sponges regularly sure that you thoroughly cook poultry. When cooking cooked eggs. that is changed every 30 minutes. • Keep chilled food out of the fridge step four: Wash your cutting board Thaw Follow package directions for for the shortest time possible with soap and hot water after thawing foods in the microwave. it is extremely important factor for slowing bacterial important to make sure that food step six: Don’t eat raw or lightly growth on the outside while inner is cooked properly. an bacteria in food. Check product the way through. Whole cuts of beef and other surfaces that come in labels for either correct details. make step two: Refrigerate cooked. cloths and sponges regularly. red meats and poultry products to a safe Changing water every 30 minutes Cooking internal temperature. If sure you do the following things: food as soon as possible within two you have an infection or cut on your • Check chilled food on delivery to hours after cooking date. meat. and lamb. pork. They should not be served pink or • Disinfection products should meet rare and should be steaming hot all step seven: Clean kitchen counters BS EN standards. Cook microwave-defrosted food • Check regularly that your fridge immediately after thawing. Some ten steps to a safe food needs to be kept chilled to keep kitChen step eight: Allow dishes and utensils it safe. hands. there could be • Use cleaning and disinfection bacteria in the products that are suitable for middle of these longer recommended the job. such as steaks. such as • Clear and clean as you go. harmful bacteria from growing. from minced especially after handling raw food. step five: Cook beef. Counter Bleach and commercial Chilling the outside. It is very important not growth of most bacteria. These recipes are no areas are still thawing. So. ensures that the food is kept cold. after fish products in the refrigerator. poultry and chilled in the fridge straight away. wear rubber or plastic gloves. cleaning agents are best for getting rid Chilling food properly helps to stop of pathogens. and follow the types of products. etc as you work and clean work This is because surfaces thoroughly. during preparation. whole joints. perishable handling raw meat. Clear burgers and away used equipment.SanitiSe your or reheating food. cooked dishes and other ready. • Put food that needs to be kept step three: Sanitise your kitchen dish step ten: Defrost meat. cutlets and contact with food with hot water and • Do not let food waste build up. poultry or fish.

Here is the treasure of experience by Akanksha Dean on how she bagged the hottest culinary internship THE SELECTION PROCESS I have been following Chef Massimo Bottura’s work over the years regularly and have always been fascinated with what he did with food…each of the dishes prepared by him is simple and traditional yet so beautiful and elegant and tells a story! The selection procedure was very extensive and since I was the first one from India to AKANKSHA DEAN ever get this wonderful opportunity. excited about the fact that I would 24 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . I had to attest my determination to food & travel writer and show how India is generating culinary Chef Bakshish Dean. passionate about the When I got selected. She students that are on uniformity with is an aspiring chef and any top culinary school in the world. InspIrIng BEING STAGED AT THE WORLD’S BEST RESTAURANT This young lady just became the first Indian to be trained at the world’s best restaurant. I was super food world. Daughter of Rupali Dean.

it was absolutely a fun way check if I wasn’t dreaming)! to begin my stage. also because I got to interact with his team from across THE EXPERIENCE AT THE the world. I introduced myself and shared used to it. knowing that she was with Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 25 . encouragement during my training Chef Massimo took us to Lydia period. a little exhausted from the farm and educated us on but equally excited. And there I was. Chef Massimo handpicked WORLD’S BEST KITCHEN fresh sour cherries (Vignola variety) So I reached Modena.Chef Massimo Bottura with Akanksha Dean at the kitchen in Osteria Francescana I was the first one from India to ever get this wonderful opportunity actually get to work in Chef Massimo Crostini’s farm. as I wasn’t used to such the next day. but soon got door. what dishes we could use those half asleep. a little worn out and found cherries for. it was like a dream him to make the best tortellini in the come true (I pinched myself literally to world). (the lady who taught Bottura’s kitchen. Knocking on the front intense working style. My mother was my chief that it was my first day of stage. The next two days myself outside of Osteria Francescana were hard.

I would like to ensure that a customer leaves with a memory that would compel him to return. and just being out there and doing something fresh and exhilarating channelled my thoughts as a budding chef. this a whole new level. he was ever ready to educate and is an active part of my fondest memories. She has interned at the Oberoi Gurgaon where she Akanksha’s apron signed by Chef Massimo Bottura also received a kudos certificate for a job well done and is currently a me. while the other dishes popularise his traditional cuisine to on the menu are also a class apart. 26 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . inspiration came in all forms. just to dine at his the other chefs inspired by it! restaurant. She has participated in a four-day intensive Chocolate and Candy Making workshop under Master of Confectionary Arts Chef Ewald Notter in collaboration with Academy of Pastry Arts and Barry Callebaut Academy India. enthused me more towards my Culinary Voyager at the JW Marriott work. I have taken a lot from my The mosT popular Hotel Aerocity. and Chef Massimo Bottura is one true blue example. kitchen. He is truly my inspiration and I was very fortunate enough to When you stage under a chef like get the opportunity to work in his Massimo Bottura… who is a maestro. one needs to ‘oops I dropped be extremely passionate to pursue a career as a chef. The future looks promising but as Robert Frost once said ‘Miles to go before I sleep. There is a lot of hard the lemon tart’ work and dedication that is required. experience at Osteria Francescana. The most popular dish on the something clicks and swiftly being in menu is undoubtedly ‘oops I dropped the kitchen makes complete sense. Staging here sort of permitted me to break the mould of the life I had been living to pursue my dream of living! What I love about Chef Massimo is. dish on the menu now I know what goes behind the making of a world-class kitchen. who has managed to the lemon tart’. it is is undoubtedly not as easy as it looks. Modena is a very dessert has found its way on many small town but diners come from all menus across the world…so much are across the world. For me. Miles to go before I sleep’! ABOuT AKANKSHA DEAN After finishing school from Vasant Valley. Akanksha Dean pursued Culinary Arts from IHM Aurangabad. As a chef.

DELISH HealtHy easy to Make Winter Chef Anil Dahiya recipes Executive Chef in The Bristol Hotel. Gurugram Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 27 . Gurugram Images by The Bristol.

Gurugram IngredIents • Boil water and blanch the they start to crackle. keep stirring • Cloves – 4 • Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee and to avoid burning and cook till it • Tulsi leaves – 1/4 cup fry the cashewnuts and raisins to starts to leave the sides. till the liquid dries up. • Add the tomato pulp and cook • Sugar – 2 cups peel. • Cashewnuts – 20 juices. tulsi leaves and (optional) and tulsi leaves and reserve. • Edible camphor – 1 pinch • Wash and shred the rose petals rose petals. Grind the cardamom with • Increase heat and add the hot • Raisins – 2 tablespoons 1 tablespoon sugar to a fine syrup slowly. • Tomatoes – 10-12 tomatoes for 2-3 minutes. the camphor. • Boil the sugar with 1/2 cup water • Mix well Method and make a single-thread syrup • Garnish the halwa with fried • Wash the tomatoes. • Sprinkle the cardamom powder. roast the cloves in it. Drain. • Cardamoms – 6 green powder. remove the and keep aside. • Rose petals – 1/4 cup golden brown. sieve and keep aside. cashewnuts and raisins and eye and make an incision on the • Heat the ghee in a wide kadai serve warm. lower side. • Reduce to low heat. till 28 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . (utensil). rEcIpES toMato halwa Images by The Bristol. Cook on • Ghee – 1/2 cup • Reserve the pulp with the low heat. deseed and chop.

• Turmeric – 1 tsp can also use a food processor or • Cook it for about 10-15 min • Chilli powder – 1-2 tsp mixer grinder but it will affect the until the liquid in the corn paste • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp taste. serve hot. • Add sugar and lemon juice. • Salt to taste splutter. • Add milk and water. • A pinch of Asafoetida (heeng) • Add green chillies and chopped • Garnish it with chopped • Chopped coriander and grated ginger. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 29 . Add asafoetida stirring till its consistency • Sugar – 1/2 tsp (heeng) and mustard seeds till it becomes like halwa or upma. (You lumps are formed. grated coconut and coconut for garnishing • Add corn paste.Bhutte ka kees IngredIents Method chilli powder and salt. • Water – 1/2 cup finely. It tastes better if you use gets dried off and the colour of • Oil – 2 tsp the hand grater) the mixture changes to golden • Milk – 1/2 cup • Chop the ginger and green chilli yellow. turmeric. Continue • Lemon juice – 2 tsp • Add oil in a pan. Stir it • Medium sized corns – 4 • Grate the corn with a hand grater occasionally to make sure that no • Ginger – 2-3 (1/2 inch) to make a coarse paste. coriander.

snacky treat Breakfast gala Omlette with 30 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

(small blade) because of its flat shape. A boy. To begin with. it evaporates and melts simultaneously. The Such is a common scene everywhere Ashish Chopra word comes from the French lamelle on the streets in India. (Some breakfast meal or a snack. says. beat two eggs in a steel glass with a spoon. Within minutes. he adds about omlette in definitive words? To a lump…a huge lump of butter into the my delight. an anthropologist by profession and my guiding light to culture and tradition). authorities claim The first thing I learnt to that the word has cook at the age of twelve was actually a Latin origin. tries to golden rule of cooking – INNOVATE. then alumette all-time favourite as a and amelette. He adds chopped onions and I quickly glance through my Larousse green chillies into it. Larousse Gastronomique steamy frying pan. cooked the frying pan. next omelette I cook shall be savoured with a Today. food anthropologist of beaten eggs (without an anthropology degree cooked on a flat of course – just an interest whch I tray dish with inherited from my late father who was honey). while I was stuffing my tinge of honey in it. And now that I have oca lellita. a sweet or savoury dish made Then he splashes the beaten eggs into from beaten whole eggs. plain or with various additions. poori subzi etc? When such confusion arises. a small town or even a village for that Senior Consulting Editor of in former times it was known as matter. Images by Goldfinch Hotel. In the remote Kargil in Jammu Food and Beverage Buzz Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 31 . He keeps beating has spared almost three pages the eggs while the volatile butter describing this dish. “Ash. Bengaluru “So. The origin of the omelette. what will you have for breakfast today?” This is one question I keep asking myself and my house guests. baked beans and eggs. we in a frying pan (skiller) and served have what we call the desi omelette. The Romans are I keep wondering what could be the giving me ideas. you’re not sure has another story of a dish that tells us one crossed fourteen years of age. I thought why not do a little even before reaching Rome? May be more research on its etymology and I’d start with what we find on Indian anthropology? Here I am scribbling yet streets. Will it be bacon. paranthas. an omelette. Now. A pinch of salt to find out what does it have to say and he beats it further. stop beating around the bush! Beat the eggs instead and churn out a nice fluffy omelette!” O melettes have been my alumelle. a gotten into food as a full time passion classic Roman or profession and as a self-proclaimed dish consisting culinary historian. of course! omelette with smoked chicken and But trying to do as Romans do cheese. I tell myself. be it a big city.

For the prehistoric man.400 a pity that he is present more globally QuesTion: B. Records from China diverted from desi flavour of the both historical and gastronomical. and Egypt show that fowls were omellete to western tastes. the Omelette tea country). survived in Middle English as ey (plural and omelette shop. He loved time it was cooked even with a slight with Omelette Man’s omelettes. His shop domesticated and laying eggs for uses over a thousand eggs a day.E. He may not be a household name in the west or the east. I came across relieved him of hunger and energised However. but he sure has decided found his way to be featured in every to set up travel guide book right from the US something to to France. and offered a different taste each forms competed with each other 32 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . Katz. Boy! He had a tale After the introduction of cooking. omelettes.C. but omelettes I surely got-such is the vastness and expanse of the omelettes. He has learnt today from a planter friend of However. egg eyren). Japan to Germany. his authenticity to the world. I eating and decorating of eggs. But in the fourteenth century. what about the term egg? Jose Mathews a post graduate in him fast enough. It was diverse Old Norse. The first domesticated There are hundreds of stories woven were the eggs easy to procure. I were also an excellent source of second voyage of Columbus in 1493. which history who had opened a chai. I for sure loved his Encyclopaedia of Food and Culture. the world famous… Omelette Man of Jodhpur. It is The ChiCken and egg human consumption around 1. domestication of cheese omellete. Human have been consuming eggs hens in England.E. especially his masala and I could go on and on with personal Solomon H. His omelettes and was good at cooking difference in recipe. coffee eggs were most commonly consumed. serving omelettes which were a hit the world. tourists and the locals. remember in Munnar in Kerala protein. For some time. they fowl reached North America with the around the omelettes in India. I remember at least one evening food that I did not get. Piere-a sustain himself and did frend of mine from France fell in love what he loved most. With induction testimony speaks a lot because he is them.200 B. He into several dishes. Ostrich and chicken The Old English term was oeg. Not only Germans. to tell about being an ex-naxalite who became easy to cook and moulded the related egg was borrowed from came back to the main stream. so he opened a chai shop of religion in sociological map of an ardent omelette lover. Gaul and among since the Neolithic ages. Isn’t that inspirational? According to the editor of Lonely Planet”. some religions found it with many tea planters (Munnar being symbolic and hence encouraged Ramkishan Gawlani. it many moons back. I remember the legendary. the two had no job despite his qualifications. the Omelette man is one tough old cookie and a lover of eggs and Kashmir and so much so in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. It had pleasantly anecdotes around omelette but I feel we jungle fowl had started in India by surprised me when he actually should now concentrate on the basics – 3. some others considered it set up a huge signboard boasting mine in Munnar that he is running un-pious. “The a successful Malabar restaurant in Omelette Shop – recommended by Cochin. The Romans found egg laying than within the country.C. Man is one tough old cookie.

a little Images by Goldfinch Hotel. liberal in certain matters. the most satiating part is to observe the contentment and sheer delight on the Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 33 . Bengaluru vinegar and sugar boiled togetherand served up on a dish with the Omlet. beat them together father says in Kung Fu Panda…there in a dish and put salt to them. then IS no ‘secret ingredient’. Break six. It is very unlikely that a day comes when I do not prepare one. The base is plain and it is upon Okay! I realise that this paragraph the artiste to add colour to still doesn’t answer the question. some. it. You may All I am driven by is love and sometimes make it green with juice of love alone. 1490.. the sixth way. omelette is like a canvas. Certainly it is hard to please every man). roll each of them inside the other and create a big omelette. of it can get. prefer the chicken. are not so simple. especially matters like Another early reference of omelette these. others rest on The recipe of omelette is as basic as their instinct. They deal ingredient’. They make several leafy omelettes. that was just for information! Anyways. or ten and cheese recipe. in the prologue to his Book of Eneydos. emerge as the winner until the late sixteenth century. put some butter in a frying pan. spinach and sorrel beat with the eggs. Beat the eggs. (William Caxton. Beat the eggs. Fry it according to your discretion. the recipe of omelette is as asked ‘What should a man in basic as it can get these days now write – eggs or eyren. Robert May: with seekh kebabs. a little preserved lemon-peel minced or grated very small…” In the eastern part of the world. or serve it with green sauce. My reality is that cooking omelette is a daily affair. a little grated bread. whatever people did centuries ago is only in the pages of history. omelettes are called Tamagoyaki. mushroom The first way. and put to them a little cream. Some artists rely on their technique. Like the eggs more of less. Others “To make omelettes in diverse ways. The French. Well. For me. ie Japan.” For me. I am thankfully with their food with technique. Some of my friends can be found from a 1685-book? love the omelette I stuff The Accomplisht Cook. and the faces of people who relish the food Norse form did not finally I prepare. course on their ‘secret however.. eight.

W Goa Hotel can be a prime choice for a stay over to enjoy the exquisite scenery. fabulous food and impeccable service by the hotel staff. Here. I write about my experience of staying in W Goa 34 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . W Goa offers an ace luxury experience for the travellers visiting the popular destination. check-in W Goa: ProPerty review If you are planning a trip to Goa.

features writer Hotel in India and a hotel which has and columnist. a marvellous suite and an Extreme WOW Villa (the brand’s take on the Presidential Suite). As our car rolled into W Goa. the famous ‘W’ signage in gold which signified that this is the 50th W hotel in the world caught my eye. Woo Bar. Chalets. Shown around the hotel by the affable W Insider. the first W Food critic. Time had just flown as I was soaking in all the information. known here as the “living room”. Instantaneously. while this seems to be the mantra on my mind each time I am travelling to Goa – considering I go there many times a year – this trip was an exception. spa. been surrounded by a constant buzz. The open doors of the hotel entrance. Anuvrat. this hotel overlooks the Arabian Sea and offers a breath-taking view. which I was told are never shut. the warm vibe and the sincere and helpful staff made me feel welcome and truly at home. fitness centre and of course. Spread across 25 acres on a sandy beach. The prospect of a stay at W Goa with its famous Rock Pool. including Villas. done that. Situated between the verdant jungle and the stunning coastline of Vagator Beach. B een there. suddenly seemed more thrilling. against the backdrop of a 500- year old Portuguese Fort. I felt privileged. W Goa features 160 vibrant guestrooms. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 35 . intrigued me as I walked into the lobby. My excitement knew no bounds as this time the exhilaration was compounded by the fact that I was Mini Ribeiro to experience W Goa. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. popular restaurants.

Art. After my smooth and quick check in. My room rejuvenated beyond words. The quirky but aesthetic décor the tonic body treatment oil. I was appealed to me instantly. The Rebalancing nook and cranny of this Hotel spells massage with essential oils sounded art deco and luxury. behind the check. The serene artist M Narayan featuring gutsy. eight seated in the spacious restaurant. Their my evening. I gathered. attention to detail impressed me. Dinner was at Spice Traders. Other The quirky huge. as I was spa includes an oxygen room. The grand entrance features treatment rooms. 36 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . The chic (but understated was booked for a spa treatment. The therapist. unframed doors and are adorned amenities of the hotel include a FIT but aesthetic with art by Goan artist Subodh Kerkar. A surge spelt comfort and all the possible of well-being enveloped me as I left needs of a guest were anticipated the Spa recharged – ready to enjoy and taken care of by W Goa. a heated vitality pool. firmly but gently. raw environment and the expert therapist imagery that celebrates the melting using an international range of pot culture of Goa. is equally mesmerizing. removed all the knots from my I entered the vibrant and comfortable muscles and massaged me with room. The spa room was tranquil and I felt to me instantly The massive street art mural by Indian relaxed immediately. décor appealed nod to Goa’s full moon party culture. the After settling down in my room. I modern Pan Asian chic restaurant at moved to the Spa by Clarins. The elegance) impressed me. Every to pamper me. is an intrinsic part of this hotel. steam room and sauna. products from Clarins were enough in area. just like what my tired body needed. where I W Goa. representing the lunar phases and a gym and an outdoor WET pool deck.

cheese. I stepped around the property and sipping iced tea in the colourful living room. good night’s sleep. Set with several seating options and high upon a abundant natural light was abuzz with cliff with the activity. Pizza. while soaking in the glorious sunset at and well-presented. me spellbound. the authentic unparalleled Goan superior ingredients in each dish left hospitality offered to me. prawns balchao. My evening began down for breakfast at the all-day on a high note at dining restaurant. ultimate destination waffles and pancakes were tempting. after sipping my tea in the veranda of my room which After a lazy morning spent walking faced a lush green garden. The fresh flavours and the chicken added to the flavours. the Rock Pool. Guests were enjoying their ocean crashing breakfast indoors and outdoors. the A day and a half later when I checked Chahan were some of the delicacies Goan delicacy too. with below. the beauty of The breakfast spread was an exercise which held me in choices. An afternoon siesta in susegad Goa was in order after this meal. items. Duck Salad. the fruit counter transports you to another world Chef Tanveer Kwatra and his team offers fruits chopped a la minute of abundant indulgence nestled in including Executive Sous Chef Dawa by chefs. tambdi bhaji laced with coconut. squid chilli fry and chicken cafreal as appetizers. I was treated to a Goan feast as the chef served me a Goan thali for lunch. and Duck for authenticity. blending the efficient service staff extending bohemian vibes alert and warm service. to the traditional fish curry. W Goa. I savoured them all. Less is more. The Kitchen Table. Ros omelette. was delicious and out. at Spice Traders. Truffle Tuna I could not resist the Amritsari chole Vagator beach. bhature and it got my vote instantly Black and White Prawns. muesli. feeling relaxed after a for at this breakfast. this place is the The live counters with dosas. with sunset beats. seems to be the mantra of Executive to begin their day. clearly For those who want a healthy bite the contemporary luxury hideaway. The Indian counter with an dishes are what one can enjoy here Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 37 . eggs. From rissois. grilled well made. salads. Spinach Gomae. I had been spoilt thoroughly by I sampled. for relaxation as well as I succumbed and indulged myself.The dishes served were eclectic array of options was a treat as well. yogurt – there was everything you could ask Next morning. The accuracy of the spices in the Goan dishes took me by surprise as did the authentic flavours. The expansive restaurant awestruck. Refreshing The Eggs Benedict was particularly and innovative cocktails. the rustic bread. Bakery and confectionery nature’s surroundings. late night revelry. crab xec xec. served with red Goa rice and poee.

it is time to greet each other by presenting gifts and cooking delicious food for your friends and family. Pudding is an important part of Christmas celebrations around the world. sweet take Such Puddings! With Christmas season approaching. Here. two prominent Indian chefs share their personalised recipes for cooking some amazing pudding recipes 38 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

Puddings are one of the easiest desserts to put together. Today. hearth made more flavourful with alcohol and and hearts! Team FnB BUZZ Plum Pudding Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 39 . to warm your home. But then a century later. currants. For those beer. the ‘frumenty’ chill at bay. wines tasted the plum pudding that he re- and spices. interesting ingredients to reinvent warm puddings to keep the winter By the 16th century. pudding originated as a 14th who banned it as a ‘bad custom’. T here is nothing that warms the heart and soul more than Christmas a bowl of warm dessert in pudding the winter. A pudding is a wonderful part of the celebrations leading up to Christmas. a lot of leading chefs a fasting meal in preparation for are incorporating many flavours and the Christmas festivities. prunes. century porridge called ‘frumenty’ that was made of beef and mutton It was only when King George I with raisins. dried fruits and Read on. crumbs. became a plum pudding – thickened with eggs. it began who care to know. This was often served introduced it as part of a ‘Christmas more like soup and was eaten as meal’. originated as a With Christmas round the corner. Christmas to be looked down upon by puritans. 14th century the time is just perfect to snuggle porridge called up in front of a fireplace or heater with a bowl of warm pudding to get ‘frumenty’ comfortable in the cold.

The Lalit. Chef Nandita Karan • 1 teaspoon baking powder Executive Chef at The Lalit • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda recipes Chandigarh believes cooking is an art • 2 large eggs everybody is good at. • 10 tablespoons soft butter (plus chocolate sauce. Drain the pears and warm pudding is about using fresh arrange them on the base of the dish. but few realise it. • 2/3 cup superfine sugar to make 9 slices – and serve with Executive Chef.” she (6/400ºF) and grease a 22cm or 8 says. a food processor and blitz until you have a batter with a soft dropping INGREDIENTS consistency. Let it stand out of the • 1 cup all-purpose flour oven for 5 or 10 minutes and then cut • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa into slabs – I cut 2 down and 2 across By Chef Nandita Karan. I have always believed that METHOD Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark PuDDING you only need a heart to cook. She loves whipping up dishes and a half inch square ovenproof with natural flavours and her take on dish with butter. • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract PEaR & “Most people get afraid of what they CHOCOlaTE call ‘complex ingredients or elaborate methods’. pears and combining it with the rich Put all the remaining ingredients in taste of chocolate. Chandigarh extra for greasing) 40 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . Spread the brown batter • 28 ounces pear halves in juice over the pears and bake in the oven (2 cans) for 30 minutes.

• 150 gm of white butter Pour the mixture in desired moulds • 50 gm of fresh cream and steam-bake it at 160ºC for 45-50 • 2 gm of baking powder minutes. Cover it tightly The Park. the flour. “This is it becomes fluffy. clove. whisk Talking about this easy to make the eggs and the sugar until pudding. Executive Chef. whiskey. Chef Basu says. Add the my take on a traditional Christmas butter and the cream pudding. New Delhi and let it soak in a cool dry place for SPECIal PluM 15 days. the only difference being. baking powder and fruit mixture • 125 gm of green apple. mace. No elaborate Finally combine procedures. it to the fluffy mix. PuDDING For the pudding Using a whipping machine. grated and fold it in gently to the egg mixture. as required custard or your choice. • 50 gm of refined flour crumb.” INGREDIENTS For Fruit mixture (pre-soaked for at least 15 days) • 100 gm of almonds • 100 gm of Cashew nuts • 50 gm of glazed cherry • 50 gm of orange peel • 70 gm of sultana raisins • 20 gm of black currant • 20 gm of dry apricot • 20 gm of dry fig • 10 gm of ground spice mix (cinnamon. Mix all the dry fruits and spice mix in a are going to help you do that. is much easier to make. brandy each (any other liquor of your choice) For Pudding • 3 whole eggs • 100 gm of caster sugar • 100 gm of chocolate sponge. no complex ingredients. sponge but it will definitely get you just as many compliments. finely crumbled Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 41 . Serve hot with any sauce or • Caramel colour. nutmeg and cardamom) • 300 gm of rum. jar and add the liquor. This is a healthy fix that will keep you in high spirits. • 400 gm of fruit mixture so are you ready to whip up some METHOD delicious pudding this Christmas and For the fruit mixture impress your guests? these recipes By Chef Abhishek Basu.

munchilicious Rice Noodles in Ramen Bowl 42 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

cubed. sweet Noodles the garlic. peeled and Broccoli florets) dried cut into halves Assembling the soup • 1/2 tbsp – Ginger grated • 1/2 tsp – Black sesame seeds. dried black kelp coal (repeat the same procedure for • 2 nos. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 43 . – Shallots. dried potatoes. stir lightly • 4 cups – Water (hot) with a fork. minutes to extract the flavours. Divide the noodles • 2 tbsp – Yellow Miso paste Method between two large bowls and • 3/4 tbsp – Soy sauce. shallots. recipe A Ramen soup recipe which is a loaded with the flavors of gingery garlicky miso soup with flat rice noodles Chef (Mrs) Reetu Uday Kugaji Hospitality & Food Consultant Miso RaMen with Rice noodles Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 40 to 45 minutes serves: 2 ingRedients and • 1/2 tbsp – Spring onion greens. Miso Broth • 60 gm – Tofu with red chilli Roast until tender and light • 2 nos. chilli sautéed to taste. the smoked tofu. In the bowls. • 2 nos. Slice the peeled eggs in • 1 cup – Broccoli florets. (2 inch square) – Kombu flakes. • Place the cut sweet potatoes on a Quantity chopped baking sheet. drizzle 1/4th tbsp of Other Ingredients sunflower oil and a pinch of salt. kombu. ginger. Finish roasted with black sesame stock into the miso paste and stir. garlic and the spring Vegetables Cover and let it steep for 10 to 15 onion greens. Reheat the broth • 1 medium sized – Sweet potatoes. – Garlic cloves. cut into wedges Strain through a muslin cloth. sesame oil. • 115 gm – Rice noodles. sheets. whisk a 1/4 cup of half and place on the top. Serve hot. Add soy sauce and stir. – Mushrooms. by simmering it and pour it over oven roasted. • Soak the rice noodles in lukewarm • 2 nos. shiitake. boiled. flat mushrooms and boiling water. combine top with a pile of broccoli. sliced lightly toasted water for 8 minutes. sliced and lightly Add the miso to the stock and salt roasted black sesame seeds. sliced and sautéed • Preheat the oven to 400° F. light • In a heat-resistant bowl. oven a small bowl. smoked over live golden brown for 15 minutes. the bowls with a sprinkle of lightly • 2 nos. flakes and a drizzle of roasted • 2 nos. – Garlic cloves. – Eggs.

Here is what it means 44 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . health Ketogenic Diet Keto diet is the fastest way to shed those extra calories.

And food rich in carbohydrates fat adapted. At the end of the day. This program is the fastest and most scientific way of losing fat in a The breakdown of fats releases relatively short period of time. or sugar turn into your worst enemies. it is we intervene. This is where but as a fat loss tool in India. but an extremely effective producing) diet. oil. the ketogenic diet with more than adequate (more than was primarily devised to treat chronic a regular balanced diet) essential fats epileptics who weren’t responding and this readily available fat tricks the well to medication. this a new concept? Scientifically. What exactly is the of energy. moderate protein low carb indulgence forms carbohydrates. its body into burning fat as its primary applications in the field of dietary source of energy. Cheese. food rich in essential so. your body is then keto adapted or fats (MUFAs & PUFAs) and proteins fat adapted. a dozen varieties of cheese. Meat weren’t responding well to medication are your staples for the day. Hence. Normally. Fats: 70-75 % your body turns to glucose or Proteins: 20-25 % carbohydrate as its primary source of Carbs: 5 % (Ideally not more than 25 energy. Soon after. We then keep the medicine and nutrition became well total calorie count less than what you known to us. about the phase in your life when Think to treat chronic fat forms a major component of your epileptics who meal. This state. Your body basically is a fat ketogenic diet or “keto “? melting machine. Food Darzee and it’s called the ketogenic diet. Paneer. become your best friends. where ketones are breakdown of fat and that’s where it oxidised to release energy. Eggs. butter. So. is called gets its name from. expand causing the body to dig into those fat reserves which are reservoirs so. your calories are The mechanism behind this diet is proportioned as follows: fairly easy to comprehend. nutritional ketosis and once every cell in the body is adapted to doing During this diet. Close to 70 per cent of all your calories are derived from fat! There’s a term Dr. your body can Co-founder. Is no longer continue to utilize carbs. Full-fat paneer. Siddhant Bhargava for this high fat (healthy of course). compounds known as ketone bodies. not The body now has two options for so much! It’s been around for decades energy: fats or proteins. W hat is “keto”? The textbook role of the ketogenic fat is to make food diet was devised palatable. ghee to enter ketosis and it takes about are going to become staples in your 3 weeks to a month to be completely meals. It’s a bodies are transported to each cell high fat. moderate protein and an of the body where they are further extremely low carb diet where the broken down to give you sustained liver produces ketone bodies from the energy. By depriving your body of all gram of net carbs ie excluding fibre) Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 45 . It typically takes 3-5 days for the body meats (white & red). We provide the body fairly nascent. the name. ketogenic (ketone It is a strict. These ketone and scientifically sound diet.

evening and dinner. decreased a thorough evaluation. His height. activity level. You can now triglycerides and an increment get macro and micronutrient in HDL “good” cholesterol ie controlled meals without the need reducing risk of atherosclerosis. This diet is then replicated in the kitchen where the bowel syndrome. it has been achieving your health and fitness proven to cause goals. Our dependence on drugs team plans the diet for the from diabetes. Benefits of the aBout food darzee ketogenic diet • We are a health and nutrition The most frequently asked company offering nutritious question is. consideration. to plan. we take up insulin resistance and reversal the client and look to transform of pre diabetes and reduced him mentally and physically. due to the high omega 3 fatty acid to make losing lifestyle. decrease in customer support. reduce state and psyche is analysed. cancer treatment and other convenient way ie breakfast. convenience and excellent “bad” Cholesterol. a snack in the neurological illnesses. Research freshly prepared by our expert conducted around the chefs and delivered daily to your globe has concluded home or workplace. even the patient’s (we in metabolism. lunch. allergies and medical content initiate improvement weight a choice conditions are taken into in inflammatory conditions like acne. At Food way of losing weight spares a lot Darzee. and to do it in • Every weight loss is accompanied the most convenient way possible is by muscle loss. is in the eating. cook or clean. choice and not a task. menstrual cycle. • Assisting women’s health: The major hormonal imbalance FoodDarzee is the most affecting women is PCOS. We care about great a decrease in LDL taste. 46 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . structure and obvious body fat consistency you need for changes. weight. choose to call them that) mental • Reduced insulin levels. Keto convenient and delicious way very effectively helps alleviate to achieve rapid and long symptoms and regulate the lasting results. After blood sugar levels. meal plans giving you the • Apart from the precision. We supply 4 meals in a day. “Is a high fat diet ketogenic food tailored to your exact really going to help me?” The needs delivered at your doorstep. we study you thoroughly. The ketogenic what we want for the client. that keto is one of • We adopt a scientific the fastest fat loss approach to create personalised targeted diets ever. eczema and irritable and not a task. • Anti-inflammatory properties body fat percentage. and to do it chef ends up measuring each gram • The ketogenic lifestyle has multiple other applications in in the most of every ingredient that goes into the food. • Improvement in energy levels. shop. aBout our service increased aerobic endurance and The idea is to make losing weight a improvement in sleep cycle. the idea is individuals. of muscle mass ensuring no drop in fact. answer to this or rather the • All our food is skilfully designed proof of the keto pudding by our panel of nutritionists.

alongside fellow chefs Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna Chef Ranveer Brar Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 47 . legend The Chef of RaRity The Chef is a TV show host. judge and food stylist. He was also one of the judges for season four of MasterChef India.

Chef Ranveer’s parents were not from Each opening is a new challenge. it’s an discovering new people along the industry were not considered as niche art. am going to be a cook”. an executive chef in a five star hotel. as my cooking skills. at least I have parents coming The Chef after much work and success to me to say they want to know about left for the US. “Regional Chef and having been brought up in say about his experience with pre. so it ends up can be exciting and it gives you a When I was in the US. When you become says the magnanimous Chef. So. “Pre-openings gets you the medium of televisions. “Every chef I have various culinary arts. who taught eing from Lucknow. 48 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . initially there it’s salvation for the creative mind. It teaches you the I will not start promoting my country’s power of food. me the craft and I am glad that they Chef Ranveer Brar belongs shared their knowledge with me”. so I moved to the US so that look up to: I could cook”. So. As a part of the continuing process conventional society back then didn’t of attempting to set up culinary give much career options perhaps or Many great chefs have believed that traditions. the regional cuisines of India”. It was a gradual process of realisation”. and he manifestly has knowledge of Alert magazine. But in more My journey started from Goa when I subtle ways. especially the regional foods of but also for creating culinary magic. you hardly get a chance to cook by Chefs that Chef Ranveer Brar yourself. has something his experiences and knowledge that “I B to learn and unlearn. it’s Setting up culinary traditions the food industry differently. the Chef said. “At my time. his family was already used to work there. Therefore. lot of confidence. It teaches you precious cuisines. this is what he has to on epiphany. “Life connected with brands. I had an epiphany in the US. it was there that connected through food because they I felt the first urge to express myself. why? “I wanted to cook the food and hospitality industry. I started focusing on magic was different from living it. He says very modestly about of us has a story to tell. It was the break between lunch and there were not many opportunities in dinner that gave me the time to think. several travel and food around food and eating is several pre-opening sessions of channels have started exploring Indian essentially not only for nourishment several brands and he has also food. were cultivating food. And when “It was not my parents but the society asked about his form of expression he which was not ready to accept that I says. Chef Ranveer Brar started let’s just put it that careers in the food cooking is not just technical. then it’s pretty useless of me But taking a ride in the world of culinary lessons and I have been lucky enough being a chef. The Chef says. Art is a medium of expression and journey. The chef says. food is nowadays promoted through Lucknow. their basics are really clear and they almost every food that exists under keep breaking grounds. pre-opening a chef. were roadblocks when the Chef was as such Chef Ranveer Brar has been striving hard to achieve his dreams of the belief that chefs usually start and the societal issues did not make expressing themselves through the achieving it a cake walk. in Lucknow is amazing. the area of hospitality as it is today. the expectations. So. I realised that if shaping your dreams and skills”. Chef Sanjeev or Chef Vikas. to a city which is wound up Chef Ranveer Brar has been handling Nowadays. he has also Food and Beverage Buzz known has influenced me in many cooked different genres of cuisines and Defence and Security ways. so every story have met very good chefs. “I’m still trying to express myself. The the food industry and they perceived palate. is interesting”. been handy in establishing several India. On how he achieves to meet as it is today. to be a part of various pre-openings. our an eco-system in itself”. the food. medium of their foods. So. Today. it has excellently shaped openings. the Chef answers even more Chef Ranveer Brar has transcended Deputy Editor of magnanimously.” by my own hands. each one the sun. continuing our conversation Lucknow has been a blessing to the restaurants. When it comes to the names of other chefs who influenced Chef Ranveer Epiphany Diana Mehra Brar.

such wonderful people and grow as a person and as a chef. 17 restaurants to be much happening in the food world so precise that are coming up in India. “Stick to Chef Ranveer Brar is on the move to the basics. “My “My window to memorable dish that I have cooked”. window to the world is travel. and the driven and food is connecting. sum total of basics. What’s his favourite cooking technique? Anything that brings food to a new Chef Ranveer Brar’s favourite method level is great. His message to the aspiring chefs What is the chef occupied with Chef Ranveer Brar’s words for the as of now! aspiring chefs are as such. Elaborating on the dishes.” The best dish he has made Chef Ranveer Brar says. I would the world is travel. So. so I sent some of my chefs to pick up the came back to India. I was like to meet new cultures and people. I never had so many targets when I i would like to opening this restaurant in Delhi. he says. “The best is yet to come. “Every dish has certain memory. future is taken care of”. But good things meet new cultures jamaluddin ki kheer from Bade Miyan ki happen when you believe and give and people” Kheer in Old Delhi and we displayed your best to the present moment and it in our menu with the maker’s name. One needs to stick to the basics. there is so open restaurants. from your heart. Dora Kebab is my most The Chef is fascinated by the sight of natural cooking Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 49 . cuisine is the and Canada. he says. So. Food is very passion is the underground cooking. it chef is fascinated by the visuals of can only be connecting if you cook natural cooking in slow process. US we tend to get lost. Right now.

celeb talk

“A cheat meal is
important to keep
you on track with
your diet …” - Gal Gadot

With Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has
claimed her spot in the action hero hall
of fame. The former dancer and fitness
instructor was a natural pick for the
physically demanding role of Wonder Woman
and has been getting rave reviews in the film.
However, few know that Gadot kicks butt
in all aspects of life and is quite the real-life
Wonder Woman

50 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz

Aarti Kapur Singh
The writer has been writing on
cinema and lifestyle for more
than a decade. Her interest
in cinema is also why she is
pursuing a doctorate on the
subject. An ardent foodie, she
feels travelling and eating are
the best stress-busters.

fter being crowned
Miss Israel in 2004, Gadot
carried out her mandatory
military service with the
Israeli Defense Force. Her experience
as a combat trainer at 18 helped prepare
her for the physically-demanding
role of Wonder Woman. A huge fan of
motorcycles, she rides a 2006 Ducati
Monster – S2R and was five months
pregnant with her second daughter
during the reshoots of the movie.

Gal was not too keen on winning
the Miss Universe crown. So she
ended up scuttling her chances by
arriving late for all the rehearsals. “I
came without gowns. They tell you
to come to breakfast in a gown. I was
like, ‘No way, am I having breakfast
in a gown!’ Who needs to wear an
evening gown at 10:30 am?” she says.
Commenting on how she feels to be
the face of Wonder Woman, Gal says,
“I feel like I’ve been given such a
huge opportunity to show the strong,
beautiful side of women. This also
means that there is an even bigger
Gal Gadot responsibility on me because there

Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 51

are many young girls and women who
are looking up to me as an example.”

Where did the
Writer take these
quotes from?
Gal Gadot insists “healthy is the best
way to be.” So here is how you can
attempt to be like Wonder Woman
too in her own words:

a Balanced Plate for
a Balanced life
“My plate of food will never be half-
portioned, because I just cannot starve
to look thin. I would rather choose
a well balanced plate of food which
consists of equal portions of lean meat
and veggies. My trainer, Mark Twight,
focuses heavily on 50/50 protein and
veggie plates. I love shopping for fresh
vegetables and fruits such as celery,
bell peppers, strawberries, apricots
and avocados. And there is a running
joke in the family that my trips to the
market are also meal trips because I
end up eating a lot of it by the time
I reach home. Whenever I feel like a
snack, I usually go for raw fruits and
vegetables. No cookies or junk food
for me. I love veggies in general — I
make sure that around 30-40 per cent
of my diet consists of cooked or raw
vegetables. Snacking colourfully is a
good rule to live by. I also try to serve
my children plenty of raw vegetables.”

Watered doWn
“My name translates to ‘waves’ in
Hebrew. So, I have a natural affinity to
water. I drink plenty of water all through
the day to stay hydrated. I avoid sugary
drinks and prefer fruit juice instead. I
make this blend with just celery and
grapefruit – it is my favourite!”

“Work out. a lot…”
“I work out a lot. I prefer CrossFit and
TRX, but during the summer, I love to
paddle board. I eat healthy but forbid
The actress likes her food to be balanced including fresh fruits and nothing – I think that can make you
vegies along with the usual burgers obsessive. My mom is a gymnastics

52 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz

teacher, so I grew up playing lots of
different sports. I was a dancer for
My diet is
twelve years and I played basketball, honestly more
volleyball and dodgeball [Now] I try
to work out at least three times a
realistic than
week, at least one hour each time and you think
I do different excercises, like TRX or
Pilates. If I’m staying in a cold country
or there happens to be no gym, I’ll “a tyPical day’s menu is
exercise in my room. If I’m by the full and healthy…”
ocean, I swim. I’ll paddleboard, which I “I start my day with a protein-rich
love because it keeps you in shape and breakfast – eggs with some fruit and
it’s meditative.. I was handed down a coffee on the side. I’m a big fan of gal gadot’s daily
higher level of training schedule to choline-packed eggs for breakfast! meal Plan:
increase my stamina and endurance Thankfully, this meal is pretty easy to
for Wonder Woman. One of my recreate without breaking the bank. Breakfast
workout regimes included 30 seconds My diet is honestly more realistic than
green smoothie: 2 sticks celery,
push-ups followed by 30 seconds you think.” 1 green apple + sprig of parsley +
plank hold for toning and building arm slice of ginger + 1/2 cup natural
muscles. I am not too fond of sweating “i love cooking…” Greek yogurt blended
it out in the gym alone so I spend 3 “Cooking is not only therapeutic but Or
days in the gym training hard and also makes you more aware of what poached eggs (2 eggs) +
vegetables (onion, spinach,
other two days doing workouts out of you are putting inside your body.
tomatoes), cooked in olive oil
the gym. I like to go paddle boarding You will notice that as you cook
and rock climbing when not training more and more, your food habits and
in the gym.” consequently, culinary choices will lunch
become healthier! Try it!”
Grilled chicken breast + Chickpea
“cheat meals are good cakes + 1 cup leafy green salad +
too. so there are no “i love israeli and tomatoes
restrictions, only mediterranean Or
moderation…” food…” Salad (2 cups): leafy greens,
“A big part of getting a ‘perfect’ body “I am addicted to the food I grew up capsicum, beetroot, carrot,
isn’t about eating perfect all the time, on in Israel. I love the hummus at The avocado + tinned salmon + sliced
boiled egg (1) + olive oil (2tbsp),
and sometimes an earned or cheat Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv! Most of the
balsamic vinegar
meal is important to keep you on cuisine in Israel is an amalgamation of
track with your diet. Eating something French and Mediterranean, though a
that you truly love can be good for Nicoise influence is very predominant
your mental health and leave you in the food here. At the Montefiore
Slow cooked chicken casserole
motivated for the rest of your diet, Hotel, also in Tel Aviv, they have a
(chicken breasts, onion, mushroom,
rather than feeling deprived. Eating great collection of artisanal wine and cauliflower) served on salad
healthy is a passion I share with my the most interesting thing is how Or
husband, thankfully! We met nearly they present French cuisine under White Fish (160 mg) with garlic,
10 years ago through mutual friends a Vietnamese spell based upon lemon and thyme + asparagus (8
at a very strange party in the Israeli seasonal and local ingredients. I am spears), green beans, + carrots and
celery ( 2/3 cup)
desert. It was all about yoga, chakras smitten by their Roasted Tomato and
and eating healthy – we didn’t exactly Poached Eggs. The Eggplant Kroket is
find ourselves there, but we found also a must-try. I have stayed at both
each other. We both cannot restrict these places and if I am in Tel Aviv
from eating food! I’m a foodie and for long stretches, we go here as a Strawberries, cherry tomatoes,
I love to experience food, but at the family very often – sometimes just to celery sticks, natural Greek yogurt
dip , boiled egg, can of tuna
same time I look at food as fuel and I have pancakes with maple syrup and
want to give the best to my body. seasonal fruits for breakfast!”

Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 53

globally Discovering Taiwan’s Taste Images by Kounteya Sinha 54 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

Taiwan lies north to Japan and is endowed with a charismatic climate and scenic beauty.000 articles to his credit and 20 million hits. He is an explorer and story teller who has travelled to over 50 countries in the world revealing stories that he says "is trying so hard to hide from human eye". Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 55 . Visiting the place is nothing less of a bite of paradise Kounteya Sinha The writer is a world renowned award winning journalist and photographer with over 16. He was the United Kingdom and Europe correspondent of The Times of India (TOI). He plans to travel the whole world by the year 2023.

56 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . (Above) The peppermint blue water of the Liwu river carving its way through plunging canyons with gigantic marble slaps in the Taroko Gorge National Park is a must see. (top right) a delicious Taiwanese food delight. The buzzing sound of crickets and wasps is almost deafening as you hike through this ecological wonder – home to 27 of the 100 peaks in Taiwan which are over 3. Since being declared a national park in 1986. Images by Kounteya Sinha (Top left) Lunch which was served at a soy making farm.000 metres in height and 80 per cent of the country’s animal species. the 920-square-kilometre area has been a protected reserve which is dotted with shrines perched on mountain tops.

See-Join Puppet Theatre Restaurant is the first theme restaurant that combines Taiwanese cuisine and the traditional theatre together.(Top left) Hand Puppet Theatre is the most popular traditional theatre in Taiwan. (Above) A lanscape view of the beauty of Taiwan with the villagers occupied in their daily lives. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 57 . the mountains overlooking and the little flowers adorning the pastoral bearing of the place. it is an icon of sustainable tourism involving local tribes. (top right) a visit to the Taroko village is a must – nestled among lush green lofty mountains. You can enjoy the food and watch the performance of the hand puppet theatre at the same time.

000 . Taipei 101 held that distinction for six years till 2010 when it was surpassed in height by Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Images by Kounteya Sinha Images by Kounteya Sinha 58 Dec November 2017-Jan2017 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz www. The massive structure is today recognised for the sheer engineering marvel it is – built to withstand earthquakes of the magnitude of 9 and typhoons with wind speed of over 216 km/hr. Weighing 700.fnbbuzz. You can get the most unparalleled views of Taipei – the capital of Taiwan from the top of the city’s tallest man-made structure - Taipei 101 – the number denoting the floors of what was once the tallest structure across the world. it took over seven months to inspect the soil to see whether such a structure can be built on it followed by six years of construction. the building whose design is inspired by the bamboo plant houses the world’s fastest elevator .climbing 55 feet per second. Interestingly.

The hotel with secret underground tunnels was once a shrine.Lunch which tourists can self cook on small stoves by dipping them in boiling A broad collection of antique Chinese jade paint on volcanic rocks made by soy milk include mushrooms. fish. orphans at the Kuang Long Museum. the ice-cream being the most popular. The Garden is famous for making tourists get a hands-on experience – teaching them how to make green tea ice-cream. chemical fertilizer free and herbicide free tea for the past 40 years. (Above left) The Xing Yuan Tea Garden in Zhongcheng village produces six varieties of pesticide free. The garden produces a ton of tea annually with the most expensive being the Pomelo Flower Oolong Tea that costs 3. tofu. pumpkins and corn. You get some of the world’s best Sushi in Taiwan. The beauty of the Grand Hotel lies in its splendid Chinese architecture.600 Taiwanese dollars per 600 grams. organic chicken. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 59 . (above right) a traditional Taiwanese village hut surrounded by acres of rice plantation.

in focus The Stevia Way Growing public health concerns around obesity and increasing need to improve diets continue to fuel consumer demands for solutions from the food and beverage industry. Indian F&B industry is working hard to reduce sugar and calories in their products Team FnB BUZZ 60 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

Zero Calorie. Senior Director and Head of South Asia. the company has zero calories to consumers. R&D can offer great taste and the taste. from PureCircle are refined in a development in a lead time. sustainable and offers state of the art plant in Malaysia. Stevia could be the best Ajay Chandran. It provides easy to work. leadership. from global diets. EU its usage amongst the Indian F&B to revolutionise the promising F&B EFSA. B2B customer to go from concept PureCircle was kind enough to meet • Identified GSI – the Science to launch. Safe. FSSAI etc. Ajay Chandran reiterated can be a better alternative to sugar. step of the stevia journey. Senior Director • Identified and formulated great total solution package enabling and Head of South Asian region at tasting B2B products. extracted from the to understand the high-quality Here are the following points on proprietary leaf varieties and and cost effective ways to reduce which PureCircle got its efforts matched with innovation and sugar while not compromising with marked and acknowledged. PureCircle alternative to sugar stevia is the next big Natural S tevia is catching pace across the globe as a 'Natural sweetener to revolutionise Sweetener' and is well accepted in the current scenario by F&B players globally • Since 2011. greater health benefits to the • From seed to leaf to sweetener. manufactures. • Only high purity stevia knowhow for brands who are willing ingredients. technical and marketing great taste for every taste bud.3 trillion calories motivated to use it as it brings derived sweeteners. This lab has already industry of the country. innovation driven stevia ingredients. the team of Food and Beverage Buzz behind Stevia. enhance and motivate Ajay Chandran emphasises that stevia safety and regulatory bodies the acceptance of the product and is the next big 'Natural Sweetener' worldwide including US FDA. consumer and is safe and cost PureCircle has emerged as the world’s PureCircle is nurturing taste effective. Some major brands leading producer of high purity breakthroughs through every have already taken the lead. and consumers due to the growing provided enough stevia to • Indian F&B manufacturers will be awareness and demand for plan eliminate 1. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 61 . He says that • Stevia leaf based ingredients helped companies to reduce product Stevia is Natural. • It is the only company that has a Ajay Chandran. regulatory. that the goal of working on stevia • Stevia is approved by all major is to curate. magazine to talk about health crisis • Emerged as the technical Sitting in PureCircle’s South Asia Lab we are at and how imbibing stevia innovation and supply chain in Gurgaon.

Harsimrat Kaur Badal. Here is an exclusive wrap up of how the event has been (In the pic) Smt. FnB EvEnts WORLD FOOD INDIA - 2017 Team FnB BUZZ World Food India has been a great show of India’s culinary practices. Union Minister for Food Processing Industries with Baba Ramdev during The Great Indian Food Street 62 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz .

Yes Bank up a Food and Beverage plant. worth Rs 4.000 crore each in committed to in the presence of Smt.A The ITC and t the inaugural day of the infrastructure and fruit processing World Food India 2017. sharaf group worth Rs 5. Other MoUs investing Rs 10.000 crores. plants. Harsimrat the food processing. Rs 3.000 crore were Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 63 . equipment. The MoUs were signed The ITC and Patanjali also committed to investing Rs 10. Union Minister for Food were signed by Amazon worth crore each in the Processing Industries.000 crore in juice bottling worth rupees 68. thirteen MoUs were PaTanjalI also signed worth rupees 68. Harsimrat with the Government for investing Kaur Badal stated that 13 MoUs rupees 11.000 Kaur Badal. Smt. rupees 13. collection.450 crores for setting up Food Retail.300 crores for setting processing and Export.000 food processing PepsiCo signed an MoU worth crore for Farm produce.000 crore for Finance food Coca Cola also signed an MoU processing projects.

culinary heritage Processing Industries. inauguration Day of Wfi Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the WORLD FOOD INDIA 2017 in the presence of global business leaders and senior ministers of major investor countries from across the globe. He ‘the great indian food Street’ in economy grows there will be more provided his expertise into bringing which culinary heritage of India was people coming and moving – up”. While inaugurating the WFI. PRime ministeR of india inaugurated the WFi 2017 signed at the very first day of the WFI and India is all set to get more investments in next few days. the PM reiterated that India has moved up 30 ranks in ease of doing business – the highest that any country has witnessed this year. fragrances from various On the occasion of WFI 2017. She also stated that “We have been successful in generating excellent interest among global and Indian food companies in investing in this sector”. While inviting investors. Currently. Sadhvi Niranjan India and said that “India is one of the of India was celebrated. WORLD FOOD INDIA – Sanjiv Mehta expressed his thoughts 2017 Hon’ble Minister of State for Food on the food processing industry of At the WFI 2017. which was Jyoti. Prime Minister discussed about the excellent potential of the Indian Food Processing sector to doubling farmers’ income. The great indian food 64 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . preservation infra. took the decision of organising most attractive markets and as the curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. only 10 per cent of Indian food is being processed. such as primary processing and storage. Culinary Heritage of flavours. out immense culinary practices. Hindustan Unilever’s CEO. inDia CelebrateD at cuisines of the world. celebrated. He also discussed about the opportunities in post-harvest management. cold chain and refrigerated transportation.

The 1. She felt that food processing would help achieve the stated goal of the Government of India to double famer’s incomes by 2022. inDuStry”: stainless steel kadhai was used at Satish Arora. President of India said that World prepare khichdi Live. Khichdi was Food India is the Kumbh Mela of the prepared by a team of 50 people led The great indian food Street at World Food Processing Industry. the brand Food India was aimed at building a ambassador of the great indian sustainable agri-business. Hon’ble the great indian food Street to Sahni and many others. vogue. Sanjeev Kapoor attended promote a healthy lifestyle.000 B2B and B2C meetings were held. He stated Shri. Government the GReat indian At the inauguration of great indian food Street. Yoga Guru and the founder discuss the future of super-foods. Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti of India stated that the partnerships formed at this event will go a long way Food street was said that “There is no country in the in giving a boost to this sector.000lt Goila. Secretary. WorlD fooD inDia – khichdi. luminaries in the culinary industry and The largest serving of rice and beans the biggest names on Indian television. aimed at building world which can possibly match the culinary potential of India. our legacy 918 KILOgRAms OF agri-business and diversity brings together some KhIchDI cReAtes A NeW of the most wonderful gastronomic guinneSS WorlD delights for food enthusiasts all over reCorDS™ Street displayed demonstration of the world. by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. into our culture and then exported to of Patanjali Group of Industries organic farming and how the industry different parts of the world. Saransh tHe fooD ProCeSSing World Food India 2017. Ministry of Food Processing Industries. The success for being the part great kilograms of khichdi. Imtiaz Qureshi. Harsimrat Kaur Badal. She also congratulated At the WFI. Amrita Raichand. Mr. and Akshaya Patra. sessions also took place at great food is part of India’s global outreach. Ms. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 65 . Harsimart Kaur panel discussions among experts to India from Central Asia.000 participants and over 8. Hon’ble Minister of Food Processing indian food Street sessions involved Foods like the samosa have entered and Industries Smt. to spread internationally with the likes of various Michelin 2017 . event witnessed cookery demos by indian food Street. Kavneet Shri Ram Nath Kovind. food Street. Baba Ramdev and the brand is set to explode in an assorted that concepts that were once part of ambassador of the great indian food collection of “Food for Wellness” to India’s heritage such as Ayurveda and Street Shri.“Kumbh meLA OF from the great indian food Street at chefs including Ranveer Brar. the event witnessed the participation of 10. Minister of Food Processing Industries also addressed the event and said that her Ministry was striving to make India the World’s Food Factory. India created a new culinary techniques and traditions Chef Sanjeev Kapoor after the event’s guinness world record for making 918 from the 28 states of the country. J P Meena. Yoga have once again come back in the world record ceremony. Different According to the President of India. Vineet Bhatia. He said that Food Processing Sector offers many opportunities for investment in several areas including huge opportunities for women to set up micro-enterprises in the country. assimilated Badal. According to the Minister.

They aren’t just restaurants but shrines But those who run Mumbai’s iconic for writers and filmmakers as well as age old restaurants – from Leopold for intellectuals and history buffs. City her “second home” has decided to drag them out of the shadows and On being asked to name some of honour them for their decades of the iconic restaurants she intends unwavering loyalty to Mumbai. Exclusive uz z F nB B Bringing Neverland to Life Food and Beverage Buzz magazine brings to you an exclusive on Shripriya Dalmia Thirani's plans to launch Neverland. Yazdani Bakery. been restauranteur Shripriya Dalmia Thirani. They Café which was established way back don’t just serve food here but they in 1871 to the almost 90-year-old serve dollops of history. the ship that will house India's first floating restaurant T hey have fed Mumbai The 38-year-old first time for generations. synonymous to the city’s who conceived the idea said “These folklore and immortalised in establishments form the core DNA of celluloid for years. to invite. Café Noorani play the role of guests of honour at to Olympia Coffee House. It will be my true honour if they ever series of floating restaurants on accept my invitation. From Janata Lunch of these iconic establishments will Home. she said “These are the names every generation of Mumbai For the first time ever. I will soon be inviting them on the life of anonymity. this incredible city we call Mumbai. For me. I have spent a considerable floating restaurant and cruise ship. they are the Arabian Sea and calls the Maximum the real celebrities of Mumbai”. hot off their Irani Cafe Kooler – have for long lived ovens. who is starting the first 2018. amount of my life in Mumbai – both 66 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . board my ship to be my special guests at the opening in the beginning of But a Delhi girl. the owners is familiar with. Gaylord and the opening of Mumbai’s first ever Bademiya.

K Rustom’s Ice cream. Many of my memories are set in these They aren’T Company. filmmakers The other restaurants in this list of “Take for example Leopold Café. Café Excelsior. Café Churchill. They would be just restaurants Jimmy Boy. as well as is where every person coming into Britannia. New Martin Hotel. Kala Ghoda Café. Pancham Puriwala. Bagdadi. Café know who or which family runs Mondegar. Mavalli Tiffin Room. writers and Crawford market. It VIP invitees include Café Royal. But how many of us and Sons. restaurants and cafes. Kyani and it now? I want the world to know Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 67 . Anand the perfect mood lifter – to see such variety of people walk in – the sounds but shrines for stall opposite Mithibai College at Vile Parle and Badshah Snacks opposite of endless banter and laughter”. Haji Ali Juice Centre. Bachelors. Shripriya's floating restaurant will be catering national and international cuisines and will attempt at creating the magic of Peter Pan's Neverland where people will always feel young and enjoy their moments in the luxurious ship while gazing at Mumbai's skyline on family holidays as a child and work. It is also a Bhai’s Delhi Durbar. Leopold. Jaffer intellectuals and Mumbai wants to visit. Dorabjee history buffs part of the 2003 global cult novel Shantaram.

Thirani who has been Chowpatty almost daily.” Thirani says. give them a hug and maybe take a selfie”. world where one can watch a movie coast of Mumbai from February 2018. He refused to grow up and hence a chance to sail the majestic Arabian Neverland is often used as a metaphor Sea but will also open up a brand new It will sail the Arabian Sea – along the for eternal childhood and escapism. you cease forever to be able to do says the cruise will ply between been fascinated by the character and it’. I Interestingly. My cruise ship will not only give people ship “Neverland”. in which it says. know their names. Mumbai’s iconic Gateway of India and the philosophy that comes with it. her ship – Mumbai’s first ever cruise Neverland was Peter Pan’s home. “Selfies with movie stars Those who run Mumbai's iconic food establishments are also Mumbai's greatest ambassadors or celebrities is given nowadays. These words also helped me pitch 68 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . I want my ship to story of Peter Pan has christened created by Scottish novelist J M Berrie. ‘the to catch the city’s imposing skyline Peter Pan generation – the one that moment you doubt whether you can from the sea almost daily. I have always fly. inspired by the philosophy of never Inside every person is a younger one growing up through the immortal Peter Pan is a fictional character dying to be let free. on board to check out the glistening Revealing why she chose Neverland stars through a powerful telescope”. Thirani said “I “I’m sure you are familiar with the and across India will now be able believe that we now belong to the story of Peter Pan. Millions of tourists who visit Mumbai as a name for Mumbai’s first such every year from foreign countries experience on water. learn about their iconic Gateway of India and Chowpatty lifestyle. have believed that age is a misnomer. these incredible people – recognise their faces just like they recognise their eateries. Those who run these establishments are Mumbai’s greatest ambassadors. Thirani never wants to grow up. She adds. bring out the child in every one of us. I am going to urge everyone in Mumbai to come and take selfies The cruise will ply between Mumbai’s with the owners of these restaurants.

“I realised it could be an opportunity to local. Greece. “I want to make one thing clear – of the world’s top chains and chefs. the cruise ships but also for Mumbai’s middle class lakhs flying to other countries to try will also have Mumbai’s first ever families. or the Italian Riviera. I am very thankful artists. The sea is theirs and so will out cuisines made by chefs who are floating restaurants. Peter Pan’s words give available options.” says Thirani. I love of sailing on the sea. be my ship. Mumbai’s end fine dining and casual. Mumbai’s seafront tales. It will be an eclectic mix of high turn my dream into a reality. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 69 . So what about the restaurants? me courage. like Gods of the kitchen. I intend to get the world’s top chefs to Passengers will be picked up from It was completely by chance that cook in our backyard". Diners and those coming always brimming with life. Thirani is in Mumbai Port Trust for such a forward the sea – it is my place of endless fairy the process of first finalising the thinking decision. The food will The ship will be docked a few miles incredible seafront is a spectacle – be of the highest quality and the chefs into the sea. hence I decided to introduce the first Turkey and the Caribbean inspecting very cruise ship. Instead. The ship’s deck will be my “I am in talks at present with some Neverland. this isn’t just for the rich and famous Indians will no more have to spend Interestingly. multiple levels of the vessel catering coupled with a cruise that would allow various cuisines – both international and people to see the city from the water”. I wanted people to enjoy the ship and has travelled across India will no more be any less than the French sea in Mumbai like never before and and countries like Norway.for such a large venture when I have no small boats giving them a real feel to minister Nitin Gadkare and the experience in shipping or cruises. designated points across Mumbai’s Thirani came to know about the coastline and taken on board the ship government’s plan to open up "I will have multiple restaurants in for an “unparalleled dining session Mumbai’s Eastern seafront. teeming with preparing them will be the world’s finest on to enjoy a cruise will be taken on stories and emotions.” she said.” she added.” she signs off.

He is also member of Western India culinary association. favourite Cooking teChnique broiling – Cooking food by exposing to direct radiant heat. 70 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . mirin and sugar. savvy chef Chef’s name Chef Altamsh Patel Sous Chef (Japanese & Western Cuisine) about him Chef Altamsh Patel Sous Chef (Japanese & Western Cuisine) TajSATS Air Catering Ltd Mumbai (Jointly owned by India’s oldest hotel group Taj Group of Hotels and Singapore Airport Terminal services) Altamsh got selected as Chef Trainee with TajSATS. The sauce is boiled and Chicken teriyaki reduced to the desired thickness. “Teri” Dish name means shine and “yaki” means grilling in Japanese. Indian federation of Culinary Association and World Association of Chef Society. then used to marinate meat. Mumbai. Teriyaki is basically glaze made using soy sauce. which is then grilled or broiled.

Sometimes. • Add in sugar and allow it to get dissolved. • Once sugar gets dissolved. Teriyaki is basically glaze made using soy sauce. mirin and sugar. add Kuzu or corn flour or potato starch to achieve the required consistency. The sauce is boiled and reduced to the desired thickness. of portions: 4 ingreDients • 200 ml – Mirin • 200 ml – Dark soy • 100 gm – Sugar • Kuzu starch as required • 2 nos – Chicken thigh (Marinate in mirin & dark soya 1:1 for 1hr) proCeDure • In a sauce pan heat mirin and dark soya together. which is then grilled or broiled. then used to marinate meat. ginger is added and the final dish may be garnished with spring onion. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 71 . recipe ChiCken teriYaki how to make it with this teChnique: No. • Remove chicken from marination and brush teriyaki sauce and cook in salamander turning it on both the sides using broiling cooking technique.

In India. gajar ka halwa have too many benefits also. winter is marked with the food that you can enjoy. these sweets are time consuming but they are yummy as well. milk and ghee with grated carrot. know your F&B sweets for winter Winter is wonderful. It’s nights are chilled and includes numerous stories. It is a dessert with light nutritions and less fat. It’s days are cold and includes holidays. Milk adds some calcium and protein to this dish. It takes a lot of efforts in preparing these sweets. Here are some sweets you can enjoy Gajak These sweets are made up of sesame and jaggery. khoya. Cashews add a good amount of protein to this dish as well. sugar. It consist of carrorts which have vitamin A. Gajar ka Halwa This dessert need no introduction! It is a combination of nuts. 72 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . Gajak is easily available in most part of North India. These sweets simply melt in your mouth. However. Apart from being a mouth-watering dish. It is a very good source of fibre and vitamins C and K.

Pinni ke laddoo increases your metabolism and have warming effects. Carrot Kheer Ingredients present in this kheer are very healthy and nutritional. Badam ka Halwa Badam ka halwa could be anyone’s favourite dessert. It provides warmth to your body and help you to fight cold of winter. Badam ka halwa is a very healthy dish apart from being delicious. Pinnis are usually prepared during winters and have a delightfully nutty taste and a light crumbly texture. saffron and sugar. Pinni ke laddoo contains nuts which are very beneficial for our body. Pinni These laddoos will definitely leave positive effects on your body. So. which is very good for the cholestrol. Carrots consist of vitamin A and milk is full of calcium and protein. Apart from it’s mouth- watering taste. it is full of vitamin E and protein. It contains a lot of omega-3. milk. These laddoos are very good for the digestion. These laddoos can be used to keep your body warm in winters. Gaund ke Laddoo These laddoos are made up from edible gum extracted from the bark of a tree. Pinni ke laddoo is a punjabi dessert. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 73 . These delicious laddoos are very good for your health because of their heating effects. this sweet dish is perfect for your health this winter. It includes carrots and milk which are very healthy for your body. Badam ka halwa is made up of almonds. Saffron is a stimulant tonic and is very effective to treat cold and fever. ghee. It will keep your body warm and also help in fighting cold and winter chills.

upscale ambience with state-of-the-art technology and premium AbhirAth SAh elegance. We are excited to foray into the city of Indore and Abhirath successfully completed a 3-year BSc are extremely pleased to welcome our guests at the degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from newest Marriott Hotel in the country. announced his new education venture – Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) Marriott International brings its world-famous with a promise to reimagine hospitality education Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand to Indore with the in India. Dilip Puri. Area Vice President. With tremendous growth certification by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). It has partnered exciting addition to the Marriott Hotels portfolio. in Bangalore. Indore is set world’s oldest and top ranked hospitality management to become one of the most sought-after destinations higher education institution worldwide. There will also be a Chaat Thela stand. Marriott Hospitality Consulting (LHC) for curriculum International said that. 74 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz . the as a business hub during the past few years. Hailing from Nainital in Uttarakhand. What’s Buzzing forMer StArWood South ASiA Md dilip puri unveilS hiS internAtionAl hoSpitAlity educAtion venture MArriott hotelS expAndS itS footprint Former Managing Director and Regional Vice in centrAl indiA With lAunch of indore President of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. guests can interact with chefs at live MArketing At the cooking. General Manager. “The Indore Marriott Hotel is an development and faculty training. The WeStin hyderAbAd indore baking company is an adaptation of a classic MindSpAce pastry shop. opening of the 218-room Indore Marriott Hotel. Marketing.” the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition. our with the LHC in preparation for an academic eighth in the country so far. for both leisure and business travellers in India”. Each room of Marriot Indore hotel reflects the style of Marriott Modern design aesthetic. The Westin Hyderabad The hotel will additionally have two more specialty Mindspace announced restaurants one Asia and Sepia. Marriott Hotels is Manager in the Sales & Marketing department. the promotion of Abhirath Devesh Rawat. with an interactive open baking area. South Asia MArriott hotel and industry veteran. inspiring brilliance that fosters the guest’s elevAted to director inventive nature. evolving travel through every aspect. The ISH tied up it’s partnership with Lausanne Neeraj Govil. It will have all-day dining venue of SAleS And indore kitchen. Indore Marriott Sah to the position of Hotel said that. About Marriott Hotels Abhirath’s journey in hospitality industry started from With over 500 hotels and resorts in 59 countries 2008 with the Carlson Group of Hotels as the Account and territories around the world. “The hotel is the perfect complement Director of Sales and to the destination with multiple experiential spaces. South Asia.

the City of Seoul and the Delhi-NCR region showcased various aspects of Sky Bars and Roof-top Cafes Seoul’s art. McgM grAntS hotelS & reStAurAntS perMiSSion The weekend of november 17-19. dance. The festival provided a platform ia a much welcomed move for for local people. Quiz are an emerging trend across events. Shri Rahul Shewale. Shri Ajoy Mehta (Shiv Sena MP). Seoul Mayor Park. Gurugram on the 8th & 9th of November 2017. unified brand “Passion Made Possible” in Singapore. and restaurants having existing eating house and lodging services. film and photography announced that they have issued across Mumbai. food. South Asia (New Delhi) hopes will has granted permissions to hotels relate to Singapore when Indians consider for their next travel destination. Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Food and Beverage Buzz 75 . 2017 witnessed the Board partnering To operATe rooF-Top ST+art India Foundation to present the Singapore Weekender as part of reStAurAntS the ST+art Urban Art Festival in Mumbai. The two-day festival was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Mr Dilip Datwani. a series of promotional activities have kicked off in India. a circular permitting hotels and restaurants in the city to operate The Singapore Weekender is designed to bring together people from all open-to-air terrace as a service walks of life by using their various interests as a common platform. Shri Devendra Fadnavis (the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai). including Korean expatriates in India. Won-soon along with other state dignitaries. India Friendship Festival at Cyber Hub. culture and entertainment to enthrall Indian audience. The circular aspect Yuemin Li-Misra. Korean heritage and enjoy enchanting art performances. HRAWI shared his happiness by saying that the Govt is doing The festival which intended to promote cultural ties and exchange between its bit in encouraging tourism. The STB has partnered not-for- profit ST+art India Foundation and Impresario Group to create a three- The Municipal Corporation day experiential festival to showcase some of the Lion City’s brightest of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) self-made talents in art. an area for serving food. SingApore touriSM boArd bringS pASSion MAde poSSible to life With the SingApore Weekender At MuMbAi’S SASSoon dockS The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) of the country’s inside-out. video gallery showcasing best of Seoul and DJ were other draw the world and Mumbai. to experience the commercial capital of India. Area Director. music. Both the associations have jointly expressed their gratitude towards the Hon’ble Chief Minister. This for the visitors at the Seoul India festival. Shri Aditya Thackeray and Shri Rais THe FirsT ever seoul-indiA FriendsHip FesTivAl Sheikh of the Samajwadi Party for coMMeMorAted in the city their invaluable support and who were instrumental in facilitating The Seoul Metropolitan Government celebrated its first ever Seoul- the permission grant. President.

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Exclusive Distributors in India For trade queries: ceo@pawitra. Clean Air ready for the next day.5. Then. These produce a higher ozone concentration in the 3 standard sizes 3g/h. 8. this can be rooms with Pure. The Aquila generator uses the Corona discharge system. If left when a deep clean is needed when on overnight. generators.4. 10gm . 5. Filling the rooms AQUILA Specifications: with ozone will mean all surfaces will Ozone output: 3. safe Ozone is the strongest available air cleaner and disinfectant for treating odours. remote control. offices. the Aquila will keep Watership Down Technologies Aquila Series of Ozone smells and odours at bay. Dimensions: 3gm . The Aquila can be used in multiples to cover larger rooms. radicate smells and air pollution quickly.5 KG the 10grm model will look after up to 1000 M . with ceramics rather than coils. economically Allowed to run remotely during the and sustainably with nature’s own powerful air purifier day in public areas such as – OZONE. Weight: 5. powerfully oxidise all smells within minutes.580 x 260 x 280 mm (w x d x h) Depending on volume/size of a room. shops and general public 5gm . 5g/h and 10g/h.460 x 160 x 220 mm cafés. all done easily using the supplied . 5. effective. Control: Automatic on flow The Aquila is ideal for school Cabinet: Stainless steel classrooms. You could install two or more units in parallel increasing output if E required. dormitories. ECONOMICALLY AND SUSTAINABLY! A range of high capacity wall mounted Ozone generators for all PUBLIC areas Fast.460 x 160 x 220 mm areas. it will eradicate bacteria and viruses leaving the occupants have left. restaurants.AQUILA ERADICATE SMELLS AND AIR POLLUTION QUICKLY. 10 Grams per hour be disinfected by killing off all Ozone control: Fully adjustable O output pathogens.