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Taxes: battle of the shoulds, musts, nots Sorry MSNBC:

Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row and issued a statement on Monday Dylan Ratigan Is
Washington) that didn’t exactly back Boehner
Submitted at 9/13/2010 1:07:25 PM (could there be a fight for Speaker A Conservative
brewing?) Joe Pompeo (Business Insider)
Political maneuvering is in full “I will do everything in my power Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:14:00 AM
bloom as positions are being to stop President Obama and
staked out in the battle over tax Speaker Pelosi from raising taxes One of these things is not like the
cuts to the wealthy and for the on working families, small other: Dylan Ratigan, a self-
hearts and minds of the Middle business people, and investors,” proclaimed conservative among
Class ahead of the November Cantor said. Doesn’t sound his lefty co-workers at MSNBC.
election. like he’s leaving much wiggle "I consider myself a conservative
President Barack Obama on room. ... the social [stuff] I could care
F r i d a y h a d h i s Boehner’s way could reduce the less, but when it comes to actual
say: Congress should pass what a m m u n i t i o n f r o m structure..."
everyone agrees on — extend Democrats trying to portray Also: "The Libertarians lose me
Bush-era Middle Class tax relief Republicans as obstructing when they go to the law of the
for families earning up tax relief to the Middle Class. jungle but refuse to prevent the
to $250,000. compromise he appeared to leave “If the only option I have is to C a n t o r ’ s w a y s p e a k s m o r e game from being rigged."
For higher incomes, Obama said the door slightly ajar. vote for those at 250 and below, strongly to the conservative Watch the video below.
the country can’t afford extending House Republican leader John of course I’m going to do that,” Republican base. [ h/t Mediaite via Politics Daily]
tax cuts, but he is willing to talk Boehner, who could be Speaker if Boehner said on CBS’s “Face the Somebody has to blink Join the conversation about this
about it . “We can have a further his party wrestles control from Nation” program. “But I’m going somewhere. If they don’t do story »
conversation about how they want Democrats on Nov. 2, said on to do everything I can to fight to anything, something is going to See Also:
to spend an additional $700 Sunday that he would be open to make sure that we extend the happen that nobody wants — • Gasparino And Ratigan Blast
billion to give an average of only the Middle Class extension if c u r r e n t t a x r a t e s f o r a l l everyone gets a tax increase. Their Old Employer, CNBC
$100,000 to millionaires. That I that was the only piece that would Americans.” Photo credit: Reuters/Rick • Dylan Ratigan's Ratings Show
think is a bad idea.” get through, but in principle all Then there’s Eric Cantor. Wilking (Woman dressed as A Loss For MSNBC, But He's
Obama didn’t slam the door in the expiring tax relief should be The House Republican Whip is Statue of Liberty waving sign at Still Beating CNBC's 'Closing
anyone’s face. In fact, if someone extended. second on the leader ladder drivers in Colorado, Feb. 4, 2009) Bell'
was looking for grains of • TV Anchors Steered Clear Of
Suggesting James Lee Was Crazy
In Case He Was Watching
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Washington Extra – I see your gauntlet, and raise you a gauntlet

Simon Denyer (Front Row Democratic leaders to get tough economic data are all over the
Washington) with China over its exchange rate map, causing confusion about
Submitted at 9/13/2010 5:27:50 PM practices. This looks from the whether the actual readings are
outside more like political better or worse than expected and
On Friday, President Barack posturing than any real threat that what that might mean for growth
Obama threw down the gauntlet legislation will be passed this prospects.
t o R e p u b l i c a n s o n t a x e s , year, but Beijing will be watching For more of this story by Anooja
effectively daring them to vote closely. The yuan has risen less Debnath and Emily Kaiser, click
against a tax cut for the middle t h a n o n e p e r c e n t s i n c e i t s here.
classes, just so that they can give currency peg was eased ahead of Pentagon expects Saudis to
an average of $100,000 in tax cuts the G20 summit in June, but that commit to $30 billion in arms:
to millionaires. appreciation has quickened in source
Over the weekend, Republican recent days, in what might be an The Obama administration will
leader of the House John Boehner attempt to dampen congressional soon notify Congress of an arms
seemed to shirk the challenge, but anger. deal with Saudi Arabia worth up
on Monday, Senate minority Here are our top stories from to $60 billion, but the kingdom is
leader Mitch McConnell picked today… expected to only initially commit
elections. As lawmakers return exchange rate policies.
up the gauntlet and threw it right Senate Republicans firm on tax to about half that, a senior
from a month-long break this For more of this story by Doug
back. McConnell has promised to cuts for rich defense official said . The official,
week, Democrats aim to pass their Palmer, read here.
introduce legislation “today” to Senate Republicans have enough speaking on condition of
small-business bill out of the For a Q+A on the issues, click
ensure that “no one in this country votes to block President Barack anonymity, said the package
Senate by the end of the week here.
pays higher income taxes next Obama’s plan to extend tax cuts would include 84 new Boeing Co
and send it to the House of US sets steep duties on China
year than they are right now.” f o r t h e m i d d l e c l a s s w h i l e F-15 fighter jets and upgrades to
Representatives for final seamless steel pipe
There are no Republicans who allowing those for the rich to another 70 of them.
approval. The Commerce Department
support a tax hike, he said, expire, a spokesman for the For more of this story by Phil
For more of this story by Andy announced steep final anti-
effectively daring Democrats to Senate Republican leader said. Stewart, read here.
Sullivan, read here. dumping and countervailing
vote for higher taxes when the R e p u b l i c a n s s c r a m b l e d t o Pentagon to release affordability
House lawmakers urge action on duties on hundreds of millions of
economy is in the mire. regroup on the tax issue ahead of directives
China currency dollars of seamless steel pipe
Washington Extra is not sure N o v e m b e r 2 c o n g r e s s i o n a l Pentagon acquisition chief
Ninety-three lawmakers have from China. The decision is a
who will blink first. But elections after House of Ashton Carter plans to unveil
signed a letter urging Democratic victory for the United States Steel
whichever side you take in this Representatives Republican detailed affordability directives
leaders in the House of Corp, V&M Star LP, TMK
debate, one thing is for sure: this Leader John Boehner appeared to for U.S. weapons makers at a mid
Representatives to schedule a IPSCO and the United
“wrestling match,” as Obama open the door for a possible -afternoon news conference at the
vote on a bill to get tough with Steelworkers union, who filed a
called it, or game of high-stakes compromise. Pentagon on Tuesday, a
China over its currency exchange petition asking the Commerce
political poker if you prefer, does For Kim Dixon and Thomas spokeswoman said. Carter told
rate practices, a lawmaker’s office Department for import relief.
the economy no good at all. Ferraro, click here. reporters in July he expected to
said. “So far we have 93 For more of this story by Doug
Another big story bubbling up Small-business bill could be unveil 16 directives for industry
members signed on to the letter,” Palmer, here.
this week is a series of hearings Democrats’ last hope on jobs and defense officials in mid-
a spokeswoman for Analysis: Unusual uncertainty
on the Hill over China’s currency Democrats in the Congress have September about how to meet
Representative Tim Ryan told strikes U.S. economic forecasters
and trade policies, with Treasury a late chance to show frustrated Defense Secretary Robert Gates’
Reuters in an e-mail ahead of U.S. economists are having an
Secretary Tim Geithner among voters they are trying to boost the goal to cut overhead costs by
congressional hearings this unusually tough time predicting
those scheduled to appear. We are sluggish economy with a plan to $100 billion over the next five
Wednesday and Thursday on the path of a recovery that doesn’t
told that 93 lawmakers in the extend help to small businesses
what steps the United States seem to fit neatly into a bullish or WASHINGTON page 3
House have signed a letter urging before the November midterm
should take to deal with China’s bearish box. Forecasts for
E-reader News Edition Business/ 3
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years. U.S. posts $90.53 billion budget Wall Street

Bank on Preferreds: Bank
For Andrea Shalal-Esa’s full
story, click here.
deficit in August
The United States posted a
The pre-election economic treats
that President Barack Obama America and Wells Fargo
Geithner says U.S. economic $90.53 billion budget deficit in handed out this week included Steven Halpern
recovery not fast enough August, Treasury Department data several intended specifically for (BloggingStocks)
Treasury Secretary Timothy showed. The August deficit was business: research and Submitted at 9/14/2010 11:00:00 AM
Geithner said the U.S. economy slightly below the $95 billion development tax credits, for
was recovering but not fast expected by economists polled by instance, and the small-business Filed under: Newsletters, Stocks
enough and Washington needed Reuters and smaller than the tax breaks he is pushing to to Buy
to do more to boost growth and $103.56 billion budget gap a year introduce in the face of "As a result of the Financial
create jobs. In a speech to the earlier. Republican congressional Reform Act, certain trust
Congressional Hispanic Caucus For more of this story by Corbett opposition. But these familiar preferreds can offer investment-
Institute, Geithner urged support Daly, read here. sweeteners won’t be nearly grade safety, robust yields of debt, not equity. As such, they
for a small business lending Industry has sway over food enough to reverse one of the most around 6-7%, and capital gains provide greater safety than
package the Senate is set to debate safety system: study significant estrangements of the potential," suggests Carla traditional preferred stock.
this week. The food industry is jeopardizing first two years of the Obama Pasternak. Continue reading Bank on
For more of this story by Donna public health by withholding administration — the rift between The editor of High Yield Preferreds: Bank America and
Smith, read here. information from food safety the White House and business. Investing explains, "Among our Wells Fargo
Violent crime falls for third investigators or pressuring For more of this column by top picks in this group are Bank Bank on Preferreds: Bank
straight year: FBI regulators to withdraw or alter global editor at large Chrystia of America Capital Trust IV, 5 7/ America and Wells Fargo
Violent crime in the United policy designed to protect Freeland, click here. 8% Capital Securities ( BAC-U) originally appeared on
States fell in 2009 for the third consumers, said a survey of For more stories from our and Wells Fargo Capital IX BloggingStocks on Tue, 14 Sep
straight year, with the number of government scientists and Washington correspondents visit 5.625% Trust Preferred Securities 2010 11:00:00 EST. Please see
murders dropping to a level not inspectors. A study released by and stay ( JWF). our terms for use of feeds.
seen in four decades, according the Union of Concerned Scientists informed. "Traditional preferreds are an Permalink| Email this| Comments
to FBI statistics. Violent crime found one-in-four of those Photo Credit: REUTERS/Kevin equity investment in a company. Wells Fargo- United States- Bank
dropped 5.3 percent in 2009, surveyed have seen corporate Lamarque ( McConnell (R) and They are normally perpetual -- of America- Business-
including a 7.3 percent decline in interests forcing their agency to Boehner after a meeting with that is, they have no maturity date. BloggingStocks
murders, an 8 percent drop in withdraw or modify a policy or Obama June 10, 2010) In contrast, trust preferreds are
robberies, a 4.2 percent decline in action designed to protect
aggravated assaults and 2.6 consumers during the past year.
percent fall in rapes, according to For more of this story by
the final 2009 statistics. Christopher Doering, read here.
For more of this story by What we are blogging…
Thomas Ferraro, read here. Obama should call a truce with

UFO Shuts Down Chinese Airport For An Hour -- AGAIN!

Gus Lubin (Business Insider) authorities to shut down an airport Here's a video of yesterday's And here's a more convincing Join the conversation about this
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:12:08 AM for an hour yesterday. UFO sighting. We're pretty sure video of the July UFO sighting: story »
This happened at another Chinese someone just strapped some LED How's that Booming Chinese
A UFO sighting caused Chinese airport earlier this summer. lights on a kite (via allnewsweb): Transportation System look now?
4 Headline/ Business/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Castle vs. O’Donnell AIG Devises a Plan to

JoAnne Allen (Front Row
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:23:18 AM
who know nothing about
Delaware, nothing about Christine
O’Donnell and nothing about the
Reduce Government
The fate of another Republican
dynamics of this state to come in
and associate themselves with this Ownership
lawmaker lies in the balance person,” said Ross, one of Connie Madon
Tuesday in tiny Delaware, where O’Donnell’s most outspoken (BloggingStocks)
the insurgent Tea Party movement critics. Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:30:00 AM
is hoping to pull off another big Team O’Donnell is hoping for a
primary upset. repeat of what happened in Filed under: Deals, Market
This time the target is Michael Alaska, where Tea Party and Palin Matters, Housing, Financial Crisis
Castle, a nine-term Congressman -backed newcomer attorney Joe American International Group (
who is pursuing the Republican Miller toppled incumbent AIG) officials are in talks with the
Senate nomination. The GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski in that U.S. Treasury Department on Continue reading AIG Devises a
establishment is behind Castle, a state’s Republican Senate ways for AIG to regain its Plan to Reduce Government
former governor and popular primary. Tea Party favorites also independence, according to The Ownership
moderate (and said to be a direct have ousted Republican Wall Street Journal. AIG Devises a Plan to Reduce
descendant of Benjamin incumbents in primaries in Kansas Of all the government bailouts, Government Ownership originally
Franklin) in a race and Nevada. AIG was the worse one. In the appeared on BloggingStocks on reports Whoever wins the Republican heyday of the housing bubble, Tue, 14 Sep 2010 10:30:00 EST.
“hinges on character.” nomination in Delaware will face AIG insured billions in shaky Please see our terms for use of
Challenger Christine O’Donnell, too. “I admire Hillary Clinton,” D e m o c r a t C h r i s C o o n s i n loans, loans that blew up when the feeds. Permalink| Email this|
a marketing consultant and little- O’Donnell said. “When I saw her November to fill the seat formerly housing bubble burst. As a Comments
known conservative, hadn’t been presidential ads I said: ‘You go held by Vice President Joe Biden. consequence, the government has Wall Street Journal- American
considered much of a threat — girl.’” It’s primary day in several other shifted $182.3 billion of taxpayer International Group- United
until she picked up support from Tom Ross, chairman of the states Tuesday, including New money into AIG to keep it afloat. States Department of the Treasury
t h e T e a P a r t y E x p r e s s a n d Republican Party of Delaware is Y o r k , N e w H a m p s h i r e a n d Now, two years later, the - BloggingStocks- Government
endorsements from Tea Party not too happy about the outsider W i s c o n s i n . government is looking for ways to
favorites former Alaska governor interest in the First State race. Photo credit: Reuters/Tim Shaffer get its money back.
Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Ross sounds off in a Washington (three people crowd in a voting
Bachmann of Minnesota. Post article and questions their booth in Delaware in 2008 Chattanooga: Fastest Net in U.S.
And we learn on CNN’s Politics goal. presidential election) (CNET on someone else's site, please read
blog that O’Donnell says she’d “It is just unbelievable that you
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:06:56 AM our FAQ page at
love to land the endorsement of would have folks from out of state
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
Sorry, Readability was unable to Five Filters featured article:
parse this page for content. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Now apps-makers can pay to be This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
considered for a Webby, too! your content and you're reading it

(Business Insider) Now apps-makers can pay to be story »

Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:09:25 AM considered for a Webby, too!
Join the conversation about this
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Microsoft: We'll Stop Russia From Using Us as a "Baseball Bat"

Dan Nosowitz (Fast Company)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:19:27 AM

This weekend the New York

Times published an expose
showing one method used by the
Russian government to crush
opposition from activist groups.
And one of our Most Innovative
Companies, Microsoft, is tangled
up in the story.
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's
government, along with the
Russian office of Microsoft's
formidable legal team, has been
raiding groups that oppose its
policies. During those raids,
computers, servers, and other
electronic equipment are seized,
with data often copied and/or
erased before being returned, if
the equipment actually is returned
(which it often isn't). It's an
effective way to stop an activist
group in its tracks.
The reason for these raids? The
groups are usually accused of
using pirated Microsoft software.
But the security forces never
actually check before confiscating
computers to see if there is pirated American Great Lakes combined). raids. At least one investigation and journalists would simply not and with a proposal for a way to
software on them. The complaints The paper plant was shut down in was kicked off by a Microsoft be able to occur." fix the mess--but the problem is,
that trigger the raids are often 2008 in part due to massive prosecutor. Microsoft lawyers Microsoft has issued a couple of the proposal won't solve the
made by shifty third parties who worldwide protests--the plant was invariably side with the police and official responses to the article. problem at its base.
have sometimes never even seen a notorious polluter, leaching vigorously prosecute whoever the The first is a brief and Smith proposes an essentially
the equipment. obscene amounts of toxic police wants, and the company tremendously unsatisfying pledge two-pronged approach. First,
The most recent raid targeted a chemicals into the otherwise refuses to authenticate software to "increase monitoring and Microsoft will "create a new
group called Baikal pristine lake. But in January, purchases by these groups (such awareness," a meaningless unilateral software license for
Environmental Wave. The group Putin decreed that the plant is safe authentication would nullify the statement that doesn't require any NGOs," which extends
is protesting the re-opening of a and should be reopened. entire investigation). Said an actual action. A second, more Microsoft's NGO program to
paper plant on Lake Baikal in Baikal Environmental Wave editor of opposition newspapers: personal statement from Brad more organizations through 2012.
Siberia, the largest lake in the disagrees, and has suffered for "Without the participation of Smith, Microsoft's General (The precise nature of the
world (it has about the same their protests. Microsoft, these criminal cases Counsel, has the right attitude--
amount of water as all five North Microsoft is a key player in these against human rights defenders concerned, proactive, apologetic, MICROSOFT: page 7
6 Business/ E-reader News Edition

CampusLIVE Is College 101

Lydia Dishman (Fast Company)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:11:05 AM

Students, you are about to get

schooled—in the reality of
mastering your entire college
experience, academics included.
From the pitfalls of navigating a
sprawling campus to the pressing
need to find food beyond the
culinary creations of an
institutional kitchen, from getting
to know (or avoiding) the
denizens of your dorm or off-
campus living quarters, to making overcaffeinated-sounding Boris you hand-selected and add all your classes,” she that if you don’t want your
sense of who to ask for missed Revsin tells Fast Company, CampusLIVE’s stream includes explains, "I have five classes this Facebook friends to know you are
notes amid the masses in the adding without a breath, "It was a everyone signed up from the semester and only know one partying (hi mom!) better do as
lecture halls, CampusLIVE has great idea but you won’t get the student body. But, Revsin notes, if person." With the class finder, Greene did and disconnect your
the answers. Call it College 101 virality you need with a static a person who’s your Facebook Greene can see everyone who is updates from FB.
… 2.0. page. So we had to see what we friend posts something, it in any of her classes. "If I missed On the other hand, a co-ed who is an online could do to create the homepage immediately gets moved to a anything, or need help with a asked not to be indentified notes
portal that offers students in as more of a social resource." prominent position on your live lecture, I can just send an email." the utility’s more practical side.
participating schools a way to The Brainchild of Brainy feed. Ditto for someone in your Like a GPS, for School! "So you're totally not a stalker,
balance academics and social Students dorm, or signed up for one of your But Revsin really wants to talk but who wants to waste a great
networking by aggregating it all Launched in 2008 by Revsin and classes. "The pool is bigger but more about CampusLIVE’s outfit when the hot guy you're
onto one campus-specific home Jared Stenquist while they were ranking makes it more relevant," proprietary feature – mapping. creeping on isn't even on campus?
page. And then balance that idea students at UMass Amherst, Revsin emphasizes. "We are the only site that I know Checking CampusLIVE’s feed
against the service becoming CampusLIVE was conceived as a It’s also really easy to keep it of that has a map function like means you never waste time,
boring or just another Facebook simple utility for students to separate from Facebook, Google maps." By this he means energy, and laundry quarters
clone. Rather, it works to connect to on- and off-campus according to Emma Greene, a his team has spent hundreds of again. I mean, if he's gone home
aggregate information, in part, resources. With some tweaking of sophomore at Amherst who says hours perfecting maps of its for the weekend, why NOT wear
from the Facebook profile of the back end architecture and never the twain shall meet in her member campuses and each one the faded band camp t-shirt and
students enrolled at the school allowing the students to log on via world. A self-professed outgoing not only shows a street layout and granny panties?"
between 2009-15. Think: Facebook (and have all their co-ed, Greene says she’s been the school buildings, it also Regarding stalkers, Revsin says
university email, events, athletics, profile information pulled into using CampusLIVE since she was catalogs frat and sorority houses, no worries. The dorm addresses
news, weather, local restaurants, CampusLIVE), Revsin says the a freshman, back when it was a local businesses, and landmarks. are hidden and CampusLIVE
and entertainment as well as a live site turned a major corner in more static experience. Still she With the new interactive feature, never lists anyone's room number.
feed that updates as members add functionality. liked having everything in one clicking on a dorm opens a "We do take it seriously and
information to their profiles. "It’s not just a message board," place without the fuss of balloon showing all the profile privacy settings are built-in."
"What it was a campus-specific Revsin says. A ranking system, bookmarks. photos of users who are residents. Greene says she’s been surprised
homepage like i-Google where for one, sets it apart from a Now, CampusLIVE’s latest A discussion link takes you to a at the level of discussion that’s
academic links, email, and campus activities page—and from version – just launched last running commentary on what already been generated. Revsin
Facebook were pulled together," Facebook. Sure, your Facebook week–has already invaluable everyone is doing (think: studying
co-creator and the often friend pool is made up of people resource to her. "You get on and or partying). Revsin notes drily CAMPUSLIVE page 8
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 7
continued from page 5

application process is a bit vague- Wave had specifically kept all of This part of the proposal is all Kutz said that Brad Smith, stay in business, that doesn't make
-I was told that groups with the documentation and even about hindsight. After a raid has Microsoft's general counsel, it acceptable. Google recently
"under 50 computers" that follow packaging of their legally occurred, Microsoft will make "wants it [the report] fast-- departed from China over a
"generally accepted guidelines for purchased Microsoft software, itself available for assistance, probably measured in weeks philosophically similar
NGOs" will qualify.) That will be and presented it to the Russian providing legal documentation rather than months." controversy. Microsoft is
accompanied by documentation police, to no effect. One more and personnel. But that won't stop Given the diversity and quantity unwilling to do the same in
that states specifically that each sheet of paper is hardly likely to the raids--it could stop activist of these claims, from multiple Russia, and Kutz even told me
NGO has full license to use these deter these governmental groups from being successfully NGOs, activist groups, Russian that he "hasn't experienced any
products and that no software authorities from attempting to prosecuted, but they'll still have media, and international blowback from the Russian
piracy is involved. Microsoft also destroy dissenting groups. lost their equipment and data, anticorruption groups, it seems government" over the story.
plans to fly its Russian counsel I spoke to Kevin Kutz, which is really what the raids are likely that Microsoft will have to Microsoft is going to stay in
out to Russian authorities to Microsoft's Director of Public intended to do in the first place. fire and possibly prosecute some Russia, of course, and isn't able or
"personally" explain this new Affairs, who told me that he's The second part of the pledge is a lawyers. At least, Microsoft plans willing to dial back piracy
NGO documentation--basically, largely concerned that Microsoft little more questionable. Kutz on publishing a list of all the investigations.
to tell any Russian police force to maintain its anti-piracy stance described the Russian authorities lawyers it really does employ, so Microsoft can't really fix this
quit raiding any group that can while making sure the company is as using Microsoft's legal team as NGOs won't be tricked by frauds. problem. It remains to be seen if
present the documentation. not involved in any way with anti- a "baseball bat" for dissidents, but But that assumes that this fraud the company will adequately
Second, Microsoft is pledging to dissident action. Microsoft's new noted that the exact nature of the really is the majority of the publicize and live up to the
"undertake new steps" to ensure policies are designed not to stop relationship between this problem, which it might not be. promise of its new NGO
third parties no longer pretend to the cycle of anti-dissident action, "baseball bat" and Microsoft is For all Microsoft knows, prior to assistance program, and if it will
represent Microsoft for nefarious but to make sure the company is complex. Some of those involved the investigatory report, it's their have any effect on these sorts of
purposes. Microsoft doesn't really not enabling or participating in it. are probably Microsoft own lawyers who are acting as the raids. The Russian government
have a plan for that yet, but has One of the biggest complaints of employees, some are Russian Russian government's muscle--in will almost certainly continue to
set a team on it and plans to put the Russian activist groups is that national lawyers who have been which case the published list try to block dissident groups.
something into effect by next Microsoft offers little or no help retained by Microsoft, and some, won't help. Microsoft just wants to stay out of
month. to fraudulently accused NGOs, according to Kutz and Smith, are This second part of the proposal it. They can, too, if they stick to
The first part of the plan is sound, and Kutz says this will change. complete frauds. is an attempt at foresight, at these promises once the story has
if the Russian authorities play by "We're sending forty lawyers to In another New York Times taking away the muscle of the died down.
the rules. But, obviously, they Russia to defend the new NGO piece Transparency International, Russian authorities. It's harder, [Image credit: New York Times]
don't. Does anyone actually think licenses," he said. So the raids an anticorruption group, says involving a ton of bureaucracy Dan Nosowitz, the author of this
fancy new documentation will may not stop, but Microsoft wants some of these lawyers have and internal investigation, and post, can be followed on Twitter,
deter these authorities, to make sure its hands are clean. extorted money from NGOs for will certainly take longer to set corresponded with via email, and
considering they've already been That's not necessarily a criticism: supposedly piracy-related reasons. up. stalked in Brooklyn (no link for
seizing equipment based on It's not fair to expect a Kutz told me that some of these This is a major scandal for that one--you'll have to do the
flimsy and false charges filed by multinational corporation to be an lawyers do not represent Microsoft. Though major legwork yourself).
people who have never even seen activist group as well, but Microsoft at all, and sorting out American companies often have
the equipment that is to be Microsoft is definitely taking a the good lawyers from the bad to undertake otherwise unsavory
investigated? more hands-off stance than, say, and the legitimate employees projects in countries with
In fact, Baikal Environmental Google in China. from the frauds is a hefty process. authoritarian governments just to

Pic of the Day: The Wormhole

Eugene (Featured Blog Posts - A series of robotic trains shuttle configuration fly by in beautiful
My Modern Metropolis) people through this incredible colors," says Trey Ratcliff.
tunnel in Shanghai. "Colored lights in every lighting via stuck in customs
8 Business/ E-reader News Edition

Ad Giant Thinks You'll Pay for Media Again With the Content
Austin Carr (Fast Company) gain access to a network of sites. members” that would help
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:36:52 AM Revenue will be shared among introduce TCP when the service
this network depending on usage. launches in early 2011.
How much content are you “Our ambition is to create a With any paywall scheme, there
willing to pay for online? That’s network whereby we have a are a number of important
what providers from publishers to number of publishers agreeing to questions. How much access will
media outlets want to know as a common platform, so we could users have to these sites? Which
t h e y g e a r u p t o l a u n c h roll this out on a broader scale,” sites are involved in TCP’s
subscription services. Hulu and says general manager David network? Will consumers have to
the New York Times are just two Restrepo. “From a consumer pay for sites even if they are not
of the many experimenting with perspective, you won’t need interested in subscribing to them?
paywalls. But the idea has yet to dozens of accounts at different How will these network partners
become viable among consumers places.” agree to share revenue? Is shared
who are used to free, ad-supported So TCP will act as a mobile revenue a sustainable model?
content. wallet enabling consumers to Restrepo admits that “our
The Content Project(TCP) may jump to different media sources solution isn’t going to be right for
change that. Developed by WPP, without having to pay or log in. everyone.” As he puts it, TCP
the world’s largest advertising Restrepo recognizes that this idea the opinion that we have to technology, user-experience needs to “experiment before it can
firm, TCP is a scalable platform has been discussed before: “Is it experiment much more.” expertise, and “right draw any hard conclusions.”
that will help content-providers unique? No, it's been talked about TCP was created as a joint relationships” will help TCP
share revenue from a pool of it, and there’s been tons written venture between two WPP succeed.
consumer payments. Rather than and theorized about paid content,” subsidiaries: 24/7 RealMedia, a So what exactly are these “right
doling out $10/month to, say, the he says. “There are case-by-case digital marketing and analytics relationships?” Restrepo could
Wall Street Journal, users will be examples for paid content--WSJ, company, and design firm only say that there would be a
able to pay a single fee to TCP to Hulu, we’re of Schematic. Restrepo says WPP’s number of “major initial charter
McDonald's: Still a Good Idea After Latest Comps continued from page 6

agrees the response has been

Report? encouraging. Before the new
version launched,
Steven Mallas (BloggingStocks) about the shares. Even though After Latest Comps Report? CampusLIVEhad pages for 225
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:30:00 AM they closed down 0.6% (in some originally appeared on schools and plans to add 50 more
sense, that isn't really down so BloggingStocks on Tue, 14 Sep in the next six months. The team
Filed under: Earnings Reports, much as it is flat) to $74.57, 2010 09:30:00 EST. Please see rolled out the live stream version
McDonald's (MCD) they're still rather close to the 52- our terms for use of feeds. Read| last week to only 50 schools and
McDonald's ( MCD) was down week high of $76.26 -- and quite Permalink| Email this| Comments is working on getting the rest
Monday. What a disappointment. far off from the 52-week low of McDonald- BloggingStocks- 52 online soon. For perspective, the
How can Mickey D's be down $53.88. There's something to be Week Low- Business- Allegedly new Amherst site started with 700
when the rest of the market was said for that these days, right? Unethical Firms members last week and Revsin
Comps Report?
up? Hey, it happens. Continue reading McDonald's: McDonald's: Still a Good Idea CAMPUSLIVE page 10
But here's the interesting thing Still a Good Idea After Latest
E-reader News Edition Business/ Economy/ 9

That's One Small Step for a Potato ...

Ariel Schwartz (Fast Company)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:11:03 AM

When humans decide that it's

finally time to colonize the moon,
researchers at the University of
Arizona Controlled Environment Stocks Are Snoozing, But
Agriculture Center (CEAC) will
be ready with hydroponic Yen And Gold Action
vegetables for our intrepid Shows The Real Panic
adventurers. A team of CEAC Behind The Scenes
engineers has built a prototype
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game)
lunar greenhouse that can grow a
number of vegetables, including Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:44:00 AM

potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, and

peppers. Stocks are flat on the day. Fine,
The membrane-covered there's no news, and the bulls
greenhouse contains water-cooled have had a nice run, so it's not a
optic cable--essentially light pipes partially funded by NASA, is project for two more years. But if big deal one way or another.
sodium vapor lamps and seed-
--which would channel sunlight based on a CEAC food production all goes well, CEAC researchers But behind the scenes it's panic.
filled envelopes, as well as a
from the surface to the plants system that has been operating at might be able to use the lunar We already mentioned the gold
robotic system that can get the
underground. The lunar the South Pole research station for greenhouse a bit closer to home-- spike. It's now at $1270.
whole thing up and running in just
greenhouse contains six years. That greenhouse for example, in urban centers that Meanwhile the yen, which surged
10 minutes. CEAC explains:
approximately 220 pounds of wet successfully provides food to don't usually grow food. Now, last night, just keeps crushing the
Carbon dioxide is fed into the
plant material that can provide 53 researchers who are cut off from that's boldly growing where no dollar. It's almost too painful to
prototype greenhouse from
quarts of potable water and about outside resources for up to eight vegetable has grown before. watch.
pressurized tanks, but astronauts
three-quarters of a pound of months each year. Ariel Schwartz can be reached on Join the conversation about this
would provide CO2 at the lunar
oxygen during a 24-hour period, Of course, the lunar greenhouse Twitter or by email. story »
base just by breathing. Similarly,
while consuming about 100 isn't anywhere close to providing
water for the plants would be
kilowatts of electricity and a astronauts with fresh vegetables.
extracted from astronaut urine,
pound of carbon dioxide. CEAC needs another $225,000
and the water-cooled electric
The system, which is being from NASA just to continue the
lights might be replaced by fiber

Retail Sales Increase During August

Mark Fightmaster the past five months. s o m e s t r e n g t h a f t e r t h e Permalink| Email this| Comments
(BloggingStocks) Excluding auto sales, which disappointing spring retail season. Retail- Department store-
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:00:00 AM registered a sizable decline last Continue reading Retail Sales Business- BloggingStocks- Retail
month, retail sales increases 0.6%. Increase During August Trade
The Commerce Department Department stores, sporting good Retail Sales Increase During
announced this morning that retail s t o r e s , a n d c l o t h i n g s t o r e s August originally appeared on
sales increased 0.4% in August, experienced strong sales to lead BloggingStocks on Tue, 14 Sep
above expectations of a 0.3% rise. this retail rush. cheering this news, taking it as a
2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see
It was also the largest increase in sign that the economy is regaining
Analysts and investors are our terms for use of feeds.
10 Business/ News Wire/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 8

says 200-300 are joining daily all for ad revenues. In a short time, who are paying per student.
Iran frees U.S. woman
with no marketing - just from
word of mouth.
CampusLIVE’s become a hot
prospect for local and regional
Revsin says, "Anyone who
completes the challenge engages after year in jail
Pizza Money businesses, he says. "We know with the brand in a modified way. (Reuters: Top News) $500,000 bail was paid, and
All this activity and labor- what students are buying online: It's so much better than a click Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:32:16 AM would be allowed to leave Iran.
intensive back-end work demands food delivery," and in last year through." Iranian news agencies, quoting
a lot of hands -- and a lot of and a half the company’s made a Even with such a potential Sarah Shourd speaks with the judiciary, reported that bank
money. Revsin admits that significant amount of revenue just revenue stream, Revsin knows j o u r n a l i s t s d u r i n g a n e w s documents had been submitted to
CampusLIVE has made good use by posting menus, he adds. CampusLIVE has challenges conference in Tehran May 20, secure Shourd's release and that
of interns ("They aren’t just Taking it a step further, ahead. "We are not going to 2010. she had been handed to Swiss
making copies," he underscores) CampusLIVE is issuing change student’s behavior by just C r e d i t : R e u t e r s / R a h e b officials who represent U.S.
in addition to a full-time staff of challenges to students that require linking with Facebook. We need Homavandi interests in the absence of
fourteen, including the founders. check-ins, tweeting or completed to play at getting more interaction TEHRAN| Tue Sep 14, 2010 diplomatic ties with Washington.
CampusLIVE snagged an initial advergames. The student gets a and engagement." After all, isn’t 8:32am EDT (Editing by Peter Graff)
round of VC funding to the tune discount coupon and the brand that was college is all about? TEHRAN(Reuters) - Iran freed a *We welcome comments that
of over $1 million early on, and builds a presence among the U.S. woman on Tuesday after advance the story directly or with
are casting the net for another students along with boosting holding her for more than a year relevant tangential information.
infusion. sales. The model is already under suspicion of spying, but her We try to block comments that
But Revsin’s already speedy drawing sponsors such as Peter two male companions remained in use offensive language or appear
delivery gets even more energized Pan Bus Lines, Foxwoods jail. to be spam and review comments
when he talks about the potential Resorts, and Rent the Runway "I am inside Evin prison, doing frequently to ensure they meet our
her paperwork. She has been standards. If you see a comment
11 Free Tools Every Entrepreneur released and is heading toward the that you believe is irrelevant or
Swiss Embassy," Sarah Shourd's inappropriate, you can flag it to
lawyer, Masoud Shafie, told our editors by using the report
Should Use Reuters from the jail where she abuse links. Views expressed in
had been held. Judiciary officials the comments do not represent
Jared O'Toole (Business your venture > confirmed her release. those of Reuters.
Insider) Join the conversation about this S h o u r d a n d t w o m a l e This entry passed through the
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:04:28 AM story » companions were arrested near Full-Text RSS service — if this is
See Also: Iran's border with Iraq in July your content and you're reading it
This article was originally • How To Use LinkedIn For 2009. Their families say they on someone else's site, please read
published at Recruiting were on a mountain hike in our FAQ page at
Every young entrepreneur is • This Cool Web App Keeps northern Iraq at the time of their content-only/faq.php
strapped for cash yet looking for Track Of Your Competition arrest. Five Filters featured article:
all the same products and services • 11 Best iPhone Apps For Iran has accused them of spying, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
that big companies use. every penny when starting out. Business Travelers
which Washington denies. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
I t i s i m p o r t a n t t o l o o k Here are 11 tools that will help Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Catastrophe.
professional yet also squeeze you do both in the startup days of Dolatabadi had said on Sunday
that Shourd would be freed once
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ 11

Springsteen talks 'Darkness' with festival doc (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) at that age going through the love it and still question it, still showing two lovers having a
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:32:15 AM creative process on it. Any artist, I challenge it." picnic, when the scene abruptly
think, will appreciate the chance Unlike "Born to Run" — for cuts to a dead body. This song,
TORONTO – Bruce Springsteen to see someone who is as great as which Springsteen wrote nine Springsteen said, is that body.
says he and the E Street Band he is at that age struggling and songs, eight of them appearing on The "Darkness" songs were
were on a mission when they struggling and struggling to get the album — "Darkness on the leaner and angrier than those on
made his "Darkness on the Edge things to where he hears them in Edge of Town" was honed into a "Born to Run," advancing from Evan Williams Coughed
of Town" album 32 years ago. his head." 10-song cycle from about 70 the earlier album's sense of Up $7,500 For
Springsteen opens up about the After its Toronto premiere, "The tunes he wrote, according to his youthful anarchy and escape to
career-altering album in the Promise" will air Oct. 7 on HBO, band mates. The songs included growing resignation to a "life of Back In The
documentary "The Promise: The then will be included in a CD and such castoffs as "Because the limitations and compromises," Day
Making of Darkness on the Edge D V D b o x e d s e t r e l e a s e o f Night" and "Fire," which became Springsteen says. Robin Wauters (TechCrunch)
of Town," which premieres "Darkness on the Edge of Town" hits for Patti Smith and the "`Born to Run' and `Darkness,'
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:57:26 AM
T u e s d a y a t t h e T o r o n t o due in stores Nov. 16. Pointer Sisters. they're the beginning of the
International Film Festival. Directed by Thom Zimny, who Springsteen jokes that if a song story," Springsteen says. "I'm Mid-2006, when Twitter was
The film, which played Monday m a d e a s i m i l a r m a k i n g - o f did not work, he would pull out beginning to tell the story that I born, the domain name
for press, features contemporary documentary about "Born to the fragments he liked and try tell for most of the rest of my changed hands
interviews with Springsteen and Run," "The Promise" captures them elsewhere, like taking car working life." for$7,500, chief executive and co-
his band along with rehearsal and Springsteen in a burst of creativity parts from one vehicle and ___ founder Evan Williams tweeted
studio footage as they made the after a three-year studio lapse, sticking them into another to Online: yesterday night.
1978 record, which he calls a when he was unable to record make it run. He shares failed Toronto International Film Roughly four years, 145 million
"reckoning with the adult world" amid a court fight with his former lyrics for the album's opening Festival: users and 300,000 third-party
after the phenomenal success of manager. anthem, "Badlands," and This entry passed through the applications later, I wonder what
his "Born to Run" album three Springsteen says he wanted the describes a version of the slow, Full-Text RSS service — if this is it’s worth today, particularly
years earlier. album to reflect the "deep despair meditative tale "Racing in the your content and you're reading it given the fact that the Twitter
Before the premiere, Springsteen and resilience" he saw among the Streets" in which the narrator's on someone else's site, please read website still draws a massive
will discuss his music in a public small towns where he grew up. melancholy girl, who "cries our FAQ page at crowd according to the same
chat with actor Edward Norton, "One of the things that's amazing herself to sleep at night," was not content-only/faq.php Williams.
who became friends with the to me is he's considered this even in the song. Five Filters featured article: I have no idea who the domain
rocker after they met at a concert quintessential American working- Sound mixer Chuck Plotkin Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- name belonged to before Williams
about 10 years ago. class artist, yet so much of his describes Springsteen's poetic Reporting of Falluja's Cancer bought it, or what is was used for.
"That record, there's no way to work has challenged the idea that instructions for how the dissonant Catastrophe. It does sound a heck of a lot better
overstate how much that record America lives up to its ideals in assault of "Adam Raised a Cain" than Twttr, which is the name
was a part of my life," Norton some ways," Norton said. "He should sound next to the album's creator Jack Dorsey gave the
said in an interview. "I've seen the shows people and artists that you more melodic tunes. Springsteen messaging service initially
film, and it's amazing to see him can live in a culture and place and told Plotkin to think of a movie (though that logo is still grand).
What's Inside Preparation H If you’d like to read more on the
early days of Twitter, here’s a
Patrick Di Justo (Wired Top This entry passed through the Five Filters featured article: good place to start.
Stories) Full-Text RSS service — if this is Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- What’s the most you’ve ever paid
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:00:00 AM your content and you're reading it Reporting of Falluja's Cancer for a domain name? CrunchBase
on someone else's site, please read Catastrophe. Information Twitter Evan
Sorry, Readability was unable to our FAQ page at Williams Information provided by
parse this page for content. content-only/faq.php CrunchBase
12 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Oprah Winfrey sending audience of 300 to Australia

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) "fantastic opportunity" to promote songwriter Paul Simon, who sang Winfrey will fill her season with
Submitted at 9/13/2010 9:53:13 PM the airline and Australian tourism. a song he'd written in honor of the giveaways, flashbacks and visits
Winfrey, who opened her 19th show's 10th season with updated from past guests "who can come
CHICAGO – They shrieked, they season six years ago by giving out lyrics. in and talk about how they've
gasped, they cried, they hugged cars to everyone in her studio The rest of this week's show will been affected by her."
— and that was before Oprah audience, will take this group in include an appearance by country While Monday's season premiere
Winfrey's studio audience got a December on an eight-day, seven- music stars The Judds, and a is the beginning of the end of
trip to Australia. night trip. return to Williamson, W.Va., "The Oprah Winfrey Show," it's Back To School: Properly
Winfrey kicked off her 25th and The audience was made up of where she filmed a town hall not the end of Winfrey. She's set Toting Your Books,
final season of "The Oprah some of who the program called episode about AIDS in 1987. The to launch her Oprah Winfrey
Winfrey Show" on Monday with its most loyal viewers over the week will end with a live show on Network, or OWN, on cable Jan.
Gadgets Around Campus
promised surprises. After teasing years. And throughout the show, Friday, in which Winfrey will 1. Matt Burns (TechCrunch)
the 300 audience members with a Winfrey introduced audience announce her first book club The end of "The Oprah Winfrey Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:35:00 AM
suggestion she might take them members, including a man named selection in nearly a year. Show" will be featured on that
on a trip to New York, Larry who received word he'd This season a parade of network with "Behind the Scenes: Backpacks are a necessary part of
Philadelphia or Los Angeles, she been invited to the program via a celebrities are likely to follow Oprah's 25th Season," a one-hour school and around here, we’re not
said her last season merited taped message from Winfrey Travolta, who danced with series giving viewers a look at the strangers to backpacks, messenger
something "bigger." delivered to his house by Winfrey to open Monday's making of the last season of bags, and bags in general. We’ve
"So I started to think about where NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson. program. Over the years, Winfrey Winfrey's talk show. looked at a ton over the years and
would I most want to go," she There were some surprises for has interviewed a host of ___ recently wrapped up our last bag
said over the din of an audience Winfrey as well. Actor Don celebrities, including Michael Online: week where we looked at an
that suddenly understood they Johnson, who declined to appear Jackson, Julia Roberts and Tom (This version CORRECTS absurd amount of bags.
were going somewhere far away. on the program when it first aired Cruise — who made headlines spelling of Qantas' name) School requires a different sort of
"Maybe I should take you all with in 1986 — when he was a much when he jumped on her sofa to This entry passed through the bag than grown-up life and, well,
me to the other side of the world. bigger television star than proclaim his love for wife Katie Full-Text RSS service — if this is there are different types of
We're going to Australia," Winfrey — came by to explain Holmes. your content and you're reading it students. Not everyone carries all
Winfrey shouted. he'd wanted to appear but "Miami Winfrey also might land some on someone else's site, please read their books with them at all times
With that, a mock-up of a Qantas Vice" bosses wouldn't let him major interviews, as she has done our FAQ page at and others shop for style over
jet rolled onto stage, its door because he was too busy. throughout the years with content-only/faq.php function. Then there’s the college
opened and actor John Travolta, "But I understand things have presidential candidates George W. Five Filters featured article: gamer and the occasional student.
who also flies airplanes, stepped been going OK for you," he joked Bush and later Barack Obama. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- No worries. We’ve got everyone
out dressed as a Qantas pilot. to Winfrey. But Janice Peck, author of "The Reporting of Falluja's Cancer covered.
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said in a Winfrey teared up during a Age of Oprah: Cultural Icon for Catastrophe.
news release that it was a surprise appearance from singer/ the Neoliberal Era," expects

Teaser First, Movie Later: Goon Taps Hollywood's Proof-of-Concept Trend

Hugh Hart (Wired Top Stories) parse this page for content. on someone else's site, please read Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:00:00 AM This entry passed through the our FAQ page at Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Full-Text RSS service — if this is content-only/faq.php Catastrophe.
Sorry, Readability was unable to your content and you're reading it Five Filters featured article:
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Culture/ Economy/ 13

Thousands Rally Against Park51 Mosque on 9/11

(Society) claiming that the dueling protests or not,” said Bolton. “That is a “a mosque on top of a cemetery.”
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:57:54 AM over the mosque were evenly very unappealing face to put on “This is not about freedom of
matched. “The media is playing the supposed effort behind the religion,” she said, directly
As many as 40,000 people the dueling rallies; it was no such mosque.” addressing the center’s main
gathered near New York City’s thing.” The former U.S. ambassador, argument. “It’s about geography.” If Housing Is Going
Ground Zero Saturday on the At the rally against the mosque, who has expressed interest in A newly released Public Religion Lower, Then Today's
ninth anniversary of the 9/11 international figures were running for president in 2012, also Research Institute/Religion News Good Retail Sales
terrorist attacks to protest the featured, including controversial took issue with past comments Service poll suggests that the
planned Islamic center and Dutch anti- Islam MP Geert made by Park51 visionary Imam majority of Americans agree with Numbers Don't Mean
mosque two blocks away. Wilders. Feisal Abdul Rauf after the Sept. Braginsky’s geography argument. Jack
But according to Agence France- “We must never give a free hand 11 attacks. Rauf, Bolton pointed According to the poll, 57 percent Gregory White (Money Game)
Presse and other mainstream to those who want to subjugate out, has said the United States of Americans oppose allowing
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:52:09 AM
media outlets, only about 2,000 us,” Wilders said. “Draw this line was an “accessory” to 9/11, Park51 to be built two blocks
people participated in the rally. so that New York … will never Osama bin Laden was made in the from the former WTC site. But This morning's retail data came in
The exceptionally large difference become New Mecca.” USA, and the United States has the poll also found 76 percent of
way better than expected, with
in figures is intentional, claimed Former U.S. Ambassador to the more blood on its hands than the Americans – including the sales growing 0.6% rather than
organizers of the anti-Park51 United Nations John Bolton also terrorists. The imam has also majorities of religious groups the expected 0.3%.
demonstration. spoke to rally participients, albeit refused to call Hamas a terrorist across the spectrum – support thePaper Economy explains that
“Crickets are chirping in taqiyya via video. In a message much organization. building of a mosque in their own
there is a sharp correlation
(Arabic word for concealing, milder than Wilders’, Bolton “I think that all of this local community. Continue » between retail sales and rising
guarding) media newsroom focused on honoring the nearly demonstrates that people are This entry passed through the home prices. That correlation has
nationwide (although they were 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks entirely justified in raising Full-Text RSS service — if this is
continued through the recession,
all there),” complained Pamela and explaining why the Park51 questions what the true motives of your content and you're reading it
and is reflected in today's
Geller, who organized the rally. idea is “unappealing. “ the mosque’s proponents are,” on someone else's site, please read
“There has been no coverage.” “It (Park51) is a very strange Bolton said. our FAQ page at This chart would suggest, that if
“We organized a rally of enterprise that says we want to Nelly Braginsky, whose son Alex content-only/faq.php we want retail sales to continue to
remembrance that dwarfed the increase religious tolerance and died in the World Trade Center on Five Filters featured article: soar, we're going to need to revive
opposition. If the America haters understanding and if you don’t Sept. 11, 2001, reiterated the now Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- home prices much further. But
had 4,000, we had ten times agree with that we are going to familiar argument of insensitivity Reporting of Falluja's Cancer there are some significant doubts
more,” she wrote on her blog, increase religious intolerance and on Saturday. Braginsky said the Catastrophe. about the housing recovery.
Atlas Shrugs, disputing reports understanding whether you like it Park51 proposal is like building The blue here is Case Shiller
home prices, with the orange
10 Restaurant Secrets to Creating an Incredible Meal retail sales.
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) with a night out at a restaurant mark those milestones both big Five Filters featured article: From Paper Economy:
Submitted at 9/14/2010 1:00:00 PM might not fit into the budget. But and small. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- For a larger version, click here >
life's special moments should be This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer 15 signs the U.S. housing market
A restaurant meal is a special, honored and enjoyed with good Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe. is headed for a complete and total
often celebratory experience. food and good company. The tips, your content and you're reading it collapse >
With many people trying to cut advice and secrets in these pages on someone else's site, please read Join the conversation about this
e x p e n s e s t h e s e d a y s , will help you create incredible our FAQ page at story »
commemorating an achievement meals at home, so that you can content-only/faq.php
14 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Scandal-ridden Calif. city must return Nielsen: Bing passes

tax dollars (AP) Yahoo in intentional
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
Submitted at 9/13/2010 2:44:32 PM
scandal surfaced involving the
high taxes, huge salaries paid to
former city employees and
the assistant city manager
$376,288, and the police chief
$457,000. The four council
(CNET or 'contextual' searches that are
BELL, Calif. – Lt. Gov. Abel allegations of racial profiling of members targeted for recall were
Maldonado signed a bill Monday drivers. paid nearly $100,000 a year. Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:00:00 AM automatically generated by search
ordering the return of nearly $3 Property owners in the scandal- The three city employees have engines based on a person's
million in property taxes the state plagued city learned earlier this Although Yahoo still leads Bing browsing behavior."
since resigned, and the council
says was illegally collected in the year they were paying the second- in most measures of search Although Microsoft has passed
members have slashed their
blue-collar suburb of Bell, where highest property taxes in Los market share, Microsoft's search Yahoo by Nielsen's method,
salaries to about $8,000 a year.
one in six people live in poverty. Angeles County, ahead of Beverly engine has passed up Yahoo, Yahoo still had a significant lead
The state attorney general's office
An audit by state Controller John Hills and other wealthy cities according to one tracking firm. in July, according to the more
is investigating allegations of
Chiang's office determined the The median household income in Nielsen, which says its numbers widely cited Comscore numbers,
corruption and voter fraud in the
City Council passed an illegal Bell is $40,556. reflect only queries typed into a including a core search measure
city. Federal investigators are
resolution in 2007 that resulted in Maldonado also signed a second search box, has Bing at 13.9 that excludes some of the
looking into allegations that
a 50 percent tax hike over three b i l l a m e n d i n g t h e s t a t e percent, just ahead of Yahoo's slideshows and other non-explicit
police officers targeted Hispanic
years. 13.1 percent. Google is still the searches that had been giving
Unemployment Insurance Code to drivers for traffic violations in the
The tax rate was later rolled back, prevent elected officials from dominant market leader with some providers--especially Yahoo
hope some would be illegal
but the money collected could not collecting unemployment benefits roughly 65 percent of the market. --a boost.
immigrants whose cars could be
be refunded until Maldonado if they are recalled by voters or In the past year, Yahoo has seen Here's a chart of the Nielsen
signed Assembly Bill 900 into forced to leave office because of its share slip 2.9 percentage numbers and the recent trend
Bell charged much higher fees to
law. points, while Microsoft's search among the leading search
term limits. release impounded cars than
"I know that the residents of Bell Assembly Bill 900 orders Bell to engine has gained 3.2 percentage providers.
neighboring cities.
are working hard to reform the h a n d o v e r $ 2 . 9 m i l l i o n i n points. Google is little changed This entry passed through the
This entry passed through the
way business has been done in the excessive taxes, plus interest, to from a year earlier. And of course, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
past, and AB 900 will help them Los Angeles County, which will with a search deal going into your content and you're reading it
your content and you're reading it
on their way," said Maldonado, issue refunds to the city's 4,000 effect last month, Bing is now on someone else's site, please read
on someone else's site, please read
who signed the bill in his capacity property owners. Individual powering Yahoo's search results our FAQ page at
our FAQ page at
as acting governor while Gov. amounts will depend on the value in the U.S. content-only/faq.php
Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of of property. "Nielsen's search data only counts Five Filters featured article:
Five Filters featured article:
state. genuine intentional searches that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Bell remains the target of state Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Four of Bell's five City Council and federal investigations after it people type into a search box," the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
members have been targeted for was learned the city manager was company noted in a statement Catastrophe.
recall since a wide-ranging making nearly $800,000 a year, accompanying the August figures.
"It does not include non-intended

It's True - Penelope and Javier Confirm Pregnancy Rumors!

PopSugar (PopSugar) pregnancy over the weekend today, reps for her and husband Official word from Penelope's PR Penelope, who married earlier this
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:20:49 AM when she was snapped with a Javier Bardem confirmed the team comes after over a year of Summer in the Bahamas.
serious baby bump on the Puerto good news and said that Penelope speculation about her and Javier's Congrats to the growing family!
Penelope Cruz had people Rican set of Pirates of the is actually four and a half months starting a family. This will be the
wondering about a possible Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- pregnant! first child for both Javier and
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ 15

Berlusconi to young women: Seek rich Infochimps Query API is

guys like me (AP) Bananas
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) for a wealthy boyfriend. This joke. Jay Cuthrell (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 9/13/2010 10:42:36 AM suggestion is not unrealistic." Before telling it, he said "I Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:30:00 AM
He also claimed women favor already know I am going to be
ROME – Italian Premier Silvio older men, thinking that "he's old. criticized." You might recall past coverage of
Berlusconi says young women He dies and I inherit." Berlusconi, who claims Infochimps on ReadWriteWeb.
should follow the money when But did you know that Query API get complete your first query. For
The 73-year-old Berlusconi was prosecutors have led corruption
looking for a partner, noting that access is free to noodle with on this simple example we will
engulfed in a sex scandal last year investigations against him
women seem to like him and "I'm the Baboon tier? Let's explore a revisit YQL and examine
centering on his purported because they are left-wing, also
loaded." bit more and see what a Query Trstrank(Trust Rank).
dalliances with young women, appeared to be poking fun at
Berlusconi, who was embroiled API Baboon subscription can source:
including an escort. Berlusconi's himself when commenting on the
in a sex scandal last year and is monkey with for free. EPi8C7XT
wife Veronica Lario said last year loss of his AC Milan soccer team
known for his gaffes, also raised Don't worry. The example will be If you want to perform the same
she was seeking a divorce. They on Saturday. He contended the
eyebrows with a joke about simple so you can go bananas on type of query in PHP here is a
are now separated. referee robbed the team of three
Hitler's followers urging him to your own. simple command line approach
The media baron has said he is goals and that Milan often gets
return to power. Sponsor that takes single argument for the
"no saint" but denied ever paying "leftist referees."
The billionaire businessman Right Turn Clyde Twitter screen name you are
for sex. This entry passed through the
appeared at a convention Sunday To the left there is the interested in to query Trust Rank.
In Italy, a divorce can only be Full-Text RSS service — if this is
of the youth wing of his People of Infochimps Dataset API. With You should expect to see output
sought after three years of your content and you're reading it
Freedom party. When questioned the Dataset API you can search, as follows:
separation. Media reports this on someone else's site, please read
by one of his Cabinet ministers — create, update, destroy, upload, You might say this sounds like a
summer suggested that our FAQ page at
a woman — he joked about and download data on great idea for a simple web app!
Berlusconi's wife has rejected his content-only/faq.php
marriages of convenience, saying Infochimps. This has always been Oddly enough...
early proposals for a financial Five Filters featured article:
women were lining up for him free to use and open to any source:
settlement. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
because "I'm a nice guy" and "I'm registered Infochimps user. Don't worry though... there are
Berlusconi often gets criticized Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
loaded." Let's take a right turn and look at plenty more big data sets and tires
for his earthy sense of humor, and Catastrophe.
He also recalled a much- the Query API. The first step is to to swing on over at Infochimps.
this time an opposition political
criticized TV interview he once get an API key for the Query API Now it's your turn to go ape.
demanded he apologize to Italy's
gave, when "I said to a girl to look just as you would with any API Have you monkeyed around with
Jewish community for his Hitler
provider these days. It's a simple Infochimps data sets yet? Let us
process and you'll be up and know in the comments below!
running quickly. Discuss
Next, you'll peruse the
documentation and examples to

Derek Lam at Home

Habitually Chic (Habitually Lam, I figured I might as well their interiors and they are usually pillows. Kind of reminds me of
Chic®) repost his fabulous downtown filled with interesting objects. It's his fashions. Enjoy!
Submitted at 9/13/2010 8:35:38 PM loft. As I've mentioned a million funny that Derek's apartment Photos by Douglas Friedman
times before, I love to see where doesn't have any patterned fabrics
While we're discussing Derek fashion designers live. Their creativity always carries over to except for some subtle throw
16 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

Israelis, Palestinians see deal possible in year

(Reuters: Top News) Clinton, Abbas and Netanyahu "We think it makes sense to After Clinton completes talks in up for them?
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:10:06 AM later convened for an unexpected extend the moratorium especially Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman Sep 14, 2010 5:50am EDT
second round of talks, this time given that the talks are moving in over the next two days, Mitchell Well we see the usual Israeli
A Palestinian labourer works on a with top aides present, after the a constructive direction." plans to travel to Syria Thursday negotiating tactics, make
construction site in the West Bank first session broke for lunch. Mitchell said Washington was and to Lebanon to continue work concessions about things they
Jewish settlement of Maale Mitchell said negotiations would aware "this is a politically toward a wider peace, said a U.S. have no rights to in the first place.
Adumim September 14, 2010. continue Wednesday in Jerusalem sensitive issue in Israel" and the official who spoke on condition of The only way out of this is to fix
Credit: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun with Clinton's participation and United States also had called on anonymity. the borders and compensate for
By Arshad Mohammed and Israeli and Palestinians teams Abbas to "take steps that help, Obama has staked considerable stolen land and to do this quickly.
Crispian Balmer would meet again "in the coming encourage and facilitate this political capital in the Israeli- Thereafter Israel can build as
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt| days" ahead of further talks at the (peace) process." Palestinian talks, launching them much as they want to on “their”
Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:10am EDT leadership level. Palestinians say the settlements, before November congressional land and the Palestinians need not
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, "Today the parties have begun a built on land they want for a state, elections, where fellow fear more landgrabbing.
Egypt(Reuters) - Israeli and serious discussion on core issues," would deny them a viable and Democrats face possible big Sep 14, 2010 7:36am EDT
Palestinian leaders still believe Mitchell said. "President Abbas contiguous country. losses to Republicans. The basic outlines are already on
they can reach a peace deal in a and Prime Minister Netanyahu "We are all striving to bring the (Writing by Jeffrey Heller in the table and Netanyahu needs to
year, Washington's Middle East also reiterated their intent to message to Netanyahu that the Jerusalem, Additional reporting hear from the majority of Israelis,
envoy said Tuesday after talks in approach these negotiations in settlements issue is important to by Marwa Awad in Sharm el- who want a peace deal.
Egypt, despite a dispute over good faith and with a seriousness negotiations and for us there Sheikh, Edmund Blair in Cairo Sep 14, 2010 8:53am EDT
Jewish settlements. of purpose.." cannot be any talks on ending and Mohammed Assadi in Talks,talks, talks… To do the
No news emerged of any Neither leader made any occupation while occupation is Ramallah; Editing by Samia same thing in the same way over
compromise on the settlement immediate public comments at the deepening," Palestinian negotiator Nakhoul) and over again with expectation
issue after negotiations attended summit, hosted by Egyptian Nabil Shaath said. For related stories click on the that the outcome will be different
by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary President Hosni Mubarak. It was Mark Regev, a Netanyahu following links: is a sure sign of insanity. And yet,
Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister their first meeting since direct spokesman, countered: "If Sep 14, 2010 1:40am EDT our leaders keep doing that and
Benjamin Netanyahu and peace talks were relaunched in expectations are that only Israel “Netanyahu wants to look at we keep electing them in the
Palestinian President Mahmoud Washington on September 2 after should make concessions then that security arrangements to ensure a office.
Abbas. a 20-month hiatus, with a declared is not a recipe for a successful Palestinian state would not pose a Sep 14, 2010 10:07am EDT
But with a 10-month Israeli goal of achieving a framework conclusion to the talks." threat to Israel.” With Palestinians saying they
moratorium on housing starts in accord in a year. Clinton, who held a trilateral And what about Israel posing a will not attend if Jew continue
settlements in the occupied West The six-decade dispute's core meeting with Netanyahu and threat to a future Palestinian state? landgrabbing, and
Bank due to end on September 30, issues include settlements, Palestinian President Mahmoud The ISraeli government is going Jews saying they intend to build
U.S. envoy George Mitchell security, borders and the fate of Abbas, said both Israel and the to have to accept that if you want more on
seemed optimistic in the face of Palestinian refugees. Palestinians needed to take to be considered a civilized, Palestinian land, why do you
Palestinian threats to quit the new NO EXTENSION actions to resolve the settlement democratic nation deserving of nudnicks waste
talks if building resumes. Netanyahu, whose coalition disagreement. respect, you can’t just sent your your time on columns.
"President Abbas and Prime government is dominated by pro- "For me, this is a simple choice: army into your neighbour’s No mideast talks worth having
Minister Netanyahu continue to settler parties, said Sunday he no negotiations, no security, no country to kill innocent people till Jews get
agree that these negotiations, would not extend the construction state," Clinton said as she whenever you like. Reprisals out of all Palestinian land
whose goal is to resolve all core moratorium but could limit the travelled to Sharm el-Sheikh, against civilians in response to illegally grabbed, illegal
issues, can be completed in one scope of further building in some saying Washington wanted to see military attacks are reminiscent of blockade, atc etc. all condoned by
year," Mitchell told reporters in settlements. Israel at peace with the Arab how the British Army behaved in the U.S.a biased onlookker with
Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm Echoing U.S. President Barack world, including neighboring both Ireland and India during the
el-Sheikh. Obama's position, Mitchell said: Syria and Lebanon. empire, and look how that ended ISRAELIS, page 18
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Culture/ 17

BP and partners say most victims not yet entitled to sue

(Reuters: Top News) month. They also proposed that the type of documents they MDL-2179. while the attorneys and firms
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:33:18 AM by March they would identify test provide to the plaintiffs. (Editing by Valerie Lee) representing thousands of little
cases that would proceed to trial. The fund, which was taken over Sep 13, 2010 11:10pm EDT people and small businesses are
A road sign expresses local The plaintiffs would likely last month by Obama Only in America can a rich mere “money grabbing lawyers?”
frustration with BP in Belle benefit if the hundreds of cases administration's former executive plaintiff tell the court what rules it It should be noted that Kenneth
Chasse, Louisiana along the north move quickly. They proposed BP pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, could must follow. Feinberg has a history of
/south Route 23 that travels from and its partners should turn over presumably pay the vast majority Justice for sale once again. minimizing claims in large
New Orleans to Louisiana's electronic messages, contracts and of the stronger claims, such as Sep 14, 2010 6:17am EDT damage cases such as this, so the
southeast tip, July 13, 2010. details about employees with those brought by resorts that had It’s not Justice for sale, it’s due corporate boys lobby hard to get
Credit: Reuters/Alexandria Sage knowledge about the well and oil-smeared beaches. process. The fund was set up to him appointed to such cases.
By Tom Hals much more in the coming weeks. That could leave BP and its handle cases and the agreed *We welcome comments that
WILMINGTON, Delaware| Tue The defendants, who are defendants facing weaker claims process, laid out by the gov was advance the story directly or with
Sep 14, 2010 9:33am EDT presumably better served if the that the fund rejects, such as those for claims first to be processed relevant tangential information.
W I L M I N G T O N , cases languish and drop from the brought by businesses miles from there. We try to block comments that
Delaware(Reuters) - BP and its news coverage, countered with a areas affected by the spill. Of course lawyers are against use offensive language or appear
partners in the blown-out Gulf proposal by setting a schedule to BP's incoming Chief Executive this, since they will make millions to be spam and review comments
w e l l s a i d o n M o n d a y t h a t agree on the format for requested Bob Dudley has told analysts that from a court case, and those frequently to ensure they meet our
thousands of fishermen, seafood documents. the $20 billion independent claims millions will go to real people standards. If you see a comment
processors, restaurants, hotel BP and its defendants sought to fund would be sufficient to meet instead. that you believe is irrelevant or
owners and others may not yet use the $20 billion claims fund to compensation claims. there may be some cases that inappropriate, you can flag it to
have the right to sue over the spill, slow the pace of the lawsuits. Both defendants and plaintiffs have to be ruled by courts, but our editors by using the report
according to court papers. They argued that cases in which agreed that the best way to only a few and hopefully that abuse links. Views expressed in
BP and its partners such as someone claimed an economic proceed was to bundle similar means lower fees for the money the comments do not represent
Transocean Ltd and Halliburton loss, such as a restaurant that cases, such as one track for grabbing lawyers. I just can’t see those of Reuters.
Co said the majority of alleged suffered because it could not workers injured in the blast on the any of them doing this pro bono… This entry passed through the
victims who have brought about serve Gulf seafood or a shrimper rig, another for state and local Sep 14, 2010 10:19am EDT Full-Text RSS service — if this is
400 lawsuits must first take their whose boat was idled by the governments suing for loss of tax BP has got to have the worst PR your content and you're reading it
claims to a $20 billion fund fishing ban, could not sue until it revenue and so on. firm in the world. Someone in on someone else's site, please read
established by BP. brought its claim to the BP fund. The hundreds of cases filed their hierarchy must have enough our FAQ page at
The document was part of the The fund would then have 90 around the United States as a control to keep attorneys from content-only/faq.php
defense team's proposal for days to pay the claim or reject it. result of the spill were such damning public statements. Five Filters featured article:
managing the case, which could The claimant could only proceed consolidated in a New Orleans Unless they feel they are too big Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
become one of the largest and to the courts if their claim was court. to care. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
most costly in U.S. history. rejected, according to the The case is In re Oil Spill by the Sep 14, 2010 10:22am EDT Catastrophe.
The plaintiffs' attorneys also filed d e f e n d a n t s . Oil Rig "Deepwater Horizon" in GA_Chris, are you saying the
their management proposal, in The defendants said the question the Gulf of Mexico April 20, high priced corporate attorneys on
which they pressed the court to of the right to sue should be 2010, U.S. District Court, Eastern salary or contract to BP are
begin expanded discovery next settled before they have to expand District of Louisiana, No. 10- upstanding servants of the people
Sept. 14, 1716: Boston Harbor Gets Navigation
Keith Barry (Wired Top Stories) parse this page for content. on someone else's site, please read Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:00:00 AM This entry passed through the our FAQ page at Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Full-Text RSS service — if this is content-only/faq.php Catastrophe.
Sorry, Readability was unable to your content and you're reading it Five Filters featured article:
18 News Wire/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Julia becomes hurricane in Atlantic as Igor churns Job Search

(Reuters: Top News)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:50:44 AM
moving toward the west-
northwest as a Category 1
hurricane on the five-step Saffir-
Computer models keep Igor in
the Atlantic and away from the
Gulf of Mexico, where U.S. oil
would be extremely active.
Besides Igor and Julia, three
hurricanes -- Alex, Danielle and
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
This 1145Z GOES imagery Simpson scale of hurricane and gas operations are clustered. Earl -- formed earlier in the
shows Igor east of the northern intensity, the center said. A west-northwest track would season, the last two reaching Submitted at 9/14/2010 1:00:00 PM

Leeward Islands, and Tropical "Some additional strengthening is take it near Bermuda on Saturday, Category 4 strength.
Storm Julia located south- You're Watching: Playlist | Job
forecast during the next day or but a sharper northerly turn would (Reporting by Will Dunham;
southwest of the Cape Verde Search Videos Playlist | Job
so," the center said. keep it over the open Atlantic. Editing by Janet Lawrence)
Islands. Search Videos Interested in
Hurricane Igor lost intensity and "Bermuda's probably at the *We welcome comments that
Credit: Reuters/NOAA/Handout learning more? See the full list of
changed direction in the Atlantic greatest risk of seeing an impact advance the story directly or with
MIAMI| Tue Sep 14, 2010 26 job search videos in this
but still packed a punch, the from Igor, but it's too soon to say relevant tangential information.
7:50am EDT playlist. There are 26 videos
center said. whether it would approach the We try to block comments that
MIAMI(Reuters) - Tropical tagged "Job Search" most
Igor, now moving to the west- (U.S.) East Coast," Michael use offensive language or appear
Storm Julia grew in the far eastern recommended videos
northwest from its previous Brennan, a senior hurricane to be spam and review comments
Atlantic into the fifth hurricane of • 10 Ways the World Will End
westward direction, was located specialist at the hurricane center, frequently to ensure they meet our
the Atlantic season while • Science of Sex Appeal
about 750 miles east of the said. standards. If you see a comment
Hurricane Igor weakened slightly • Classic Cars
northern Leeward Islands with So far this year, the atmospheric that you believe is irrelevant or
but remained a dangerous maximum sustained winds at 135 conditions that steer hurricanes in inappropriate, you can flag it to
Category 4 storm, forecasters This entry passed through the
mph, the center said. Igor was the western Atlantic have our editors by using the report
said. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
forecast to take a turn toward the cooperated to push them away abuse links. Views expressed in
The two hurricanes did not yet your content and you're reading it
northwest on Wednesday. from the densely populated U.S. the comments do not represent
pose any immediate threat to land on someone else's site, please read
"Some fluctuations in intensity are coastline. those of Reuters.
or energy interests. our FAQ page at
possible during the next couple of Ocean swells generated by Igor This entry passed through the
Julia reached hurricane status content-only/faq.php
days but Igor is expected to will begin affecting the Leeward Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with maximum sustained winds of Five Filters featured article:
remain a dangerous hurricane Islands on Tuesday and will reach your content and you're reading it
75 miles per hour and was located Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
through Wednesday," the center Puerto Rico and the Virgin on someone else's site, please read
some 330 miles west of the Cape Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
said. Islands late on Tuesday and our FAQ page at
Verde Islands at 5 a.m. EDT Catastrophe.
Igor remained strong enough to Wednesday, causing life- content-only/faq.php
(0900 GMT), the Miami-based cause catastrophic damage. It was threatening surf and rip current Five Filters featured article:
U.S. National Hurricane Center too soon to rule out an impact on conditions, the hurricane center Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
said. the U.S. East Coast, but the said. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Julia, the 10th named storm of chances of such a landfall were Most forecasters predicted the Catastrophe.
the Atlantic hurricane season, is viewed as slim. 2010 Atlantic hurricane season
continued from page 16

no power over either side….. *We welcome comments that that you believe is irrelevant or your content and you're reading it
Sep 14, 2010 10:24am EDT advance the story directly or with inappropriate, you can flag it to on someone else's site, please read
Here is where Hillary can really relevant tangential information. our editors by using the report our FAQ page at
show her stuff. She can solve this We try to block comments that abuse links. Views expressed in content-only/faq.php
issue, like she has the Iranian use offensive language or appear the comments do not represent Five Filters featured article:
Nuke and North Korean Nuke to be spam and review comments those of Reuters. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
issues. Her list of frequently to ensure they meet our This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
accomplishments is without end. standards. If you see a comment Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe.
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 19

A Faster Web - It's Not about the Network Anymore

Guest Author (ReadWriteWeb) performance improvements. One of the page has changed very available today is impressive, yet
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:00:00 AM Step Forward, Two Steps Back little. we spend most of our efforts
In the last ten years the Internet The importance of optimization discussing broadband speeds,
The Velocity conference took has exploded with content: therefore becomes obvious. If you fiber and network optimization -
place earlier this year - and some websites, intranets and Web-based look at Google's home page it which comprises just one slice of
of the best and brightest in Web applications, all coming together loads fast from everywhere in the the performance spectrum.
performance assembled in Santa in an uncontrollable, rapid way. world, and the reason is simple - Until we collectively accept that
Clara to chart a course of On the flip side of that our it's almost a blank page with a there's a fundamental problem
innovation in performance and networks have become incredibly simple textbox on it. with the narrow way in which we
operations for the next year. fast. But the sites are growing The current But how can we make more think about delivering content and
One of the obvious themes this faster than the networks are webpage has grown from 22 KB content-centric and engaging sites applications over the internet,
year was mobile, but it was the accelerating. in 1996 to 1.2 MB in 2010 - an like load as fast we're going to continue on the
overarching mission of the For example, if you take a look increase of 54 times. as Google? This is where the course of an Internet that loads
conference that struck the truest on the Wayback Machine, this is With the effects of latency and optimization industry comes in. sites at the same speed it did in
chord: to take a more holistic what the site distance, the load times of the By optimizing websites for 1996.
view of the performance looked like in 1996. page are about the same in 1996 improved performance, the This is an awareness problem -
landscape, the 50,000-foot view, The home page is incredibly as they are in 2010. Internet performs faster and feels there needs to be much more
and think about it in a way that simple. In fact, it's so simple that In other words: We have much faster than it did in 1996. clarity around the various layers
accounted for the relative it likely reminds you of the better infrastructure, but the Optimization is the X-factor. It's at which Web performance can be
complexity of a given operational Google home page today - built website has become so bloated the only way that we can make impacted.
environment, one that is now for simplicity and speed. that it chews it all up. We have better use of infrastructure. We break optimization into three
marked by "anywhere access" on Fast forward to today and this is the ability to deliver more content Regardless of how much network main categories:
a compendium of devices and what the White House website in the same amount of time as capacity we add, it's clear that we • Network Optimization
platforms - mobile or otherwise. looks like: 1996, but we're doing it very are going to eat it up with larger • Website/Application
Sponsor In 14 years, the inefficiently. End users haven't websites, more video and richer Optimization
Guest author Ed Robinson is co- site has emerged a richer site in experienced any true acceleration content. The truth is that the • Website Acceleration
founder and CEO of Aptimize, a every respect. It's more engaging, in load times. optimization market is exploding
company that produces software has more information, more The fundamental technologies because throwing more As I mentioned, we focus almost
to accelerate websites. He is graphics, more data. The ability to that deliver web pages actually horsepower at the problem is not 100% of our conversations about
responsible for Aptimize's design these sites has advanced, haven't changed much at all. Yes going to solve it. Look at the 500- Web performance on the network.
business growth, revenue, product and our expectations of what a - HTML5, the fifth major revision foot View When site loads in 25 seconds we
marketing, product management, website should be have grown of the core language of the World We have been far too focused on naturally assume that our Internet
and strategy. Ed has 20 years with it. Wide Web, is nearly complete and network-level optimization for too connection is struggling, that our
experience in the Information But here's the kicker - the site many of the mainstream browsers long. While the industry has kept modem is clunky or that our cable
technology industry in both the loaded in about the same amount like Firefox and Internet Explorer its gaze on network innovation, company is unreliable.
United States and New Zealand. of time in 1996 as it does today. have already adopted it as the Web has suffered from The reality is that it's far more
But performance has long been In 1996, the average speed of an standard. content bloat, chatty code and likely that the site itself (on
perceived solely as a network internet connection was 50Kbps. But the nature of how the ever-increasing round trips which whatever server it's sitting on) is
issue, and it's because of this In 2010 the average speed of a browser processes the HTML have held Web performance back. bloated, has chatty code and hasn't
narrow focus on the networks that broadband connection is 3.9Mbps files, JPEG images and other But the problem is, most Web compressed files or is using very
we have gotten to a place where - an increase of over 74 times. In components of a webpage are still designers, webmasters and IT large images. Furthermore, the
few understand the various layers theory, this should mean that the fundamentally the same. The way managers still see optimization as CMS might be suffering from its
at which our applications and internet is 74 times faster than it the browser connects to the host an infrastructure-level function.
websites desperately need was in 1996. The variety of optimization tools FASTER page 24
server and downloads the contents
20 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Interview with Forrester's Josh Bernoff on His New Book

Klint Finley (ReadWriteWeb) companies -- the employees are time. And at the current speed that
Submitted at 9/14/2010 11:00:00 AM able to get access to it for their A twelpforce rep helped me last customers are moving, I don't
own projects, because it's so week when I desperately needed a think a company can continue to
Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff cheap and easy. So IT needs a cable to fix my GPS before a trip. run that way. Slow = dead.
and Ted Schadler's new book new role -- as a supporter and Once I was in the Best Buy store, What technologies can help
Empowered: Unleash Your helper, rather than being in charge I ended up buying $1100 worth of companies make this adjustment?
Employees, Energize Your of all tech for the company. stuff. That's pretty cost effective. I've been covered idea
Customers, and Transform Your A lot of the ideas in the book A huge amount of customer management software lately and
Business, a follow-up to Bernoff's have been around since at least service is outsourced to call you touch on that a bit in the
and Charlene Li's 2008 the Clue Train Manifesto in 1999. centers owned and operated by book. You also mentioned
Groundswell: Winning in a World So is this groundswell really other companies. Do you think Deloitte Australia's use of
Transformed by Social happening now? For example, are this is a sustainable model? microblogging to generate ideas
Technologies, was released today. Whirlpool and United really I want to be clear that this is not a for the company. When should a
Empowered takes a look at suffering from the events you cite book about customer service, company use idea management
several trends we've been in your book? although that's one topic we touch and when should it use
following at ReadWriteEnterprise, Change starts in small ways. I've
I think United and Whirlpool's on. As for outsourced customer microblogging?
including Shadow IT, innovation seen companies like Aflac and
brands have suffered, especially service, people often hate it. If it's As with all social tools, the
managment and microblogging. American Family Mutual
since Whirlpool's Maytag brand is done with quality, it can include choice of what you use depends
We caught up with Bernoff to talk Insurance embrace these changes.
supposed to be about outreach on social channels as on your objective. Yammer is
about the new book. There is a "loosening up" going
dependability. well. If it's not done with quality, great for fast-flowing in-the-
Sponsor on because it's very hard to lock
As for the ideas -- Cluetrain was it will come back to bite the moment collaboration, but not so
Josh Bernoff (left) and Ted things down any more.
a brilliant stab at some of these companies that are doing it. good for sustained innovation.
Schadler (right), courtesy of I would not say there is a trend to
ideas, but a decade later, Have you seen any examples of Idea management tools like
Forrester Research more bottom up, but there are
companies are actually having to outsourced employees being Imaginatik are better for sourcing
Could you start by giving us a more bottom-up type companies
deal with a majority of their "HEROes" ["highly empowered a million dollar idea.
quick high level overview of what becoming visible, and this is
customers in social networks. Plus and resourceful operatives"]? If it What should IT staff be doing to
the book is about, and specifically causing people to rethink the way
we have actual experience with not, is it possible in theory? get ready for these changes?
how it impacts IT? they run things, at least at a
what companies are doing and You need a strong partnership. At We have several chapters on IT
Empowered is about how to departmental level, if not always
what works. So this isn't a yawp Aflac they built a community for in the book. Here are some tips.
manage your company in the age for the whole company.
in the dark -- it's actual to give their independent sales reps -- 1. Don't just say no to technology
of the empowered customer. The reason I'm skeptical is
real, prescriptive advice with real those kind of people could be projects in a knee-jerk fashion.
Customers have much more because I think a lot of companies
case studies and statistics, now. HEROes, I imagine. Help do a realistic risk assessment
power than ever before with will look at the expense that it
How have organizations been Communicating and and assessment of resources.
social, video, mobile, and Web takes to make REAL change (not
receiving your message? You give collaborating across silos is a 2. For small to medium projects -
services resources available to just spamming Twitter) will be
a lot of examples of companies pretty common selling point for - the lifeblood of innovation --
them. Companies working in this too expensive. Letting CSRs
that are embracing these ideas, but vendors of "enterprise 2.0" provide support and
environment need to empower decide to replace merchandise
the ideas still look really radical software and services. What's the recommendations, rather than
their employees to reach out to could get expensive.
compared to what's going on in value in doing so, instead of own them.
those customers with technology If you approach this right, it does
most organizations I've gotten a keeping workers focused on their 3. Focus on people as the security
solutions. not have to be expensive. It's
good look at in the past few years. own projects? perimeter -- with people having
Regarding IT, IT departments no about reaching out in the right
They really resist change and People who keep to their silos are INTERVIEW page 23
longer control the technology in way to the right people at the right
they're anything but "bottom-up." not going to find the next big idea.
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 21

LG target low-end with Optimus Chic and One Android phones

Chris Davies (SlashGear) access information fast and easily,
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:53:58 AM no matter where they are. We
believe the Optimus series will
We can’t say we’re massively play a significant role in
enthusiastic about LG’s pair of accomplishing our vision.”
new Optimus Android LG Optimus One: Building a
smartphones, the LG Optimus Newer, Better Smartphone
Chic and LG Optimus One. Experience
Perhaps it’s because the teaser In creating the LG Optimus One
image looked so much more “with Google™”, a team of R&D
tablety than either of the entry- experts at LG incorporated and
level handsets actually are, or optimized the device for the
maybe it’s the mediocre Froyo platform and Google
specifications: a 3.2-inch HVGA Mobile Services. What transpired
display on the Optimus One, for is a smartphone that blends superb
instance. design and with ease of use,
There’s also a 3-megapixel making it the perfect entry point
camera, DLNA streaming support for prospective smartphone
on the Optimus Chic, and LG’s owners.
own custom UI on top of Android Featuring a fun, user-friendly
2.2 Froyo. No word on pricing at user interface, LG Optimus One
this stage, but the two devices will also includes the exclusive LG
drop in Europe first – October for App Advisor, which recommends
the Optimus One, November for 10 highly rated applications every
the Optimus Chic – before two weeks. The uniquely
broader EMEA and Asia-Pacific designed LG UI (user interface)
availability. and sleek new accessories such as
[ via Android Community] Services, the handsets will deliver Outlook Calendar for improved information and handy application
carkit cradle offer users easier and
Press Release: the ultimate smartphone productivity, while offering services. As a result, these two
more intuitive ways to enjoy all
LG LAUNCHES NEW experience while offering easier portable Wi-Fi hotspots to easily devices focused on offering
the benefits of the brand-new
OPTIMUS SMARTPHONES accessibility for the growing share a single 3G connection. The instant information search and
WITH LATEST ANDROID number of consumers looking to devices are optimized for popular versatile application packages
The phone also features a camera
PLATFORM FOR UNIVERSAL purchase their first smartphone. Google Mobile Services including including Google Mobile Service
with face tracking and smile shot,
APPEAL LG Optimus One and LG Google Voice Search™, Google and even quality application
a 3.2” wide HVGA screen and a
Download Photos (JPG) Optimus Chic are among the Voice Actions™, Google advising functions.
long-lasting 1500mAh capacity
Download Text (DOC) earliest smartphones to launch Goggles™, Google Shopper™ “LG is offering the gateway into
SEOUL, Sep. 14, 2010 — LG with Android 2.2, Froyo, the latest and Google Maps™ with the smartphone world with the LG
LG Optimus Chic: Best
Electronics (LG) today launched version of the Android platform, Navigation, and also offer access Optimus One and the LG Optimus
Smartphone for Style-Conscious
LG Optimus One and LG which allows for two to three to Android Market with more than Chic that offer the distinctive
Optimus Chic, two smartphones times faster and smoother internet 80,000 applications. benefits of smartphones, in
LG Optimus Chic’s, curved lines
from the company’s Optimus browsing, web-page loading, LG Optimus One and LG intuitive, approachable packages,”
provide a solid grip and the two-
series of smart devices. Powered application pop-ups and multi- Optimus Chic are developed said Skott Ahn, CEO and
color variants make the
by Android 2.2 (Froyo) and tasking. based on consumer insight that president of LG Mobile
optimized for Google Mobile The devices also enable first-time smartphone users have Communications Company. “LG TARGET page 26
professionals to easily sync with strong needs for obtaining has a vision of helping people
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Nokia E7 browser & multimedia [Video]

Chris Davies (SlashGear) has often been a stumbling block
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:20:22 AM for developers.
Rivas also confirmed that E7
Nokia’s E7 may slot into the owners can expect regular
Finnish company’s business- firmware updates, moving away
centric ESeries range, but that’s from the historic pattern of a few
not to say the handset has nothing OTA changes but generally “big”
for more mainstream users. We sideloaded upgrades, and instead
spoke to Nokia’s David Rivas, VP transitioning to more regular,
of technology management, about incremental OTA packages.
the E7s multimedia appeal, However there’ll also be more
together with finding out why, significant PR updates, which
exactly, they’re so confident with Nokia expect to be much more
it as an enterprise offering. timely in their release.
Meanwhile we also grabbed There’s plenty to like about the
some more time with the E7 and Nokia E7. The display is brilliant,
shot more hands-on video and easily better than the Nexus One
photos, all of which you can find we compare it with in the gallery
after the cut. below, while the QWERTY
According to Rivas, the key keyboard is useful and tactile.
differences between the N8 and Truth be told, if it were running
the E7 is the software suite. The Android we’d have no qualms at
E7 is the first device from the all about its mainstream success;
company to show the fruits of with Symbian^3, as with the N8,
their collaboration with Microsoft, there’s a sense that the hardware
including preloaded business apps is a few steps ahead of the
and much stronger integration software it runs. The company is
with enterprise services like still bullish about their
Exchange. However, Nokia also megapixel autofocus camera). The browser is solid, meanwhile, browser is launched. According smartphone sales, and still
envisages the E7s huge screen and Symbian^3s media browser is as but not the best on the market. to Rivas, that will put them on the enthusiastic about Symbian and
strong connectivity to appeal to close to CoverFlow as you Although it supports multitouch cutting edge of mobile browsing its future, but while the OS is
multimedia producers and imagine Apple’s lawyers would for pinch-zooming, the animation technology, and is evidence of certainly well polished ( as
consumers, as well as mobile allow, and the handset’s processor is jerky and there’s a pause while Nokia’s stance that the browser is Michael Gartenberg says, it’s the
bloggers. proved easily capable of keeping the page renders. Pinch-zooming t h e s i n g l e m o s t i m p o r t a n t best implementation of the
Nokia E7 browser & multimedia up with fast-flicking navigation. in the photo viewer was stronger. application on a device today. platform to-date) it simply doesn’t
demo: As on the N8, the E7 gets Double-tapping a block of text, The new version will prioritize feel as fresh as its Android, iOS
We can’t really argue with that. Nokia’s preloaded video editing which for instance on Android efficiency and compatibility with and webOS rivals.
The E7s 4-inch 640 x 360 app (which can also be used to will automatically reflow it to suit web standards, and see the Relevant Entries on SlashGear
AMOLED – using Nokia’s new create photo slideshows), the zoomed-in screen, only underlying rendering engine made • Nokia N72
ClearBlack Display tech – is complete with transition effects, zooms, meaning there’s still available to other applications • Nokia N8 browser gets video
clear, beautifully color saturated titling, optional soundtracks and plenty of side-scrolling to be (whether Nokia’s own or from demo: multitouch, Flash & more
and looks great showing off even basic editing. Unlike iMovie done. third-parties). That should have • Nokia iPhone-rival concept
photos and video (including those for iPhone, it’s not a cost- That’ll all improve, however, the effect of boosting app speed,
taken by the phone’s own 8- download either. when Nokia’s new Webkit-based since a sluggish browser engine NOKIA page 23
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 23

Angry Birds gets new eagle, new revenue stream

(CNET "The Mighty Eagle is truly a
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:37:17 AM silver bullet to solve all your
problems in one shot," Hed said.
Mikael Hed, CEO of Angry Birds It "can be used to clear any one
creator Rovio, speaks at Nokia level instantly. If you wish to use
World.(Credit: Stephen it later in the game, you must
Shankland/CNET) clear [the earlier level destroyed
LONDON--The creator of the with the eagle] using the standard
popular Angry Birds game for selection of birds."
mobile devices is adding a new If you're really into the narrative
character--and new profit-making structure, check Rovio's Mighty
potential along with it. Eagle video.
Rovio Mobile currently offers a Angry Birds is available on
limited free version of the game Nokia N900 devices as well as
and constant series of new levels iOS products, WebOS devices,
to those who pay for Angry Birds. and is in beta testing for Android
The new character, an all- devices. It'll be available later this
powerful bird called the Mighty year for phones with the Symbian
Eagle, can be bought in the operating system, Hed said.
middle of the application when
games like Zynga's FarmVille, for people make purchases from is to be used by players frustrated This entry passed through the
players want to blast their way
which people can spend money to within the game. with their inability to advance. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
through a level they can't pass
advance faster than with the free The new Mighty Eagle character T h e A n g r y B i r d s p l o t l i n e your content and you're reading it
with the conventional arsenal,
version. in Angry Birds(Credit: Rovio) (prepare to suspend a little on someone else's site, please read
said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed,
"The key point from a business "In-app [purchasing] capabilities disbelief here) involves birds with our FAQ page at
speaking here at the Nokia World
perspective is that the Mighty provide a remarkable opportunity various destructive attributes content-only/faq.php
conference for the Finnish mobile
Eagle is declaring the end of to provide extraordinary content trying to demolish the structures Five Filters featured article:
phone company's developers and
games as a commodity and the to our most engaged customers," built by greedy pigs. The player Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
business partners.
beginning of games as a service," Hed said. Nokia just added that uses a slingshot to shoot the birds. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
That means even those who've
Hed said. To use it, a mobile ability to its Ovi store for The Mighty Eagle, summoned Catastrophe.
paid for the application will get an
phone's software and application applications, and with a can of fish, obliterates a
opportunity to pay even more for
store needs the ability to let Rovio intends the Mighty Eagle tricky structure.
it. The approach is reminiscent of
continued from page 20 continued from page 22

their own devices, it's no longer 5 .Take a customer-facing between the recommendations in his new one, Cognitive Surplus. • Nokia developing S60 touch
enough to just lock down the tech employee to lunch. Learn about Empowered and Charlene Li's Discuss interface
the company owns. what your line of business Open Leadership-- they fit • Nokia N8 demo video shows
4. Create governance councils for colleagues are thinking! together well, and leaders of all evolutionary Symbian^3 OS
new technologies to help people What books - other than this kinds need to know about the
across the company to innovate book and Groundswell - would challenges Charlene describes.
with them and develop best you recommend managers and IT Clay Shirky's book Here Comes
practices. Examples could include read? Everybody is great and while I
social, mobile, and video. I also think there is an affinity haven't read it, I'm fascinated by
24 Technology/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
Businesses to Benefit As Location- continued from page 19

own performance issues. Performance challenges will

Aware Ads Get More Sophisticated Our network speeds are roughly
74 times faster than the averages
never exist in convenient silos,
and our approach to dealing with
Adrianne Jeffries are starting to pay more attention in 1996 - so we need to look them should account for that. By
(ReadWriteWeb) to contextual clues such as the elsewhere to determine the zooming out from the network
Submitted at 9/14/2010 11:00:00 AM time of day, whether the user is problem areas. This diagram view and seeing the complete
driving, where she was before the spells out the core areas where process by which your application
Location Labs, which provides gym and where she goes after performance can be impacted or website is delivered to a user,
tools for developers building and work, whether her friends are with (either improved or causing slow- you will find much greater
monetizing location-based her or she goes alone, how often downs). opportunity to improve
services, is announcing a "family-friendly," "smoking This is the 500-foot view you performance, please your users,
she goes to the store.
partnership that will add another permitted" and a relative measure need to have in order to truly and even drive better revenue for
Businesses stand to gain as the
dimension to what advertisers of how expensive it is. Once address performance issues. If your business.
science of targeted advertising
Location Labs integrates
know about mobile users. By advances and users are served you can zoom out from your focus The alternative is to continue to
CityGrid's data, developers and
tapping into the database of 15 more relevant ad. Developers can on the network, you will start to throw network horsepower at the
advertisers will be able to use this
million carefully categorized more easily monetize when ads identify an ever-increasing series problem. That's a perfectly viable
data about a place to enrich their
businesses maintained by are reaching the right customers. of potential bottlenecks that are strategy - for those of you hoping
knowledge of the customers who
Citysearch and other CityGrid Users also benefit because their slowing your site down. A truly to keep up with the Web speeds of
check in there.
Media properties, Location Labs mobile devices are introducing effective optimization strategy 1996.
It's all part of a broad trend
plans to offer developers a richer them to interesting products are takes a holistic approach - But if there's one thing to take
toward using location to broaden
location platform and more offering deals, not overrun with accommodating for improvements away from this year's Velocity
and refine information about
monetizable data. spam for products they would from end-to-end on this spectrum. conference, it's that a lot of very
"We're trying to take this broad users. Understanding where Sir, Step Away From the Network bright engineers and developers
never buy.
someone spends her time can lead
longitude, latitude location point Location Labs will be releasing If you're finally going to get a have no desire to build sites and
to more information about her
and add some context to it," said an enhanced version of its handle on your performance applications that remind them of
likes and dislikes, determine
Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of location platform with a more challenges, the first step is to take 1996.
where she lives versus where she
Location Labs. "Location is going intelligent advertising network in a step back and see the forest for Photo by jamesdcawl Discuss
works, and establish behavior
to graduate to being context." "the coming months," but the trees. What you are sending
patterns that will lead to more
Sponsor companies wanted to announce across the network, and how you
accurate predictions of what she's
CityGrid's database includes a the partnership early as a heads up send it, matters as much as the
wide range of attributes for a likely to buy. network itself.
to developers. Discuss
place, including designations like Companies like Location Labs

Today's Inventory Data Just Demolished The Notion Sales Growth Sucks Right
Vincent Fernando, CFA (Money saying that sales growth has been which is decent. Thus profits
Game) nonexistent. growth won't just be about cost-
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:36:07 AM Well today's inventory data kills cutting when Q3 earnings come
that idea. As shown below, on out.
Some skeptics of the recent both a seasonally-adjusted and Join the conversation about this
economic recovery have blown- raw non-seasonally-adjusted Sales growth is indeed 500 is at just 1,120 you can't ask story »
off rising corporate profits by basis, sales in July were 9.2% and happening, and when the S&P for better than 8-9% growth,
blaming cost-cutting efforts and 8.0% higher respectively.
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Food/ 25

Microsoft Outlook Management Tool Apple warns App Store

Liaise Steps Out Of Beta name squatters
Leena Rao (TechCrunch) Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:56:39 AM
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:00:00 AM
Liaise, which develops software
that adds a collaborative layer TechCrunch reports that Apple is
over Microsoft Outlook, is cracking down on "app name
stepping out of beta today and squatters," developers who create
will be available for commercial an app and reserve a name on the
download. Launched last fall at App Store, but don't actually
DEMO, Liase was the winner of upload files to release and sell the
the conference’s enterprise app. Apparently this is an issue --
category and people’s choice personally, I can't immediately
award. We have 100 free Liaise Over the past year, users in a is a note-taking application that think of any names that I'd need to
licenses for TechCrunch readers variety of industries, including automatically captures actions by have on the App Store (maybe it's
which sign up here. financial services, management typing free-form notes such as something really generic, like
Currently available for Microsoft consulting, internet, technology, project and team plans, meeting iReader?), but there are want to get on it. But Apple
Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003, healthcare and retail, have been minutes and to-do lists. The supposedly a few developers who doesn't say that it will actually
Liaise automatically captures, beta testing Liaise. Now Liaise software will identify, track, and have a certain name in mind, but check. While the app will need to
organizes and prioritizes action has taken their responses and organize actions, dates, people can't use it because a squatter has meet all of the other guidelines
items as you type and receive attempted to make the platform and priorities found in these notes, locked it up in iTunes Connect. In (including the rules for minimum
messages. The software will better in the commercial release. makes them available to be fact, our own Victor Agreda functionality), you could probably
analyze the content within For example, Liaise now includes modified as plans evolve, and foresaw this problem a while still release a small app under the
incoming and outgoing emails, a dashboard for managing work later sent as an email message. back, and now it's popped up on name you want, and then upgrade
capture the important information and for keeping teams in sync. Liaise has also been accepted into Apple's radar. and release the full version later
(Liaise dubs these KeyPoints) Action items can be viewed by the Mircosoft BizSpark One There's good news, though. on. We'll have to see what
which needs to be acted upon, and initiative, owner, due date, or program. Liaise is priced at at $50 Apple will now send out a happens with devs who really
sets up a management list based priority. Project information can per seat per year, with a 30 day warning after 90 days of locking want to reserve App Store names
on this information. Responses to be organized into reports, free trial period. Liaise faces up a name with no actual files in the future.
Liaise messages sent from any available for export and printing. competition from Xobni and Gist. uploaded, and then 30 days later [via AppleInsider]
email platform such as Gmail or Action item due dates are CrunchBase Information Liaise will delete the record on the App TUAW Apple warns App Store
Yahoo Mail, and from mobile automatically displayed in the Information provided by Store. And notices are going out; name squatters originally
email systems such as BlackBerry Outlook calendar. CrunchBase developers who've sat on a name appeared on The Unofficial Apple
and iPhone, are automatically The startup has added a new for more than 90 days already are Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 14 Sep
tracked by Liaise. feature called Liaise Lists, which getting their 30 days' notice now. 2010 09:00:00 EST. Please see
If that app you're planning to put our terms for use of feeds.
The Perfect Meal for Women out there has taken a little longer Read| Permalink| Email this|
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article: than expected to go through the Comments
your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- final coding process, you might
Sorry, Readability was unable to on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
parse this page for content. our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php
26 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition
Socialwok Takes Collaboration continued from page 21

smartphone as stylish as the LGMobileHQ) LG Mobile Global

Platform Mobile, Launches iPhone person carrying it. LG Optimus
Chic’s touch-sensitive buttons
YouTube Page (http://
complete the device’s sleek and LGMobileHQ).
And Android Apps minimalist look.
LG Optimus Chic also offers a
LG Optimus One will be
available in over 90 countries via
Leena Rao (TechCrunch) feeds. unique on-screen phone feature 120 partners. It will arrive in most
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:00:40 AM Since launching a year ago, which allows users to remotely of Europe in October followed by
Socialwok is now used by control the device from their PCs. other EMEA and Asia-Pacific
Socialwok, a product that ads a hundreds of thousands of users Plus, via LG Air Sync, it keeps countries. LG Optimus Chic will
social layer to Google products from over 10,000+ businesses. users up-to-date with its ability to be available in Europe starting in
and Microsoft Outlook, is taking Socialwok, which employs a wirelessly sync contacts, photos November with other markets in
its collaboration platform mobile freemium model, has steadily and other vital information with Asia-Pacific to follow soon after.
today. The startup, which been adding features and computer and cloud database. Relevant Entries on SlashGear
launched its Google Apps-focused improvements to its application, Compatible with DLNA™ • LG Optimus One and Optimus
product at TechCrunch50 last including adding support for (Digital Living Network Chic set for Sept 14 debut
year, is debuting both an iPhone Facebook, Twitter and Buzz Alliance), multimedia content can • Android LG tablet and flagship
app and Android app to the public within its applications and easily be shared with other DLNA Optimus Z refresh due Q4
today. releasing a new version of its certified devices such as TVs, AV • LG Optimus Pad Unveiled,
Socialwok provides a social layer HTML 5 mobile version for systems and laptop computers. Super Thin and Running Android
within Google Apps, Gmail and Android and iPhone browsers. To announce the launch of LG • Optimus 103 Keyboard pre-
Outlook, creating a private social Earlier this year, Socialwok was Optimus One and LG Optimus orders taken soon
network within the application to chosen as one of the showcase Chic, LG hosted a unique • Optimus Mini 3 becomes Mini
share ideas, emails, files, Office companies for Google’s interactive virtual news 2×3
documents from Microsoft Word, AppEngine technology at the conference from Seoul. The video
Google Docs and other rich media company’s Google IO Developer of the event can be viewed at both
using status updates. Socialwok’s Sandbox. And Socialwok was the LG Mobile Global Facebook
b e a u t y i s t h a t i t w r a p s a accounts, background syncing of integrated as a pilot partner in Page (
collaborative, social network status updates, feeds and contacts, Google’s recently launched
around the most unsocial of email view notes and emails in feeds, Google Apps Marketplace.
applications, allowing users to attach pictures, and notifications CrunchBase Information
never have to leave their email s u p p o r t f o r n e w p o s t s a n d Socialwok Information provided
clients. mentions.The iPhone app allows by CrunchBase
The Android app has much of the for access to your Socialwok
same functionality as the web account, the ability to drag and
apps, including the ability to login update of status updates in feeds
with Google Apps or Gmail and view notes and emails in

Darker is the Memory by Mario Sorrenti (10 pics)

alice (Featured Blog Posts - My Sorrenti and 27-year-old Brazilian o u t f i t s b y e v e r y o n e f r o m photo shoot.
Modern Metropolis) model Raquel Zimmermann team G i v e n c h y t o E m i l i o P u c c i , via Fashion Gone Rogue
Submitted at 9/14/2010 2:00:00 PM up for an amazing editorial in the Balmain and more. Called Darker Thanks, Marica, for the tip!
October issue of Vogue Nippon. in the Memory, it's a fitting title
Famed photographer Mario Set in Naples, Italy, it features Zimmermann wearing gorgeous for a dark and cinematic-style
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 27

Auto-tune nabs new lease on life, kills Microsoft LifeCam

phase noise in long-haul fiber Studio HD webcam
transmissions launches
Darren Murph (Engadget) fiber to the full without being Shane McGlaun (SlashGear)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:48:00 AM restricted by the capabilities of the Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:07:16 AM
electronics; you could say that in
It's probably advisable to not its final functionality, it is like Microsoft has all sorts of
mention this to T-Pain or anyone auto-tune." Obligatory video peripherals to its name with lots
even closely related to him, but it demonstration is after the break. of mice, keyboards, and webcams
looks as if auto-tune may have Continue reading Auto-tune nabs to choose from. The company has
finally found a legitimate use. information actually gets through new lease on life, kills phase unveiled its latest webcam called
You know -- aside from crafting the end than what you started noise in long-haul fiber the LifeCam Studio that offers up
one of the most hilarious Bud with. Now, this here device is transmissions to 1080p resolution and lots more.
Light commercials in the history claiming to spit shine the noisy Auto-tune nabs new lease on life, Microsoft says the camera is the
of Bud Light commercials. An EU signals and "re-transmit them with kills phase noise in long-haul next best thing to being there
-funded team has crafted a fuller capacity." Periklis fiber transmissions originally when you want to video chat with
prototype device that uses a Petropoulos, a researcher on the appeared on Engadget on Tue, 14 someone.
technology similar to auto-tune in project from the University of Sep 2010 09:48:00 EDT. Please The camera has a sensor that is
order to nix cross-talk on signals Southampton's Optoelectronics see our terms for use of feeds. twice as large as the sensor on
that travel down fiber optic Research Centre, summed it up as Permalink Electronista| BBC| 720p webcams and can adapt to ordered on now,
cabling. Currently, the clean up such: "With this demonstration Email this| Comments changing light conditions for and will hit stores later this
process on phase noise ends up we've shown that it is possible to optimum performance. The month.
decimating the total capacity use the capabilities of the optical camera is also fully compatible Relevant Entries on SlashGear
available to travel, so far less with video chat for Windows Live • Microsoft’s 2MP webcam – is it
Messenger 11. The camera has a picture-perfect?

Who Said It: Bush or Obama? swivel mount that lets it pan 360-
degrees for optimum placement
• Microsoft VX-7000 LifeCam
2MP webcam
• Microsoft HD LifeCam Cinema
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) answer! Save your score at the and an elongated hood.
end of the quiz. Other features include TrueColor announced
Submitted at 9/14/2010 1:00:00 PM
This entry passed through the t e c h n o l o g y t o m a k e c o l o r s • Microsoft LifeCam VX-2000 is
We can't blame you for thinking Full-Text RSS service — if this is accurate and lifelike in different budget-friendly
this quiz is going to be a walk in your content and you're reading it lighting conditions. Microsoft also • Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500
the park. George W. Bush and on someone else's site, please read uses ClearFrame technology that and LifeCam Show announced
Barack Obama obviously have our FAQ page at helps provide smooth video in
strong differences of opinions content-only/faq.php low light. The LifeCam Studio
about many, many things. There's Five Filters featured article: will sell for $99.99, can be
also the matter of Obama's rep as Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
a smooth talker and his of them don't give you pause. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
predecessor's sometimes … Could it be that these two aren't as Catastrophe.
interesting way with words. But far apart as we think?
check out these quotes about Earn a point for every right
economic matters and see if some
28 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Record Store
Meets Delicatessen
(5 pics)
thinkpossitive (Featured Blog
Posts - My Modern Metropolis)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:00 AM

For those of you who believe that

electronic music only belongs in
the club, do we have a place for
you. Located in Vienna’s lively
sixth district, Tongues is a
beautifully designed concept store

Ocosmos gaming gadget stars Windows 7 with two very different sides - the
record store where you can pick
(CNET of the brand? You're not alone, gaming and entertainment device, photos of the OCS 1--at Crave up some sweet vinyl, and the
but the company's product, but there are plans to embed a 3G Asia. rustic delicatessen, where you can
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:57:03 AM
scheduled to be showcased at or even an LTE radio in the This entry passed through the munch on some delicious meat.
The Ocosmos OCS 1--should the Wednesday's IDF keynote, is future. Its selling point is that it Full-Text RSS service — if this is The decor is quite inviting with
N i n t e n d o D S a n d S o n y generating quite a buzz . We're can run both online and offline your content and you're reading it interior design by Peter Fehringer
P l a y S t a t i o n P o r t a b l e b e talking about the OCS 1--a games such as Starcraft II and on someone else's site, please read and his wife Gabriele (who run
worried?(Credit: Damian Koh/ handheld gaming device based on World of Warcraft along with 3D our FAQ page at t h e d e l i ) a n d C h r i s t o p h e r
CNET Asia) the Oak Trail mobile CPU which development tools. In a nutshell, content-only/faq.php Schweiger (who runs the record
SAN FRANCISCO--Tucked runs the full Windows 7 operating you're looking at a full-fledged Five Filters featured article: store).
away at one corner of the Intel system. PC OS on a mobile device. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Now that's what I call some
Developer Forum Technology According to the company's Read more of " Windows 7 Reporting of Falluja's Cancer raving meat!
Showcase area is Korea-based representative, the OCS 1 is handheld gaming device OCS 1 Catastrophe. Tongues
company Ocosmos. Never heard primarily designed as a portable runs Oak Trail--and also see more via weheart
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 29

TUAW preview:
NimbleBit's Pocket Frogs
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial It would have to be something
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) that was social and progressive
Submitted at 9/14/2010 11:00:00 AM and all that that entails, but it
would also need to have a game
Since I got my new iPhone 4 a component that was actually fun
few weeks back, I've been playing to play.
more games than ever on Apple's Enter NimbleBit! They're
little handheld. I just recently got following up on their great froggy
back into Ngmoco's We Rule. It's platformer DizzyPad with Pocket
probably the pinnacle of the Frogs, a freemium title that
"freemium" genre on the iPhone actually adds some fun to the
so far. It's free to play, very social, equation and shows a lot of
and very much based on timed potential as well.
Twinkle augmented reality Thank You
"check-ins," where you set crops Gallery: Pocket Frogs
to grow and then come back in a TUAW TUAW preview:
few hours to harvest them. It puts N i m b l e B i t ' s P o c k e t F r o g s
interface promises to make Elle Decor!
in little blips of gameplay that originally appeared on The
move you towards a larger U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
your world a platformer Habitually Chic (Habitually
progress goal. (TUAW) on Tue, 14 Sep 2010 Donald Melanson (Engadget) the researchers say that the system
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:33:03 AM
The only problem is that We 11:00:00 EST. Please see our Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:07:00 AM can not only recognize specific
Rule isn't all that fun; it's a bunch terms for use of feeds. objects like the ones on the board The October 2010 issue of Elle
of clicking and grinding. So, Read| Permalink| Email this| Augmented reality pictured above, but everyday Decor is one of their best ever and
lately I've been wondering when Comments demonstrations may be pretty objects as well -- letting you put I'm not just saying that because
someone would add a fun common these days, but this so- your LittleBigPlanet skills to use I'm in it! I want to thank Elle
freemium game to the App Store. called "Twinkle" interface on your desk, for instance. Head Decor for including my quote
developed by some researchers on past the break to check it out in about luxury at home in the issue.
Most Clicked Mobile Ads Aren't On Tokyo University and Keio action. I am especially humbled to be
University takes a different Continue reading Twinkle
Android or iPhone enough approach to still turn a augmented reality interface
included with Allegra Hicks,
Schuyler Samperton, China
Ryan Singel (Wired Top your content and you're reading it few heads. That's done thanks to promises to make your world a Chow, Ralph Rucci, and John
Stories) on someone else's site, please read t h e c o m b i n a t i o n o f a p i c o platformer Oetgen! Especially, because I'm
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:52:00 AM our FAQ page at projector and a camera, the former Twinkle augmented reality sure all the rest of them are
content-only/faq.php of which projects a character onto interface promises to make your wondering who the heck I am!
Sorry, Readability was unable to Five Filters featured article: any surface, while the latter is world a platformer originally Thank you Elle Decor!
parse this page for content. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- used along with some image appeared on Engadget on Tue, 14
This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer processing software to identify Sep 2010 10:07:00 EDT. Please
Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe. objects the character can interact see our terms for use of feeds.
with. That's further backed up by Permalink| DigInfo TV| Email
an accelerometer that detects this| Comments
movements the camera can't, and
30 Technology/ Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition

Online Features -
iMainGo 2 case for iPod, iPhone and more has its October 2010
own speaker (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
Shane McGlaun (SlashGear) headphone jack will work with Sorry, Readability was unable to
Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:15:41 AM the case. You can order one now parse this page for content.
for about $40. This entry passed through the
Most of us want a case for our Relevant Entries on SlashGear Full-Text RSS service — if this is
smartphones or music players to • Griffin offers Woogie case for your content and you're reading it
keep them safe when we are iPhone and iPod touch on someone else's site, please read
carrying them with us. The thing • iLuv iMM178 Vibe Plus shakes our FAQ page at
with most cases is that you have you awake (then plays you music) content-only/faq.php
to have a separate speaker if you • Atlantic’s EGO is a waterproof Five Filters featured article:
want to listen to music on the go iPod speaker Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
without headphones. • iHome2GO iH85 iPhone Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
A new case called the iMainGo 2 other that lets you see and control up to 30 hours of play per set. The speakers Catastrophe.
has debuted that is a case and a your device. The sleeve doesn’t speaker set has a tuned bass port • iPod Touch – A case of identity
portable speaker dock all in one. keep the touchscreen functions of and it will connect to any 3.5mm crisis
The device measures in at 5.7 x your device from working. headphone jack. The case is made
3.8 x 2.4 and weighs 9 ounces. It Power for the speakers comes from neoprene that is waterproof.
has a pair of 2.5W speakers on from four AAA batteries good for Any device with a 3.5mm
one side and a clear sleeve on the

Is Game Center limited to 500 friends? Order Steak Fries and

Dave Caolo (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
beyond 500, you won't see them.
As Rene correctly points out,
Refrigerate Canned Soups for
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:00:00 AM most people won't have this
problem as 500 is a heck of a lot
Subtle Fat Saving [Diet Hacks]
Rene Ritchie at TiPb recently of friends. Still, it's something to Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
noticed that Apple's new Game keep in mind lest would-be friend Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:45:00 AM
Center seems to be capped at 500 number 502 thinks he's being
friends, which another user was ignored. In listing eight ways to cut fat
able to confirm. *I know 9 people. Including my "without realizing it," Men's
After receiving 500 friend children. Health has some oddities (adding
requests*, Rene noticed they TUAW Is Game Center limited juice concentrate to stir-fry?) but canned soups in the fridge. More
stopped coming in. He figured to 500 friends? originally also potentials for healthier eating »
that was the end until he saw a appeared on The Unofficial Apple without pain. Among them are
tweet from fellow Game Center Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 14 Sep ordering steak fries and putting
user MuscleNerd: A f t e r s o m e t e s t i n g , R e n e 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see
"So much for my not-so-secret confirmed the same thing. As our terms for use of feeds.
plan to break GameCenter! soon as one request was deleted, Read| Permalink| Email this|
They're capping my friend count another popped up. So, if you've Comments
at 500 (as soon as I delete 1, I get got a lot of requests waiting
1 new request)."
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 31

Our Favorite Office

Objects: The Letter Tray
TUAW's Daily App: as Laptop Stand
[Workplace Timesavers]
Monkey Island 2 Special Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:15:00 AM

Edition Nokia hires Peter Skillman, Throughout our Workplace

Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
and click your way around the old
control scheme. It's hilarious,
former Palm Design VP, as Timesavers week, Lifehacker's
editors are going to get geeky
about the most useful, beloved,
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:00 AM beautiful, still original, and just
plain captivating.
MeeGo user experience chief and otherwise cool things in their
office. In this case, it's a cheap-ish
This will be the shortest Daily Oh, and it's usually $7.99 (in fact, Vlad Savov (Engadget) that if you weren't excited for the letter tray serving as a kind of
App post I've ever had to write. the iPad version is still priced at platform already, you've now got
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:39:00 AM poor (wise) man's docking station.
LucasArts has inexplicably put $9.99, even during this sale). Just a very good reason to be. More »
the iPhone version of Monkey go buy this game right now! This Now this, this is what we call [Thanks, Dave]
Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is a crazy bargain for iPhone exciting. Nokia has managed to Continue reading Nokia hires
Special Edition on sale for just US gamers, and you should consider scoop up Peter Skillman from the Peter Skillman, former Palm
99 cents. Go buy it. You're yourself lucky to have it. wreckage of the HP/Palm merger. Design VP, as MeeGo user
welcome. TUAW TUAW's Daily App: One of the many senior VPs to experience chief
Oh, you need more? This is one Monkey Island 2 Special Edition leave Palm upon its assimilation Nokia hires Peter Skillman,
of the most beloved LucasArts originally appeared on The into the HP empire, Peter spent 11 former Palm Design VP, as
adventure games of all time, and U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g years with his previous employer MeeGo user experience chief
it's actually two games in one. (TUAW) on Tue, 14 Sep 2010 and was in charge of the design originally appeared on Engadget
They redrew and recorded all new 08:00:00 EST. Please see our team that produced the deliciously on Tue, 14 Sep 2010 10:39:00
voices and audio just for this terms for use of feeds. curvaceous Palm Pre. Now at EDT. Please see our terms for use
edition, and you can switch Read| Permalink| Email this| Nokia, he'll be heading up the o f f e e d s . P e r m a l i n k | P e t e r
between the old and the new Comments user experience and services Skillman (LinkedIn)| Email this|
games at any time. It's got a new division for MeeGo, which means Comments
control scheme, or you can point
32 Technology/ Policy/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Obamanomics Meets Incentives

(AEI.Org: Articles) and I estimate that 0.6% per year whether the rich can afford to pay
Submitted at 9/13/2010 6:00:00 PM of that seven-year growth came more taxes, and so on. . . .
from the tax cuts. Similarly, This article is available in full by
One memorable phrase from the George W. Bush cut the average subscription from the Wall Street
Reagan administration is "supply- marginal rate to 21.1% in 2003 Journal. The full text will be
side economics." These catchy yet from 24.7% in 2000. The GDP posted to on Monday,
misleading words pertain not to growth rate between 2001 and September 20.
supply versus demand but rather 2005 (including negative effects Robert J. Barro is a visiting
to incentives, good or ill. For from the 2001 recession) was a scholar at AEI.
income taxes the key point is that respectable 2.7% per year, and I Photo Credit: Bigstock/Suzy M
cuts in marginal tax rates spur the estimate that 0.5% per year of that This entry passed through the
economy partly through enhanced four-year growth reflected the tax Full-Text RSS service — if this is
supply (greater work effort, cuts. your content and you're reading it
higher productivity) and partly Now the Obama administration is on someone else's site, please read
t h r o u g h e x p a n d e d d e m a n d considering whether to maintain our FAQ page at
Smart Finger measuring (increased investment in plant & the Bush tax cuts or let them
equipment and in R&D). expire. Unfortunately, little of the
Five Filters featured article:
thimbles are both conceptually Reagan cut the average marginal administration's analysis refers to
income tax rate to 21.8% in 1988 incentives. Rather the discussion
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
and practically unreal from 29.4% in 1981. The GDP is mainly about whether the poor
growth rate between 1982 and or the rich spend a greater fraction

Vlad Savov (Engadget) Then you can get fancy by storing 1989 was a strong 4.3% per year, of added disposable income,
distances inside these silicone
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:28:00 AM
shells' built-in memory and using
Time to pause today's stream of them to work out the volume of a
Pretty Ladies Like Natalie, Freida, and
real news and breathe a deep given three-dimensional space.
wistful sigh. If only. That's our Top marks are also earned for the
reaction to this Smart Finger integrated design that means the
Nicole Take the Spotlight in Toronto
PopSugar (PopSugar) recent trip to Venice, and she
"distance measuring device," two parts fit into one curvy little
which combines the natural device. If only, indeed. Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:00:00 AM joined her fellow Black Swan
human urge to measure things by Smart Finger measuring thimbles actors Vincent Cassel and Winona
The Toronto Film Festival rolled Ryder, as well as director Darren
eyeballing them with the ruthless a r e b o t h c o n c e p t u a l l y a n d
on yesterday, with Freida Pinto Aronofsky, for their showing last
precision of electronics. Data is practically unreal originally
turning out for the premiere of night. Her boyfriend Benjamin
obtained by beaming a signal appeared on Engadget on Tue, 14
Miral with director Julian Millepied wasn't able to attend,
from one of these thimble-shaped Sep 2010 10:28:00 EDT. Please
Schnabel. It was her second but he's front and center in a new
finger straddlers to the other and see our terms for use of feeds.
screening of the week following ad campaign Club Monaco.
calculating how long it takes to Permalink| Yanko Design| Email
an event for You Will Meet a Tall
traverse the gap between the two. this| Comments
Dark Stranger, and once again she
brought her boyfriend and Urban, along for the debut of her To see more from Toronto, just
Slumdog Millionaire costar Dev movie Rabbit Hole with Aaron read more.
Patel. Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, Eckhart. Natalie Portman is used View 20 Photos ›
brought her own man, Keith to posing and promoting after a
E-reader News Edition Policy/ 33

How Will Al-Qaeda Mark the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11?

(AEI.Org: Articles) from acting on them. Towers). They captured two commanders since KSM--Adnan Shabab's top commander, Omar
Submitted at 9/13/2010 6:00:00 PM On Aug. 9, 2006, police arrested terrorists sent by Khalid Sheik El Shukrijumah. In 2002, the CIA Hammami, is--you guessed it--an
two dozen al-Qaeda operatives in Mohammed to blow up high-rise began asking al-Qaeda detainees American citizen.
We are less than a year away the London suburbs tasked with apartment buildings in a major who would be picked to lead the Perhaps the fact that Americans
from the 10th anniversary of the carrying out the attacks. They American city--including one, next big attack on America? Abu have assumed to top positions in
Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. found liquid explosives and Jose Padilla, as he arrived in Zubaydah, KSM and other all three of these terror networks
As that milestone approaches, a c h i l l i n g m a r t y r d o m v i d e o s Chicago to carry out KSM's detainees all pointed to is a mere coincidence. Perhaps
dangerous view is taking hold in prepared for broadcast after the orders. Shukrijumah. A global manhunt Adnan Shukrijumah is no Khalid
Washington that al-Qaeda no attacks, including one in which They captured a cell of Southeast ensued, but Shukrijumah went to Sheik Mohammed. Or perhaps we
longer has the intent or capability the ringleader pokes his finger at Asian terrorists--including trained ground. He is more than a highly have grown complacent and do
to repeat the devastation of that the camera and declares: "Sheikh pilots who had met with Osama trained operative, he is an not see disaster coming. Al-Qaeda
terrible day. In February, Vice Osama warned you. . . . Now the bin Laden--recruited by KSM to American who lived among us for planned to mark the fifth
President Joe Biden announced time has come for you to be fly an airplane into the Library 15 years and is intimately familiar anniversary of 9/11 by filling our
that "the idea of there being a destroyed." If al-Qaeda members Tower in Los Angeles. They with our country. His television screens with images of
massive attack in the United had blown up those planes over disrupted a plot to replicate the reemergence and ascendance to a bodies floating in the ocean or
States like 9/11 is unlikely, in my the Atlantic, some 1,500 people destruction of our embassies in top position in the al-Qaeda littered in the streets of North
view" and that we need only would have perished. If they had East Africa by blowing up the hierarchy is an ominous sign. American cities. Is it really safe to
worry about "small bore" attacks. blown them up as they flew over U.S. consulate and Western Al-Qaeda also has developed assume it is not planning
On Friday, the former heads of p o p u l a t e d a r e a s i n t h e i r residences in Karachi, Pakistan; a powerful regional nodes intent on something equally staggering for
the 9/11 Commission echoed destination cities, it could have plot to blow up our Marine camp targeting America. Less than a the 10th anniversary?
Biden's assertions, declaring that been the deadliest terrorist attack in Djibouti in an attack that could year ago, U.S. officials had no Marc A. Thiessen is a visiting
a f t e r S e p t . 1 1 , 2 0 0 1 , t h e in American history. have matched the destruction of idea that al-Qaeda in the Arabian fellow at AEI.
intelligence community wrongly According to American the 1983 Beirut Marine barracks Peninsula (AQAP) had developed Photo Credit: iStockphoto/
believed that al-Qaeda was intent intelligence officials, the plot was bombing; an al-Qaeda cell that the intent or capability to strike frankysze
on "matching or besting the loss just weeks from execution. was developing anthrax for the homeland--until one of its This entry passed through the
of life and destruction it caused This was only four years ago-- attacks in the United States; and operatives penetrated our defenses Full-Text RSS service — if this is
that day." Really? They must have and it is but one example of the many other plots whose details and nearly blew up a plane over your content and you're reading it
forgotten how al-Qaeda planned spectacular mass casualty attacks remain classified. Detroit on Christmas Day. This on someone else's site, please read
to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/ that al-Qaeda's leadership has Our intelligence community was was no "small bore" attack. One our FAQ page at
1 1 - - w i t h a p l o t , n e a r l y tried to carry out since 9/11. Our not wrong about al-Qaeda's of the top AQAP leaders behind content-only/faq.php
consummated, to blow up seven intelligence community--acting on intentions--it prevented al-Qaeda the plot is, like Shukrijumah, an Five Filters featured article:
transatlantic flights departing information provided by detainees from acting on them. American citizen--Anwar al- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
London's Heathrow Airport for interrogated by the CIA--also There is no evidence that al- Aulaqi. In East Africa, the Somali Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
New York, Washington, Chicago, d i s r u p t e d a n a l - Q a e d a c e l l Qaeda's intent to replicate or terror group al-Shabab recently Catastrophe.
Montreal, Toronto and San planning to repeat the destruction exceed the destruction of 9/11 has merged with al-Qaeda and
Francisco. of 9/11 in Europe by flying abated. While many of its leaders conducted its first transnational
Our intelligence community was airplanes into Heathrow Airport have been killed, al-Qaeda has attack in Uganda. AQAP recently
not wrong about al-Qaeda's and downtown London (imagine one of its most dangerous and shared its chemical bomb-making
intentions--it prevented al-Qaeda Big Ben collapsing like the Twin capable external operations technology with al-Shabab. Al
34 Economy/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

How Student Debt Wrecks Marriages, Inhibits

Family Formation, and Delays the Housing
Recovery (Michael Vienna. To Europeans, who often Such stories may make for pretty expect housing prices to remain
Shedlock) (Mish's Global pay little or nothing toward their humorous reading, but this is a weak for a decade, even after
Economic Trend Analysis) university studies, the idea of serious macro issue. Housing prices bottom.
Submitted at 9/13/2010 10:55:00 PM going deeply into debt to get typically leads the economy out of That bottom in housing prices Use a Bath Towel to
The New York Times had an educated is, well, foreign.
interesting article last week on Ms. Tidwell feels no guilt about
recession. If couples put off may still be a couple years away Keep Salad Greens
marriage, or never get engaged in (or longer), and the more the Fed
how student debt is affecting the $250,000 in debt she will the first place, that obviously and Congress tries to prop up Fresh [Food Hacks]
f a m i l y f o r m a t i o n s . P l e a s e probably run up, including some hinders family formation. prices, the longer away the bottom Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
consider How Debt Can Destroy a from a master’s degree program In turn, that hinders the demand is likely to be. Although some
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:00 AM
Budding Relationship Nobody she completed in London, where for houses and related goods and localities my be in the process of
likes unpleasant surprises, but she and Mr. Kogler met. “I didn’t services, not to mention the goods bottoming now, there is simply no Of all the things you may have
when Allison Brooke Eastman’s acquire it because I go out and and services required to have kids. economic reason to rush into tried to keep your salad greens
fiancé found out four months ago shop a lot,” she said. “It’s because Moreover, student debt buying a house today. Other from wilting in the
just how high her student loan I’m doing something that I’ll love contributes to the problem of reasons may prevail. fridge—patting dry, salad
debt was, he had a particularly for the rest of my life.” unloading a massive inventory of Mike "Mish" Shedlock spinners, specially perforated
strong reaction: he broke off the Still, if she and Mr. Kogler are homes and a massive shadow h t t p : / / bags—you probably never
engagement within three days. going to move in together and get inventory of homes on top of that. globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. considered rolling them up in a
Ms. Eastman said she had told engaged, she wants their financial Many students are so deep in debt com bath towel. More »
him early on in their relationship arrangements to be clear and fair. and without a job that not only Click Here To Scroll Thru My
that she had over $100,000 of But how do you define fair when have they delayed marriage, they Recent Post List Mike
debt. But as the couple got closer you’re bringing a quarter of a have moved back home and are "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Pennsylvania Governor
to their wedding day, she took out million dollars in debt to a not even renting apartments. investment advisor representative Attempts Foolish Bailout
all the paperwork and it became relationship? Banks sitting on foreclosures for SitkaPacific Capital of Bankrupt Harrisburg
clear that her total debt was All of this raises the question: At thinking that a housing recovery Management. Sitka Pacific is an
actually about $170,000. “He what point do you have a moral is around the corner, have another asset management firm whose (Michael
accused me of lying,” said Ms. obligation to disclose your thing coming. These structural goal is strong performance and Shedlock) (Mish's Global
Eastman, 31, a San Francisco X- indebtedness during courtship? Economic Trend Analysis)
problems, including boomers low volatility, regardless of
ray technician and part-time On the eighth date? When you get headed into retirement wanting to market direction. Visit http:// Submitted at 9/13/2010 12:27:00 PM

photographer who had run up to third base? In your eHarmony downsize their homes (with no In a move that is sure to backfire,
much of the balance studying for online dating profile? one to sell to), puts additional account_management.html to Last-Minute State Aid Helps
a b a c h e l o r ’ s d e g r e e i n Ms. Eastman in San Francisco pressure on home prices. learn more about wealth Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Make
photography. “But if I was lying, I says she knows that now. “What Ironically, falling prices is the management and capital Debt Payment The embattled
was lying to myself, not to him. I would I have done differently, cure for this mess, not the preservation strategies of Sitka government of Harrisburg,
didn’t really want to know the full besides bringing a copy of my problem that politicians see and Pacific. Pennsylvania's capital, will avoid
amount.” credit report on the first date?” attempt to fight. Home prices default on a $3.3 million bond
Ms. Tidwell, 26, is involved in a she said, with a rueful chuckle. “I need to drop to affordable levels payment this week because of
serious relationship with Stefan w o u l d h a v e b e e n m o r e where there is genuine demand to $4.4 million in last-minute state
Kogler, an architect who is a responsible.” Family Formation a clear housing inventory.
native of Austria and living in Serious Macro Issue Because of all these factors, I PENNSYLVANIA page 35
E-reader News Edition Culture/ TV/ 35
continued from page 34

aid. Of the last-minute state aid, payments of $68 million, an make a deal with every other Governor Ed Rendell is acting in
half a million dollars are amount that surpasses its annual municipality that's having trouble the interests of the bondholders
considered a loan and must be budget. right now," Koplinski said. not in the interests of Harrisburg.
repaid. In Alabama's most populous In addition to the incinerator The move is so foolish I have to
With Harrisburg's city council county, Jefferson, the government debt, Harrisburg is coping with a wonder what the governor's
scheduled to meet Tuesday to is saddled with about $5 billion in $9 million deficit in the current connection to the bondholders is.
explore filing for bankruptcy, debt stemming from the overhaul budget. The city is considering The city council should reject this
Gov. Ed Rendell announced of its sewer system in the mid- layoffs, closing and leasing or offer.
Sunday that he was speeding up 1990s. Merit increases for county selling a firehouse, and the selling Mike "Mish" Shedlock 'Life
state funds and grants to the workers have been frozen, of two fire trucks, among other h t t p : / /
financially-strapped capital. building and road repairs halted. measures. It has assigned globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Unexpected'
"I see this as Wall Street versus A brand new jail is vacant volunteers to man police stations com
Main Street," said city because there are no funds to hire in order to have all officers on the Click Here To Scroll Thru My Season 2 Review
councilman Brad Koplinski. "The workers or pay utilities. As in streets. Mayor Linda Thompson is Recent Post List Mike Maureen Ryan (TV Squad)
bondholders are not willing to Harrisburg, officials are exploring a fool as is Governor Ed Rendell. "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Submitted at 9/14/2010 5:45:00 AM
budge and they expect us to bankruptcy. Harrisburg is bankrupt. Period. investment advisor representative
completely take care of this on the In the impoverished town of Wasting 10's of millions of dollars for SitkaPacific Capital Filed under: Reality-Free, Fall
backs of our city's taxpayers." Central Falls, Rhode Island, near will not change that simple fact. Management. Sitka Pacific is an TV, Stay Tuned When it debuted
Newly elected Mayor Linda Providence, officials recently Harrisburg would be much further asset management firm whose last January,'Life Unexpected,' the
Thompson, who has feuded with agreed for a receiver to take ahead had it skipped bond goal is strong performance and story of a foster kid who finds her
the city council she once headed, control of local finances and payments years ago. Now that is low volatility, regardless of biological parents, was cuter than
opposes a municipal bankruptcy consider the rewriting of contracts money down the drain. market direction. Visit http:// a basket of puppies.
filing. "It's the very last option and cutting of pension benefits. A Harrisburg cannot afford a 'Life Unexpected' (9PM ET, the
after everything else has failed," city of 19,000, Central Falls has a $500,000 loan from the state to account_management.html to CW) is still plenty adorable this
she said. budget of about $18 million and pay bills it should not pay. It has learn more about wealth year, and in its briskly paced,
Harrisburg already has skipped projects a $3 million deficit this no means of making the next bond management and capital satisfying season 2 premiere, it
millions of dollars in payments on year and a $5 million gap in fiscal payment. While cutting city preservation strategies of Sitka makes a concerted attempt to
bonds it backed for the costly 2011. The city also has $4 million services may be a good thing to Pacific. shake up the elements that made
renovation of a trash incinerator, in a pension fund that has $35 do, cutting city services to pay the show's soapier elements
which dates back to the 1970s. million in unfunded liabilities. bondholders, when city residents increasingly tiresome in its first
The incinerator is up and running "If we are the first domino to fall, get nothing out of it but higher season.
but doesn't generate enough I know there are cities that are taxes is point blank stupid. Permalink| Email this| Linking
revenue to cover debt that has watching us and the bond market There is no deal to work out with Blogs| Comments
reached $288 million. This year, is watching, because if they make the bondholders other than default
the city owes incinerator debt a deal with us, they'll have to and bankruptcy court.

Google Search Result Navigation Adds Shortcut-Based

Navigation to Google Search Results [Downloads]
Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) Chrome: If you'd prefer to keep Result Navigation enables simple combination of CTRL +
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:30:00 AM both hands on the keyboard as shortcut-based navigation within the arrow keys. More »
much as possible, Google Search your Google search results using a
36 Economy/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

Welcome To The "In Your Face" Market

Bruce Krasting (Money Game) Swissie is going to break par
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:27:57 AM some day soon. That will make
for negative headlines. Gold
Think about it. We have a swooned a bit as the Risk On
gagiillion of money going into appetite rose. But have you
fixed income over the past three noticed that for all of the “noise”
months. A big chunk of that from the pundits we are only $10
comes from equity mutual fund bucks under an all time high? Ines Sainz Addresses
redemptions. Seventeen weeks of That is nothing if we get a hiccup Sexual Harasment
outflows. What happens? Stocks in DLR/YEN. More headlines.
catch a bid and bonds take a I am not sure that watching the Allegations Against New
tumble. Two observations come bond market for correlation trades York Jets on 'Rick's List'
to mind.(1) Retail is dumb money is such a wise thing to do any (VIDEO)
and (2) the buy and hold is just a longer. The question I have been
dead concept. pondering is,“When does the Jeremy Taylor (TV Squad)
The “Risk On” trade was a current correlation (Weak Bonds Submitted at 9/14/2010 5:35:00 AM

convergence of a number of – Strong Equities) change to

forces. Stocks were oversold, Weak Bonds – Weak Equities?” If Filed under: TV Replay Ines
bonds overbought and as it turns the pendulum of the correlation is Sainz, a reporter for the Mexican
out the economy was doing a tad to swing, it is likely to produce station Azteca TV who is now at
better in August than was time. That may be a good excuse news than upside. We shall see. the center of a sexual harassment
some bad “reads” along the way.
expected on a number of fronts. for a snap back reaction to an I look at a number of barometers controversy involving the New
“Old Reliable” may not be so
So once again the market flushes oversold/bought market. But it is for evaluating where we are in the York Jets, was on ' Rick's
out weak hands. It must be tough a dumb reason to get excited that risk on/risk off cycle. I like the List'(Weekdays, 3 PM ET on
So If you believe in the FU
on the folks managing their own stocks will never have another DLR/YEN and the EUR/CHF. CNN) Monday. Sainz has set off a
market theory watch for the next
401k’s. No sooner than they get down day for the rest of the year. When they are trading lower I am media firestorm since claiming
leg to be ‘risk off’ for equities for
invested in long term fixed There are plenty of down days in very suspicious of the Risk On she was made to feel
a bit and we could still see bonds
income(at the lowest yield in 40 front of us. trade. Both those rates are down uncomfortable by several Jets
pushing against the critical 2.85
years) it starts to look like a bad Absent something very big from big from Friday’s close. players and a member of the
level. DLR/CHF could break
idea. A lot of money is now tied DC the economy is going to slow. As I write the DLR/YEN is team's coaching staff while at the
below parity. We could see new
up in yields that after taxes and We are going to see GDP in Q3 breaking down based on some Jets facility to interview
lows for DLR/YEN and EUR/
inflation are just going to produce at around 1.5% it will be lower political news. If Mr. Kan is the quarterback Mark Sanchez.
CHF. The one thing I would not
losses. Oh well. That is the‘In than that in Q4. That is a given winner tonight then the Yen has to First, Rick Sanchez asked Sainz
expect? That the market(s) close
your face’ market (AKA the FU folks. And that is the good news. be stronger. The EUR/CHF is to address the allegation the team
where they were in NY today on
market) we have. All of 2011 will be a struggle to going to take a dip should the Yen was throwing balls at her, so they
this Friday. Vol up, belts on.
For me this could be just a head get GDP over 1.5% on average. break to new to new highs. could run up next to her and pick
This post was publised at the
fake. So what if the odds for a That forecast assumes there are My secondary sources to confirm them up.
author's blog.
double dip have fallen from 40% no downside shocks or upside Risk Off are the DLR/CHF, Gold "I don't even pay attention to that,
Join the conversation about this
to 30% in the last month? That surprises. As it stacks up I think and of course the bonds. To me it because they never hit me with
story »
whole debate has been a waste of the bet is better for downside looks like a sure thing that $/ the balls ... I wasn't in danger,"
Sainz said.
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E-reader News Edition Economy/ Culture/ Food/ 37

Shuffling the Commercial Real Estate Jennifer Garner Reunites

Deck With Her Mini Cheerleader (Michael
Shedlock) (Mish's Global
Economic Trend Analysis)
the "absorption" effect on the
southwest's vacancy rate was
Companies are moving at the
drop of a hat to get better rates or and Soccer Star in LA!
minimal because companies are a better location for the same PopSugar (PopSugar)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:00 AM essentially making lateral moves, price. The effect of this is of Submitted at 9/14/2010 7:00:00 AM
According to the Star Tribune the said Northco Senior Associate course deflationary, adding to
Minneapolis suburban office Heather Alderink. price pressures and more Jennifer Garner was back to her
market suffers from 20 percent "Every single deal that I did in the commercial real estate defaults. routine in Brentwood yesterday,
vacancy rates. Recent large deals southwest submarket in the Remember that commercial real bringing Seraphina to the market,
have done nothing to dent that second quarter was a case of estate lags residential and after a weekend in Canada away
glut of inventory. someone coming into new space residential real estate has not yet from her daughters. As Jennifer
Please consider Deals don't make from somewhere else in the area, bottomed, and indeed may not was supporting her husband Ben
dent in the southwest metro's rather than completely new bottom for years. Affleck at his TIFF premiere of
empty offices Several high-profile companies coming in," she said. Mike "Mish" Shedlock The Town on Saturday, Violet
office leases have been signed in "It's been a lot of shuffling from h t t p : / / and Seraphina hit the soccer field
the Twin Cities' key southwest one space to another. They may globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Buzz's Kickass Female Character
in LA. Violet celebrated a
submarket this year, grabbing be taking a little more space in com Bracket, where Sydney Bristow in
successful game and her little
headlines and generally giving the their new offices, but usually it's a Click Here To Scroll Thru My Alias is in a close race with Kate
sister cheered on from the
impression that things might not little less space." Recent Post List Mike Beckinsale's Underworld vampire
sidelines. Ben has clocked lots of
be as bad as they seemed in terms Indeed, a closer look at some of "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Selene in round three.
travel time promoting his new
of vacancies. the recent big leases reveal why investment advisor representative movie in recent weeks, moving
Rasmussen College took 48,000 they aren't doing much to alleviate for SitkaPacific Capital from Venice to Toronto and
square feet in the Normandale the southwest metro office Management. Sitka Pacific is an To see more pictures of the
stopping by the morning shows in
Lake Office Park's 8300 Tower. vacancy crisis. Plato Learning asset management firm whose Garner-Afflecks, just read more.
NYC yesterday, while Jennifer
Meanwhile at the next-door 8200 vacated twice as much Class B goal is strong performance and View 15 Photos ›
has been keeping an eye on the
Tower, Plato Learning signed a space in Bloomington in its move low volatility, regardless of kids back home. The movie star
lease for 27,400 square feet. But, to the 8200 Tower; Rasmussen's market direction. Visit http:// mom is also in the running in
given the fact that the southwest new digs in the 8300 Tower
submarket was significantly includes employees relocated account_management.html to
overbuilt with new office space in from Eden Prairie and Lake Elmo; learn more about wealth
the pre-recession boom times, the and the U.S. Bancorp move to management and capital
new leases have barely made a Richfield involves shuffling 1,600 preservation strategies of Sitka
dent in the area's 20 percent workers from its Shepherd Road Pacific.
vacancy rate. facility in St. Paul. Deflationary
Even with the new transactions, Pressures

Homemade Tomato Sauce

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) sauce with spaghetti but you can Step 1: Score our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
easily substitute with your This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php
This Italian staple uses flavorful favorite noodle. Finish the dish Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article:
plum tomatoes, which are easy to with a little Parmigiano-Reggiano your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
find year round. We tossed the for an easy crowd pleaser. Next on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
38 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Are there other universes like ours out Tom Pecheux & Estée
there? Lauder at Derek Lam
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) breakfast this morning. Other particle exists in all states Habitually Chic (Habitually
Submitted at 9/14/2010 1:00:00 PM universes would differ in ways simultaneously. Physicists call Chic®)
that alter reality on a grand scale. this state superposition. Submitted at 9/13/2010 12:53:52 PM
Consider Superman. Like many For instance, imagine a parallel Take these ideas and apply them
characters from the pages of DC universe with no gravity (although to the entire universe, and a We can't all have a make up artist
Comics, the man of steel has some would argue that gravity is theoretical multiverse unfolds, on call everyday (ahem, Rachel
suffered from incongruous story the very thing responsible for the composed of infinite universes. Zoe) but we can still learn from
lines. Early writers gave him the universe's existence.) Some scientists theorize that an their expertise. Estée Lauder
ability to leap tall buildings in a Some cosmologists use the Many endless series of Big Bangs Creative Makeup Director Tom
s i n g l e b o u n d . L a t e r , t h e y -Worlds theory as a handy constantly birth new universes in Pecheux and his team of makeup
upgraded the power to flying. explanation for why life evolved what is known as chaotic inflation artists created the stunning look
E v e n t u a l l y , D C s i m p l y in our universe at all. Their theory. String theorists not only above on 30 models at the Derek
proclaimed that both the flying reasoning? There are countless speculate that parallel universes Lam fashion show and included a
and leaping versions of Superman u n i v e r s e s w h e r e l i f e n e v e r exist, but that they can come into chart.“Working with Derek Lam
existed, each in its own separate evolved, and various universes in contact with one another. is a true creative collaboration, he
universe. which it evolved along similar So do other universes like ours loves to bend the rules the way I
Soon dozens of alternate-universe lines as ours. exist? Some scientists indeed do. So I created the focus on the
Supermans existed, ranging from But let's get back to the science believe that they do. For now, eyes with products that are
you, I suggest checking out Tom's
the medieval British Superman behind the theory. Everett's work however, that belief can't be actually made for the lips. Vivid
Pure Color line of cosmetics for
"Kal" to the Soviet Superman changed comics forever, but he proven, and our universe remains color on the eyes that is sharp and
Estée Lauder. I was lucky enough
featured in "Red Son." Although actually set out to explain why the sum of known existence. graphic with gorgeous skin, sun-
to receive some of the lip glosses
certainly a cool way to handle q u a n t u m m a t t e r b e h a v e s Explore the links on the next kissed cheeks, a bit of mascara
and can attest to the fabulous
multiple takes on the same erratically. At the minuscule, page to learn even more about and a lovely eyebrow all bring the
colors and textures. Just make
character, the multiverse approach subatomic level of quantum quantum physics and other fantasy of the Derek Lam
sure you learn from my mistake
has its roots in the world of physics, many physics laws, those worlds. women.” – Tom Pecheux, Estée
and don't wear it on a windy day!
theoretical physics. Hugh Everett defined by Einstein's general This entry passed through the Lauder Creative Makeup Director
III's 1950s Many-Worlds theory theory of relativity, break down. Full-Text RSS service — if this is If that is a little too dramatic for
argued that the universe we know Here, tiny particles of light called your content and you're reading it
is but one of infinite parallel photons appear to change form at on someone else's site, please read
universes, each different from the r a n d o m . P h y s i c i s t W e r n e r our FAQ page at
last. Heisenberg even theorized that content-only/faq.php
In some of these universes, the t h e y c h a n g e d u e t o s i m p l e Five Filters featured article:
difference would be slight -- such observation. Danish physicist Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
as a parallel universe where N i e l s B o h r ' s C o p e n h a g e n Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
everything is the same except you interpretation takes this one step Catastrophe.
had a bagel instead of cereal for further, proposing that a quantum
E-reader News Edition Culture/ TV/ 39

Blake Talks Food, Family, Fame, and

More Food in Allure
PopSugar (PopSugar) class everywhere I travel. I find
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:00 AM it's the best way to get to know a
culture. It's what people bring to
Blake Lively looks every bit the the family every day, what they
movie star on the October cover break bread over–it's a very
of Allure, but inside she tells the intimate thing."• On her
magazine she never intended to unexpected career: "I come from a
become an actress at all. In fact, family of actors, and I didn't want
another one of her passions, food, to act...You make your mistakes
dominates the interview. The on a bigger screen for everyone to
Gossip Girl star, who hit Paris in • On her role in The Town: "The see."• On one of her favorite
last night's OMG-filled season part was originally supposed to be foodie accomplishments: "The
premiere, says she dreams of for a 37-year-old woman–she's a best thing I made was a chocolate
opening restaurants to feature her mother–but when I read the script, Grand Marnier with homemade
favorite family recipes. She I knew I had to have the part. It fresh chocolate peanut butter,
prefers not to talk about her was selfish of me. I worried that I caramelized candied pecans, and
r o m a n c e w i t h c o s t a r P e n n would ruin it for other people. But dark chocolate chunks."
Badgley, but she is more than I had to try it."• On keeping her
happy to share her baking private life private: "My
triumphs. Blake stars opposite a n o n y m i t y i s s o m e t h i n g I
Ben Affleck in The Town, which treasure. Wanting to be an actor
just had its big premiere at the and wanting to be famous are
'Weeds' Season 6,
Toronto Film Festival over the different."• On her dreams of
weekend, and she also reveals domesticity:: "I want babies! Lots View 3 Photos ›
Episode 4 Recap
how she made the part hers. Here of babies."• On her love of eating Elizabeth Chan (TV Squad) as human target practice after they
are highlights: Submitted at 9/14/2010 5:15:00 AM realize he's useless to them.
internationally:"I take a cooking
Admitting that he sleeps with a
Filed under: Reality-Free, body pillow and lives a life with

'The Bachelor Pad' Winner Is ... Recaps, TV Replay['Weeds' - no significance, he ends up lying
'Bliss'] about knowing the whereabouts of
Sometimes, all we really want in the Botwins to save his life and
(VIDEO) this world is to belong and find maybe also to bring some last-
some purpose in our lives. minute purpose to his soon-to-be-
Oliver Miller (TV Squad) finale, we had three couples Doug, who has been consistently cold body. He convinces Ignacio
Submitted at 9/14/2010 4:45:00 AM remaining. a human parasite for the Botwins, and Cesar that he can lead them to
But only one person could win went on a quest for some Botwin Andy -- and they are on their way
Filed under: TV Replay the $250,000 grand prize. ... Or so company. He'd found himself in Cesar's leased vehicle.
Welcome to the two-hour season you would think. under the murderous thumb of Permalink| Email this| Linking
finale of'Bachelor Pad'(Mon., [ Spoiler alert.] Cesar and Ignacio, both of whom Blogs| Comments
8PM ET on ABC). Yes, it was the backstabbing and infighting to a Permalink| Email this| Linking want nothing more but to use him
last episode of the season for the whole new level. Heading into the Blogs| Comments
reality show that brought
40 Culture/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Daily electronics deals

Paul Eng (Consumer Reports) deals; the posts are intended to be
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:11:00 AM purely informational. These deals
are often fleeting, with prices
Daily electronics deals changing or products becoming
T o d a y ' s e l e c t r o n i c s d e a l s , unavailable as the day progresses.
courtesy of The Consumerist: These posts are not an
• Blue Violet Laser endorsement of the featured
and Presentation Pointer For products or the Web sites that sell
$8.99 them—though some of the sites
• Dell: Western Digital 2TB m a y b e i n c l u d e d , a n d
SATA Hard Drive for $94.99 w/ recommended, in our Ratings of
Free Shipping retailers for computers and other
• Dell: LaCie 1TB External Hard major electronics(both available
Drive for $69.99 w/ Free Shipping to subscribers). Price shouldn't be
• HP: 17-inch G72 w/ Intel Core your only criterion. Be wary of
i5 $654.99 + free ship (was $700) lower-priced deals that seem too
• HP: 11.6-inch Mini 311 w/ good to be true, and check return
Nvidia Ion Graphics $324.99 + policies for restocking fees and
free ship (was $400) other gotchas.
For general buying advice for
Entertainment many of the products on sale
• Best Buy: Blu-Ray Movies above, check out our free Buying
$ 7 . 9 9 t o $ 9 . 9 9 S a l e ( 1 0 0 + Guides. Subscribe now!
Selections) S u b s c r i b e t o
• Amazon: Resident Evil - The for expert
HD Trilogy Blu-Ray Set for $25 Ratings, buying advice and

Contemporary Jewelry That's Intricate w/ Free Shipping

Neither Consumer Reports nor preferences

reliability on hundreds of
products. Update your feed

and Interesting (8 total) The Consumerist receive anything

in exchange for featuring these
thinkpossitive (Featured Blog collection asks you to find it all; each piece progress organically
Posts - My Modern Metropolis) fantasy, reality, and function. with limited predefined planning.
Submitted at 9/14/2010 12:00:00 PM "Conceptually, I want to awake Fragments are created
subconscious associations as well individually and then combined in
Swedish jewelry artist Hanna as lure you into my suggestive a similar fashion as stories
Hedman has created a very world that is full of detail; develop over time. The pieces are
intricate and interesting set of sometimes beautiful but also extension of one’s body, but also
contemporary jewelry pieces that melancholic and malevolent." a sense of escape."
are currently on display at the Most of all, however, Hedman The exhibition runs until October
Soda gallery in Istanbul. wants you to find your own 30th.
Completely Handmade and meaning. As she says, "My art Hanna Hedman
comprised of layers of silver and reference jewelery of past via Dezeen
copper sheets, the exquisite centuries, but the development of
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ 41

Year of the Nutjob

Alexander C. Hart, James ratified by supermajorities of the Tim Crawford
Downie (The New Republic - All state legislature. So wary is House Candidate, Indiana
Feed) Emmer of excessive government Longtime GOP congressman Dan
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:00:00 PM intervention that he’s come out Burton memorably shot a
How does the class of 2010 stack for laxer drunk-driving laws, pumpkin in his backyard to prove
up against its lunatic predecessor, although it’s conceivable this that Vince Foster was murdered,
of 1994? There are the well- position was partly inspired by his but he’s no longer his district’s
known data points— Rand Paul’s two previous arrests for DWI. weirdest candidate. That would be
alleged kidnapping of a college THE SCHWINN CONSPIRACY Tim Crawford, a self-identified
classmate; Sharron Angle’s Dan Maes “conservative American” who
assertion that there are“domestic Gubernatorial Candidate, won the Democratic nomination
enemies” in Congress—that C o l o r a d o despite believing that “the amount
suggest we’ve reached a new Dan Maes has seen the Leviathan of ‘big government’ existing in
zenith of crazy, making Newt state, and it comes in the form of our nation needs to be reduced”
Gingrich’s bunch look like s h a r e d b i c y c l e s . T h e l o c a l and health care reform is
sensible establishmentarians by businessman and political novice “constitutionally questionable.”
comparison. But Paul and Angle made national headlines for his Some posit that, like South
o n l y b e g i n t o c a p t u r e t h e dire predictions that conservation Carolina’s Alvin Greene,
strangeness of candidates out m e a s u r e s p r o m o t e d b y h i s Crawford won by being first on
there who may soon be occupying Democratic opponent, Denver the ballot. Whatever the
your Capitol and governor’s Mayor John Hickenlooper, could explanation, he’s had a rocky
mansion. Herewith, a guide to the “threaten our personal freedoms.” campaign. At one event, he
truly special specimens. “At first, I thought, ‘Gosh, public suggested homosexuality might
TENTHER MADNESS transportation, what’s wrong with be a mutation and struggled to
Tom Emmer that, and what’s wrong with explain how a bill becomes law.
G u b e r n a t o r i a l C a n d i d a t e , people parking their cars and The 29-year-old construction
Minnesota riding their bikes?’” Maes said. Department lawyer, has been House Candidate, North Carolina estimator promised to withdraw,
For most Tea Partiers, reining in “But if you do your homework ... dubbed “Colorado’s Sharron African American Navy veteran but later changed his mind, saying
the federal government is an you realize [the policy] is part of a Angle” for his Tea Party-friendly Bill Randall has been a hit at Tea he was “flustered and felt
article of faith. But state greater strategy to rein in views. But his sincerity was Party rallies, defending the bullied.”
Representative Tom Emmer has American cities under a United questioned when he was caught movement against charges of ENHANCED INTERROGATOR
taken the trouble to figure out the N a t i o n s t r e a t y . ” M a e s ’ s o n t a p e c a l l i n g racism. But he attracted some Allen West
l o g i s t i c s . E m m e r i s spokesperson explained his boss birthers“dumbasses.” After Tom unwelcome attention when he House Candidate, Florida
a“Tenther”—that is, he believes “was trying to say” that biking Tancredo called President Obama claimed that the Gulf oil spill Allen West doesn’t like to back
the Tenth Amendment (which initiatives are a “gateway” to the biggest threat facing America, may have been the result of “some down. The former Army
reserves powers not granted to abortions. Buck was recorded remarking, “I sort of collusion” between the lieutenant colonel left the military
Uncle Sam for the states) should THE WINKING EXTREMIST can’t believe that guy opened his government and BP. “Maybe they after an interrogation in Iraq in
be used to nullify numerous Ken Buck mouth.” He apologized, wanted it to leak, but then it got which he threatened to kill a
Democratic laws. He’s also Senate Candidate, Colorado explaining that the greater peril beyond what was anticipated,” he police officer, then fired a 9mm
proposed some roadblocks of his Some Tea Partiers are born was “the progressive liberal said. Randall allowed that this next to his head to make the threat
own—like a state constitutional believers; others are recent movement that is going on in this charge is“not based on any fact,” credible. In his election campaign,
amendment that would prohibit converts to the cause. Buck, a country.” but he’s demanded an West was chided by The Palm
any federal law from being P r i n c e t o n e d u c a t e d d i s t r i c t THE BP TRUTHER investigation anyway.
enforced in Minnesota unless it’s attorney and former Justice Bill Randall D-TEA PARTY YEAR page 42
42 Products/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 41

Beach Post for violent rhetoric, himself in the third person, but (Martin tried to discredit the
Video: Kia Forte Koup--
such as calling for his supporters
to get out the“bayonets” and to
Democrats know him simply as
their dream opponent. A law
government whistleblower who
alerted authorities by inquiring Fun in a small package
make his opponent “scared to graduate and former state whether he was dating anyone in Consumer Reports Shopping sunroof and Bluetooth audio. And
come out of his house.” West, representative, Rocky is the the office.) Now, he’s trying to Blog (Consumer Reports) the front seats are pretty roomy,
who is African American, is no target of a federal lawsuit which convince Missourians that Submitted at 9/14/2010 4:29:59 AM though tall drivers may find head
fan of Barack Obama either. He’s alleges his company falsified Obama’s domestic agenda is a room somewhat tight.
demanded to know “what passport ticket sales for a motorcycle rally stealth assault on religious Video: Kia Forte Koup--Fun in a We did find a few nits to pick,
[Obama used] to go to Pakistan” and concert featuring Kiss, Kenny freedom. He told a right-wing small package though. The ride is stiff and
in 1981 and blasted his Chesney, and Larry the Cable radio host that Obama wants to If you’re looking for a well- jiggly. The shifter is a little vague.
administration for failing to stand Guy. He has also eagerly and “take away [the choice] to find the equipped and stylish coupe and And the interior can be a little
up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and incoherently embraced several Lord.” When challenged about don’t want to spend too much, loud, especially when you have to
call him a “suck-butt fool.” extreme right-wing conspiracy these remarks, he insisted that check out the Kia Forte Koup, rev up the buzzy engine for more
BORDER BOMBER theories. He told one gathering: government bailouts made the featured in the October issue. power. But it’s not out of line
Tom Mullins “You have a president that seems demise of religious freedom “a As its name implies the Koup is a c o m p a r e d w i t h o t h e r s m a l l
House Candidate, New Mexico to be, um ... well ... I don’t know growing concern.” two-door version of Kia’s small c o u p e s .
New Mexico is one of the states if he even has been born in the Related: sedan. Big wheels, a spoiler, and For more details, see our full Kia
most vulnerable to global United States, but ... until I see a The Great Basin: Inside the Mind lighted speakers that pulsate to the Forte Koup review.
warming, but Mullins, an oil birth certificate.” He later sought of Sharron Angle beat give the Koup a youthful, — Eric Evarts Subscribe now!
engineer, isn’t fazed by the to clarify his remarks to Politico: Paleo Wacko: The Roots of Rand sporty flavor. S u b s c r i b e t o
alarming projections. Instead, he’s “I believe this: He is our president Paul's Radicalism The Forte Koup is enjoyable to for expert
accused scientists of falsifying of the United States, he is the The Tea Party Glossary: drive. Cornering feels crisp, with Ratings, buying advice and
temperature records in a nefarious president of the United States, and Everything You Need to Know responsive steering and little body r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f
effort to help politicians who are I guess my question is ... I would About the Movement, From Nuts lean. The steering wheel is products. Update your feed
attempting to regulate “the breath love to see his birth certificate.” to Nuts wrapped in soft leather with red preferences
we exhale.” He has some GOD'S OPERATIVE The Revisionaries: The Tea stitching, like the seats. It has a
unorthodox opinions about Ed Martin Party's Goofy Fetish for
immigration, too, at one point House Candidate, Missouri Amending the Constitution
suggesting that the U.S. should Martin has a rep for fighting
put land mines on its border with dirty: He was forced to resign
Mexico. from his job as chief of staff to
THE ROCKY SAGA former Missouri Governor Matt
Andrew Raczkowski Blunt after trying to cover up the
House Candidate, Michigan fact that his office had illegally
Raczkowski likes to be called used state government e-mail
Rocky and sometimes refers to accounts for campaign activities.

Now Playing: September 13-19, 2010

Chris Buffa (Joystiq) interested in Truth or Lies. September 13-19, 2010 terms for use of feeds.
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:50:00 AM Choose your platform to jump to Now Playing: September 13-19, Permalink| Email this| Comments
a specific release list: 2010 originally appeared on
We hear that Halo: Reach game Last updated: Tuesday, 10:50 Joystiq on Tue, 14 Sep 2010
is fun, but perhaps you're more AM Continue reading Now Playing: 10:50:00 EST. Please see our
E-reader News Edition TV/ 43

Covert Affairs' Christopher Gorham: "You See a Deepening of the

Auggie-Annie Relationship"
Joyce Eng ( Lanka to rescue Ben's former as being sexy. I'm happy that I've
Breaking News) asset. Though Annie and Ben are succeeded in portraying him in
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:44:00 AM the focus of the visually the way that I think he should be
assaulting finale — part of which seen."
Covert Affairs, Christopher was shot in Sri Lanka — theirs is And what can fans expect to see
Gorham not the only relationship in Season 2? More of the same,
Awkward work encounters examined. Gorham says, whether that
between exes are becoming a "You see a deepening of the includes shirtless Auggie or not.
trend on Covert Affairs. Auggie-Annie relationship. USA renews Covert Affairs
Weeks after a communications Auggie doesn't get to get out in "I don't anticipate big changes for
blackout reunited enigmatic blind the field very much, but he is very Season 2 and I don't think it needs
tech expert Auggie ( Christopher present on Annie's mission and big changes. One of the great
Gorham) with his computer definitely does his part to help her things about our show is that it's
hacker ex, Natasha, CIA newbie out," Gorham says. not overly complex," he says.
Annie ( Piper Perabo) will be But that doesn't mean a romance "What's complex are the
forced to work with her former is in the cards — yet. characters, not necessarily the
beau, rogue agent Ben, on "I think it's a potential down the plot. I'm sure Auggie will be back
Tuesday's two-hour season finale road. Auggie's tortured. He's very in the field, but the key is it has to
of the spy drama. reluctant to let people in," the Vaguier), who last week reported guy who is always behind his be organic. ... They've also talked
"The finale is Annie's version of actor says, adding that Natasha is classified information about the desk and is only there for about potentially doing a
the Auggie episode. [That] was the person who knows Auggie agency. exposition and the occasional flashback episode where we
such an overwhelming and best, even though she might not Covert Affairs' Liane Balaban: punchline. ... He is a nerd and actually see him before he lost his
emotional episode for Auggie, think so. "Of all the current Make-out scene with Chris loves the tech stuff. But he's also a sight. I'm just excited to do
and the finale is that for Annie," characters in his life, he's closest Gorham was "pretty cool" soldier through and through. He's another season!"
Gorham tells "She to Annie, but she still doesn't The real agency leak will be like the toughest nerd you'll ever Covert Affairs airs Tuesday at 9/
has to confront Ben and their past. know how he lost his sight, which revealed in the finale, Gorham meet." 8c on USA.
A lot of different things come to a is a conversation you would have says, promising resolution for Toughest and sexiest? Gorham, This entry passed through the
head. It's very poignant for Annie early on in a friendship. He Auggie's sexy op. previously best known as Ugly Full-Text RSS service — if this is
and wraps a lot of things, but also doesn't give up details like that "One of the advantages of the Betty's geeky Henry Grubstick, your content and you're reading it
leaves a few loose ends hanging. easily." show being about Annie is that we has earned a new reputation as a on someone else's site, please read
In the second hour especially, Besides, would ladies man can throw out Auggie stuff piece TV hunk after Auggie's shirtless our FAQ page at
there's a lot of Ben Mercer." Auggie even want a girlfriend? by piece, and this is one of them," romp on the train with Natasha. "I content-only/faq.php
Check out photos from Covert Since splitting with Natasha ( he says. "I think the character has don't really live in 'sex symbol' Five Filters featured article:
Affairs Liane Balaban) years back, grown into the character we land, whatever that may be. It's Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
That's because Ben ( Eion Auggie seems to be quite content wanted him to be. [We wanted to] fine. As long as it helps the show, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Bailey), who first resurfaced two with the bachelor life. He is, after make sure they were going to do I'm happy," Gorham says. "And Catastrophe.
weeks ago, turns up at the CIA all, running his own covert affair something interesting with him really, I'm happy that people are
headquarters, and the former by romancing intrepid journalist like we've done as opposed to seeing Auggie in the way that I
flames are dispatched to Sri Liza Hearn ( Emmanuelle have him be a stereotypical tech see him because I do see Auggie
44 TV/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Castle Scoop: A Trip to Los Angeles and a Jennifer

Love Hewitt Guest Spot?
Kate Stanhope ( some different aspects." A Lanie-
Breaking News) centric episode is currently in the
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:35:00 AM works, and fans should keep their

eyes peeled for another possible
office fling that may take the heat
Trials HD jumps
Most Castle fans already know
that when the mystery drama
away from Castle and Beckett's
romantic tension.
(and flips) past 1
checks in for Season 3, our
favorite crime-solving odd couple
Is Castle — Gasp — the Bad
Guy?: Although Castle's decision
million sales
will still be dancing around their Richard Mitchell (Joystiq)
to run off with ex-wife Gina (
feelings for one another. More Monet Mazur) in the season finale Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:28:00 AM

surprising is that viewers will also may have left fans scratching their
see Castle on the other side of the heads, Fillion says viewers will RedLynx is going to have to
law after he returns from his get a better picture of her this come up with a new name for the
romantic Hamptons getaway. "It's year. "As much as Castle talks a Trials franchise, because the trial
one of those things — be careful tough game about how mean she done been passed. The company
what you wish for," star Nathan was, she's actually a really good announced today that Trials HD
Fillion tells about person," he says. "So now we get has officially stunt jumped past
his character's arrest in Monday's in everything," series executive coincide with developments for to see a side of Gina that we don't the 1 million mark in sales, which,
season opener. producer Andrew Marlowe says. the first Nikki Heat movie. ever hear from Castle ... maybe as RedLynx CEO Tera Virtala
And that's just the first episode. Jon Huertas also hopes to find a Check out photos from Castle the fault doesn't always lie with notes, is quite an accomplishment
The show's cast and crew revealed part for real-life pal, True Blood's Fireworks for the Castle Family: Gina, maybe it lies with Castle." for "a company of about thirty-
what other surprises are in store Alexander Skarsgard. "We were A l e x i s w i l l s t a r t h e r f i r s t Castle returns Monday, Sept. 20 five people." Trials debuted on
for Season 3, including a cross- going to offer him a role in this relationship this year, and actress at 10/9c on ABC. XBLA just over a year ago.
country trip and a possible cameo next episode that we're filming, M o l l y Q u i n n s a y s C a s t l e ' s This entry passed through the The next Trials DLC pack, Big
from one of True Blood's main but he's in Hawaii working on reaction isn't exactly cool and Full-Text RSS service — if this is Thrills, is slated to be released
men. Battleship and the role just wasn't collected. "There may be some your content and you're reading it later this year and will feature
Exclusive: Young and the the perfect fit," Huertas says. "But broken dishes ... it's going to be a on someone else's site, please read forty new maps including ten user
Restless' Eden Riegel headed to he wants to work on the show." hurricane reaction," she teases. our FAQ page at -submitted creations.
Castle Hello, Hollywood: Stana Katic Attention to Detail: Marlowe content-only/faq.php Continue reading Trials HD
Guest Star Love: Jennifer Love says the team will head to Los hopes to reward the show's loyal Five Filters featured article: jumps (and flips) past 1 million
Hewitt is in talks to appear on the Angeles to solve a crime. But it fans by bringing some of the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- sales
series. "If she joins us for the won't be all work while Castle and series' supporting players to the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Trials HD jumps (and flips) past
show, we have a great role for her Beckett are in the movie capital of forefront. "We're really looking to Catastrophe. 1 million sales originally appeared
that would get her very involved the world, as their visit will open these guys up and show on Joystiq on Tue, 14 Sep 2010
10:28:00 EST. Please see our
terms for use of feeds.
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E-reader News Edition TV/ Sports/ 45

Andie MacDowell Spices Up Fox's Francisco Rodriguez to

Lone Star Face Additional Charges
Carita Rizzo (
Breaking News)
nice characters she's played in the
past. "The perfect person for that
role was someone you'd never
in Assault Incident
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:37:00 AM
A.J. Perez (FanHouse Main)
suspect in a million years would
Andie MacDowell be capable of [doing] frightening Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:28:00 AM

When Andie MacDowell joins things, because on the surface

the new Fox drama Lone Star as Filed under: Mets, MLB Police
they appear so loveable and
Jon Voight's love interest, she Blotter New York Mets closer
won't be playing nice. Francisco Rodriguez violated a
And Killen is not the only one
"Surprisingly, she's a nasty con court order by sending his
excited about MacDowell's stint
woman who's brought in to help girlfriend 56 text messages,
on the show. " Groundhog Day is
Bob's father with his idea of going allegations disclosed in court on
one of my favorite movies. I fell
after the company fortune," Tuesday as K-Rod made an
in love with her when I was 13,"
creator and executive producer appearance on assault charges. season-ending surgery.
Wolk confesses. "I haven't
Kyle Killen said at Fox's According to The Associated The New York Daily News
worked with her, but I see her a
PaleyFest: Fall TV Preview Party, Press, Rodriguez now faces reported Tuesday that Rodriguez's
lot on set. She's beautiful and
sponsored by TV Guide criminal contempt charges by girlfriend, Daian Pena, hired
very, very nice."
Magazine, on September 13. violating a protection order for lawyer Jeff Korek, although
Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
Lone Star, premiering September sending those texts. Rodriguez Korek wouldn't say if the Pena
father, Bob is out to clean now!
20, centers around charming con was apparently apologizing and family has decided to sue K-Rod.
everybody's bank account but will This entry passed through the
man Bob Allen ( James Wolk), asking to help resolve charges "We'll be looking into advocating
soon find that these two worlds Full-Text RSS service — if this is
who's leading a double life. In related to accusations he beat up in the best interests of the father-
are hard to juggle. your content and you're reading it
one, he is married to Cat ( Friday his girlfriend's dad after a game at in-law, Ms. Pena and their two
Enter MacDowell. "She's so on someone else's site, please read
Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki), Citi Field on Aug. 11. children," Korek told the
effective, because she plays sweet our FAQ page at
the daughter of an oil tycoon Rodriguez tore a ligament in the newspaper.
very well, so you'd never suspect content-only/faq.php
(Voight). In the other, he's in a thumb of his throwing hand in the
her, but she's got a dark streak," Five Filters featured article:
relationship with an unsuspecting scuffle and was forced to have
says Killen of the actress, who he Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
girl next door ( Eloise Mumford). pursued for the role because of the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Together with his scheming Catastrophe.

Chris Rainey Arrested on Felony Stalking Charges

A.J. Perez (FanHouse Main) that announced the felony charge. Once officers arrived at the
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:53:00 AM Rainey allegedly threatened the woman's residence, Rainey
life of a woman he'd been dating allegedly said "wait and see what
Filed under: Florida Chris on and off. The Associated Press happens when they leave." At that
Rainey, a University of Florida reported that Rainey spent the point, officers went to Rainey's on
receiver, was arrested at 12:30 night in jail and appeared in court -campus residence and arrested Sofia Vergara a Natural
a.m. ET Tuesday on suspicion of Tuesday morning. him. Blonde, Used to Hate
aggravated stalking, the Police said Rainey was prompted Rainey to send a text
Gainesville (Fla.) Police apparently upset that the alleged message that said, "time to die."
"Ridiculous" Breasts
Sofia Vergara
SOFIA page 46
Department said in a statement victim missed his call, which Robyn Ross (
Sofia Vergara almost looked a lot
46 Sports/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 45

different than the voluptuous also tells the magazine that she
Francisco Rodriguez of New York
Latin brunette we know her as
wanted to reduce her "ridiculous"
34DD chest when she was Mets faces new charge after texts
See photos of Sofia Vergara younger, but she's now "grateful" news services perhaps the biggest mistake of my family lounge at Citi Field.
A natural blonde, the Modern for her them. ( life but I love you." He was arrested after the Mets
Family star tells the October issue "They've helped me a lot in my Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:43:46 AM Prosecutors requested that lost to Colorado on Aug. 11.
of Self magazine that the career," Vergara, 38, says. "And Rodriguez be remanded but Judge He tore a ligament in the thumb
ignorance of casting directors I've always felt sexy." Updated: September 14, 2010, R o b e r t R a c i t i d e n i e d t h e of his pitching hand during the
made her go dark. This entry passed through the 11:02 AM ET prosecution's motion. Raciti altercation and required surgery.
"When I started acting, I would go Full-Text RSS service — if this is NEW YORK -- New York Mets warned Rodriguez that he would He was placed on the disqualified
to auditions and they didn't know your content and you're reading it closer Francisco Rodriguez faces h o n o r i t i f h e t r i e d t o list. The team says he wouldn't be
where to put me because I was on someone else's site, please read more charges in his New York communicate again with Pena. paid until he's off.
voluptuous and had the accent — our FAQ page at City assault case. Christopher Booth, Rodriguez's Prosecutors say the four-time All
but I had blond hair, "the actress content-only/faq.php Authorities said in court Tuesday attorney, was pleased with the -Star was angry after the loss and
says. "The moment I dyed my hair Five Filters featured article: that Rodriguez violated an order judge's decision after prosecutors took it out on his family.
dark, it was, 'Oh, she's the hot Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- of protection by sending his tried to have his client put in jail. Prosecutors say Rodriguez left
Latin girl...' I'd always felt a little Reporting of Falluja's Cancer girlfriend 56 text messages from "That's what they tried to do," the country and went to
'too much' as a blonde, like a big- Catastrophe. Aug. 19 to Sept 13 apologizing Booth said after the court hearing. Venezuela on Aug. 30.
mouth version of Pamela and urging a resolution. They said "And we successfully kept him Information from
Anderson." h e ' l l n o w b e c h a r g e d w i t h out of there."'s Ian Begley
Will Sofia Vergara run naked criminal contempt. Rodriguez, who did not speak in and The Associated Press was
down Sunset Blvd in honor of A spokesman for the District court, was dressed in a red T-shirt used in this report.
Modern Family's Emmy win? Attorney's office said Rodriguez and blue jeans. He did not This entry passed through the
The Emmy-nominated actress will be arrested and rearraigned comment while walking from the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
on the new charges sometime courthouse to a parking lot two your content and you're reading it
before his next court appearance, blocks away. He left in a black on someone else's site, please read
which is scheduled for Oct. 7. Toyota Sequoai with Booth and our FAQ page at
One of the texts to Daian Pena, an unidentified woman, who also content-only/faq.php
Rodriguez's girlfriend and mother accompanied Rodriguez in the Five Filters featured article:
of his children, read: "let's find a court room. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
s o l u t i o n t o t h i s c o n f l i c t . I Rodriguez is accused of attacking Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
understand I made a mistake his girlfriend's father outside a Catastrophe.

Video: Bungie previews Halo: Reach's 'The Cage'

David Hinkle (Joystiq) Forge World map, the Cage. Don't Reach's 'The Cage' originally
Submitted at 9/14/2010 11:10:00 AM worry -- you'll be home soon appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 14
enough. Sep 2010 11:10:00 EST. Please
Out on the grind? Take a breather Continue reading Video: Bungie see our terms for use of feeds.
and check out this developer previews Halo: Reach's 'The Permalink| Email this| Comments
walkthrough of the Halo:Reach Video: Bungie previews Halo:
E-reader News Edition Products/ 47

TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank 12-Pack & Cedar Wrap

24-Pack Bundle
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) and Wraps should help you fake apologize for ruining her dream Plank Wrap fan
Submitted at 9/14/2010 12:00:21 AM your way through the cooking of having a chef for a son. She • TrueFire Gourmet Cedar • TrueFire Gourmet Cedar
portion of your evening. Tell your won’t care. She’ll be too busy Grilling Plank - 12 Pack Wraps Packaging
Presentation Is Half The Meal mother’s friends that these 100% blaming herself for forcing you • TrueFire Gourmet Cedar
You just had to blow all that natural cedar wonders are a “little into “such a dangerous Grilling Plank Packaging (2 Six Cedar Wrap Instructions:
money your parents gave you for trick” you picked up in culinary profession” and offering to pay Packs) • Soak cedar wraps in water for
correspondence cooking courses school to infuse food with smokey your rent until you can figure out 20 minutes
on video games and DVDs, didn’t flavor. Their eyes will go wide what you want to do next. Looks Cedar Grilling Plank Instructions: • Roll food in the cedar and
you? with excitement as you explain like you’re good at cooking • Soak Plank: Submerge in water secure (a scallion makes a great
PRO-TIP: Playing Cooking how meats, seafood, and veggies something after all, buddy, and for 30 minutes to 3 hours tie, or simply set wrap flap-side
Mama on the Nintendo Wii will come out moist and succulent that yummy dish is Emotional • Grill: Arrange seasoned food on down)
teach you just about as much with just a little extra prep time Extortion. plank and place directly onto • Steam, bake or grill until food is
about cooking as Guitar Hero for soaking. Your mother will be Condition: New medium-low grill. No need to turn cooked
will teach you about playing so proud and her friends will eat Cedar Grilling Plank Features: most foods. Cook to your • Do not place on heating
guitar. And while watching Julie up your “knowledge” with • Cook fish, veggies, meats or preference elements, flames or coals
& Julia over and over again may fascination. fruit on a cedar plank right on • Planks will get hot • For oven use: place prepared
one day lead you to some insight Which, you know, is good, your grill • Keep a spray bottle of water wraps on a cookie sheet; oven
on why Staney Tucci agreed to considering they won’t actually be • 100 percent natural untreated nearby in case of flare-up. Don’t temperature should not exceed
be in such an awful movie, it will eating. Not after the “accident”, Western Red Cedar wood be alarmed, just spritz flame and 400 degrees
not make you a master of French anyway. • Smokey cedar flavor from the continue grilling • For grill use: place on indirect
cooking. Only now, after hanging It’s going to take a bit of work plank is infused into the food • Always keep an eye on the heat; do not leave unattended
up the phone with your mother making the fall that ends in you when cooking BBQ while cooking
who can’t wait to show off her shoving your left hand into the red • Plank grilled foods are moist • Serve food in wrap for gourmet
son “The Chef” by bringing over -hot coals of your grill look and flavorful Cedar Wrap Features: presentation
some of her friends for a meal, do believable but, let’s face it, all the • Keeps your grill top clean, • 6” x 6” wraps are 100% natural • Do not consume cedar wraps
you see the error of your ways. screaming and wailing you’re cooks directly on the cedar plank cedar
Well, if there’s one thing about going to do will probably sell it. • Dimensions: (L) 12” x (W) 7” x • Infuses food with cedar flavor In the box:
cooking you can glean in a quick As your mother and her guest (H) .375” • Food emerges moist and • (12) TrueFire Gourmet Woot
Google search, it’s this: great look on in horror, make sure you • Weight- 1 plank: 6 oz succulent Branded Cedar Grilling Planks
meals don’t just taste good, they cry out “NO NOT MY • Environmentally Responsible – • Ideal for baking, steaming or • (24) TrueFire Grourmet Cedar
look good, too. And since the COOKING HAND MY Planks are 100% natural Western grilling Wraps
chances of you whipping up CAREER IS OVER!” before you Red Cedar from sustainable and • Great gourmet presentation • Instruction Sheets and Recipes
something your mom will actually pass out from the pain. renewable sources for Cedar Wraps
be able to choke down are very Later, after the doctor tells you Cedar Wrap Photos:
slim, maybe it’s best to focus on and your parents about the extent Cedar Plank Photos: • TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Discuss this product
presentation. These TrueFire of the damage, do your best to • Salmon being cooked on a Wraps in action Price: $14.99 I want one!
Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank look over at your mother and TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling • It’s a TrueFire Gourmet Cedar
48 Products/ E-reader News Edition

Brotherhood (or, Happy 25th, Super Mario Bros.)

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) at me as I spent life after life "trick" again. I needed something and smiled. For weeks he would
Submitted at 9/13/2010 3:05:00 PM trying to jump that huge pit near bigger. Something that seemed demand I help him get into the
the end of World 8-2 while my doable but wasn't. Something that Minus World, only to throw the
Things I was better at doing than brother never lost one guy. All only I knew about that he couldn't controller in anger once his lives
my little brother in 1985: reading, requests made to my mother to possibly figure out on his own. ran out. "But you were doing so
basic speech, making things with drop me off at a Crossroads at My answer came in the mail. The good," I'd tell him, trying hard to
clay, writing stories, and The midnight so that I might meet the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter keep from laughing. "I think you
Legend Of Zelda. Devil and ask him for the talent to combined with my ability to read almost beat it that time! Keep
Things my little brother was beat Bowser went unfulfilled. My would be the downfall of He Who going!" Death after sweet watery
better at doing than I was in the ego was being shattered by Was Second From My Mother's death, his frustration grew until
same year: eating jelly toast, someone who didn't even know Loins And Therefore Inferior. the day he announced he was
grunting, smashing my clay what the word "ego" meant. I was "Have you ever heard of the done with video games forever.
wonders with his fists, stuffing crushed. Minus World?" "Me hate dumb turtle game. Vee-
my stories down his pants for a And so I did the only thing I "Bro-thur made of lies. No is My- Dee-O games stupid. Hit things
giggle, and Super Mario Bros. could do in such a situation. I Nuss Wurld." Don't judge my with race car tracks more fun."
It was his skill in SMB that made up lies. memory. That's exactly how he Just like that, I was, once again,
bothered me the most. Video "If you jump down that pit, you'll talks today, I swear. the household's resident game
games had always been something get ten lives. Seriously." "No really! I got to it last night master. All was well with the
I was good at. I was the one who "Hey, I read that if you can get hit after you went to bed. Want me to kingdom.
could rock the Star Wars machine by two Bullet Bills at once, you show you?" So today, on the 25th anniversary
at Aladdin's Castle. I was the one get a million points." "Hmm. You show. You show of the release of Super Mario
who had his initials in the 4th "There's a golden ivy that'll take now. NOW NOW NOW." Bros., I'd like to take this
place spot on the Ms. Pac-Man you straight to the last castle in And, of course, I did. "See? It's opportunity to thank Nintendo for
cabinet over at the local Piggly that block. You can only hit it, an underwater level. You like the all the found memories I have of
Wiggly. ME. So watching my though, if you're really REALLY water levels, right? I still can't breaking my little brother's will
brother, this weasel my mother good." beat it, though. Maybe you can, when we were younger. To this
had cursed me with two years These would work once, maybe huh? I mean, you're much better day, the thought of that victory is
after my own glorious birth, deftly t w i c e , b u t t h e y w e r e o n l y than me at this game..." still better than any virtual
avoid the minions of the Koopa obstacles to him, speed bumps in "You give 'troller! Me beat! Me imprisoned princess' kiss, and I
King and save the Princess when I his overall domination of the beat!" am glad to have it.
couldn't was incomprehensible. game. He'd try it, die, put down And as I watched him sitting
For hours, days even, I practiced the controller, walk over to me, there, eyes glued to the screen,
to no avail. Friends of mine would punch me in the mouth, then go desperately looking for the secret
come over to play and then laugh back to playing, never trying my for beating the level, I sat back
E-reader News Edition Products/ 49

Sunshine vitamin could cut schizophrenia risk these curious facts. Vitamin vitamin D supplements would
(Consumer Reports) D(known as the sunshine vitamin reverse the effect. But it’s a
Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:39:42 AM because it’s made by chemical promising avenue for further
reactions in the skin when research.
Sunshine vitamin could cut exposed to sunlight) is important What you need to know. We
schizophrenia risk Did you know for growing healthy bones. But, can’t say from this study whether
that your chances of getting researchers suggest, it might also taking Vitamin D supplements
schizophrenia depend in part on be important in developing during pregnancy will help cut the
your birthday? healthy brain structures. chances of your child getting
People with schizophrenia are Could it be that babies whose People with the lowest levels of schizophrenia. But some doctors
CR Index: Amid
more likely to have been born in mothers got less sunlight— vitamin D had twice the chance of recommend extra vitamin D declines in spending and
the winter or spring, compared to because they were pregnant developing schizophrenia as those during pregnancy or while you’re jobs, one bright note
the summer or autumn. Various during the winter, or their dark with the optimum levels. The link breast-feeding. Your needs for
theories have been suggested to skin was less able to synthesize could account for 43 percent of vitamin D supplements depend on Consumer Reports Shopping
explain this, for example whether vitamin D in colder northern Blog (Consumer Reports)
the cases of schizophrenia in the where you live, and how much
unborn babies are affected by latitudes, or their urban lifestyle study, the researchers said. This is sun exposure you get. It’s best to Submitted at 9/14/2010 5:59:59 AM
winter viruses. Another hard-to- meant they spent less time an exciting finding. Vitamin D talk to your health care provider
explain fact is the unusually high outdoors— were vitamin D supplements are cheap and readily b e f o r e s t a r t i n g v i t a m i n D CR Index: Amid declines in
rate of schizophrenia among the deficient? And could this be the available, although may be supplements.— Anna Sayburn, spending and jobs, one bright note
children of people who migrate key to their increased risk of harmful if you take too much. If patient editor, BMJ Group Although consumer say their
from hot countries to colder schizophrenia? Thanks to a new all pregnant women took extra has financial difficulties are declining,
countries— notably from the study we’re one step closer to vitamin D, could we reduce the partnered with The BMJ Group to the economy continues to waiver,
C a r i b b e a n t o t h e U n i t e d finding out. Researchers from n u m b e r s o f p e o p l e w i t h monitor the latest medical with a worsening job picture and
Kingdom. Doctors wonder why Denmark used the country’s schizophrenia by half? Sadly, we research and assess the evidence declining retail activity, according
t h e s e s e c o n d - g e n e r a t i o n health databases to study vitamin don’t know yet. There were some to help you decide which news to Consumer Reports Index for
immigrants are more likely to D levels in stored blood samples, problems with the data— for you should use. Subscribe now! September.
suffer from schizophrenia than taken from all newborn babies example, the people with the S u b s c r i b e t o The U.S. job outlook remains
their parents. born in Denmark since 1981. highest levels of vitamin D also for expert especially bleak. The August
A third aspect is that people who They identified the blood samples had a higher risk of schizophrenia, Ratings, buying advice and results for the Consumer Reports
have an urban upbringing have a f r o m p e o p l e w h o ’ d b e e n which was unexpected and throws r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f Employment Index marks a two-
higher chance of schizophrenia diagnosed with schizophrenia in doubt on the overall findings. products. Update your feed month decline, down in
than those who grow up in the later life, then compared these Also, showing a link between low preferences September to 49.1 from 50.2 in
countryside. Scientists theorize with samples from people born on levels of vitamin D and August. The share of Americans
about the alienating effect of the the same day, but who didn’t have schizophrenia doesn’t mean that claiming to have started a new job
urban lifestyle on mental health. schizophrenia. one caused the other, or that in the past 30 days is 5.0 percent,
But one theory might explain all The results showed a strong link. versus 5.9 percent in August, and
down from July’s recent high of
7.8 percent. Job losses in the past
30-days were up, 6.9 percent,
from August, 5.6 percent. Results
show that younger Americans
between the ages of 18-34 years

INDEX: page 50
50 Gaming/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 49

have been hit the hardest by job recovery faces serious challenges coverage, to 6.7 percent from 9.7
losses (13.7 percent). Perhaps as a and is at risk of stalling,” said Ed percent in August. The Consumer
result, Americans are continuing Farrell, a director of the Reports Index report comprises
to pull their purse strings tight. Consumer Reports National five key indices: the Sentiment
The Consumer Reports Retail Research Center. “Job creation Index, the Trouble Tracker Index,
Index for August continues to remains the greatest challenge. the Stress Index, the Retail Index,
decline. The Past 30-Day Retail The growth in the ranks of the and the Employment Index. It is
Index for September is at 9.8, employed remains anemic and conducted by the Consumer
down significantly from last will dampen consumer outlook Reports National Research Center
month’s 11.4. September marks moving forward. Americans have is a monthly telephone and cell
an overall decline from a year ago not seen any real improvement in phone poll of a nationally
when the Past 30-Day Retail
Index was at 11.0, and is at its
lowest level since November 2009
their financial situation since the
recession hit and this is reflected
in our Sentiment Index, which has
representative probability sample
of American adults. A total of
1,257 interviews were completed
Rock Band 3 guitar
(9.0). September’s Next 30-Day
Retail Index is at 7.6, down from
been in negative territory for the
last two years.”
(1,007 telephone & 250 cell
phones) among adults aged 18+.
trainer preview: Fret nice
August (8.1), as well as a year ago However, there is one positive Interviewing took place between Mike Schramm (Joystiq) paired up with the real guitar
(8.8). Per-capita spending in the note. The Consumer Reports August 26 –August 29, 2010. The Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:55:00 AM controller from Fender or the 102-
past 30 days is down to $185, Trouble Tracker, which focuses margin of error is +/- 2.8 points at button controller, Harmonix
from $286 in August. on both the proportion of a 95 percent confidence We've previewed Rock Band 3's applies its steady knowledge of
And Americans’ outlook has yet consumers that have faced level.—Mandy Walker Subscribe general new features, the Pro gaming reward and replay not just
to brighten. The Consumer financial difficulties in the past now! mode and the keyboard trainer, to earning career mode money or
Sentiment Index, which captures month as well as the number of S u b s c r i b e t o but where the rubber meets the having fun with your friends, but
respondents’ attitudes regarding negative events they have for expert road is the guitar trainer. This is to actually learning and applying
their financial situation, asking encountered, continues to show Ratings, buying advice and where Harmonix can expand the a knowledge of chords and guitar
them if they are feeling better or positive developments. It has reliability on hundreds of scope of instrument-based rhythm notes.
worse off than they were a year declined to 53.7 from 56.6 in products. Update your feed games: If you can connect a real Gallery: Rock Band 3 (9/13/10)
ago, has gradually slipped over August, and has posted three preferences guitar to your console and Continue reading Rock Band 3
the past two months. The index in months of declines from its recent actually play a game to learn how guitar trainer preview: Fret nice
September is 44.1, continuing a high in June (63.5). Positive to play guitar, then learning to Rock Band 3 guitar trainer
slide from July (45.2). This index developments this month were led jam isn't just trivial, it's fun. preview: Fret nice originally
has changed little since October by a decline in consumers losing Though I only got to play along appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 14
2008 when it stood at 45.3.“The or facing reduced health care with the pro guitar trainer for a Sep 2010 09:55:00 EST. Please
short time, every indication is that see our terms for use of feeds.
Harmonix has done exactly that. Permalink| Email this| Comments
The guitar trainer is astounding --
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2010 U.S. Open: Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic to complete

career Grand Slam
Associated Press ( -0, 7-6 (5), 6-7 (2), 6-3'06 French much better than me." "My goal, all my life, was the Rafael has learned so much,
Submitted at 9/14/2010 12:16:29 AM Open R. Federer W 1-6, 6-1, 6-4, Djokovic, understandably, had a same: keep improving." because players said Rafa could
7-6 (4)'05 French Open M. Puerta different take on Nadal. He takes that task seriously. never win on hard courts, because
Updated: September 14, 2010, W 6-7 (6), 6-3, 6-1, 7-5-- Source: "He has the capabilities already When he started on tour his he played too much topspin [or]
1:16 AM ET Nadal Wins U.S. ESPN Stats and Information now to become the best player forehand was feared, his he's too physical. And now I
Open Now owner of a career Grand ever," said Djokovic, who lost the backhand wasn't, so he worked on believe there's not much that the
Rafael Nadal completes career Slam at age 24, champion at three 2007 U.S. Open final to Federer, that. Then he got better at players he plays against can argue
Grand Slam with four-set victory consecutive major tournaments but upset him in Saturday's volleying. He says he decided a with."
over Novak Djokovic Nadal Wins and nine overall, the No. 1-ranked semifinals. "I think [Nadal is] couple of days before the start of Well put.
U.S. Open Nadal is suddenly chasing playing the best tennis that I've the U.S. Open to tweak the way Nadal is first left-hander to win
NEW YORK -- Chasing his first something else: recognition as the ever seen him play on hard courts. he holds his racket to serve. the U.S. Open since John
U.S. Open championship, Rafael greatest tennis player in history. He has improved his serve That added zip to his serves, now McEnroe in 1984, and the first
Nadal was so dominant, so Approaching perfection for drastically -- the speed, the regularly faster than 130 mph, Spaniard since Manuel Orantes in
determined, so defiant, his face stretches -- the guy played more accuracy. And, of course, his which helps him earn some easy 1975.
curling into a sneer with every than 40 points in a row without baseline [game] is as good as points -- important given the way Nadal first burst onto the scene as
wallop of the ball. making an unforced error -- Nadal ever." he hustles so much and hits so the so-called King of Clay,
With two marvelous weeks at beat Novak Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6- Nadal is a year younger than hard, those booming forehands compiling a record 81-match
Flushing Meadows capped by 4, 6-2 in a match filled with Federer was when he got to No. 9, looking like uppercuts. He won winning streak on that surface and
victory in a thrilling final Monday fantastic shotmaking by both men and about 3½ years younger than 106 of 111 service games in the starting his French Open career 31
night, Nadal fashioned an and interrupted by a thunderstorm Federer was when he completed tournament, a key reason he -0. His five titles at Roland Garros
emphatic answer to all those a day after it was postponed by his career Grand Slam at the 2009 finally came through in New have earned him accolades as the
questions about whether he could rain. French Open. Nadal is the seventh York. best clay-court player in history,
grab the only major trophy "For the first time in my career, I man in history with at least one Everyone, even Nadal himself, but now he has become so much
missing from his collection. Slam- played a very, very good match in title from each of tennis' four most used to try to explain why he kept more. Youth Is Served
sational this tournament," said Nadal, who important tournaments. leaving the U.S. Open without a Rafael Nadal is the second-
With his victory at the U.S. never had been past the semifinals Bjorn Borg was the only other trophy, why it was the only Grand youngest player to win nine
Open, Rafael Nadal improved to 9 at Flushing Meadows. "That's my man to have nine major Slam tournament he hadn't Grand Slam titles and
-2 all-time in Grand Slam finals. feeling, no? I played my best championships by 24. Exclusive conquered. accomplished the feat in the
Slam Opponent Result'10 U.S. match in the U.S. Open at the Company "The hard court," he said, "always second-fewest number of major
Open N. Djokovic W 6-4, 5-7, 6- most important moment." Rafael Nadal is just the seventh was the most difficult surface ... tournaments (26). Player Slam
4, 6-2'10 Wimbledon T. Berdych Once seen as Roger Federer's man in tennis history to win every for me." Number of Events Age B. Borg'80
W 6-3, 7-5, 6-4'10 French Open nemesis, Nadal has made his own Grand Slam at least once. Player, Here's how the thinking went: French Open 22 24 yrs., 2 days R.
R. Soderling W 6-4, 6-2, 6-4'09 greatness quite clear -- and is Total Slams AO FO Wim USO R. His grinding style exhausts him. Nadal'10 U.S. Open 26 24 yrs., 3
Aussie Open R. Federer W 7-5, 3- more than halfway to Federer's Federer, 16 4 1 6 5 R. Emerson, The wind plays havoc with his mos. R. Federer'06 U.S. Open 30
6, 7-6 (3), 3-6, 6-2'08 Wimbledon career record of 16 Grand Slam 12 6 2 2 2 R. Laver, 11 3 2 4 2 R. spin-lathered strokes. The courts 25 yrs., 1 mo. P. Sampras'97
R. Federer W 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6- titles. Nadal's total already is one Nadal, 9 1 5 2 1 A. Agassi, 8 4 1 1 are too hard and too fast. The Aussie Open 31 25 yrs., 5 mos.--
7 (8), 9-7'08 French Open R. more than Jimmy Connors, Andre 2 F. Perry, 8 1 1 3 3 D. Budge, 6 1 balls are too soft. And so on. Source: ESPN Stats and
Federer W 6-1, 6-3, 6-0'07 Agassi or Ivan Lendl won. 1 2 2-- Source: ESPN Stats and Seems sort of silly, huh? Information
Wimbledon R. Federer L 7-6 (7), It's clear where Nadal stands on Information "Now no one can say he can't win He won on the grass at
4-6, 7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-2'07 French the matter. He said "talk about if I "It's too far; 16, for me, is too far here," said Toni Nadal, Rafael's Wimbledon in 2007, edging
Open R. Federer W 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, am better or worse than Roger is to think about right now," Nadal uncle and coach. "It's very 2010 page 54
6-4'06 Wimbledon R. Federer L 6 stupid, because the titles say he's said, with his typical humility. important for us to know that
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Ravens knock out Jets for hard-fought victory

Associated Press ( Rushing Attempts 35 21 0 7 McClain 4 6 1.5 0 3 NY Jets plenty of them. The Jets intrigued Blog
Submitted at 9/14/2010 12:41:36 AM Yards per rush 1.4 5.5 Red Zone CAR YDS AVG TD LG audiences in the preseason with The Jets' O was downright
(Made-Att) 1-2 0-2 Penalties 5-38 Tomlinson 11 62 5.6 0 21 Smith 2 their no-holds-barred, behind-the- offensive Monday night,
Team Stat Comparison 14-125 Turnovers 3 1 27 13.5 0 22 scenes TV show, but it was the performing as if they drew up the
BAL Fumbles lost 2 1 Receiving Leaders Baltimore Ravens who grabbed the spotlight game plan on the bus ride over to
NYJ 1st Downs 20 6 Interceptions thrown 1 0 REC YDS AVG TD LG TGTS Monday night with a 10-9 victory. the game, writes
Passing 1st downs 12 2 Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 Boldin 7 110 15.7 0 38 10 Heap 6 They held New York to 176's Rich
Rushing 1st downs 2 3 0 Possession 38:32 21:28 72 12.0 0 35 11 NY Jets REC yards, six first downs, allowed Cimini. Story
1st downs from Penalties 6 1 Passing Leaders Baltimore C/ YDS AVG TD LG TGTS Mark Sanchez just 74 yards The Jets started the season
3rd down efficiency 11-19 1-11 ATT YDS AVG TD INT Cotchery 2 18 9.0 0 13 5 passing and kept Rex Ryan's crew looking sloppy, not super, as
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-1 Total RATING Flacco 20/38 248 6.5 0 Tomlinson 2 16 8.0 0 9 4 out of the end zone. More from evidenced by the abundance of
Plays 75 44 Total Yards 282 176 1 62.2 NY Jets C/ATT YDS AVG Associated Press penalties they amassed,
Passing 233 60 TD INT RATING Sanchez 10/21 EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Ravens proved in Monday's's Tim Graham writes.
Comp-Att 20-38 10-21 74 3.5 0 0 56.4 The Baltimore Ravens starred in 10-9 victory over the Jets that Blog
Yards per pass 6.1 2.9 Rushing Rushing Leaders Baltimore CAR this version of "Hard Knocks," they're still a defense-first team, RAVENS page 53
49 116 YDS AVG TD LG Rice 21 43 2.0 punishing the New York Jets with writes's James Walker.
E-reader News Edition 53
continued from page 52

After gabbing all summer long, two passes against first-round firm, and Nick Folk kicked a 23- 6 seconds left, but New York that the better team won."Game
Rex Ryan sent an undisciplined draft pick Kyle Wilson. Boldin yard field goal.Pouha grabbed wasn't done committing penalties. notes
team into MNF's debacle, and the made the kind of impact the another fumble later in the The Jets were offside on the extra LaDainian Tomlinson gained 62
Jets got knocked ... hard, writes Ravens sought with seven quarter, by Willis McGahee, and point and had 10 penalties for 100 yards rushing in his Jets debut,'s Ian receptions overall for 110 yards, Flacco was picked off by Antonio yards in the opening half.They carrying the load after Greene was
O'Connor. Story at times toying with the Jets' Cromartie on a sideline pass at the weren't any more efficient in the benched and looking good in
• Jets Center| Jets blog"Anytime vaunted secondary.So did tight New York 3. The cornerback, second half. But they did get spurts. ... New York lost
you challenge a warrior, a warrior end Todd Heap, who caught six acquired in a trade with San Folk's 48-yard field goal early in defensive tackle Kris Jenkins to a
is always going to respond," passes from a cool Joe Flacco for Diego to further bolster a the fourth quarter to make it 10-9. first-quarter knee injury. ... Flacco
Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis 72 yards."I'm excited about our secondary that features All-Pro Even then, however, they wasted finished 20 for 38 for 248 yards.
said.For those urging the Jets to weapons," coach John Harbaugh CB Darrelle Revis, got a terrific a 22-yard punt return by Jim Sanchez was 10 of 21. ...
put up or shut up, well, it was said. "We have guys all the way block from his partner on a 66- Leonhard to the Baltimore Baltimore rushed for only 49
Baltimore that produced most of across the board that Joe can go yard runback to the Baltimore 35."Things need to be addressed, yards, yet controlled the ball for
the highlights in a sloppy opener to. Joe knows how to find 31.Two plays later, Shonn Greene the penalty issue needs to be nearly 38 minutes.
of New York's new home. The them."The beginning was fiery, as lost the ball -- he touched it only addressed immediately," Sanchez Copyright by STATS LLC and
$1.6 billion New Meadowlands expected, with Ray Rice and one more time the rest of the night said. "We need to play a lot The Associated Press
Stadium rocked with J-E-T-S Shaun Ellis woofing at each other and dropped a pass -- and smarter."Cromartie's debut as a EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ -
chants, then the Ravens rocked before kickoff. But it turned into a Baltimore embarked on an Jet was spotty, at best. Like SEPTEMBER 13: Rain falls on
Ryan's defense with enough big slopfest, as many of the openers impressive 11-play, 76-yard drive Wilson, he was beaten several Jets fans as they enter the west
plays to silence the crowd of were this weekend, with the Jets for a 7-6 halftime lead. Of course, times by Boldin as the Ravens gate to watch the New York
78,127 -- if not the talkative coach looking particularly undisciplined it was aided by Jets mistakes, the usually avoided Revis, even Jets...(Photo by Jim McIsaac/
and his players."They beat us in by drawing 14 penalties for 125 worst of which were Braylon though the Jets' star cornerback Getty Images)
every statistical category there is yards. They also were 1 for 11 on Edwards-- a wide receiver, of all missed the entire preseason in a This entry passed through the
except turnovers," Ryan said.And third downs.New York's six first things -- running into Cundiff on a holdout."I told him that the beast Full-Text RSS service — if this is
not even a 3-1 edge in that downs tied a franchise-low set in field goal attempt, giving the he created, he's got to deal with," your content and you're reading it
department could help the Jets."It 1976. Rapid Reaction Ravens a first down to prolong the the Ravens' Terrell Suggs said of on someone else's site, please read
became personal when the Looking for more information on possession, and rookie Wilson's Ryan, who was Baltimore's our FAQ page at
schedule came out," Lewis added. this game? Check out the NFL pass interference on T.J. defensive coordinator before content-only/faq.php
"We knew the tradition and the Nation Blog for instant analysis. Houshmandzadeh in the end zone. joining the Jets. "All respect to Five Filters featured article:
respect that Rex wanted to bring AFC East| AFC North| Stats & Third Down Is The Goal him. I love him with all my heart, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
to the Jets. The bottom line is: Info"We weren't at our best Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco but they got to deal with us this Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Let's just play football. I tip my today," Ryan said, "but that's a was more proficient on third year."We showed who the No. 1 Catastrophe.
hat to my team." Billy Cundiff's credit to the Ravens."New York's down than his Jets counterpart, defense is. He knows the caliber
25-yard field goal in the third usually fierce defense sacked Mark Sanchez. Flacco Sanchez of players in here. He was just
quarter provided the winning Flacco on Baltimore's first Completions 9 1 Attempts 14 6 trying to fire up his team. You
points, with Anquan Boldin, offensive play, forcing a fumble Yards 137 9 First downs 9 1-- have to commend the man for
Baltimore's main offseason recovered by Sione Pouha. The ESPN Stats & Information that. He wanted them ready to
acquisition, gaining 65 yards on Ravens' equally intense D held McGahee scored from the 1 with fight and they were ready. It's just
54 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
2010 Kevin Kolb of
continued from page 51
Philadelphia Eagles must
Federer 9-7 in the fifth set as is when there was a two-hour rain for tennis -- calm and cool, the garden outside Arthur Ashe
darkness descended, then again delay. temperature in the 70s -- they Stadium. His uncle followed,
pass test in order to play
this year. He won on the hard Djokovic took that set -- the only were superb, engaging in 10-, 15-, toting a bottle of champagne in news services
courts at the Australian Open in one of 22 played by Nadal in New 20-stroke points that drew each hand. A couple of dozen (
2009, again besting Federer in York this year that he lost. He standing ovations and camera relatives and friends gathered Submitted at 9/13/2010 10:57:43 PM
five sets. came oh-so-close to being the first flashes from the stands, no matter around, sipping the bubbly and
All that was left was the U.S. man in a half-century to win this who hit the winner. taking photos. Updated: September 13, 2010,
Open. After complaining of tournament without dropping a And there were winners aplenty Like a family picnic, only not at a 11:57 PM ET
fatigue in 2008, coming off his set. at both ends -- 49 by Nadal, 45 by neighborhood park, but at the PHILADELPHIA -- Quarterback
gold medal from the Beijing "Nadal ... is just proving each day, Djokovic -- as well as point- biggest Grand Slam tennis arena Kevin Kolb and linebacker
Olympics, then dealing with bad each year, that he's getting better. extending defense, sneakers there is. Stewart Bradley have not been
knees and a torn abdominal That's what's so frustrating, a little squeaking as they scurried around Amid the celebration, Toni Nadal ruled out for Philadelphia's game
muscle in 2009, he set out to bit. He's getting better each time the court. The key, perhaps, was was asked where his nephew at Detroit next Sunday despite
make this trip to Flushing you play him," Djokovic said. this: Nadal made only two stands in the tennis pantheon. sustaining concussions in the
Meadows different. "He's so mentally strong and unforced errors in the fourth set. "The best of all time Federer, season opener. Mike & Mike in
He curtailed his schedule a bit in dedicated to this sport. He has all It's not as though he was playing Borg, Laver. They're the best. the Morning
the spring, to save some wear and the capabilities, everything he safe, either, cranking up his Rafael is very far away from those ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio
tear. He took extra time off after needs, in order to be the biggest groundstrokes and aiming for the guys. Rafael is a good player. I says Eagles players were blown
Wimbledon, getting treatment on ever." lines. think he's a very good player," away by Michael Vick's
his knees and skipping the Davis Nadal stretched his Grand Slam Nadal was back to his relentless Uncle Toni said. "But I don't performance on Sunday. Plus,
Cup quarterfinals. winning streak to 21 matches by best in the third and fourth, hitting know if he's part of that group." Paolantonio explains why Kevin
It all worked. Nadal only had one adding the U.S. Open to his titles shots so well that Djokovic was Could he be, one day? Kolb could be out for a while and
blip all tournament: The second at the French Open in June, then moved to applaud on occasion. A "I don't know," came the reply. why Andy Reid could have a
set Monday evening. Perhaps Wimbledon in July. No man had drop volley here; a running "Ask me in five or six years, and tough decision in the coming
bothered by some pro-Djokovic won those three tournaments in backhand passing winner there; maybe I can say." weeks.
supporters yelling between serves the same year since Rod Laver most delivered with a sneer. By then -- if not sooner -- maybe Eagles coach Andy Reid says
-- earning an admonishment from won a true Grand Slam in 1969. Nadal broke for 2-1 leads in each the rest of the world can, too. both players must pass a specific
the chair umpire -- Nadal fell Now Nadal heads to the of those last two sets. As the Copyright 2010 by The evaluation process before they are
behind 3-1 by making four Australian Open in January with a finish line approached, Toni Associated Press cleared to play. He says the team's
mistakes, including a double- chance to claim a Rafa Slam of Nadal kept putting his palms This entry passed through the medical staff will follow the
fault, to get broken at love. four consecutive major down and motioning to his Full-Text RSS service — if this is NFL's guidelines for concussions.
When Nadal pushed a backhand championships -- something that nephew to keep calm. That he did, your content and you're reading it Bradley sustained a concussion
long to close a 19-shot point, also hasn't been done since Laver. arriving at match point by on someone else's site, please read when he collided with Ernie Sims
2008 Australian Open champion Djokovic, who overtakes Federer sprinting to reach a drop shot and our FAQ page at during Philadelphia's 27-20 loss to
Djokovic screamed, "Come on!" at No. 2 in the rankings this week, whipping a forehand that landed content-only/faq.php Green Bay on Sunday. Yet
It was part of a run of 11 made Nadal earn it. The Serb right on the baseline. Five Filters featured article: somehow, the Eagles' middle
consecutive points for Djokovic, played superbly for long stretches, When Djokovic hit a forehand Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- linebacker returned for a few
who went ahead 4-1. showing off terrific returning, wide to end it second later, Nadal Reporting of Falluja's Cancer plays before he was pulled for the
As quickly as Nadal lost his way, retrieving and a big forehand. fell backward onto the court with Catastrophe. rest of the game.
however, he gathered himself, his Coming out of the rain delay with a shout. He rolled onto his Minutes before Bradley went
strokes gaining steam, his Djokovic serving at 4-all, 30-all in stomach, and placed his forehand down, Kolb's head was slammed
footwork as good as ever. A the second set, both players on his arms, savoring the moment. down so hard on a tackle from
violent backhand on a 23-stroke clearly benefited from a bit of About a half-hour later, the 2010 behind that a chunk of grass got
exchange allowed Nadal to break rest. Fresh of body and clear of U.S. Open champion carried his KEVIN page 55
back, and he held to 4-all, which mind, and with conditions perfect shiny new trophy into the player
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 55
continued from page 54

stuck in his helmet. He got up Kolb and Bradley will be practice squad. Guard Fenuki
Indiana Gov. Daniels
slowly and walked off the field.
The team initially said Kolb had
evaluated on Wednesday and
they'll see an independent
Tupou agreed to a contract and
will take Mills' spot on the Hints at Presidential Run
a jaw injury, and the quarterback specialist, as required by the practice squad. (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
returned to throw three passes league, on Friday. Weaver tore the anterior cruciate Submitted at 9/14/2010 6:00:36 AM
before sitting out the rest of the Michael Vick, who nearly led the ligament in his right knee. Reid
game with a concussion. Eagles to a comeback win in a called the damage to his knee Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 11:00 AM
Head injuries were an important dynamic half of action, would get "severe," and said a surgery date Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch
issue for the NFL in the the start if Kolb doesn't play. for Weaver hasn't been set. Daniels is making moves under
offseason. Last year, the league Reid again squashed any Jackson tore his right triceps, not the radar to explore a 2012
implemented stricter return-to- quarterback controversy. biceps as the team originally said. presidential bid. He’s been
play guidelines for players who "Kevin Kolb's the No. 1 He will have surgery on Tuesday. gathering with GOP bigwigs on
show concussion symptoms, and quarterback," Reid said. Jackson was in the starting lineup the political, business and donor
each team must consult with an The Eagles lost Pro Bowl after making a remarkable side from all over the country to
independent neurologist whenever fullback Leonard Weaver(knee) recovery from surgery to repair a build support, according to
there is a head injury. and center Jamaal torn ACL sustained last Dec. 27.
Kolb and Bradley weren't Jackson(triceps) for the season. Information from The Associated The governor has given little
available for comment Monday. The Eagles placed Weaver and Press was used in this report. indication in public that a run for
Both players were sent home from Jackson on the injured reserve list This entry passed through the the White House is in the offing. Republican Party, and I hope he
the team's practice facility, and and signed former Seahawks Full-Text RSS service — if this is But the meetings, which have does run.”
didn't watch film with their fullback Owen Schmitt and tight your content and you're reading it taken place at the governor’s © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
teammates. end/fullback Garrett Mills. The on someone else's site, please read residence in Indianapolis, are This entry passed through the
"They didn't feel great," Reid Eagles had been carrying only our FAQ page at designed to put Daniels in touch Full-Text RSS service — if this is
said. two tight ends, and Mills also can content-only/faq.php with the Republican movers and your content and you're reading it
Reid said both players would not play some fullback. Five Filters featured article: shakers who can fund his on someone else's site, please read
practice before Friday. However, Schmitt, a fifth-round draft Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- campaign and provide policy our FAQ page at
Reid didn't rule either player out choice by Seattle in 2008, played Reporting of Falluja's Cancer advice. content-only/faq.php
for Sunday's game at Detroit. in 30 games with the Seahawks. Catastrophe. “I was very impressed with Gov. Five Filters featured article:
"I can't tell you that," he said. He caught 12 passes for 50 yards Daniels,” James Huffines, a Texas Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
"We have to go through and do and one touchdown, and carried banker and major GOP Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
exactly what the protocol calls for five times for 21 yards. Schmitt contributor, told Politico. “I think Catastrophe.
and that's the procedure that we're was released on Sept. 6. he’s a fresh face for the
doing right now. Mills had been on Philadelphia's
56 Sports/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Female Journalist Doris O'Donnell Sen. John Kerry Flip-

Drew Ted Williams' Ire, Then His Flops on Tax Cuts for
Respect Rich
Pat McManamon (FanHouse (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Main) Submitted at 9/14/2010 4:11:41 AM

Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:03:00 AM

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 09:11 AM
Filed under: Indians, Red Sox Massachusetts senator John
PEPPER PIKE, Ohio -- They Kerry reportedly is flip-flopping
could be chatting, reminiscing on tax cuts for the wealthiest
about old times. They could be Americans, according to
cousins, friends, neighbors -- or
romantically involved. This past summer, Kerry, a
It's 1957 and Ted Williams is Democrat, went on record that he
leaning against a wall at Fenway would back a one-to two-year
Park. He holds his glove, but he extension of the Bush tax cuts for
isn't smiling. The woman behind the wealthy -- if that provision
him leans forward, bracing her was incorporated in a bill that also
hands against the wall. They aren't extended middle-class cuts.
laughing, but neither seems Last week, however, Kerry told © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
unhappy. the Boston Globe, "Under no This entry passed through the
The story behind the photograph, circumstances do I believe we Full-Text RSS service — if this is
taken without Williams or the should give a blanket extension to your content and you're reading it
woman knowing, is part of sports the Bush tax cuts for the on someone else's site, please read
lore, but also delves deep into defunct Cleveland News at the making babies and come up with wealthiest Americans -- it won't our FAQ page at
societal changes and is wrapped time and was on a trip with the a rare one-on-one interview with fix our economy and it will add content-only/faq.php
up in the irascibility of Williams Cleveland Indians that resulted in Williams while leaning against billions to the long-term structural Five Filters featured article:
and a young lady doing her job. more tales and tawdriness than that wall. Shortly after her return, deficit." Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Nowadays. leagues have she imagined possible. she was the subject of a front- Senate Finance Committe Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
investigations when female At that point in time, women did page story in The Sporting News c h a i r m a n M a x B a u c u s o f Catastrophe.
reporters are not treated well -- as not write about teams, much less in which she was quoted saying of Montana is singing the same tune.
in the current case of the New travel with them. O'Donnell was sportswriting: "I'd rather see a son
York Jets. This woman -- Doris on the trip at the whim of of mine driving a bus." It also had
O'Donnell -- was on her own in a mercurial editor Nat Howard, who advice from Williams, who said
man's world, talking to the most sent her to the East Coast to after hearing she had been ejected
contentious player in baseball. follow the team and come up with from the press box: "Don't let
O'Donnell, now 89 and living in stories. those guys push you around."
Boston Heights, Ohio, had a When the trip ended, O'Donnell O'Donnell's attitude the entire
journalism career that spanned 58 had been thrown out of two press trip: "I just wanted my story."
years. She worked for the now- boxes, told she should be home
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Religion/ 57

The Works: Team USA in the Key of Totally, totally shameless

B, Corporate Logo Creep, Iverson in self promotion
tmatt (GetReligion)
China Submitted at 9/13/2010 2:48:43 PM

Bethlehem Shoals and Tom

Ziller (FanHouse Main) OK, I’ll just say it.
GetReligion is now up and
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:00 AM running on Facebook. It’s about
time, right?
Filed under: USA Basketball, If you like us, that will matter.
Sports Business and Media, The You can make us one of your
Works Rob Peterson (@ShotDrJr) special favorites, or not. You can
is filling in for Bethlehem Shoals tell your friends about us, or not.
this week. In The Works today, If the phrase “or not” applies to
logos will creep onto NBA jerseys you in any way, then have a nice
(and that's OK) and Allen Iverson best Texas accent, me or Bobby.
day, anyway. Written by: tmatt on September
mulls an unofficial goodwill tour I know that some people have
of Chinese basketball arenas. 13, 2010.
had trouble with RSS feeds for This entry passed through the
But first, we insist this American GetReligion. Between this and
squad continue to be called The B Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Twitter, hopefully we are your content and you're reading it
-team. creeping into the picture for a few
Alphabet Hoop: When you are on someone else's site, please read
more people with mobile devices. our FAQ page at
derided as inferior, yet you Are we going to need an iPad app
overcome all obstacles to succeed, did what the A-team couldn't in rage against the media ignores the content-only/faq.php
2006: won the Worlds, a deeper, very important reality that this sooner or later? Five Filters featured article:
you are legally obligated to Oh, and we hope to have another
invoke the Law of Nobody arguably tougher tournament than really was a B-team. This was not Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the Olympics. With the win, a collection of the 12 best multimedia offering up and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Believed In Us!. running by the end of the week.
The 2010 incarnation of Team Team USA tripped a clause American NBA players. That was Catastrophe.
demanding the activation of the 2008. That was, essentially, 10 of What might that be? Well, readers
USA was certainly considered get to decide who has the worst/
inferior, earning the moniker "The Law of Nobody Believed In Us!. the top 20 American NBA players
B-team" once every last member Kevin Durant is a stickler for on the planet, plus Tayshaun
of the 2008 Olympic champion regulations, so he ran with it, Prince and a guy dressed like
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World Championship this huh?? Haaaaa we got it done... ." team ...
summer. The B-team, of course, But all this passive-aggressive
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McConnell Introduces Bill to Keep Bush Tax Cuts

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) choice. Though Boehner was declined to reiterate that threat on relief for married couples, and said Monday during a backyard
Submitted at 9/13/2010 4:30:19 PM clear that he supports extending Monday. Republicans control 41 lower taxes on investments and town hall in a Northern Virginia
the full range of tax cuts, the seats, the minimum needed for a large estates. suburb.
WASHINGTON — President White House jumped on his successful bill-killing filibuster, On Sunday, House GOP leader Gibbs said the middle class
Barack Obama's plan to raise remarks as a possible change of though McConnell spokesman John Boehner said he would should not be used as a political
taxes on wealthier people while heart. Don Stewart declined to say support renewing tax cuts for the football by Republicans
preserving cuts for everyone else But Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the whether all 41 Republicans would middle class but not the wealthy if maneuvering to give tax cuts to
appears increasingly likely to GOP whip, said Monday his party support a filibuster. that was his only choice. Though wealthy taxpayers, who he said
founder before Election Day. won't give ground. To amplify his point, McConnell Boehner was clear that he don't need the reductions.
Senate GOP leaders declared on "Just before the recess we had a on Monday introduced a bill to supports extending the full range Republicans say paring taxes for
Monday that Republicans are, to a meeting and we discussed this, extend to Bush tax cuts of tax cuts, the White House the wealthy would encourage
person, opposed to legislation that a n d e v e r y R e p u b l i c a n w a s indefinitely for all income ranges. jumped on his remarks as a them and the businesses they
would extend only middle-class absolutely supportive of the idea Some Democrats, like Sens. Kent possible change of heart. operate to create jobs.
tax relief — which Obama has that there shouldn't be any Conrad of North Dakota, Evan Boehner has proposed a two-year Republicans, for their part, say
repeatedly promised to deliver — increases in taxes," Kyl said. Bayh of Indiana and Ben Nelson extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, that it's not just the rich who
if Democrats follow through on Renewing the tax cuts for of Nebraska, are siding with which would push the question would be hit by Obama's tax hike
plans to let tax rates rise for the e v e r y o n e w o u l d c o s t t h e Republicans against raising taxes into the 2012 presidential on upper-income people. Many
wealthiest Americans. The GOP government almost $4 trillion on anyone during a fragile election. Obama has declined to small businesses — that earn
senators forcefully made their over the next decade, according to economic recovery. say that he'd veto such a plan. about half of all small business
c a s e o n e d a y a f t e r H o u s e congressional analysts, who also "I don't think it makes sense to Democrats are worried that income — would also face the tax
Republican leader John Boehner assume that Congress won't allow raise any federal taxes during the November elections could hand hike.
suggested he might vote for the alternative minimum tax to hit uncertain economy we are the GOP control of the House and "No American should face a tax
Obama's plan if that ends up the millions of middle class taxpayers struggling through," Sen. Joe perhaps the Senate. The White increase in January ... not one,"
only option. with eye-popping tax hikes. Lieberman, a Connecticut House and its Democratic allies said Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, the
Both Republicans and Democrats With polls showing broad public independent who aligns with hope to use the tax-cut fight to No. 3 House Republican. "We
are using the looming expiration anger over spiraling federal Democrats, said Monday. "The cast themselves as defenders of will not compromise our economy
of Bush-era tax cuts as a defining deficits, Obama wants to exclude more money we leave in private the middle class and Republicans to accommodate the class warfare
battle in elections to determine individuals earning over $200,000 hands, the quicker our economic as a party eager to revive the days rhetoric of this administration."
control of Congress. and couples making over recovery will be. And that means of a still-unpopular former ___
I t w o u l d t a k e n u m e r o u s $250,000 — who account for I will do everything I can to make president, George W. Bush. Associated Press writer Laurie
Democratic defectors to pass the $700 billion of that $4 trillion sure Congress extends the so- "We're going to take the next 50- Kellman contributed to this
Republicans' version — extending total. They represent about 3 called Bush tax cuts for another some days to convince the public report.
all the Bush tax cuts — or the percent of taxpayers, according to year." that's exactly what the © Copyright 2010 The Associated
issue could be left for a the Tax Policy Center, a But Lieberman said he would not Republicans would do — back to Press. All rights reserved. This
postelection congressional session W a s h i n g t o n t h i n k t a n k . vote to hold up extension of the the Bush policies," said White material may not be published,
if Republicans block the measure "Only in Washington could middle-class cuts to win leverage House press secretary Robert broadcast, rewritten or
with a filibuster. Obama last week someone propose a tax hike as an to extend those for wealthier Gibbs said on NBC's "Today" redistributed.
declined to say whether he would antidote to a recession," GOP people as well. show. This entry passed through the
veto a bill that preserved the tax leader Mitch McConnell of At issue is a year-end deadline to "We could get (tax cuts) done this Full-Text RSS service — if this is
breaks for the wealthy. Kentucky said. renew a variety of tax cuts week, but we're still in this your content and you're reading it
On Sunday, Boehner said he McConnell has said a bill enacted in 2001 — when the wrestling match with John on someone else's site, please read
would support renewing tax cuts extending the tax cuts for only federal government was running a Boehner and Mitch McConnell our FAQ page at
for the middle class but not the low- and middle-income earners surplus. They include lower rates, about the last 2 to 3 percent" of
wealthy if that was his only cannot pass the Senate, but he a $1,000 per-child tax credit, upper-income taxpayers, Obama MCCONNELL page 59
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Obama Could Name Warren Interim continued from page 58

Consumer Head Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) a divisive confirmation. protection bureau. But he said that Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Submitted at 9/13/2010 6:31:38 PM The financial regulatory bill while he has had conversations Catastrophe.
Obama signed into law earlier this with Warren over the past several
Monday, 13 Sep 2010 11:31 PM year created a consumer months, he wasn't ready to make
WASHINGTON (AP) — As protection agency that will have an official announcement.
President Barack Obama looks for vast powers to enforce regulations Others mentioned as contenders
someone to head a new consumer covering mortgages, credit cards
protection bureau, he could name and other financial products. The
to lead the consumer agency are
Michael Barr, an assistant Microsoft Launches
Elizabeth Warren, the popular but law also included a provision that treasury secretary who was a key
polarizing consumer advocate, on would allow the president to
an interim basis, a move that appoint an interim agency head
architect of the administration's
financial regulatory plans, and
Webcam With 1080p HD
would allow her to avoid a that would not be subject to
potentially contentious Senate congressional approval.
confirmation hearing. The process of forming the
Eugene Kimmelman, a deputy
assistant attorney general in the
Justice Department's antitrust
Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
However, officials at the White agency is already under way, led division.
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:15:01 AM
House cautioned that no decision by officials from the Treasury © Copyright 2010 The Associated
on a nominee has been made, and Department. Press. All rights reserved. This Microsoft has launched a new
they wouldn't say whether Obama Warren long has been considered material may not be published, webcam dubbed LifeCam Studio
had settled on a plan that would a front-runner to lead the agency. broadcast, rewritten or with a Full HD (1080p) sensor.
allow his choice to bypass S h e c u r r e n t l y h e a d s t h e redistributed. The LifeCam Studio features 360
confirmation. Congressional Oversight Panel, This entry passed through the -degree view range, improved
Two people briefed on the which has been a watchdog over Full-Text RSS service — if this is auto focus and Microsoft’s
appointment process told The the Treasury Department's bank your content and you're reading it TrueColor and ClearFrame
New York Times that the White bailout fund. on someone else's site, please read technologies, which keep the
H o u s e w a s e x p l o r i n g w a y s Last month, she met with senior our FAQ page at colors bright and the video
Warren could run the bureau administration officials to discuss content-only/faq.php smooth even under low-light
w i t h o u t h a v i n g t o e n d u r e the role and had a White House Five Filters featured article: later this month for an estimated
confirmation hearings. Though meeting with the president last Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- price of $99.95. It’s currently
Microsoft’s Windows Live
Warren is a favorite of consumer week. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer available for pre-order on the
Messenger 2011, which is
advocates and labor groups, she On Friday, Obama praised Catastrophe. retailer’s website.
currently available in beta,
has little support within the Warren as a "dear friend" who has More About: gadgets, lifecam,
supports HD video calling in 16:9
financial community and her been, "a tremendous advocate" for microsoft, tech, webcam
format, a feature that should go
nomination could set the stage for the establishment of a consumer For more Tech coverage:
hand-in-hand with the company’s
• Follow Mashable Tech on
new webcam.
However, bear in mind that the
• Become a Fan on Facebook
video software that comes with
• Subscribe to the Tech channel
the camera caps video chatting/
• Download our free apps for
recording at 720p.
iPhone and iPad
LifeCam Studio will be available
exclusively at Best Buy stores
60 Science/ E-reader News Edition

The Treasure of the Safit Chir

Matthieu Aikins (Popular gemstones with a market value of
Science - New Technology, about $2.75 million annually, and
Science News, The Future probably keep about a tenth of
that for themselves.Haroon
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:26:00 AM beckoned us to enter one of the
Searching Haroon, an artisanal mines, where the air was cooler.
miner, looks for emeralds deep Crouching, he led us through a
inside the Hindu Kush. Matthieu crude system of tunnels that he
Aikins For over two centuries we and others had dug with
have struggled to understand the jackhammers and dynamite.
scope of Afghanistan's mineral Several hundred feet into the
wealth. Now geologists, if they entrails of the mountain, he
can determine what lies beneath hunched down and pointed his
the nation's ground, might also lamp at a solid stone face. He
help bring stability to the surface placed his finger against a thin
Early one morning in June, just a line of whitish feldspar. "This is
week after the New York Times the sign of the emeralds," he said.
reported claims by U.S. officials He scratched at the vein with his
that Afghanistan was perched atop chisel and then reached down and
enough copper, gold, iron, picked up a stone encrusted with a
lithium, and assorted rare faint fuzz of green crystals. "You
minerals and gemstones "to see? They must be close."
fundamentally alter the Afghan That there is mineral wealth in
economy and perhaps the Afghan Afghanistan is as obvious as the
war itself," I made my way with a stone in Haroon's hand. But no
local guide to the illegal mines of one knows just how much. The
the Safit Chir, an emerald-rich Times cited a newly arrived
line of ridges 100 miles northeast Pentagon task force to support the
of Kabul. After a three-hour climb claim that Afghanistan possesses
up trails navigable only on foot or "nearly $1 trillion in untapped
by donkey, we greeted several invasion in 1979, he said, and he'd it contained only dust. hidden from the central mineral deposits," and the Afghan
miners, and one of them led us faced the enemy's artillery and Afghanistan's "artisanal" miners, government, which in any case government itself puts it closer to
past the dark maws of the tunnels helicopters in these very the gem-seeking equivalent of has little control over the region. $3 trillion. But such numbers can't
to the edge of a ridge, the better to mountains: land mines and the subsistence farmers, have been Fatal accidents from blasting, be found in any published
see the places where his nation's bones of men were buried out extracting and exporting precious cave-ins and avalanches are not scientific papers. "You can read
wealth might be hidden. there, and older things too. stones for more than seven uncommon, and the miners every one of our reports, and
As we looked out over steep Haroon, another miner, said that millennia; archaeologists have survive on a diet of stale bread, there's no dollar figure attached to
slopes dotted with purple while he was digging a new discovered lapis lazuli from tea, chickpeas, rice and hashish, them," says Jack Medlin, the
delphinium, the snow-capped tunnel several years ago he came Afghanistan in ancient burial sites brought up once a week by geologist who coordinated the
peaks of the Himalayas all around across ancient buried walls, the as far away as Egypt. For the donkey. In the summer they live 2007 U.S. Geological Survey
us, Abdul Latif told me that he chamber of a house made with 3,000 or so artisanal miners in small stone huts with tarpaulin work in Afghanistan that
had not always been a miner. He neat stone masonry. He found a working today, the job remains roofs; in winter, they move down informed the Pentagon estimate.
had become a mujahideen clay amphora there and smashed difficult. They have no property into the mines themselves. For
commander after the Soviet it in the hopes of finding gold, but rights and keep their operations these efforts, they produce TREASURE page 61
E-reader News Edition 61
continued from page 60

"From what we can tell, someone resources, built a fine chart that showed the major faults heavy elements (iron, copper, hid the documentation in their
took the estimated tonnage and headquarters for the Afghanistan in the Eastern Hemisphere and gold) from the Earth's mantle and, homes, where it remained until
looked up commodity prices for Geological Survey, on the eastern swept his hand in a line from the as it cools, also crystallizes into the current occupation.In 2004,
that particular mineral at that edge of Kabul, and 21 years after Balkans down past India. "The emeralds and rubies. Meanwhile, American and British geologists
time," Medlin says. "You begin to the Soviet withdrawal, the place is Tethyan mineral belt starts in the prehistoric seabeds, laden as began training the staff of the
go through a multiplication and still being renovated with Turkey, runs through Iran and they are with organic sediment, AGS to conduct surveys using
addition process, and someone international money. When I then into Afghanistan, and goes promise significant oil and gas global positioning satellites and
arrived at a trillion-dollar figure." visited one hot afternoon, workers all the way across Asia to deposits. modern field laboratories. They
The Pentagon task force estimate were applying a fresh coat of Indonesia. It's renowned for "This country is rich. Everybody also began entering the data from
also obscured another important paint to the stark concrete holding world-class base- and knows this," Garry concluded. the old Soviet reports into
fact: Knowing about something is exterior. precious-metals deposits." "But in order to understand this computer databases, converting it
not the same as having it. • This magnetic anomaly Steinmüller broke in and jabbed at kind of mineral endowment, you to correspond to international data
Geologists and mining indicates the presence of rare- the map. "The Tethyan belt is one need to undertake systematic standards, and verifying the
professionals carefully distinguish earth metals. of the best-understood. But there exploration." Soviet geologists' original
resources-the actual amount of a • An area with low magnetic are many other mineral belts. **** sampling material, thereby
given material that exists in the anomalies could contain oil or There's another one up here," he Afghanistan's potential wealth bringing that decades-old picture
ground-from reserves, the amount gas. said, pointing toward has long been studied with of Afghan wealth into greater
of that resource that can be • High magnetic anomalies here Afghanistan's northeasternmost interest by its ruling powers. The focus.
extracted at profit with current indicate the presence of copper. corner, where the mountain peaks first scientific exploration of the Still, significant areas of the
technology under current • Low density also suggests oil or can reach above 25,000 feet. land came with British invasions country had yet to be studied. A
conditions. The Pentagon, gas, reinforcing the data from (2) "Lots of precious metals. There in 1839 and 1878, and the first team of USGS geologists
however, had simply tallied up the are many other belts like that, but systematic surveying efforts delivered a briefing in Kabul to
current market value of all the The AGS is responsible for, they're not well-understood yet." began in the mid-20th century, the staff of then-ambassador
minerals buried under one of the among other tasks, measuring The existence of such mineral when French, German, Italian and Zalmay Khalilzad, with a
most rugged, remote, Afghanistan's mineral wealth, and b e l t s a n d t h e d i f f i c u l t y i n Soviet geologists, at the invitation particular focus on the petroleum-
undeveloped and lawless the World Bank, which has analyzing them both owe in part of King Zahir Shah, traveled the producing potential of the
countries on Earth. extended $2 billion in loans to to the violent collision of the nation on foot and donkey-back, Sheberghan region in the north.
The result, not uncommon in Afghanistan, has taken an interest Indian-Australian and Eurasian taking rock samples by hand. It The ambassador's staff, however,
Afghanistan, was the promise of a in the project. I was here to meet tectonic plates, which began some was the Soviet invaders, though, was more interested in knowing if
rich reward with no accounting of two of the experts the bank had 50 million years ago and which who conducted what remain the there might be undiscovered
what it would take to obtain it. sent to assist in the effort. I joined still pushes the Himalayas up by most extensive ground surveys: wealth in areas that were seen as
The country desperately needs the Klaus Steinmüller and Jerry Garry nearly an inch every year. That They used drilling, trenching, and susceptible to Taliban influence.
resources to rebuild, but future in the sunlit map room, crowded c o l l i s i o n h a s m a d e t h e field samples to evaluate 20 sites "The question was: Is there any
investors will demand a far more with plotting tables and geological m o u n t a i n o u s r e g i o n s o f in detail, paying special attention potential for oil and gas in the
careful analysis of the costs and charts, where they had been Afghanistan some of the most to the large Aynak copper deposit southern part of the country?
benefits. If scientists can training Afghan geologists. What rugged on Earth-tough places for south of Kabul and the even larger Because that would be critical,"
determine what really lies beneath was it, I asked them, that made surveying minerals and fighting Hajigak iron deposit in the Hindu recalls Medlin, the USGS
the ground-what can be extracted countries rich in minerals in the insurgencies alike. Kush. After the Soviet withdrawal geologist. The presence of natural
under the challenging "current first place? The collision also drained away in 1989, all geological work came wealth, it was thought, could
conditions" of poverty, chaos and "If you're a mining company, the the prehistoric Tethys Ocean, to a halt. In 1995, as the Taliban attract large-scale development
war-perhaps Afghanistan can first thing you do is, you look at even as it opened fissures that massed on the outskirts of Kabul, that, in addition to growing the
negotiate its own fate. the regional setting," Garry said. drew magma to the surface. This the staff of the AGS did manage national economy and enhancing
**** "Is Afghanistan sitting in a highly is, from the perspective of mineral to compile most of the previous the authority of the central
The Soviet invaders, mindful of prospective mineral belt? The p r o s p e c t o r s , a n e n t i c i n g research, and when the Taliban TREASURE page 62
the political importance of natural answer is yes." He spread out a combination. Magma draws up took Kabul a year later, the staff
62 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61

government, might employ the Department of Defense required which each pixel represented a opening the nation to long-term Kabul and over the Hindu Kush to
people of that unstable region in the pilots to fly at a standoff square about 50 feet across-sharp investment in mining technology Pakistan. In fact, the rapid growth
something other than distance of at least 12,000 feet enough to pick up useful data and infrastructure. At Peru's of neighboring China and India
insurgency.The administration of vertically aboveground and patterns, but still at best merely Antamina mine site, for instance, could provide Afghanistan the
Afghan president Hamid Karzai horizontally away from nearby suggestive. miners on a 15,000-foot mountain opportunity to develop its own
determined that additional mountain ranges. Since Ultimately, understanding which ridge send copper and zinc ore on infrastructure, and ultimately to
research was needed and gave the specialized survival gear would minerals are present in what a conveyor belt to an intermediary open up the whole region.
USGS $8.86 million to get have been required for the crew to concentrations in Afghanistan will plant, where it is crushed into a And the Chinese government has
started. The USGS in turn go more than 26,000 feet above require field research. Medlin slurry that can be sent through a already funded the construction of
solicited approximately $15 sea level, the surveyors were not says the USGS is hoping that nearly 200-mile pipeline that a Pakistani deepwater port at
million from USAID and other able to examine the 30 percent of Afghan geologists will one day be terminates at the port of Punta Gwadar. India and Iran,
international donors. The problem the country that was more than able to do that work themselves. Lobitos. Such systems are not meanwhile, are working together
was that the most promising 14,000 feet above sea level. It also "We are training them," he adds, especially complicated, but they to build roads from southwestern
"frontier basins"-possible oil- and meant that the survey results were "because they are the ones who are massive, and making them a Afghanistan to the competing
gas-bearing rock regions-were in less detailed. "You want to go can get out into the countryside." reality in Afghanistan will require Iranian deepwater port at
the most forbidding terrain in the lower and slower," Medlin says. **** a commensurately massive Chabahar. It's not the desire to
south and southeast, along the "Ideally less than 3,000 feet." Back at the Afghanistan investment. defeat the Taliban, or the need for
Pakistan border. No one from the For the second part of the survey, Geological Survey, in a half- Attracting such investment may a political friend in an unstable
USGS was going in by road. completed in October 2007, Air renovated office down the hall prove the greatest challenge of all. region, or the hope for peace that
"These places being in locations Force and NASA pilots from the World Bank team, Abdul Even by the turbulent standards of will inspire such partnerships. It's
where for security reasons you crisscrossed the country at 50,000 Rahman Ashraf sat hunched over the Karzai administration, the what's in the ground.
couldn't get in," Medlin says, feet in a modified WB-57 a desktop PowerPoint Ministry of Mines has seen rapid And so real surveying leads to
"you need some remote Canberra jet bomber equipped presentation, occasionally turnover (there have been six real investment, which in turn
instrument that will allow you to with a hyperspectral 3-D-mapping sketching on a pad of paper to appointed ministers since 2002), leads to real roads, real jobs and
explore it from above." sensor. The USGS geologists illustrate the wavy lines of rock and it has gained a reputation as eventually-perhaps-real peace.
The answer was air power. But complemented this overflight data formations-clines and anticlines- one of the most corrupt agencies But precise information about
remote sensing, no matter how with images from the NASA-run that inform decisions about where in Kabul. In 2007 the completion Afghanistan's mineral reserves is
sophisticated, would still present LANDSAT and Japanese-run and when to begin extraction. of the largest private foreign- still scarce. The Hajigak iron ore
major obstacles. The first was that ALOS satellite systems, and also Ashraf spent most of his career as investment deal in Afghan history deposit, which at upward of two
no private surveyors were willing with a series of radar surveys a geologist abroad, but now he is -a $2.9-billion contract with the billion tons is the largest in Asia,
to risk their crews or equipment in from a space shuttle mission in Karzai's chief adviser on energy China Metallurgical Group is due to be opened for bids this
a war zone. The solution: The 2000. and mines. His job is to bring the Corporation to extract the Aynak month, but mining experts expect
USGS subcontracted the In the end, the USGS remote- country's mineral-extraction copper-was marred by accusations many years to pass before other
fieldwork to the U.S. Naval sensing project helped to confirm infrastructure up to international that one of those former ministers major deposits in Afghanistan are
Research Laboratory and NASA. and expand on the older data. It standards. "This is Stone Age had accepted a $30-million bribe adequately surveyed.
The survey began with a series of indicated that the Hajigak iron stuff they're practicing out there," from the company. It's hard to have patience after
flights by geologists in a Navy NP deposit was much larger than he said, referring to the methods Ashraf is quick to point out, these dark years," Ashraf said,
-3D Orion equipped with dual previously believed and further of artisanal miners like Haroon though, that the company, which looking down again at his careful
gravimeters and a magnetometer. suggested the presence of oil and and Abdul Latif. "The blasting is owned by the Chinese sketches of Afghanistan's
Security was always a concern, gas deposits in southern and shatters the emerald crystals and government, had offered more in geologic inheritance. "But we
especially given that the CIA, in southeastern Afghanistan. But damages their value. But people direct foreign investment than any cannot make these things
the 1980s, had equipped Afghan remote surveys can only tell you have learned in these past 20 of the other bidders, some $2.8 tomorrow."
insurgents with hundreds of so much. The WB-57 Canberra years to go fast and take what billion. It had also agreed to build Matthieu Aikins is a freelance
surface-to-air missiles to use sensor, for instance, could only they can." Afghanistan's first railroad, TREASURE page 63
against the Soviet army. The create images with a resolution in Ashraf hopes to change that by running from Uzbekistan through
E-reader News Edition Science/ 63
MIT's Opera of the Future Features Singing Walls continued from page 62

writer and photographer based in

and Dancing Robots New York.

Rebecca Boyle (Popular

Science - New Technology,
Science News, The Future
Submitted at 9/13/2010 3:45:29 PM
The Future of Opera OperaBots Schwarzenegger Hopes
twirl and sing along with the
human performers in the new California's Future High-
opera "Death and the Powers." Speed Railroads Will
MIT Media Lab Rely on the Chinese,
A new opera produced by the lab
behind Guitar Hero technology
includes robotic singers, Rebecca Boyle (Popular
interactive instruments and a Science - New Technology,
focus on technology that could Science News, The Future
change the way we experience
live performances. Submitted at 9/13/2010 2:45:53 PM
"Death and the Powers," which Chinese workers built this
has been 10 years in the making, country's railroad system 150
premieres later this month in the years ago, laying track for less
city-state of Monaco, whose ruler, than $30 a month in a grand effort
Prince Albert II, is the project's to connect the coasts for the first
patron. It's the first royal in the future, when no humans condition. Gradually, by reading he attended with his teenage time. Future railroad systems
performance to feature remain - only robots. Former poet the text, the robots come to daughters, in which megascreens might also be built by the Chinese
OperaBots. laureate Robert Pinsky wrote the understand what it means to be and boom boxes overpowered - or Chinese-owned firms, at least.
Composer and MIT Media Lab libretto, which tells the story of an human. Machover explains more Swift herself. California Gov. Arnold
professor Tod Machover, who has inventor named Simon Powers. in this video. "Theater has been especially bad Schwarzenegger is hoping to spur
composed for the violin virtuoso Powers builds "The System" to To build realistic OperaBots, two at allowing technology to make Chinese interest in helping his
Joshua Bell and designed preserve his legacy, allowing him PhD students in Machover's you feel closer to the performers beleaguered state build a new
customized instruments for to download his memories and Opera of the Future Group on stage," he said. high-speed rail network. China
Prince, conceived the project. personality into the built developed software that Opera enthusiasts are already has plenty of experience with high
Several years ago, Machover's environment. His personage is Machover calls "disembodied excited about the production - -speed trains.
audience-interactive Brain Opera then expressed through robots, performance." The students, Peter Marc Scorca, president and CEO On a trade mission to Asia this
project led to the technologies giant blinking bookcases and a Torpey and Elly Jessop, measured of Opera America, hopes it will week, Schwarzenegger said he
behind the Guitar Hero and Rock musical chandelier made of singers' voice volume and pitch as inspire other operas, MIT says. In hopes China will invest in his
Band video games. Teflon, which his wife plays like well as muscle tension and that spirit, here's to a future where state both in terms of financing
The one-act production, which a harp. breathing patterns. "The System" opera means more than a Web and in bidding to work on the
tells the story of a successful There's no explanation about therefore takes on a realistic browser. Break a leg, OperaBots! project. California is about $19
inventor and his plan to live where the humans have gone, but personality, MIT News explains. [ MIT News] billion in the red, so"creative
forever through technology, uses they left the robots a special text Machover said he was turned off financing" is a must, the governor
gadgets as characters. about relationships and the human by a recent Taylor Swift concert SCHWARZENEGGER page 65
The opera takes place sometime
64 Science/ E-reader News Edition

Video: Military's New Water Guns Can Rip Through

Steel, Disabling IEDs
Rebecca Boyle (Popular
Science - New Technology,
Science News, The Future
Submitted at 9/13/2010 1:45:58 PM
Stingray Water Blade This
propane tank has no idea what's
coming. Sandia Labs
Need to disarm an IED? Make
sure you've got your Super Soaker
handy. Sorry, make that
your"Fluid Blade Disablement
The Stingray, the military's
newest bomb-fighting tech, is a
small water gun developed by
Sandia National Laboratories and
a firm called TEAM water toward a concave opening Sandia first built the Stingray in use computer simulation and high
Technologies. Far from dousing in the reservoir, which shapes the 2009 and licensed the technology -speed flash X-rays to fine-tune
roadside bombs with water, it uses water into a blade. The device to Albuquerque-based TEAM their design. Active-duty troops
an ultra-high-pressure water beam works at short range and over Technologies for mass visited New Mexico to test the
to slice through steel, ripping long distances, according to production. Perhaps appropriately, Stingray, according to Sandia
bombs open before they can harm Sandia Labs. the water gun's inventors include Labs.
troops. Watch below as a propane Its plastic legs can be attached in retired Navy personnel, including TEAM Technologies sent its first
tank meets an untimely end. various configurations so it can be a sailor with IED experience and a shipment of about 3,000 Stingrays
The Stingray involves a clear placed almost anywhere to disable former Navy SEAL explosives to Afghanistan this summer.
plastic water tank, about the size bombs. Paul Reynolds, TEAM expert. [ PhysOrg, Danger Room]
of a coffee pot, attached to an Technologies' program manager, The water acceleration happens
explosive charge. The detonation said it is simple enough for robots too quickly to be observed by the
creates a shock wave that propels to set up. human eye, so researchers had to
E-reader News Edition Health/ 65
continued from page 63

acknowledged. Shanghai's Maglev Train Three the distance from Anchorage to

Under the federal stimulus plan, Extreme High-Speed Rail New York by car. And the
California is getting $2.25 billion Concepts for Las Vegas Tags country plans to stretch this
to start work on a a high-speed Technology, Rebecca Boyle, network across Europe by 2020.
rail system that will carry 90 bullet trains, California, china, Chinese companies also have
million passengers a year, china and the united states, future international experience- they're
especially between Los Angeles of travel, high-speed trains, trains building high-speed rail projects
and San Francisco. California The stimulus awarded $8.5 billion in several countries, including
aims to finish it by 2030. to 13 regional high-speed rail Saudi Arabia and Venezuela,
On Monday, Japan offered to projects, and most will require according to Marketplace.
loan funds to support the project, imported technology - though the Schwarzenegger is also
Bloomberg reported. Officials U.S. leads the world in rail scheduled to view high-speed
with the state-owned Japan Bank freight, the nation is far behind trains in Japan and South Korea.
for International Cooperation the rest of the world in high-speed [ AFP]
didn't say how much they would passenger trains.
offer, but sizable loans will be While flirting with China might
needed - the project could cost not please American
$40 billion. manufacturers, it's a good idea to
Related Articles In 2020, Take a at least get some Chinese
High-Speed Train from Beijing to perspective. China's high-speed
London A Brief, Buttery Ride on rail network covers 4,300 miles -

Have "Vacation" Sex (At Home)

( Eat dinner, have a drink, some light bondage. Be free and
Submitted at 9/14/2010 5:00:00 AM reconnect with your lover, and see adventurous. In other words, act
where the evening takes you. (If like you do on vacation. Related
by Desiree Gallas you have kids, it may be time to articles:
Print Article Email to Friend schedule a sleepover.) Interesting Facts About Sex
It's not your imagination: Sex Change Your Scenery The Six Best Sex Foods
really is better when you're on Check into a local hotel. Or just Get It On Anywhere
vacation, says Belisa Vranich, freshen things up at home. Fire up [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
P s y . D . , a c o l u m n i s t w i t h a tropical scented candle and more] "Most couples download some sexy foreign This entry passed through the
have more sex, and higher quality tunes. Then, get frisky in a spot Full-Text RSS service — if this is
sex, when they're traveling," she you've never tried before: the your content and you're reading it
says. You don't have to hop a shower, the kitchen, a guest on someone else's site, please read
flight to have great sex. Just make bedroom, the garage—anywhere Stay in on a Friday night and agenda-free morning. our FAQ page at
these easy at-home moves. but your usual places. cancel all your plans for Saturday Take a Few Erotic Risks content-only/faq.php
Get Rid of the Distractions Turn in Early morning. Go to bed early (we Forget your inhibitions and Five Filters featured article:
No phone calls, texting, or One reason sex is so good on didn't say you have to sleep!), experiment. Try new positions, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
surfing for sports scores. Make vacation is that you get to catch then stay in bed late the following toys, props, even a blindfold or Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
one night a week technology free. up on your sleep, Vranich says. Catastrophe.
66 Food/ E-reader News Edition

3 Meals in London
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) to buying organic only from the queues for one of its tables. If you
heir to the throne: High-street simply can't be bothered to wait in
Stuart Bale (left) and Matteo supermarkets sell an impressively line to eat, nearby newcomer
Malisan (right), bartenders at 69 wide range of organic foodstuffs.) Needoo Grill is owned by a
Colebrooke Row. London chefs have been quick to former Tayyabs manager and
Photo: Lottie Davies pick up on the trend, naming serves a similar lineup of curries
Click to Enlarge British ingredients wherever and kebabs offered at bargain
It's been 20 years since the possible on their menus. Take prices.
London restaurant boom banished Konstam, which aims to source its One upside of the economic
the notion that eating out in the ingredients within the area downturn has been a revival of
U.K. capital was something to be covered by the Tube subway traditional comfort classics. After
endured rather than enjoyed. And network, producing such dishes as all, London's captains of industry
yet while nineties and naughties charcoal-grilled leg of Amersham don't want to eat fussy sauces
London served as the showcase lamb and roasted Waltham Abbey made out of foam when the
for every major cooking trend to chicken sandwiches. Roast, financial system is imploding
emerge from the global kitchen, meanwhile, takes its inspiration around them. Instead they're
the one cuisine typically bypassed (and some of its sourcing) from its tucking into rib-sticking Scotch
by British culinary fashion was location overlooking foodie eggs, roast chicken, or a mixed
British food itself. mecca Borough Market, offering grill, all on the menu at current
Not anymore: Recent years have the likes of Cornish pollock, a hot spot Dean Street Townhouse.
seen an explosion of interest in sustainable alternative to cod. Launched at the end of 2009 by
Britain's native ingredients and its You'll even find English sparkling the owners of Soho House and
classic dishes, timed perfectly wines on its list, which bear Caprice Holdings (the team
with the more general rise of the comparison with the best in the behind celebrity favorites The Ivy
seasonal, organic, and local food world—not so surprising, and Scott's), its A-list clientele
movement. In February, considering the vineyards of mingles over good-value British
Yorkshire rhubarb joined the southern England have growing hyper-local food, though. Marylebone, has been one of the food in surroundings that look
ranks of Parma ham and conditions similar to those of Centuries of immigration hottest openings of 2010, serving like the perfect French brasserie.
Roquefort cheese as one of the Champagne, France. Try a bottle combined with Londoners' a short and snappy menu of high- While expense-account fine
regional specialties to be given of Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2003, seemingly insatiable hunger for end small plates—think tandoori dining may remain in good
"Protected Designation of Origin" which has beaten Champagne in culinary experimentation means m o n k f i s h w i t h c r a b health—March saw the launch of
status by the European Union. blind tastings (though be warned that, from Afghan to Australian, v e r m i c e l l i — i n p l u s h Gordon Ramsay's Pétrus, which
And the nationwide supermarket that its high price matches that of the city is a melting pot of global surroundings. offers more than 30 vintages of
chain Waitrose will soon offer six French fizz). cooking. Many consider the city's For many Brits, though, "going iconic Bordeaux—recession-hit
types of heritage apples grown on Richard Corrigan is the chef top ethnic eatery to be Benares, a for an Indian" still means a cheap Londoners can now get top-end
its Hampshire farm. What's more, behind Corrigan's Mayfair, the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant and cheerful curry-house where food at knock-down prices.
Waitrose made a multimillion- place for superb game, meats, and in Berkeley Square where Chef you bring your own booze. For Leading the way are business
pound investment in Duchy the finest fish and shellfish from Atul Kochhar's refined use of that, pick up a bottle of Kingfisher partners Anthony Demetre (chef)
Originals, the U.K.'s most famous around the British Isles. You'l see spicing brightens dishes such as beer and head to the East End, and Will Smith (front-of-house)
organic food brand, founded by when you sample the Elwy Valley tandoor-roasted pigeon breasts. bypassing touristy Brick Lane in of Arbutus and Wild Honey,
Prince Charles, with plans to lamb or pan-roasted Cornish Kochhar's regular television favor of Tayyabs, an explosively where classical French technique
increase the range to 500 organic scallops with sweet corn and foie appearances have made him the spicy taste of multicultural is applied to cheap and (what
British-produced products. (Not gras. poster boy for Indian cooking, and London that's as famous for its
that U.K. shoppers are restricted London dining isn't all about his more casual Colony, in chi-chi marinated lamb chops as for the MEALS page 67
E-reader News Edition Health/ 67
continued from page 66

some may consider) about—turn the virtual into the with one eye on tradition: You tapas-sized plates of charcuterie
unfashionable cuts of meat with real." Diners sit at shared tables can't get more London than that. and seafood, like the recipe
sublime results, like ox tongue in eating off her collection of BREAKFAST AT LANTANA below.
a celeriac rémoulade. vintage crockery, and are treated Breakfast in London used to Go there: Terroirs
"It's not just a credit crunch to an ever-changing menu with a mean parting with big bucks in a Make it at home: Skillet-Cooked
tactic," Demetre explains. "I've decidedly British bent (a recent hotel dining room or having your Shrimp with Romesco Sauce
always enjoyed cooking with meal ended with bergamot posset clothes absorb the smell of recipe
ingredients that are seasonal and with candied thyme). cooking fat over a "full English" DINNER AT HIX
sometimes a bit neglected by
other chefs because they aren't
Food isn't the only place where
Londoners are pushing
in a greasy spoon. No more: Over
the last two years, a new breed of
Mark Hix has three restaurants to
his name in London, but it's Hix
prime cuts, such as lamb breast, boundaries. Tony Conigliaro was "cool caff" has appeared. Leading that's grabbing attention (
mutton, and oxtail. They've got crowned International Bartender the way is Lantana, opened by now—not only for the fact that Submitted at 9/14/2010 4:00:00 AM
great taste, and they translate into of the Year in 2009. The Shelagh Ryan after she moved to Hix's artist chums such as Damien
slightly lower prices on the showcase for his wizardry is 69 London and couldn't find the sort Hirst have provided pieces for the by Lisa Freedman
menu." Colebrooke Row. Upstairs from of laid-back, quality café of her decor, but also for its simply Print Article Email to Friend
Meanwhile, at the Giaconda the 40-seat bar is a laboratory of native Australia. Dishes like served, utterly indulgent dishes Where it comes from: Sesamin is
Dining Room, just off Charing centrifuges, water baths, smoke sourdough toast with roast made from rigorously sourced fibrous matter known as a lignan,
Cross Road, savvy Aussie chef guns, and sous-vide machines tomatoes, basil, and shaved native ingredients. Cornish fish which is a chemical compound
Paul Merrony turns out braised where Conigliaro invents new Parmesan or corn fritters stacked soup with Julian Temperley's found in plants. It exists in natural
tripe with chorizo, butter beans, recipes and methods. "We look at with crispy bacon, arugula, corn cider brandy might be followed foods such as flaxseed (not
and paprika for less than £12 the structure of old-style drinks salsa, and lime aioli—which by Ayrshire veal stew with flaxseed oil unless the hull
(about $18): not bad in a city and develop new processes to inspired our lightened Mendip snails and January king remains), wheat bran, sesame
where £20 is routine for a main achieve a modern approach," he version—give Londoners a taste cabbage. Traditional British seeds, pumpkin seeds, vegetables,
course. says. Signature libations include of why Sydney is the brunch comfort is found in Hix's upscale cranberries and whole grains such
For a sense of the real edge in the Somerset Sour, garnished with capital of the world. take on fish, chips, and mushy as oatmeal and barley.
London eating, check out the small balls of apple infused with Go there: Lantana peas. What it'll do for you:"Lignans are
city's fast-expanding underground hay essence, and a vintage Make it at home: Corn Fritters Go there: Hix metabolized in the human
restaurant scene, where diners pay Manhattan made with bourbon, with Roasted Tomatoes and Lime Make it at home: Chunky Fish intestine by friendly bacterial
to eat at someone's home. Queen vermouth, and bitters aged in the Aioli recipe Fingers with Pea and Mint Puree flora, and are absorbed and
of the supper club is a food bottle on the premises to create LUNCH AT TERROIRS recipe circulated in the bloodstream,"
blogger known as "Ms Marmite the smoothest version of the drink Maybe it's the sort of attention- This entry passed through the explains Sari Greaves, RD and
Lover," who was inspired to start imaginable. deficit disorder that comes from Full-Text RSS service — if this is spokesperson for the American
cooking for paying guests after You'll find bartender Nick living in a city with 7 million your content and you're reading it Dietetic Association. "They exert
visiting the paladares of Havana, Strangeway manning the inhabitants, but Londoners can't on someone else's site, please read powerful antioxidant effects that
and has been running the popular downstairs bar at Hix, where he get enough of tapas-sized our FAQ page at can reduce LDL cholesterol (the
Underground Restaurant from her resurrects historic British drinks plates—especially from a cuisine content-only/faq.php 'bad' kind), may prevent certain
apartment in north London since such as Lamb's Wool, a 17th- not usually served in mini Five Filters featured article: types of cancers (breast and
2008. century combo of apple purée and portions. Polpo is modeled on a Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- colon) and can contribute to
Explaining her motivation, she India pale ale. Brian Silva at Venetian wine bar where diners Reporting of Falluja's Cancer increased brain function." Here's
says, "I wanted to put my money Rules offers a perfectly formed enjoy anchovy and chickpea Catastrophe. how sesamin may benefit you:
where my mouth is and have list of just 10 drinks in London's crostini and octopus salad. At • Stimulates weight loss A
people come to my house and oldest restaurant (founded in Terroirs, the French bistro Japanese study found that sesamin
taste what I was writing 1798). Cutting-edge techniques furnishings are the background for increases the activity of several
SESAMIN page 68
68 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 67

liver enzymes that break down alone or if the other compounds generally regarded as safe.
Setting the Record
fatty acids. By optimizing the
liver's fat-burning capacity,
are needed to help as well.

Associated risks/scrutiny: While
there are some conflicting reports Straight: Spending Cuts
sesamin may promote fat loss and • May protect against cancer regarding its benefits, very few Mike Gonzalez (The Foundry: sometimes you can’t get
also decrease the body's fat Researchers at the University of side effects or negative effects of Conservative Policy News.) everything at once. Sometimes
storage capacity. Additionally, Texas found that sesamin inhibits sesamin have been noted in Submitted at 9/13/2010 7:40:52 PM you get some of what you need
sesamin is believed to help the proliferation of a variety of scientific studies. Some experts from Congress now, but then you
preserve lean muscle mass, which tumor cells including leukemia, have expressed concern that a Posted September 13th, 2010 at keep on fighting for what is right
is particularly beneficial when multiple myeloma and cancers of high amount of sesamin is needed 8:40pm in Entitlements Print This and get the rest of what you need
dieting (especially those who've the colon, prostate, breast, in order to reap some of its health Post as soon thereafter as you can. The
cut out carbohydrates), as a pancreas, and lung. It helps kill benefits. Sesamin allergies have The Heritage Foundation favors effort to secure an end to Federal
restricted diet may cause the body the toxic cells and suppresses the been reported, though they are far-reaching reforms of our overspending is that kind of
to break down muscle mass for gene that's crucial to the cells' rare. Federal Government’s spending, continuous fight.
use as fuel. survival. Sesamin may also be As with other supplements, i n c l u d i n g w i t h r e s p e c t t o Recently, a Minneapolis Star-
• helpful when cancer cells no sesamin is not regulated by the entitlements. The ever-growing, Tribune editorial made statements
• May lower cholesterol A group longer respond to the effects of FDA, dosing instructions are not out-of-control entitlement culture that its readers could misconstrue
of mice was separated and chemo drugs. consistent across all brands and fosters dependency instead of self as indicating that Heritage
randomly assigned to four groups, effectiveness will vary. -reliance. At the same time, the believes that cuts in Federal
fed a diet of sesamin, another Suggested intake:"Although food Back to The Men's Fitness Federal Government takes and spending are not worthwhile in
plant compound (stanol ester), a sources of plant lignans hold Supplement Guide spends an ever-growing portion of the absence of deep cuts in
combination of the two or a promise as a health enhancing [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and the wealth of this Nation, and entitlements. To the contrary,
control diet. At the beginning and i n g r e d i e n t , l i t t l e s c i e n t i f i c more] spends the money of future Heritage welcomes the full range
the end of the study, the mice evidence to date has substantiated This entry passed through the g e n e r a t i o n s . T h i s c a n n o t of responsible spending cuts.
were weighed, observed and the effectiveness of extracts (such Full-Text RSS service — if this is continue. We must overhaul Indeed, Heritage has long been at
blood was taken for analysis. The as sesamin supplements) in your content and you're reading it Federal entitlement programs and the forefront of the effort to rein-
control group showed an almost burning fat," says Greaves. "Your on someone else's site, please read get their cost under control, before in Federal spending in all areas.
three-fold increase in cholesterol best bet for burning fat is getting our FAQ page at the country bankrupts itself. This entry passed through the
levels. Sesamin alone and paired regular exercise and eating a content-only/faq.php Although entitlement reform is Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with the stanol ester significantly balanced diet . . . but while you're Five Filters featured article: essential in reining-in Federal your content and you're reading it
reduced the cholesterol levels. at it, snack on a handful of sesame Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- s p e n d i n g , T h e H e r i t a g e on someone else's site, please read
Other studies have confirmed that seeds or add a tablespoons of Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Foundation welcomes fiscal our FAQ page at
the compound raises high-density ground flaxseeds to your breakfast Catastrophe. discipline across the board. content-only/faq.php
lipoprotein cholesterol (the cereal for a natural lignan boost." Responsible reductions in non- Five Filters featured article:
"good" kind). However it's Supplement brands such as entitlement spending are, of Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
unclear if the sesamin consistently SesaMAX and SesaThin have course, welcome, too. Ronald Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
has these effects on cholesterol 1,000 mg of sesamin and are Reagan believed, as does The Catastrophe.
Heritage Foundation, that
E-reader News Edition Health/ Publishing/ 69

MF City: Chicago The future of reading and

( publishing is social – Introducing
Submitted at 9/14/2010 1:00:00 AM
new Scribd home and profile pages
by Ariane Marder scribd (The Scribd Blog) • Books, magazines, documents
Print Article Email to Friend remain central focus. Document
Submitted at 9/13/2010 3:42:53 PM
WORKING OUT thumbnails are larger and your
OUTDOORS September 13, 2010 feed is more targeted with your
North Avenue Beach Scribd’s goal has always been to friends’ activity (publishing,
N. Lake Shore Drive at North create the web’s most dynamic commenting, readcasting) taking
Avenue reading experience, one that center stage.
With stunning views of the city makes it easy to publish and
skyline and lakeshore, Chicago's discover written material online.
busiest beach boasts an ideal Over the past few years, we’ve • New “Shelf” Tab visually
backdrop for a workout. There's a taken several major steps toward organizes reading and publishing
bike path, sand volleyball, a beach making written content more events. Everyone now has a
-hockey rink, even a Crunch mini- “social” – adding a feed, unique profile tab that presents
gym where you can blast your lats integrating with Facebook and their uploads, readcasts,
while ogling the babes on blades. from Lake Michigan, is open pool sharks love the custom Twitter, converting documents collections, and purchases as
Forgot your gear? Grab whatever round-the-clock. Among the tables, and everyone hits up into pages that are easier to share “virtual shelves.”
you need at a nearby beach house. recent additions: Precor machines Rockit for its laid-back vibe. through HTML5.
GYM and an indoor lap pool. Vertigo Today, we’re launching another For more background, below is a
Fitness Formula Clubs Union GOING OUT 2 W. Erie St. 312-202-6060 major site flow re-design that letter from Scribd’s co-founder
Station EATS Located on the 26th floor of the makes it easier for people connect and CEO, Trip Adler.
444 W. Jackson Blvd. 312-627- Powerhouse Restaurant and Bar Dana Hotel, this lounge is known through common reading interests -Matt, Director of Product,
0444 215 N. Clinton St. 312-928-0800 for its pretty young things. (e.g., college football history, recently read “ Top Five Rivalries
This sprawling club and spa Renowned Chi-Town chef Jeff [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and comic books, scientific papers) by in College Football“
promises full service. When Mauro serves up a seasonal menu more] turning your Scribd reading feed Entry Filed under:
you're done lifting, compete in a of tasty New American cuisine. This entry passed through the into a personalized content Announcements. .
friendly pickup game or work on Trattoria No. 10 Full-Text RSS service — if this is recommendation engine. ( Read This entry passed through the
your stroke in the Junior Olympic 10 N. Dearborn St. 312-984-1718 your content and you're reading it FAQ for highlights.) Full-Text RSS service — if this is
-size pool ($30 for a 24-hour The standout pasta endears this on someone else's site, please read • Discover and join conversations your content and you're reading it
pass). restaurant to locals. Good food our FAQ page at instantly. Interact with content on someone else's site, please read
HOTEL GYM and affordable wine always make content-only/faq.php faster. Re-readcast directly from our FAQ page at
Embassy Suites Lakefront for an ideal power lunch. Five Filters featured article: your Reading Activity feed and content-only/faq.php
511 N. Columbus Dr. 888-903- AFTERPARTY Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- see who’s already readcast a book Five Filters featured article:
8884 Rockit Bar and Grill Reporting of Falluja's Cancer with our new readcast facepiles Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
This swank hotel spares no 22 W. Hubbard St. 312-645-6000 Catastrophe. next to all documents. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
expense anywhere. The state-of- Rock fans come for the music, Catastrophe.
the-art fitness center, just blocks
70 Health/ Religion/ E-reader News Edition

The Push-Up Challenge

Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:00 AM

by Jeff Decker
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Pushups may be the best chest-,
shoulder-, and arm-building move
around, and blasting out 100 reps
in one shot says a lot about your
strength and endurance. Here's a
plan to get you there, no matter
how low your current pushup
power is.
Start by figuring out how many
pushups you can perform with
good form. This is your current
max. Every two weeks, take two
days off and then retest your max. sets of pushups. The first set This entry passed through the
Workout 1: Monday, Wednesday, should just be your max number. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Friday Rest 45 seconds, and then perform your content and you're reading it
Perform four times your max the second set, trying to reach on someone else's site, please read
number of reps, taking as long as your max again, resting as little as our FAQ page at
you need to do so. It's OK if possible until you do. Related content-only/faq.php
subsequent sets have fewer reps articles: Five Filters featured article:
than your max. Take the Stamina Fitness Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Workout 2: Tuesday, Thursday, Challenge Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Set an alarm to go off five times
throughout the day (every two to
Train Like Michael Phelps
Train Like Lance Armstrong
The Fellowship under a
[on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
three hours is fine). Each time it
sounds, hit the deck and do two
more] microscope
Sarah Pulliam Bailey group inside the DC Beltway.
FELLOWSHIP (GetReligion) (Earlier, we looked at his piece on
continued from page 70
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:00:11 AM Francis Collins.)
thoroughly. some interesting details behind Coburn said, he had learned that
We’ve looked at a number of
Reports of the Fellowship have the Fellowship’s intervention, led John Ensign, who was married,
Peter J. Boyer deserves s t o r i e s s u r r o u n d i n g t h e
grown in the past few years after by Sen. Tom Coburn. was having an affair with Cynthia
GetReligion’s “rock star religion Fellowship over the years because
some high-profile affairs were Coburn, the senior man in the Hampton, the wife of one of his
reporting of the month” award, an they are hard to do well. The
acknowledged from people who house, enjoyed these sessions, but aides, Doug Hampton, and there
honor that I just made up on the group is notoriously difficult for
lived in the group’s house on C at dinner that Tuesday night in h a d b e e n a n i m m e d i a t e
spot. In all seriousness, Boyer has reporters to reach, so Boyer must
Street. News of Sen. John 2008 he was plainly troubled. intervention that same day.
produced yet another thoughtful, have taken lots of time and
Ensign’s affair seemed Finally, he spoke out. “Guys,” he Meeting in an upstairs room at the
thorough, compelling piece for patience to execute this piece
overshadowed by Gov. Mark said, “we’ve got a problem in the C Street house (a room that was
The New Yorker, this time on the
Sanford’s bizarre rendezvous in house.” FELLOWSHIP page 72 FELLOWSHIP page 70
Fellowship, a secretive religious
Argentina, but Boyer documents One day some weeks earlier,
E-reader News Edition Religion/ 71

Could it be Satan? How con-VEEN-ient

Bobby (GetReligion) say they are Christians. club.” is to “nationalize” a local story, with some form of Christianity,
Submitted at 9/13/2010 5:01:09 PM “It’s not a question of ‘Can you?’ You get the message, don’t you? which is wonderful. The problem according to Gallup. That kind of
It’s a question of ‘Should you?’” The God-fearing state of is that cliches so easily overtake context might be helpful.
What happens when you mix said Dan Fisher, pastor of the Oklahoma is up in arms over such stories. When I worked for Also helpful would be some kind
atheists, Satanists, a Bible Belt Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon. these developments, and maybe AP in Dallas, the joke was that no of concrete information on the
state and a bunch of cliches? “It’s kind of like they’re poking a some people are. But I live in story from Lubbock ever made it form — and level — of the
Well, you get a story like this one finger in your eye.” Oklahoma City — and I go to on the wire without a well- criticism that the atheists and
from The Associated Press: Nick Singer, the coordinator of a church here — and the only place meaning editor in New York Satanists are drawing from
OKLAHOMA CITY— Atheists local atheists’ group called I’ve heard anything about the adding “dusty plains of West Oklahoma ministers. Are
in Oklahoma City have erected a “Coalition of Reason,” recently atheists or the Satanists is on the Texas.” ministers meeting to discuss a
billboard seeking fellow non- received $5,250 from its national news. But to tackle specifics of the response? Is there any kind of
believers, and Satanists have counterpart to erect the billboard Reporters at the hometown level Oklahoma story: The lede formal opposition? Did the
scheduled a conference in a city- along Interstate 44 near the look for ways to “localize” a mentions that eight of 10 people ministers approach AP? Or did
owned building, drawing criticism Oklahoma State Fair, which opens national story. For a national — in the state say they are AP call ministers trying to find
from ministers in a state where Wednesday. Its message reads, make that, international — news Christians. Wow. Then again, 78 COULD page 74
more than eight out of 10 people “Don’t believe in God? Join the organization such as AP, the goal percent of Americans identify
72 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 70

occasionally used for marriage addresses and telephone numbers particular brand of believer. Clinton — have been more earlier this yea r asking me to
counselling), Doug Hampton, at the bottom, with a blank space “They tell Jewish friends, You accommodating than others. “Bill investigate why Obama left before
accompanied by Coburn and three in between, where the name of the can’t go to Heaven unless you’re and Hillary got it,” says Doug Tim Tebow’s closing prayer, but I
lay ministers who manage C entity might go. A formal a Christian,” Coe says. “Well, the Burleigh, who is Coe’s son-in- assumed he left for other duties
Street, had confronted Ensign foundation does exist—a facts are, if that is true, Isaiah law, and a key figure in the and/or for security reasons.
about the affair. The encounter 501(c)(3) called the International could never go to Heaven, Mary Fellowship. “They came early, That said, it’s refreshing to read a
was filled with recrimination and Foundation, which oversees three could never go to Heaven, Jesus they’d meet with the groups early piece on the Fellowship that
tears, and culminated in Ensign hundred or so ministries could never go to Heaven. It’s and do a photo op with ‘em, hug doesn’t have an underlying
confessing and vowing to repent. associated with the Fellowship, crazy.” ‘em. They got what this was agenda to tear down or build up.
Coburn returned to the Senate, but and has a board of directors that … “I can tell you that critics to his about.” George W. Bush, on the Boyer seems to simply shed some
the others remained with Ensign, approves a budget for the right think that Doug is just other hand, made it clear to Coe light on this quiet group, raising
handing him a pen and paper and ministries (in the fifteen-million- doctrinally soft and confused,” and the others from the start that some questions without making
dictating a letter to Cynthia dollar range) and the salaries of Michael Cromartie, the vice- he’d show up at the Prayer sweeping generalizations. He
Hampton declaring his intention the parent entity’s relatively few president of the Ethics and Public Breakfast but not to expect much address politics without being
to end the affair. employees. The Fellowship’s Policy Center in Washington, and more. “George came late, and left political, considering the
In case you aren’t familiar with affiliated ministries vary widely in a friend of Coe’s, says. “It’s one early — he did every year,” relational focus to the group that
the Fellowship, here’s a primer their missions, from operating a thing to be an admirer of Jesus the Burleigh says. “Now, I appreciate many reporters don’t understand.
from Boyer. secondary school in Uganda to man, but there are people in the his honesty. He told Doug, ‘You Read the piece and weigh in with
The Fellowship’s participants funding a program for inner-city more orthodox world who want to know, this isn’t my thing.’ “After the parts you thought were helpful
(there is no official membership) youths in Washington, D.C. The say that Jesus did more than just Bush’s first, perfunctory or angles he might have missed.
describe themselves simply as core mission of the Fellowship, walk around and teach; he appearance, Clinton telephoned There’s a lot to digest with this
followers of Jesus, an informal however, is interpersonal ministry actually did something in history, Coe to console him. “He didn’t complicated group. Written by:
network of friends seeking to the powerful, meant “to turn on the Cross, that is crucial to badmouth Bush, he gave it the Sarah Pulliam Bailey on
harmony by modelling their lives their hearts to the poor.” everything.” best spin,” Burleigh recalls. “He September 14, 2010.
after his. They are assertively Boyer notes that Coe’s The article then states, “Coe said, ‘Hey, Bush’ll get it. He This entry passed through the
nondoctrinal (eschewing even the theological approach could be shrinks at the thought of trying to doesn’t understand what this Full-Text RSS service — if this is
term “Christian”) and fairly controversial among convert anyone.” Despite Coe’s thing’s about.’ ” your content and you're reading it
nonecclesiastical (denominations Christians, and he follows up on appearance on Time’s “ most This is an interesting anecdote, on someone else's site, please read
tend to be divisive), and although his quotes from responses from influential evangelicals” list, he but my impression was that our FAQ page at
the core figures are evangelicals, someone who knows Capitol Hill doesn’t exactly fit the Bebbington Mother Theresa made things very content-only/faq.php
they do not believe in well. quadrilateral. There’s also pretty uncomfortable for the Clintons Five Filters featured article:
proselytizing. I have spoken to The other change under Coe was interesting section on the when she addressed them on Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews a refining of the brand of faith Fellowship’s international abortion. As Emily Belz wrote for Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
who consider themselves part of that animated the Fellowship. Coe engagement that’s worth reading, World magazine, Clinton spoke Catastrophe.
this network. The group rejects distilled that faith down to the raw but if I’ll refrain from continually this year about an adoption home
anything resembling a formal teaching of Jesus, as presented in block quoting. she helped open after Mother
structure—there is no titled the Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Then there’s the annual prayer Theresa’s address, but Clinton
executive team, and even the Luke, and John—and in the first breakfast that the President failed to mention that it has since
name “Fellowship” is unofficial, few chapters of the Acts of the attends. shut down.
an informal convenience. The Apostles. This approach If international dignitaries view I also wonder why Boyer didn’t
business cards of those leaders conformed with Coe’s youthful the Prayer Breakfast as a reliable ask about Obama’s two
who carry them list the rebellion against the idea of a God means of unofficial access, some appearances at the prayer
individual’s name at the top and who would condemn all but a Presidents — most notably, Bill breakfast. A woman called me
E-reader News Edition Religion/ 73

John L. Allen, Jr. slaps some wrists

tmatt (GetReligion) it’s biased, sensationalistic, shouldn’t, be expected to ride
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:54:33 AM sloppy, or whatever. I wish I herd on specific personnel moves
could reply, “Hey … at least and so on. Critics say that until
This is one of those cases in we’re no longer illiterate.” By that there’s a way to hold bishops
which your GetReligionistas are I mean “illiterate” about religion, accountable short of direct papal
tempted to simply put an item up lacking a grasp of the A, B C’s of intervention, an important cause
on this here weblog and say … belief and practice. of the crisis will remain untreated.
What. Three items this week, however, Calling Danneels the “former
He. suggest we’ve got some ground to head of the church in Belgium”
Said. cover if we want to catch up with thus perpetuates a misconception
Of course, it matters that the “he” Quimby. about how the church works —
in this case is one of the top First was a correction in the New one with consequences for
writers on Planet Earth about all York Times to a story about diagnosing what went wrong in
things Catholic (and I imagine he reports that Cardinal Godfried the sexual abuse crisis, and what
could cover just about any other Danneels of Belgium tried to may be needed to fix it.
beat to which he set his mind). cover up charges of sexual abuse So that is error No. 1 in this
Then a man writes for the against another Belgian bishop. piece. There are more to come.
National Catholic Reporter and The item had referred to Danneels Read it all. And when you are
consistently earns the praise of as a “former cardinal,” which done, click here for a classic
conservative Catholics for his obviously isn’t correct, and the flashback on this same topic (but
fairness and accuracy, you know Times set the record straight. looking at a wider array of screw
that he is doing something right. Yet in doing so the Times ups), care of sociologist Christian
That man, of course, is John L. actually perpetuated another error, Smith.
Allen, Jr. And he has a new “All by identifying Danneels as “the Illustration: This is not John L.
Things Catholic” essay out former head of the Roman Allen, Jr. This is a stereotypical
entitled, “ This is no way to end Catholic Church in Belgium.” (In piece of art for which I apologize.
religious illiteracy.” It is a must fairness, virtually every story their bishops, with no real layer of reading: Written by: tmatt on September
read. Here is how things get about Danneels in the last couple authority in between. True, the Archbishop of Brussels 14, 2010.
rolling: of weeks has used some variant of You get the idea. is the metropolitan of the whole This entry passed through the
Mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby, that formula.) Once again, the point is that country and holds a few carefully Full-Text RSS service — if this is
from the TV series “The Here’s the problem: There is no words are tricky things and, in the circumscribed powers over the your content and you're reading it
Simpsons,” once found himself such thing as the “head of the world of religion, picky little other “suffragan” dioceses. on someone else's site, please read
listening to talk radio while a Roman Catholic Church in things like facts, history and Basically, however, each bishop our FAQ page at
Rush Limbaugh wannabe derided Belgium,” or any other country. doctrines matter, as well. calls his own shots; there’s no content-only/faq.php
him as an “illiterate, tax-cheating, Epic battles fought by the Vatican However, there is more to “head of the Belgian church” to Five Filters featured article:
wife-swapping, pot-smoking in the 18th and 19th centuries Allen’s piece than mere whining whom they report. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
spendocrat.” Quimby’s wounded against Gallicanism, about one factual error. This kind Some observers believe this Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
response was, “Hey … I am no Febronianism, etc., were based on of picky mistake is often a reality is part of the problem when Catastrophe.
longer illiterate!” the principle that there is no symptom that a newspaper is a it comes to the sexual abuse crisis.
I sometimes flash on that scene “national church” with its own few tacos short of a combination There are more than 5,000
while listening to people complain president or patriarch. There’s the platter when it comes to the big bishops in the world, and their
about media coverage of religion, pope in Rome, and then there are ideas that drive major news only supervisor is the pope —
and of the Catholic church — that dioceses around the world led by events. In other words, keep who can’t, and probably
74 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 71 New START:
critics? In other words, which “Labor conquers all” — to “In “It’s not the people who don’t significance, what does it mean
came first — the AP call or the
ministers’ concern (the first
God we trust.”
Oklahoma also has various
believe in God that worry me,”
said Robin Meyers, senior
that the atheists are taking an
evangelical approach to winning
What’s the
minister quoted serves a church
15 miles from the billboard)? To
“God” billboards that purport to
pose questions and observations
minister at Mayflower
Congregational Church in
I have no idea how much time the
me, these are important details. from the Almighty, like: “You Oklahoma City and a professor of reporter involved had to write this Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:30 AM
This is my favorite line of the think it’s hot here?” and “What rhetoric at Oklahoma City story. I don’t know if it was his
whole story: part of ‘Thou shalt not …’ didn’t University. “It’s some of the idea or a deadline request from an The Obama administration is
Oklahoma wears its religion on you understand?” and “Life is people who do. editor in New York. Perhaps it treating New START less as an
its sleeves. short. Eternity isn’t.” “Fundamentalism is the enemy was one of those stories where the arms-control agreement than as an
Cliche, anyone? All of that, I suppose, is true. But worldwide, no matter what the writer was told what it should say instrument for “resetting” our
Here’s how AP backs up that Oklahoma also has topless bars, strain.” before he reported it. It certainly relations with Russia.
statement: more Indian gambling casinos Am I suggesting that Oklahoma reads like it. T his Thursday, Sen. John Kerry
Around the holidays, owners of than you can count and a fair is not a right-leaning religious I did love the ending: (D., Mass.), chairman of the
downtown skyscrapers leave on number of cars parked in state? Not at all. Am I suggesting Singer, from the atheists’ group, Foreign Relations Committee,
nighttime lights in the pattern of a driveways on Sunday mornings that atheists and Satanists are not said his group has no connection intends to force a vote on New
cross, which across the flat — I see them as I drive through a little off the beaten path in the to the Satanists. START (Strategic Arms
landscape can be seen for miles. my neighborhood each week. ordinary narrative of Oklahoma “As far as Satan goes, we don’t Reduction Treaty), moving the
The Ten Commandments were on However, those images don’t fit religious life? Again, not at all. believe in him either,” he said. resolution of ratification to the
display at a courthouse lawn in the story, I don’t guess. But I am suggesting that a much 5C1517E6-04E0-4C5B-FD11- Senate floor for a final vote.
northeast Oklahoma until a Concerning the prayer at the better approach would be to go 2688E22E29EA Although only a handful of
federal judge ordered it removed, Thunder games, I wonder if the beyond the cliches and tell a 1.03.01 Written by: Bobby on witnesses requested by the Senate
and a move is afoot to erect a prayers are Christian only or if the fuller, more nuanced story. At a September 13, 2010. minority have been called to
similar monument at the state writer meant non-sectarian prayer minimum, give me an idea how This entry passed through the testify on the treaty’s merits (we
Capitol. instead of non-denominational many atheists there are in Full-Text RSS service — if this is were among them), serious
Legislators pray in their prayer? Oklahoma, and Satanists too. your content and you're reading it criticisms of the treaty’s
chambers, led by a “minister of Speaking of cliches, there is one When you tell me the Satanists on someone else's site, please read shortcomings have nonetheless
the day,” usually Christian. The liberal pastor in Oklahoma City have reserved a room at the our FAQ page at emerged. Unfortunately, many of
Oklahoma City Thunder is one of who stands above all others when Oklahoma City Civic Center for a content-only/faq.php the concerns raised, while
the few NBA teams to begin each it comes to commanding media “blasphemy ritual,” tell me what Five Filters featured article: mentioned in Senator Kerry’s
contest after a non- attention. That pastor often is that is. What does it involve? Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- draft resolution of ratification, are
denominational prayer delivered quoted as the voice of reason in What is the religious — or non- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer not addressed in a manner that is
by a minister on the public stories like this. AP does not fail religious — significance? (For a Catastrophe. likely to allay critics’
address system. to deliver that pastor’s bit more coverage of the Satanists, apprehensions.
One state lawmaker wants to perspective: ABC News and The Oklahoman #ad#Proponents of the treaty are
change the state’s motto from Some religious leaders had other report on the planned event.) pushing hard for a vote this week,
“Labor omnia vincit” — Latin for issues on their minds. Speaking of religious motivated at least in part by the
fear that the composition of the
Senate will be significantly
altered by the November elections
-- and in a way that could lead to
further questioning of the treaty’s
provisions and, ultimately, to
NEW page 75
E-reader News Edition 75
continued from page 74

more demands that shortcomings position related to matters raised than pushing ahead with a vote on old START agreement (signed by fueling of Iran’s nuclear reactor in
be fixed before ratification. As by the treaty in question but not a partisan basis as the Obama presidents George H. W. Bush Bushehr, it is a stretch to see the
just one example, more in-depth altering or limiting any of its administration did with the health- and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991), reset as contributing much on the
examination of the verification provisions.” Thus, these might not care legislation. To his great the two sides are no longer Iranian front.
provisions could expose the gaps be included by President Obama credit, Sen. Richard Lugar (R., governed by the earlier agreed Twenty years ago, the
created by concessions on in the formal provisions of the Ind.), whose support for the treaty verification procedures and thus Commission on Integrated Long-
exchanges of telemetry data ratification instruments (and, as it currently stands we do not are in the dark about the status of Term Strategy (which included
(which among other things hence, would not be shared with share, appears to be trying to do each other’s strategic nuclear Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry
indicate how many reentry the Russian government). just that. To succeed, however, forces. This circumstance, of Kissinger) made the following
vehicles a missile can carry) and The more effective path to such an effort will need to do course, could have been avoided observations about arms control
on site monitoring of Russia’s addressing the now-acknowledged more than record the criticisms had the administration sought an with Russia: “When arms-control
missile-assembly facility. To date, flaws of the treaty would be to and reiterate the views of extension of the original START agreements are valued mainly for
treaty supporters have relied on include these references not as proponents that the treaty does not agreement and not subjected itself the international good will they
the argument that U.S. security is declarations, but as require any fixes. to an arbitrary deadline for are expected to generate, and only
strengthened simply by having understandings and conditions, #page#But even if a resolution is negotiating New START. The secondarily for their effects on
“U.S. boots on the ground” which would make clear both to drafted that meets these argument is further undermined arms, then our political leaders
conducting inspections at Russian the administration and to the desiderata, the requirements for a by the fact that the verification will always be under pressure to
operational facilities. However, as Russians the baseline position of deliberate and responsible review measures under the new reach agreements by making
we know from our experience the Senate in its advice and by the Senate as a whole will still agreement are considerably concessions on arms. . . . A good
with North Korea, the fact that consent. In this manner, the not be in place. First, as of this weaker than those in the expired arms agreement will be consistent
inspectors are allowed into a Senate could contribute greatly to writing the administration has still agreement. In fact, New START with our long-term military
country does not mean we can U.S. security by stating that the not made available those parts of may well be unverifiable. strategy. This means we want
detect or deter cheating. United States will not accept the negotiating record that touch Administration statements that agreements that (a) do not assume
While silent on telemetry and further limitations on missile on the points raised by critics. It is any “cheating” by the Russians nuclear vulnerability is a desirable
other key verification weaknesses, defenses or on prompt global hard to know how senators will be would be unlikely to upset the condition for the American
Senator Kerry’s draft resolution strike, as well as by addressing able to balance the claims of the nuclear balance between the two people, (b) do not assume that
does contain references to directly the U.S. insistence that proponents against the points nations calls the rationale even accuracy is an undesirable
concerns raised about, for rail-mobile ICBMs be counted raised by critics in the absence of further into question. attribute for American weapons,
example, limitations on missile and that other potential information about what the two The second argument is that and (c) do not assume that defense
defenses and on conventional ambiguities be resolved -- before sides brought to the table and delay is undermining the goal of against nuclear attacks is more
prompt global strike, a potential ratification and not in the BCC, what they meant when they “resetting” the relationship with threatening than offense.
loophole for rail-mobile ICBMs, which requires Russia’s agreed to the text. Second, the Russia, potentially making it less Agreements should be negotiated
the surprisingly low limit on agreement. administration has still not likely that Moscow will cooperate with awareness that they could
strategic delivery vehicles, the Treaty proponents, in arguing for addressed the detailed questions in stopping Iran’s nuclear restrict our forces and
imbalance in Russian and U.S. prompt ratification of New raised by Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) program. It is hard to imagine that technologies for decades.” We
stockpiles of so-called tactical START, have frequently pointed about its long-term commitment a healthy relationship with Russia believe that is still a good
nuclear weapons, the role of the to bipartisan support for past arms to modernizing the nation’s could be undermined by the standard. The agreement currently
Bilateral Consultative -control agreements. As Stephen nuclear infrastructure and its Senate’s duly deliberating about before the Senate cannot yet be
Commission (BCC), and the need Rademaker, an assistant secretary nuclear-force structure. the treaty on more or less the said to meet it.
for ongoing nuclear of state in the George W. Bush #ad#In pushing for a vote on the same timeline that has governed -- Robert Joseph is a senior
modernization. However, in administration, has pointed out, treaty now, the administration and every other arms-control scholar at the National Institute
almost every case, these the surest way to achieve prompt its allies outside government have agreement. Furthermore, in the for Public Policy; he was under
references are in the form of ratification is to address the used two principal arguments. wake of Russian statements secretary of state for arms control
“declarations,” which are doubts and reservations of treaty First, they note that, with the opposing further U.S. and EU NEW page 77
“statements of purpose, policy, or critics in meaningful ways, rather expiration last December of the sanctions against Iran, and its
76 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Losing the Class War

Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:40 AM
polls even more poorly against the Democrats unable to develop punishing income tax-- a burden by the Democrats, which they
him than Fisher (who has to ration a coherent domestic-policy vision Kasich wants to eliminate. probably are.
Why Ted Strickland and Lee his ads due to scanty funding) in the wake of the beatings they #page#An economic record like #ad#Fisher excoriates Portman for
Fisher’s One-Note Campaigns does against his opponent, Rob took over health care and the that makes it tough to run a having served, briefly, as
Are Failing Portman. Ohio voters simply stimulus bills, they are reverting campaign based on charges that President Bush’s trade
O n September 9, in a speech to aren’t buying the class-warfare to what made them successful the Kasich and Portman have shipped representative, and he blasts
organized labor, Ohio governor rhetoric this time around. It turns first time around. Which is to say, jobs overseas while inviting Wall NAFTA at every turn. But his
Ted Strickland took to the podium out that 2010 is, so far, not much they’re running against a Street to have its way with union supporters must notice that
and, obviously determined to do like 2008 or 2006, leaving Ohio Republican establishment that defenseless blue-collar workers. he campaigns in the company of
his best impression of Phil Democrats with a couple of big was largely liquidated in 2006 and Never mind that the charges are Bill Clinton, the original Wall
Davison, belted out an enraged problems. Having ridden a wave 2008. You can’t run against the economically illiterate -- in Street Democrat, who fought hard
attack on Republicans. of anti-Republican sentiment to establishment when you and your Portman’s case, they also are for NAFTA and signed it into
“They want to change labor power in the last cycle, neither party are the establishment. With demonstrably false, and in law.
rights, they want to change this Democrat has established a record Obama & Co. controlling all of Kasich’s case, the attacks have The corrupt incumbents of 2006
country,” Strickland bellowed. that resonates strongly enough official Washington, it’s backfired. were a gift to Ohio Democrats.
“And we say to them, ‘HELL with restive Ohio voters to Democrats, not Republicans, who At a time when 85 percent of Without them, Fisher and
NO!’” “Hell, no!” is, of course, a compete with the nationalized, are in the position of having to Ohio voters say they know Strickland are adrift. It’s a cliché
motto associated with another Republican-friendly, throw-the- defend their records. someone who is out of work or in politics to call an opponent’s
Ohio politician, Republican John bums-out mood of 2010. Those records don’t look good. looking for a job, Strickland has negative campaigning a sign of
Boehner. Strickland is giving his class- In 2006, Strickland ran on a mostly offered vague and “desperation,” but it very well
Strickland may be forgiven if warfare speeches to voters who promise to increase economic unconvincing proposals, while may be in these two cases. Ohio
he’s feeling a little desperate. He care more about the immediate, growth at a time when Ohio’s Kasich’s relentless economic- Democrats’ base is shrinking, and
and lieutenant governor Lee concrete problem of recession was purely local. Fisher, policy rollouts and fiercely their coffers are running dry, and
Fisher, who is running to replace unemployment than they do about then his running mate, doubled positive ads touting his record as a there is no George W. Bush to run
retiring Republican senator electing politicians with whom down on his economic-growth job creator have earned him a against this time around. Instead,
George Voinovich, are they feel some sort of nebulous position by taking over the Ohio critical advantage on the issue. Democrats are trying to make a
respectively eleven and eight class solidarity. Fisher, Department of Development after Strickland has at least shown national hate figure of Ohio’s
points behind their opponents in meanwhile, has not given voters he was elected, asking voters to himself to be a relatively able John Boehner, whom Buckeye
the polls, according to the Real much reason to believe that he judge him on his record. Last campaigner. Not so Fisher. One of State voters have been re-electing
Clear Politics averages. In actually possesses the common month, Strickland’s Department his constant themes is Portman’s for 20 years, and who would be
response, both have adopted touch in the first place. of Development faced a scandal alleged lack of sympathy for well positioned to do his home
entirely negative strategies, There is a kind of political and when it was found to have been Regular Joes, but Fisher’s own state a good turn or two if a
attacking their opponents as rhetorical reversal at work in the outsourcing jobs itself -- hardly blue-collar outreach has been Republican majority were to be
pro–Wall Street, pro-outsourcing, Ohio governor’s race, with the the sort of thing the hardhats want hilariously inept. He infamously sworn in this January, presumably
and anti-worker, a strategy clearly incumbent running like a to hear about. Since Fisher ran the stood up a meeting of the making him speaker of the House.
designed to excite Ohio challenger and the challenger department and staffed it with Cleveland police patrolmen’s Ohio Democrats will run on class
Democrats’ union base. running like an incumbent. This is handpicked subordinates, the union, a group Portman had warfare, they’ll run on Boehner,
#ad#It hasn’t worked -- and not, no accident: Strickland and Fisher outsourcing scandal is sticking to addressed. He first offering to they’ll run on the ghost of the
as Democrats suggest, merely were elected on an anti- him. And Strickland’s inability to meet with the group, then Bush presidency -- anything but
because they lack sufficient corruption, anti-Republican wave keep jobs in Ohio has been so downgraded that offer to sending their actual economic record.
money with which to broadcast that started with the “ Coingate” well publicized that he’s even a campaign representative -- who -- Mytheos Holt covers Ohio for
their vitriol. Strickland enjoys a scandal in 2006, but that wave has been blamed for the Cavaliers’ never showed up. The union National Review Online’s
financial advantage over his passed. With the Republicans losing Lebron James to Florida as complained that it looked like
opponent, John Kasich, but he enjoying national momentum and a consequence of Ohio’s they are being taken for granted LOSING page 77
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 77
Politicizing Banks, Again continued from page 75

and international security,

Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:21 AM
batch of imprudent real-estate upon small businesses: One by these banks voluntarily lean into 2005–2007. Eric Edelman is a
loans that went sour when the one, health-insurance companies the plate? distinguished fellow at the Center
S enate Democrats (plus housing bubble burst, and now are starting to announce stomach- Government borrowing for Strategic and Budgetary
Republican George Voinovich) nobody but the government is turning increases in next year’s represents saving taking place Assessments; he was under
look ready to pass a bill that willing to invest in their sinking individual and small-group elsewhere in the economy; secretary of defense for policy,
would push another TARP-like ships. In many additional cases, premiums -- the bill coming due through the Small Business 2005–2009. Robert Joseph Eric
infusion of capital into the these banks put profitability on an on Obamacare’s promises of Lending Program, the government Edelman
banking system, on the theory that equal footing with the pursuit of “free” preventive care and the would be transforming low-risk
the banks don’t have enough some social mission, be it the like. Finally, a great deal of Treasury bonds into high-risk
money to lend, or, if they do have expansion of credit to low-income uncertainty remains over the small-business loans through a
enough, that they are not making communities or the creation of future of energy policy: Obama’s politically favored private
enough loans to small businesses green jobs, and this “double Environmental Protection Agency intermediary. Perhaps no policy LOSING
and need to be provided better continued from page 76
bottom line” business model has indicated that it will idea the administration has come
incentives to do so. To that end, proved unsustainable. These unilaterally regulate carbon up with better illustrates the Battleground ’ 10 blog.
the Small Business Lending Fund banks have shown themselves to emissions if Congress fails to act. incoherence of its economic Mytheos Holt
would allow the Treasury be remarkably poor stewards of Now step back and take another approach, pointing like a neon
Department to make up to $30 capital; the Democrats look at the Small Business arrow toward its central fallacy:
billion in credit available to small nevertheless wish to reward them Lending Fund in this broader The more the government invites
community banks at varying rates for their politically correct context. Those community banks insolvency by engaging in this
of interest: The more politically capitalism. that are most eager to borrow kind of fiscal alchemy, the more
conforming loans the banks make, Next let’s consider why other, from the fund are more interested low-risk saving the private sector
the less in interest they pay. sounder community banks might in political protection than profits. will do as it braces for an
Banks that “plan to provide be hesitant to make new loans to They will gladly lend according to uncertain future. If our current
linguistically and culturally small businesses. First and the administration’s fiscal direction does not change
appropriate outreach” would foremost, the administration and “linguistically and culturally and we continue to speed toward a
receive special consideration, of Congress spent close to a trillion appropriate” guidelines, even budgetary train wreck, those
course, as would banks that are dollars in stimulus money and though that’s how many of them investors eventually will have to
“minority-, veteran-, and women- failed to deliver their promised came to be undercapitalized in the find something safer than U.S.
owned and that also serve low- recovery, leading to a dim and first place. Meanwhile, those government bonds in which to
and moderate-income, minority, uncertain economic outlook: In community banks that have invest. At that point, the
and other underserved or rural addition to significant consumer responded to the weak economy government will have to worry
communities.” deleveraging, businesses must with an appropriate and measured more about its ability to borrow
#ad#Let’s put aside all other now nervously await significant reticence to lend are unlikely to money than its grand plans to lend
considerations for a moment and government deleveraging as well, take the money, anyway. This it. The Editors
consider why some community which will almost certainly entail administration has thrown wild
banks might be in need of higher taxes. Second, the effects pitch after wild pitch at the
additional capital: In most cases, of the administration’s health-care productive economy: They may
it is because they made a big bill are already falling heavily want to play ball, but why would
78 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Morning Bell: Obamacare vs. the Rule of Law A Democrat

Conn Carroll (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:08:31 AM
because, as the massive regulatory
regime goes into effect, the
American people are noticing that
customers. But such are the
dictatorial powers Obamacare
grants to Secretary Sebelius.
coercive authority of the former.
Secretary Sebelius’ Hugo
Chavezesque threats against the
for Fiscal
none of the administration’s
Posted September 14th, 2010 at promises are being honored. The
There are over 1,000 instances in
the more than 2,700 page bill
health insurance industry
demonstrate why the fight to Prudence
9:08am in Health Care Print This cost of health care is going up, not where Congress granted Secretary repeal Obamacare is also the fight Submitted at 9/14/2010 3:00:41 AM
Post down. Health care spending is Sebelius new powers to regulate for the soul of our country.
Health Insurers Plan Hikes. That going up, not down. Millions of the health care industry. For Obamacare and the progressive Wisconsin state senator Julie
was the headline of a Wall Street Americans are not able to keep example, her power to movement represent a Lassa runs for the House on a
Journal story last Tuesday which their insurance. To combat this “determine” what does or does fundamental threat to our platform of common sense.
reported: “Health insurers say reality, the Obama administration not count as a medical expense founding principles. For the left, I n her bid for the seat of soon-to-
they plan to raise premiums for struck back last Friday. Health alone will decide the fate of many “progress” means fundamentally be-retired representative Dave
some Americans as a direct result and Human Services Secretary health insurance firms. transforming America through Obey (D., Wis.), Democratic state
of the health overhaul in coming Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to Is this the type of government our bureaucratic dictates that will senator Julie Lassa is running a
weeks, complicating Democrats’ America’s Health Insurance Plans Founders intended our federal engineer a “better” society by campaign based on “Wisconsin
efforts to trumpet their signature warning them that “there will be government to become? No. assuring equal outcomes. Through common sense.” In a year like
achievement before the midterm zero tolerance” for “falsely Hillsdale College Associate Obamacare, progressives would this, with voter dissatisfaction
elections. Aetna Inc., some blaming premium increases” on Professor of Political Science redistribute wealth through a with Congress in general and
BlueCross BlueShield plans and Obamacare. Specifically, Sebelius Ronald Pestritto explains: distant, patronizing welfare state Democrats in particular
other smaller carriers have asked t h r e a t e n e d t o p u n i s h n o n - The Founders understood that that regulates more and more of approaching record levels,
for premium increases of between subservient firms by excluding there are two fundamental ways in the economy, politics and society. common sense means distancing
1% and 9% to pay for extra t h e m f r o m t h e g o v e r n m e n t which government can exercise its The question Americans face is: herself as much as possible from
benefits required under the law, regulated and mandated health authority. The first is a system of Are we a country ruled by law or the man she hopes to succeed.
according to filings with state insurance exchanges. Since these arbitrary rule, where the by bureaucrat? Lassa has made fiscal
regulators.” And The Wall Street exchanges will be the primary government decides how to act on Quick Hits: responsibility a cornerstone of her
Journal was not alone. The Los way most Americans receive an ad hoc basis, leaving decisions This entry passed through the campaign, proposing to cut
A n g e l e s T i m e s a n d D a l l a s health insurance ( especially if up to the whim of whatever Full-Text RSS service — if this is federal lawmakers’ pay by 10
Morning News also reported rate more private firms decide to end official or officials happen to be your content and you're reading it percent until the national
hikes in their states, some as high their current coverage) such a in charge; the second way is to on someone else's site, please read unemployment rate goes down
as 16%. And this comes on top of decision by Sebelius would be a implement a system grounded in our FAQ page at and saying that, if elected, she
news that Obamacare is forcing death sentence for any insurer that the rule of law, where legal rules content-only/faq.php will refuse a pay raise until the
health care companies to stop does not comply. are made in advance and Five Filters featured article: federal budget is balanced.
offering coverage for kids and Never before in the history of our published, binding both Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- #ad#She has assumed a centrist
forcing colleges to stop offering republican form of government government and citizens and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer and at times conservative stance
coverage for students. has an administration threatened allowing the latter to know Catastrophe. on federal spending, pledging “no
Obamacare is deeply unpopular to extinguish individual firms for exactly what they have to do or big earmarks or no big contracts.”
w i t h t h e A m e r i c a n p e o p l e merely communicating with their not to do in order to avoid the She has called the use of carbon
taxes and emission caps “too
harsh” on businesses, preferring
government action through tax
incentives. Her expressed concern
over tax increases will make
DEMOCRAT page 80
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 79

Adopt a Dissenting Book

Jeffrey Wienir (FrontPage they need if they are to think more inclusiveness and for
Magazine » FrontPage) intelligently.” increased intellectual diversity.”
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:50:26 PM These principles are as At Temple University, for
inarguably valid today as they example, a class called “History
Adopt a Dissenting Book. were nearly a century ago. Yet of the United States since 1877”
That’s the theme and battle cry of they are not only ignored but has only one assigned text—a
the David Horowitz Freedom scored in many American college work titled Created Equal. The
Center’s fall campaign to prevent classrooms. The prevailing professor said he chose it because
the violations of students’ attitude today is summarized by a of its focus on topics such as
academic freedom rights that have statement made by Professor “American Imperialism,
become routine in universities all Norma Cantu, a former Reaganomics, The Assault of
across the country and to open up Department of Education official Welfare, and the Widening Gap
radical professors’ classrooms to in the Clinton administration, at a Between Rich and Poor.”
true intellectual diversity. David recent conference of the Modern Horowitz notes: “Our campaign
Horowitz describes the objective Language Association. When would make sure that a dissenting
of the campaign as “making sure asked if students were being viewpoint to this anti-American
that our students are no longer radicalized in her courses and hate-fest is presented in a book
force fed with politically correct those of her colleagues, Cantu such as Paul Johnson’s A History
conclusions on controversial replied, “I hope so.” of the American People.”
issues but instead provided with Commenting on the campaign Or at USC a course is offered on
materials that will help them think and the current tendency on the oppressed”; Freedom, is designed to remedy “Middle East Relations:
for themselves.” part of academic radicals to turn • professors who assign hundreds this substitution of indoctrination Colonialism, Nationalism, and
Inspiration for the Adopt a their classrooms into of pages of Karl Marx, Barbara for education, and to see that Identity.” It is designed as an anti
Dissenting Book Campaign indoctrination chambers, Ehrenreich, or Howard Zinn, but professors provide students with Israel propaganda course and all
comes from the classic statement Horowitz comments, “Today’s not a page of Friedrich Hayek, texts that reflect, rather than of the several assigned texts are
about the principles of a students are being victimized by a Christina Hoff Sommers, or suppressing, the important blatantly anti Israel. Horowitz
democratic education issued by form of consumer fraud. You Thomas Sowell; controversies in our intellectual says that the new campaign
the American Association of can’t get a good education if • courses that insist that gender is world. The goal is to see that “would make sure that also least
University Professors in 1915: “It they’re only telling you half of the “socially constructed” and ignore students have access in class to one text challenging this extremist
is not the function of a faculty story.” He enumerates the kinds the definitive texts that argue that both conservative and liberal view—Alan Dershowitz’s The
member in a democracy to of intellectual assault that college it is biologically determined. ideas. “It is important to note that Case for Israel, for
indoctrinate his students with students face today: we are not asking professors or instance—must also be made
ready-made conclusions on • programs whose titles show the The Adopt a Dissenting Book administrators to remove any available to students.”
controversial subjects… [but to] overt commitment to propaganda Campaign, which will be books for reading lists,” Horowitz
train students to think for such as “anti-oppressive spearheaded by the Freedom points out. “This is a campaign
themselves and to provide them education,” “teaching for social Center’s Students for Academic for more books, not fewer; for
access to those materials which justice,” and “the pedagogy of the
80 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
The Cost of Chavez continued from page 78

voters curious about whether she

Matt Gurney (FrontPage help bring down the rate of
Magazine » FrontPage) would vote to extend the Bush tax
violent crime the next year. cuts, but in a wide-ranging
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:40:44 PM Community outreach into interview with the Wausau Daily
troubled areas and specialized Herald, she declined to say.
Since coming to power in 1998, police units operating within the In her first television ad, released
Venezuelan strongman Hugo capital were entrusted with in August, Lassa promised to
Chavez has presided over radical bringing the murder epidemic bring some old-fashioned money
changes inside the country. back under control. It didn’t work. smarts (and a healthy dose of
Promising to create “21 st century How is Chavez, a man willing to bovine wordplay) to Capitol Hill.
socialism,” he has reformed the shake his fist at mighty America, “Growing up on a dairy farm, my
constitution, giving government- tackling this national nightmare? dad taught me not to take any
funded health care to all. He has He’s blaming the media for bull, and how to milk a dollar for
nationalized key industries in reporting the extent of the all it’s worth, two skills they
repeated attempts to address what problem. Rather than face up to could really use in Washington,”
he perceives as an imbalance the fact that the number of Lassa says.
between Venezuela’s business murders in Venezuela has at least It’s almost as if she’s running
elites and its masses of poor, doubled (some figures suggest an against Dave Obey.
including a “re-nationalization” of even great increase of 400%) Obey, an unabashed old-school
the oil sector. He’s worked within since he took office, Chavez’s liberal and chairman of the
OPEC to keep the price of oil government is accusing the media powerful House Appropriations
high and contain America’s power in question was the one concerned most recent available data for of supporting opposition parties Committee, secured hundreds of
(while also blaming it for his with keeping crime low and the both nations.) ahead of legislative elections later millions in federal earmarks for
economic woes). streets safe: Under his leadership, Put another way, it is safer to live this month by running pictures of his district and state. Citizens
Most alarmingly, he has turned Venezuela has become a disaster. in Iraq than it is in Venezuela. the afore-mentioned Caracas Against Government Waste gives
into the bully of Latin America, The statistics are sobering, and The problem is particularly acute morgue, overflowing with the Obey, who was a primary author
purchasing large quantities of astonishing. On the whole, the in the capital city of Caracas, b o d i e s o f m u r d e r v i c t i m s . of President Obama’s stimulus
Russian weapons, threatening his country, with 26 million people, currently the murder capital of the Venezuela’s courts quickly plan, a lifetime rating of 19
neighbors with war and constantly saw a whopping 19,000 murders world. In 2008, as rival gangs deemed the images pornographic percent, or “hostile,” according to
yammering on about American i n 2 0 0 9 . T o p u t t h a t i n t o b a t t l e d f o r c o n t r o l o f t h e and banned similar images from the group’s media director, Leslie
assassination plots and military perspective, the state of Texas, underworld and kidnappings for publication, in a move that Page. “He has shown that he
threats whenever he needs a boost with a comparable population of ransom flourished, the city’s brought swift condemnation from doesn’t trust the American people
to his domestic approval ratings. roughly 24.5 million, experienced central forensic lab was filled to the United Nations and various with their own money, that he’d
He has supported the FARC 1 , 3 7 4 m u r d e r s i n 2 0 0 8 , capacity with murder victims international press agencies. The rather have it in the hands of
terrorists in their insurgency considerably less than a tenth of awaiting examination, with more r u l i n g s h a v e l a r g e l y b e e n Washington,” Page says.
campaign against US-ally Venezuela’s total. Indeed, the arriving each hour. Later that reversed, though the first two The GOP would like nothing
Colombia. Clearly, the man has United States as a whole, with year, after more than 500 people papers to publish the images more than to put a Republican in
been busy. So busy, in fact, that it roughly 12 times the population were murdered in the capital remain under sanction. Obey’s seat. “The symbolic
was to be expected that he would of Venezuela, recorded nearly during the month of December significance is obvious; it
drop at least one of the balls he 3,000 fewer murders in 2008 than alone, the Ministry of Interior certainly would signal a tectonic
was juggling. Too bad for the did Venezuela in 2009. (Please Relations and Justice announced a shift in the landscape if
people of Venezuela that the ball note the differing years reflect the slate of initiatives designed to Republicans were able to pick up
that seat,” says Kenneth R.
DEMOCRAT page 82
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Obama: Digging His Own Ditch

Tait Trussell (FrontPage weeks, not to mention the nearly
Magazine » FrontPage) $800 billion stimulus that didn’t
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:30:36 PM stimulate, the Obama economy
decelerated to the abysmal 1.6
Bush is charged with putting the percent ditch, with 9.6 percent
economy in a ditch. But who unemployment. Never has anyone
really dug the hole? dug the ditch so deep. Obama’s
President Obama is correct. Our “shovel” seemed the only one
economy is in a ditch. He has “ready.”
used that analogy to blame
Republicans uncountable times.
Instead of focusing on the
economy, The Obama
The War
He did so recently, Sept 5,
campaigning in Parma, Ohio,
where he pleaded, “Do we return
Administration “embarked on the
most sweeping expansion of
government since the 1960s,” as
Left Behind
Ryan Mauro (FrontPage
to the same failed policies that ran The Wall Street Journal put it. A Magazine » FrontPage)
our economy into a ditch, or do year was wasted on a health plan
Submitted at 9/13/2010 11:45:58 PM
we keep moving forward with that a majority of American don’t
policies that are slowly pulling us want. “Obama’s policies have The declaration that combat
out? spread fear and uncertainty,“ operations in Iraq are over doesn’t
But it was not the economic while he blasts anyone in sight for change much. American soldiers
policies of George W. Bush and “greed and recklessness,” The are still fighting as they secure the
the GOP that got us into this Wall Street Journal commented. country from a legion of extremist
economic ditch. It was Obama’s In April, Peter Wallison, the
150 government programs that due to the house slump. Once in forces. On September 7, only one
own Democrat party that is Arthur Burns Fellow in financial
“don’t fulfill priorities.” Bush office, Obama’s top economic week after the official “end” of
primarily to blame, and Obama policy studies at the American
spending actually averaged that of advisers called for their hoped-for the U.S. combat role, two
himself. Enterprise Institute in
President Clinton. But Bush mighty stimulus. The Wall Street American soldiers were killed and
Bush economic policies included Washington, wrote in The Wall
policies were not flawless. Journal reported on Sept. 7 in an nine were injured in an attack.
tax reductions for all Americans, Street Journal: “Obama has taken
The recession started 13 months article explaining how trillions in The casualties are a reminder that
spending to fight two wars, and a to accusing others of representing
before Obama’s inauguration, by fiscal and monetary stimulus the conflict rages on and
free-market ideology aimed at ‘special interests,’” Obama
the measurement of the National bucks have produced an Americans remain in harm’s way.
reducing the role of the federal charged that “the financial
Bureau of Economic Research. In embarrassingly anemic 1.6 A Kurdish member of Iraq’s
government in the private sector. industry and its powerful lobby
February 2008, Bush agreed with percent recovery. Talk about special forces was responsible for
He promoted the concept of have opposed modest safeguards
the then-Democrat controlled being in a ditch! the latest attack. It is unclear right
individual accountability. The against the kinds of reckless risks
Congress on a $168 billion During this Keynesian style now if the attacker pre-planned
national debt did rise significantly and bad practices that led to this
combination of spending and economic policy—from cash for the assault, as accounts are
from 2001 to 2008. But in his very crisis.”
temporary tax rebates. These steps clunkers, $8,000 home-buyer’s contradictory with some saying
State of the Union speech in 2005,
were supposed to prop up growth tax credits, to jobless pay for 99 the incident followed an argument
Bush said his budget eliminated
with American soldiers during a
volleyball game while other
officials say the attack was
unprovoked. It is also speculated
that U.S. participation in a raid the
WAR page 83
82 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
Advance Competitiveness Through continued from page 80

Mayer, professor of political retain Obey’s seat, and have

Economic Freedom science at the University of
already begun to inject money
into the race. The Democratic
Anthony B. Kim (The Foundry: In a normal election year, Lassa Congressional Campaign
Conservative Policy News.) might feel pretty confident -- WI- Committee’s first independent-
Submitted at 9/14/2010 10:00:04 AM
7 hasn’t voted Republican in a expenditure television spot was an
presidential election since 1984. attack ad against Duffy.
Posted September 14th, 2010 at But not this year. Presumed GOP Lassa realizes that her best
11:00am in American Leadership nominee Sean Duffy,who is chance of winning is to run on a
Print This Post taking an even tougher line on the largely anti-Democratic platform
Early this year, The Heritage economy, looks like the clear when it come to matters of
Foundation’s Index of Economic favorite. A We Ask America poll financial prudence, a dynamic that
Freedom reported that the U.S. released in August showed Duffy is playing out in a number of
economy is no longer in the top leading Lassa 42 percent to 33 hotly contested races throughout
tier of economically free countries percent. the country.
and runs the risk of falling further Duffy, a former district attorney “The spending message, the idea
behind. This disappointing news (and a former cast member on that you can bring earmarks back
is vividly echoed in World MTV’s The Real World), is to your state, just isn’t resonating
Economic Forum’s just-released backed by Sarah Palin, an this year,” says Steve Ellis, vice
study, Global Competitiveness endorsement that has earned him president of Taxpayers for
Report 2010-2011. the moniker “Papa Grizzly.” Most Common Sense.
but more importantly, over the competitiveness, reminds us, now people had written him off as a Julie Lassa hopes that her
According to the report, which is
long haul as well. As we have is the time to act “to arrest the novelty candidate until Obey message -- out with the pork (and
based in part on an opinion survey
suffered through the summer of decline of freedom and assert our unexpectedly announced his in with the dairy) -- will be one
among more than 13,000 business
NO economic recovery, the rights as free people to set our retirement in May. Wisconsin that resonates.
leaders around the globe, America
Obama Administration’s response own course toward greater GOP officials were so stunned by -- Andrew Stiles writes for
is losing its competitiveness edge,
has been proposals for higher and prosperity in the future.” the news that some thought it was National Review Online’ s Battle
slipping over the last 2 years from
ever increasing stimulus spending, This entry passed through the a prank. “He went from long shot ’10 blog. Andrew Stiles
1st place to 4th place among the
trading long-term competitiveness Full-Text RSS service — if this is to contender in the space of about
world’s economies. Specifically,
for illusory short-term gains that your content and you're reading it an hour,” Mayer says.
the report highlights the rapid
are proving transient at best. on someone else's site, please read Democrats are just as eager to
increase in U.S. government debt,
Yet, fortunately, the American our FAQ page at
noting that mapping out a clear
people are waking up and voicing content-only/faq.php
plan for ending stimulus spending
their concerns about rising Five Filters featured article:
“will be an important step in
government intrusion that saps Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
reinforcing [America’s]
our economic dynamism. As The Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
competitiveness going into the
Economic Freedom Agenda for Catastrophe.
America, the Heritage
Indeed, governments’ policy
Foundation’s policy roadmap for
choices shape entrepreneurial
restoring economic freedom and
environments in the short term,
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 83
Obamacare: The Real Price Tag is a continued from page 81

previous day in the community to ready to carry out counter-

Moving Target arrest a suspected terrorist may
have triggered the attacker.
terrorism missions and intervene
with force if required. In fact, on
Rea Hederman (The Foundry: Whatever the case, the incident September 6, five days after
Conservative Policy News.) showed that American soldiers are combat operations supposedly
Submitted at 9/13/2010 5:30:15 PM
still exposed to violence and take ended, U.S. forces engaged in
part in military missions like raids combat with terrorists attacking
Posted September 13th, 2010 at when necessary. the Iraqi army’s headquarters in
6:30pm in Health Care Print This “We have 50,000 troops still on eastern Baghdad.
Post the ground in Iraq and 5,000 Patterson feels that the so-called
Two new studies highlight the special operations forces. There is end of combat operations in Iraq
growing concern that the true cost no doubt, in my mind, that these will encourage attacks on
for Obamacare is greater than troops will continue to come American soldiers.
originally anticipated. Last week, under attack and will have to “The fact that President Barack
a new report from the Office of respond in kind. By anyone’s Obama has issued his edict that
the Actuary at the Center for definition of ‘combat,’ this is combat operations are officially
Medicare and Medicaid Services combat,” Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, over in Iraq has absolutely
(CMS) revised its former Senior Military Aide to nothing to do with the reality on
estimates—exposing yet again President Clinton and author of the ground there. Combat
that the new law will mean more Conduct Unbecoming: How operations continue, and if
health care spending, not less. Barack Obama is Destroying the anything, his irresponsible efforts
Plus, the Congressional Research Military and Endangering Our to placate his political base will,
Service released a report that National Security, told FrontPage. no doubt, only attract more
aren’t likely to do so in the future. online calculator that will allow The Director of the Brookings insurgents and more attacks on
suggests states will face higher
As a matter of fact, the physician users to test out their own Institution’s Saban Center for Americans in Iraq,” Patterson
costs as a result of Obamacare.
cuts for this year already were theories. It’s one more way the Middle East Policy, Kenneth said.
These studies are just two
postponed. The CRS report public can decide what’s realistic Pollack, agrees. He writes that the
examples of how assumptions,
focuses on the variation in and unlikely when it comes to the change is mostly a matter of
even small ones, in forecast
estimates regarding the impact of savings and costs of Obamacare. semantics. The remaining forces
models of Obamacare result in
the new law on the states. This entry passed through the are being titled “advisory and
large differences for the total cost
If any of the underlying Full-Text RSS service — if this is assistance brigades” and stand
of the new law. The CMS study,
assumptions for the new law miss your content and you're reading it
for example, assumes the
their target, the price tag is sure to on someone else's site, please read
scheduled physician payment cuts
go up. To help Americans better our FAQ page at
will continue as planned, resulting
understand how different the content-only/faq.php
in significant savings that will
results of Obamacare can be with Five Filters featured article:
help offset the massive expenses
just small changes in the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
from Obamacare. However,
estimates, the Heritage Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
history has shown that these cuts
Foundation will soon release an Catastrophe.
have never gone into effect and
84 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

Helvetica Joins the Web Font Revolution

Christina Warren (Mashable!) web design is a huge step in the represents a pretty significant shift other purposes, JavaScript isn’t
Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:30:44 AM overall world of web typography. on the part of the font foundries. always ideal.
Monotype has made more than Years ago, one of the big reasons Thus, for standard and
Monotype Imaging, the company 7,500 fonts available via the that foundries pushed back against professional subscribers, a
that houses the Monotype, service and more will be added in the idea of web fonts was because JavaScript-free option is available
Linotype and ITC typeface the future. Monotype has also many were afraid users would as well. Fonts can also be
libraries, has just opened its committed to bringing all ITC, find a way to download and steal declared in a stylesheet directly Web Fonts solution to Linotype and Monotype font faces their fonts. by using CSS selectors.
the general public. developed in the ensuing years to I asked Monotype about this 180- Typophiles Rejoice Web Fonts has been in the platform. degree shift last week. Vice With Typekit, Google Font
beta for the last few months and Beyond just the sheer number of President of Marketing Chris Directory and now the
Monotype has taken user typefaces, Monotype also Roberts told me that Monotype Web Fonts service, we’re finally
feedback from that beta to make supports more than 40 different doesn’t want to risk being passed reaching a place where
which makes it ideal for most
its web font solution better and languages — many non-Latin over simply because it’s not typography on the web can go
individual users or bloggers.
more robust. character sets are supported too. willing to embrace the future. beyond the built-in, web-safe font
The standard plan, which adds
With Web Fonts, Extended character sets are That’s one reason he said choices of yesteryear.
another 5,000 or so fonts to the
designers, creative agencies, available for many fonts and users Monotype is so enthusiastic about It’s great to see other companies
library, starts at $10 per month for
publishers and individuals can can also access Asian-specific the future of web fonts. Type is its enter this space not only to spur
250,000 pageviews. If you need
infuse their web apps or web font foundries. core business and that means on competition, but to give users
more pageviews, you can adjust
pages with more typography Through the course of the beta, giving users all the tools that they and brands more options.
the pricing accordingly.
options. Monotype has also changed how need. iOS, Internet Explorer and Have you used web font services
For agencies, bigger brands or Web Fonts joins a its international fonts are hinted JavaScript-free Support with your designs? What do you
large sites, the professional
growing list of web font services, and kerned, so that Chinese or Right now, Web Fonts think of Monotype’s new
subscription plan starts at $100 a
including Typekit, Fontdeck and Japanese fonts are easier for users works with Internet Explorer, offering?
month for 2.5 million pageviews.
Google’s new Font Directory. to read. For big brands that rely Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome More About: fonts, helvetica,
It has all the same fonts as the Web Fonts is similar to on a typeface as part of its greater and Opera. It also works on the monotype imaging, typekit,
standard subscription, but with
some of these existing solutions, identity, having international iPad, iPhone and iPod touch typography, web fonts, web
one big benefit: The ability to
but it has some additional features support across languages can be devices. Monotype added iOS typography
download 50 fonts per month to
and supports a few other very important. Pricing Plans support after hearing feedback For more Dev & Design
the desktop.
platforms that make it a unique Web Fonts pricing from beta users. coverage:
Whenever we write about type
offering in the web font space. takes place at a few different tiers. Monotype already has a history • Follow Mashable Dev &
and the web or web fonts in
Huge Library Tiers are based on subscription of making innovations in mobile, Design on Twitter
general, users tell us they love the
As a company, Monotype houses type and then on page views. so expect more mobile support to • Become a Fan on Facebook
idea of web fonts, but are
some of the biggest font libraries Regardless of the subscription, come in the future. • Subscribe to the Dev & Design
frustrated because they can’t do
in the world. Typefaces like Web Fonts can be used Most web font services use channel
their designs in Photoshop or
Helvetica, Frutiger and Univers on as many projects or domains as JavaScript to serve and embed • Download our free apps for
other tools of choice, because they
are all part of Monotype and you want and you can use as web fonts. It makes sense, as this iPhone and iPad
don’t have access to the font file
available to Web Fonts many fonts as you want per is generally an easy way to add
users. project. support and it means that any
Allowing professional-tier
Just like Typekit’s recent For instance, there is a free plan changes to the font you want to
subscribers to download 50
partnership with Adobe, the that gives anyone access to more use can generally be made
typefaces per month is a great
ability to use premium type than 2,200 fonts. The free is good independent of the code itself.
solution to this problem. It also
families and well-known fonts in for 25,000 pageviews each month, However, for accessibility and
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 85

Top 3 Stories in Social Media and Mobile This

Lauren Indvik (Mashable!) inch AMOLED screen, a stainless forbidden from using Twitter,
Submitted at 9/14/2010 8:25:11 AM steel and glass frame, an 8- Facebook, instant messaging and
megapixel camera with dual LED any other online communication
This series is brought to you by flash and the ability to record except for e-mail.
HTC EVO 4G, America’s first 4G 720p video. It comes with up to • Wal-Mart has announced a dirt-
phone. Only from Sprint. The 350MB of internal user memory cheap mobile phone plan under its
“First to Know” series keeps you and 8GB of storage memory, own brand name — a first for the
in the know on what’s happening which can be expanded to 32GB department store, which
now in the world of social media with a microsSD memory card. previously only offered low-cost Get Satisfaction
and technology. The €260 ($334) C6 has all of plans in under the Verizon and Celebrates Third
Welcome to this morning’s t h e s a m e s p e c s a s t h e C 7 , Sprint brand names. The $45 per
edition of “First To Know,” a although the screen is .3 inches month plan is called Wal-Mart
Anniversary with $6
series in which we keep you in the narrower and the device has Family Mobile, and it includes Million in Funding
Mayer has announced his decision
know on what’s happening in the 10MB less of internal user u n l i m i t e d t e x t a n d v o i c e Jennifer Van Grove (Mashable!)
to leave the microblogging
digital world. We’re keeping our memory. messaging.
service. Submitted at 9/14/2010 9:08:13 AM
eyes on three particular stories of All three devices are scheduled to
Apparently the account was only
interest today. become available before the end Series supported by HTC EVO Just yesterday, Get Satisfaction
needed to promote his recent tour,
Nokia Unveils Three New of the year. 4G celebrated the third anniversary of
Battle Studies, which has now
Symbian^3 Smartphones Israel Takes Ownership of Its This series is brought to you by its customer support platform’s
drawn to a close. Mayer hasn’t
Nokia announced a lineup of Twitter Account HTC EVO 4G, America’s first 4G launch. Today, the startup is
given up on social media entirely,
t h r e e n e w S y m b i a n ^ 3 Israel has acquired the Twitter phone. Only from Sprint. The announcing a $6 million Series A
however; he will continue to
smartphones at its Nokia World username@israel from the Miami- “First to Know” series keeps you round of financing — led by
communicate with his fans
event in London this morning, based owner of a pornographic in the know on what’s happening Azure Capital — and private
through his blog and his tumblr.
dubbed the Nokia E7, Nokia C7 web site, The New York Times now in the world of social media communities, a brand new feature
Further News
and Nokia C6. All three will run reports. and technology. for enterprise clients.
• Americans are consuming more
on the Symbian^3 OS. The purchase was confirmed by More About: first to know series, The company will use the
news now than they were a
The E7, designed for business Yigal Palmor, a spokesman for Israel, john mayer, Mobile 2.0, additional funding for expansion
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The €335 ($430) C7 has a 3.5- million followers on Twitter, John match its marketing goals and
repurposed mission around social

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support, a mission that extends expressing even more need to says it is not yet profitable, but
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according to Co-founder Thor believes that’s the startup’s core More About: funding,
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Today the company is unveiling a To further cater to customer support
new website, new logo and an anti needs, Get Satisfaction is quietly For more Business coverage:
-mascot — a tongue-in-cheek rolling out private communities to • Follow Mashable Business on
representation of the opposite of its enterprise communities. The Twitter
what Get Satisfaction stands for feature will enable customers to • Become a Fan on Facebook
— who goes by the name of create private communities for • Subscribe to the Business
JarGon (pictured above). “JarGon beta testing product ideas in channel
is a lovably inept robot that pokes stealth mode. • Download our free apps for
fun at social buzzwords,” Muller To date, Get Satisfaction has iPhone and iPad
says. raised $11 million in funding. The
“Business interest in what we’ve startup operates around a
done has skyrocketed,” Muller freemium model and has roughly
claims. He says businesses are 2,000 paying customers. Muller