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The Navhind TImes I Sunday April 25, 2010

Mystics and Mistakes I BLISS

BY SADHGURU do not know; you make things happen in a way transmitting it from generation to generation, these
that others cannot understand, so they call you a things are twisted and end up being just a heap of
at is a mystic? There are only two kinds of mystic - which means they are admitting that they rituals and belief systems. Otherwise, every religion

Wr people in the world - mystics and mistakes.

To put it very simply - if you are seeing
life just the way it is, you are a mystic in the world's
are mistakes. There is nothing wrong in being a
mistake, but not realising the mistake is the biggest
mistake. When you were in your mother's womb,
started as human striving to know, human striving to
experience, human striving to create wellbeing for
oneself. If you think you are not a mistake, you are
eyes. If there are large mistakes in your perception, though you had eyes, you could not see. Though a lost case, a fanatic. If you think you are absolutely
you are a mistake considering yourself normal. you had ears, you could not hear - otherwise you right on everything, you become fanatical. If you
This may sound cruel. but if you genuinely want to would know how it was inside. At birth, your sense know that you are a mistake, then you are a potential
know, the sooner you do away with organs naturally opened up because mystic.
all the nonsense in you, the better that is needed for swvival. But, if In a society where the survival process
it ~ is. If your perception changes at anything that is beyond survival is constantly being taken to newer heights of
different times of your life, obviously has to open up, it takes a little bit of complication, there is not much room for large
what you did yesterday or how you striving. For example. suppose as an numbers of people to strive to know the truth about
saw life yesterday was a mistake. infant yOll were left in a forest and life, the basic nature of our own existence. In the
What you are doing now seems to you never got in touch with human last hundred years or so, in our excitement about
be the right thing to you, but this society. If something edible arrived large numbers of people being able to do things that
can change anytime. What you have in front of you, would you take it we have never been able to do before, we have go ne
done today may seem like a mistake and stuff it into your ears? No - you berserk. Technology should not be about gadgetry
to you tomorrow and what you are would know where to put it. But, but about arranging our lives in such a way that the
doing tomorrow will then seem to would you know how to read, how survival process is handled effortlessly and there is
be the right thing. Isn't this happening all the tirqe? to write, how to speak a language? No. That takes time and room for humanity to exploie other aspects
There is a big mistake about the way we perceive some striving. Today, language is just flowing out of and dimensions, which would not be possible if we
life. When this is corrected, people think you are a you. Remember, when you were two or three years were concerned about our survival. We have reached
mystic because you are beginning to perceive life in of age and they asked you to write that "N' or "Aa" a situation in the world where for a large part of the
a way that you cannot fit into logic. It is way beyond - how complicated it was! Just the letter "A," you population, survival is organised like never before.
logic. Logic is just a small part of your life - you can had to write a hundred times before you got it right. It is time to invest time and resources to build
never fit life into it. You can fit logic into your life but But, only because of that striving does it flows easily infrastructure for deeper exploration of the human
never life into logic. • today. being as that is where ultimate wellbeing is, and that
If your experie nce of life transcends the So you see anything beyond survival does not is also ultimate liberation.
limitations of sense perception, you are known as open up without striving. All the religions, all the (Next Inner Engineering Programs: May 26 Margao and June ISh
a mystic. You experience life in a way that others spiritual traditions that you see on the planet started Panaji Conlact: 9822100305,
as just this, striving. Unfortunately, over a period,