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Assignment 1

 Excavation Form

1. Site: 2F
2. Location: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (40.6262˚N, 74.0329˚W)
a. This excavation of “2F” was done in an apartment located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn
on Friday, February 16, 2018. The site is the kitchen area, focusing on the kitchen
table. Several items were left behind on the table.
3. Items Found:
a. Reese’s Pieces candy box
i. The Reese’s Pieces candy box measured approximately 15.7 cm x 7.7 cm.
The box is mainly a bright orange color with the Reese’s logo on the front.
The candy box contained 7 leftover pieces of candy (5 orange, 2 yellow).
The candy box was found approximately W in relation to the North arrow.

b. Coffee mug with a used tea bag

i. The coffee mug measured approximately 9.6 cm x 9.6 cm x 13 cm. It can
hold approximately 10 fluid ounces. The mug is a dark blue color with a
white logo of a paw print on the back, and “Penn State Hershey Surgery
1855” engraved on the front of the mug. An old tea bag was found inside
of the mug. It was a “Twinings of London” brand of tea. The mug was found
approximately SW of the North arrow.
c. Red and white pen
i. The pen measured approximately 15 cm. The body of the pen is mainly a
red color, while both ends are white. The logo engraved on the pen was
“The New School
Athletics & Recreation”
The pen was found on the red-bound notebook approximately W of the
North arrow.
d. Red-bound notebook
i. The notebook measured approximately 19 cm x 25 cm. The notebook has
a red binding and the cover is a tan color. As mentioned above, a red and
white pen was found on top of the notebook. Inside, there were a few
pages with writings, but most remain empty. The notebook was located
approximately W of the North arrow.
4. Discussion
a. Based on the findings, it seems like all the artifacts are interrelated. The pen and
notebook suggest that it could have belonged to an individual who has some level
of education. The candy and tea could also suggest that this individual was
working at the kitchen table and had prepared some snacks to accompany their
studies. These artifacts could have been left behind by a high school or college
student, based on the notebook and the coffee mug. However, even though this
assemblage was created by one individual, the multiple logos on the artifacts
could suggest that there were multiple individuals that lived here, possibly a
 Drawing

 Picture of Assemblage

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