To Whom it May Concern, Based upon OSHA's citation(s), and the predicted response from Sea World, I have

concerns which may be pertinent to the discourse. As a former trainer at Shamu Stadium (Sea World Orldando), I am of the opinion that the scuba bottle solution Sea Word is likely to propose to OSHA represents, in practical terms, very little. In other words, this is mostly a false solution. First of all, I have serious concern with mouthpieces and hoses dangling off of trainers as these may become items for whales to become focused on and to grab. Sea World is claiming that Tilikum initially grabbed Dawn's ponytail, which ultimately lead to her death. I'm not sure how an air hose and a ponytail differ, at least from the perspective of Sea World's story line. Do whales differentiate ponytails from air hoses? Secondly, assuming a trainer who was being thrashed by a whale was somehow able to get the mouthpiece into his/her mouth and begin breathing from the tank (an assumption I think is faulty as it would be difficult to get a mouthpiece in place given the forces potentially imposed on a trainer while being tossed around). The bottom of the front pool represents about two atmospheres of pressure. The volume of a lung full of air taken at this depth doubles while one ascends to the surface. In the event a trainer takes a breath at the bottom (off of a tank) and is then rushed to the surface by the whale then his/her lungs expand beyond capacity and are ruptured. It is unrealistic to assume that an injured, disoriented, and/or panicked trainer will have the ability to exhale appropriately while ascending through the water column at high velocity. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, this approach would not have saved Dawn Brancheau from her horrific death. Spare air does not mend broken bones nor reattach severed limbs. In my opinion, the spare air concept is an attempt to create the illusion that they have fixed a problem in which they have no real control. That is, it is now obvious that captive killer whales occasionally do what they want, without human consent, and in ways immune to human interventions.

Please feel free to contact me if necessary. Office: 386-822-8177.

Respectfully submitted,

John Jett, Ph.D.

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