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Literary cyber have begun popular for not too long time.

This term have spread sinces 2011 when

internet culture began uproar in Indonesian. Literary cyber present as if anything happens have
struck a big gong literary world. In this situations, literary researchers begin to perforatehat
direction, literary critic begin to react to the trend and essay writer begin to aware of the situation. It
means that the presence of cyber literatureis capable to knock on the doors of literary observer
whom almost locked.

The development of technologies of communications was making literary cyberapparently more

developed. Along with that attentions of literary researcher apparently more bustle to lock for what
is happening and waht wil happen in literary cyberera. That problems lead to basic questions: did
literary cyberhave established ethos like the appearing of literary cyber? There are some
assumptions about literary cyber; starting from the positive to the negative assumptions, like does
literary cyber as innovative penetration will make misunderstanding or confusion? This is important
to be writen , because some people assume that cyber literature just a little work of jobless peoples.
This assumtion is painful, because literary researchers are burdened on task to investigate literary
cybercommunity themselves deeper.

The term literary cyber can be traced from its origin world. “Cyber” in English does not stand alone,
but bunched with another word like cyberspace, cybernetic and cybernetics. Cyberspace means
space (consist of computer) which link each other to make a culture in their circle. Cybernetic means
process of using computer. Cybernetics means refer to automatic reins system, whether in computer
system (electronic) or net’s nerve. It can be concluded that literary cyber is literary activity wich
exploits computer or internet.

The emmergence of literary cyber served certain reality for literary researcher. Minimumally they
will be sucked up in writer tradition because literary cyber movement all at once needs skill in using
the internet, not all writers are capable on it. Only those who update the development of
globalization are interested in cyber literature. This writers who still trade on old tradition, use
manual type machine, hand writing and simple computer of course not rush about to use the
internet. In this case, their works result not in from literary cyber, but in from of mold and copy
literature. Literary cyber is persistent with skill and development of technology of communication.
Literary cyber creates new communities in literature, namely literary cyber community.

Writers are interest to do literary cyber for some reaseons. Firstly, it might because they want to
have new model of creativity and leave boring old tradition. They consider that literary cyberis
charming new field. Dong cyber literature willneeds a longing and more struggle to be creative. Their
competitiveness is also still limited, so that whatever their workswill more and more avowe their

Secondly, the writers want to get popularity. Throught literary cyberwich is in limited community the
writers can easily get popularity, and they do not need to pass special graduatios ceremony the
writers name will rise and famous in whole of cyber net immediatelly.

Thirdly, some of them are casually playing internet for the shake of entertainment; they want to
release their self from printing literatures prison. They assume that printing literature is too
hegemonic. Each publisher has strategy, there is corrupt system in it so that not all of beginners
work will interesting enticement. It will be field to break down the existing literary system which is
systematically not conducive.

For some reason above, literary researcher can explore so far the reason of cyber writers. This study
requires models of specific literary study. When the researchers are interested in background of the
writers of literary cyber, then may borrow model of study of literary sociology and literary
psychology. When the researchers are interestedin utilization of current communication, the
researcher may use postcolonial study. But when the researchers are dealing with strange texts of
literary cyber, which is difficult to be approached by using traditional model, the researchers may
use deconstruction and so on.

In short literary cyber still largery open ended for researchers it depends on what the researchers
want to do. It can be understood that it is not methology but a region of study. Literary cyber is area
of study not a point of view. As area of study, literary cyber always serves unique phenomenon and
creativity. That is why this field appertains most up to date knowledges, that utilization of the new
research model is significant.

Freedom of experiment

Literary cyber, in fact is able to absolve the writers imagination to create experiments as the wish. In
this media, there is no “creativity prison”, as printing literature which too stiff. As a consequence,
literary cyber creates wilder and longer odyssey. This was done by Afrizal Malna. In fact, he creates
from of literary work that different from those of Dorothea Rosa Herliany on the others. He precisely
shows poetry by the title “poetry box” which is decorated with a sort of installation describing Malna
sitting on closet of water. While there is a chair in front of him, in confrtonting position.

Althought has not been categorized “masterpiece”. The giant experiment Malna’s will never
published in writing literature (Sastra Koran). Because “Sastra Koran” is autotratic publishing, it often
muzzles writers. So, when Ahmadun Y Herfanda argues that cyber literature may throw “Sastra
Koran” into trash which has been so hegemonic we need more frequent presentation and re
socialization, “Sastra Koran” is not eternally true. When Maman S Mahayan questioned wether the
deepness of literary cyberis presumably genuine? As newly emergence community identity and
quality of cyber literature of course will not immediatelly clear. However, to identify ones as poets,
man of letter, writers, critics, essaysts and etc. Are the area of readers not the others.

Presumably, the presence of literary cyber will be always interesting for everyone. For literary
researchers, endeavoring literary cyber is an adherent effort. The grandeur of acrobaticwriters
precisely will serve unique phenomenon for the literary researchers. Not only information of
technical problem used by them is more interesting, but also the case of democratizations of literary
cyber communities which have drawn public attention. Editors who work on virtual publications are
suppossed to have more struggle due to excessive works and uncertain financial support. But this is
precisely become interesting phenomenon. The democratization of literary cyber, namely from, by
and for themselves, more and more convincing to the literary researchers. The model of this literary
buffet in fact broke down the hegemonic system of the regime of Sastra Koran which have become
decent to for decades. So as the creative work ethos of the writer who rack of conventional grip in
working will be the important consideration for the literary researcher.
It is imperative for the researcher reveal grandeur which round the literary cyber, especially when
compared to other medias.

The media like magazine it was recognized by Budianta et al that all of sides who were related with
reproduction and production of literature will very determine the development of literature. More
over publishing institution of printed literature which protecs the literature will influence toward
literary condition. It is clear that printing publishing clearly make obstacle to curb and censor literary
works which were considered to be not good or do not appropiate for and endanger the society. On
this basis, literary cyber communities likely become the writers penetration, in order to not burden
the working system.

However, literary cyber is a very demanding areas of study for researcher. In prediction, literary
cyber will exist forward and may be will more and more contextual in our future society. More over
when similar things were anaesthetize the universal that more people spend time using the internet,
of course literary cyber will be more legible. It means that literary cyber is not only becoming
consumption of frustrated people rather it is able to penetrate worlds elitism.

When the last possibility is materialized, the literary researcher will be significantly busier. We have
to be aware of the effort to rein the quality of literary cyber, that is becoming mysterious
possibilities. In the enlightenment discourse, it will be new enlightenment of literary world. This is
important things to be revealed by researchers. The next prediction is that literary cyberis will be a
new regime.