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TERM/WEEKS: Term 1, week 8 YEAR LEVEL: Year 1 LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Science – weather

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom:

The device access in the classroom must be easily accessible for the students who are designated iPads for their activity and the
following apps:
- PicCollage app
- Internet access for further research, if required
LESSON Australian OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES and other
Curriculum (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Lesson 2. Learning Area: Objective 1: Assessment: Introduction:

Science Create a collage using the The type of  Students will be asked to take a seat on the mat
Week 8, app called PicCollage assessment on their coloured dots.
Term 1 Science applying a series of tools and  “Good morning year 1’s, today we will be
Understanding pictures taken on the collection
revising our last science lesson and looking at
– Earth and iPads. method that I
space sciences: will use in this weather again.”
Observable Objective 2: lesson will be:  “First, we are going to revisit our last lesson
changes occur Demonstrate the weather where we first introduce weather, and have a
in the sky and conditions to what clothes Informal look at what we learnt and talked about.”
landscape should be worn on the assessment:  “Can anyone remember what they learnt last https://www.youtub
ACSSU019). correct day. Using the
lesson about weather, or what activities we
informal TaPV-DIg
assessment did?”
strategy, the  As students are answering the question, teacher
teacher will is to create a mini brainstorm on the board
pose questions about weather (possible vocabulary of
to the students. weather). This is also a great way to assess the
Their answer
students on what they learnt.
will determine
whether or not  After the brainstorm and discussion play the
the student has ‘weather song’ (3 minutes, 35 seconds).
a sound  Once the song has finished, introduce to the
understanding kids that today we will be focusing on 1 weather
of weather and condition, not all 4.
the use of the
 “Last lesson we looked at four weather
ICT tools,
PicCollage. conditions, sunny, rainy, cloudy and windy. But
today we are going to focus on just one weather
condition, which will be sunny.”
 Talk about what the weather may look like
today, is it sunny? Is it cloudy or rainy, is there
any wind?

 The students will be separated into 3 groups.
Easily accessible
 Group 1 students, will complete the first activity iPads for each
which will be the main aim of the lesson. student in group 1
 Group 1 students will be making a PicCollage on
their iPads. The PicCollage involves the students Pic Collage app
to take pictures of one another. The student
who is not controlling the iPad and taking
photos, is to dress up using the class dress-ups,
and dress in the appropriate clothing that we
would wear when it is sunny. For example,
dress, shorts, t-shirt, bathers etc. The
partners/students will swop so each student in
the group can have their own photos in the
appropriate sunny clothing.
 This group will take pictures of their
partner/group within the whole of group 1, and
find a place in the classroom to sit and create
their collage using their PicCollage app.
 Group 2 students will complete a table top
activity, which will be explained by the teacher.
 Group 3 students will also complete an activity,
which will also be explained by the teacher.
 Each group will rotate through the three
activities so they are getting involved in all
 The main focus for this lesson is for the students
to experience how to use PicCollage to create a
collage of photos using dress-ups for the
appropriate weather condition, sunny.

 Bring all students back to the mat.
 Call up a few students from each group to show
the class what they did in their activity.
o Show the collages on iPads and table top
Smart Board -
 Finish the lesson with a sunny song.