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Course Expectations

Concert Band / Honors Wind Ensemble

W, TH, F: Period 4 / W, TH, F: Period 8
Instructor: Mr. Hart

A. Mission:

1. To develop individual and ensemble musicianship skills through the performance of

high quality literature
2. To develop an understanding and lifelong appreciation for music
3. To develop professional skills that will be applicable to students in their chosen post-
high-school education/profession
4. To have fun

B. The Four Expectations:

1. In-Class Participation
 Comprises 31% of your grade
 Be on time and at the right place, fully engaged in our rehearsal
2. Overall Professionalism
 Comprises 31% of your grade
 Come to class with all the equipment you need
 Ask questions if you’re confused
 Be courteous and respectful to your colleagues, Mr. Hart, and your band
 Take ownership of your actions
 Support your colleagues and your ensemble at large
3. Individual Musical Achievement
 Comprises 22% of your grade
 Practice as much as you need to in order to know your part
 Identify and utilize your musical strengths
 Identify and address your musical areas for growth
 Two SEIs and one quarterly exam (more about this at letter “C” below)
4. Concert Attendance (as applicable to each quarter)
 Comprises 16% of your grade
 Contribute to your section as a colleague and musician
 Contribute to your ensemble as a colleague and musician

C. Small Ensemble Instruction (SEI):

1. Purposes
 Technical musical skills
 Music reading skills
 Musicality and expression
 Chamber music exposure
 Assessment for Expectation #3 (see above)
 Important: Remember that one quarterly playing test will be implemented to
review student execution and understanding of our literature.
D. Attendance:

1. Our Regular Class Meetings

 Students are expected to abide by the district’s attendance policy for regular
class meetings.
2. SEI
 Students are required to attend two (2) SEIs each quarter, and take part in one
(1) playing exam each quarter.
 If you would like to go beyond the minimum required SEIs, please contact Mr.
 Please see the band room door for the schedule, as it is prone to change.
 If the student has a special concern, i.e. they not passing a class, then this
needs to be brought to Mr. Hart’s attention immediately.
3. Make-up work for absences can be assigned at the discretion of Mr. Hart.
4. Concerts (posted on - capital “C” on
 Students are required to participate in all concerts.
 Dates
o Music Department Holiday Concert: Wednesday, December 8, 2010,
o North Side Band Music Festival (Henderson/Peirce Concert):
Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 7:00pm
o Concert Band/Honors Wind Ensemble: Wednesday, May 18, 2011,
o HHS Graduation: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 6pm (reduced ensemble if
o Other events TBA

E. Concert Attire (Henderson Music Department-Wide Policy):

1. Gentlemen: white dress shirt, necktie, black dress slacks, black dress shoes
2. Ladies: white dress top, black dress slacks, black dress shoes

F. Practice Rooms:

Students are welcome to practice music for music classes in the practice rooms during the
regular school day. This must be during a time at which the student has no other academic
obligations. Students must get a pass from Mr. Hart in advance to use a practice room, and
must also make sure they utilize the sign in/sign out record.

G. Miscellaneous:

Mr. Hart is here to help with any serious concerns that are not (or are) music-related.