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Yoram Gnat - 2008

The Hebrew Samaritan Alphabet

The Hebrew Samaritan alphabet is the only, still used, direct descendant of the
Paleo Hebrew alphabet. The letter forms are quite similar to those of the Paleo
Hebrew script used in Judea around 1C BCE although, naturally changed during
the years.
Picture 1. Shows a page from the Samaritan Pentateuch from 14C CE (Exodus,
Chapter 20.  ). The book itself is kept in the British Library.

Picture 1.

The font Hebrew Samaritan is based upon the letter forms from the book.
T Š R Q S P ` S N M L K Y T H Z V H D G B '

The next page, shows the content of the page above, transcripted with the
Hebrew-Samaritan font.