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GOVERNOR OF PUERTO RICO Ricardo Rosrellé Nevares Septeniber 12, 2017 Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 1889 F Stroot, N.W. Washington, D.C, 20006 REL: Rossell6, ot al. v, United States of America (Three-andéa-Half Million U.S, Citizens Residing in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico); Case No, 13.826 Dear Commission President, Honorable Commissioners, Bxecutive Secretary, and Assistant Executive Secretary: We have followed with keen interest during the past eleven years the above referenced case ponding bofore this Commission in which petitionors cook a declaration that the United States is violating the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man in denying the right to vote for President, Viee President, and voting Members in both chambers of Congress to the approximatoly throe‘and-a-half million U.S. citizens residing in Pucrto Rico. We have beon gratified toloarn that, carlio this yoar, the Commission formally admitted the petitioners” ease and has now hogun a process for the evaluation ofthe substantial merits of their claims, ‘We write to you now as the duly elected representatives of those three-and-a-half million U.S, citizens residing in Puorto Rico to invite the Commission to invoke Article 39 of the Commission's Rules of Procedure and to carry out, a ts carliost available opportunity, which ‘we hope will bo during the courso of 2018, an onsite investigation in Puerto Rico. We believe that such an onsite investigation would be very helpful to the Commission—and, in fact, necessary and advisable—in its consideration of the serious issues raised in the petitioners ease. We understand that, aa the first atop in invoking Article 89, the Commiasion i to request the United States to furnish all pertinent facilities for such an onsite investigation, which facilities, necording to the Commission’s Rules of Procodur, tho United States would be expected to provide. We respectfully aak that the Commission take that frst step now and to kindly keep petitioners and us on copy on such a request. La Fotnes, Sa Joon, PE 00901 + PO Hox 9070082, San Jum, #ROO92 OOK? + gbernadorOforalra por» 87.12.7000, RICARDO ROSSELLG NEVARES OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR GOVERNOR LA FORTALEZA ‘We also wish to assure the Commission of the full aid and support it would have from the Government of Puerto Rico in conducting its onsite investigation. ‘We acknowledge and recognize the busy calendar that the Commission, ita mombors, and its staff keep, but hope that, in light of the importance of this matter, the Commission wil accept ‘our invitation, We will look forward to the opportunity to host the Commission and hereby deputize, under the authority and at the instructions ofthe Governor of Puerto Rioo—who joina inthis appeal Puerto Rico's Resident Commissioner (Member of Congress) and, by duly approved ‘Resolution, the President ofthe Puerto Rico Senate and the Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Reprecentatives—Puorto Rico's Secrotary of Stato and Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Luis 6. Rivera Marin, also copied on this letter, to coordinate all the particulars with the Commision deste. Respetly, 5 N Fons Jonnie Gonos Clin SowrnrofPuers Res Hombre Cees RAD ae 2s Hee c ‘Thomas Rivera State Carton Ror Mentdk Nien President ofthe Puerto ico Senate Speaker fin Pers Reo of ‘Representatives: © Hon. Pani Jo Blguron Pras Prsidnt Hon Margarete May Macaulay, ust Vie President {nn Hamoraide Anawmena de etn, Seon Vier Pesient “on Jat da Joos Ores Heneguen, Commissioner on, Pra Vannch, Commienoner Hon, Janes , Cavallaro, Commieonee on Lua resto Vary ia, Commissioner Mr Pr Ao, Hxactive Secretary ‘Ma. Mlzaboth Ab Moesbed, Assistant Bocutve Samstary on ais. Rivers Msi, Puerto Hua Susatary of Staaoutonane Governor