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Pre-intermediate Quick Check Test 1B

Grammar Vocabulary
1 Write questions for the underlined 4 Match 1–6 with a)–f) to make sentences.
answers. Use Wh- question words. 1 She always goes b
1 How many children has she got? 2 How often does he eat
She’s got three children. 3 He loves spending
2 ? 4 I had some
She goes to the gym every Friday night. 5 Did she spend
3 ? 6 My brother and I didn’t play
We had a barbecue last weekend.
4 ? a) time off in January.
They work in the health centre. b) shopping on Saturday afternoons.
5 ? c) out with friends?
Her wedding was last Saturday. d) a musical instrument when we were
6 ? younger.
Paul sometimes stays at home on his own. e) much money on holiday?
10 f) time with his children.

2 Complete the sentences with the correct

past simple form of the verbs in brackets. 5 Complete the sentences with the correct
1 I last saw him when I was in Cairo in form of the verbs in the box.
1991. (see / be)
2 They some time off and get (x3) do meet argue fall
around the USA. (have / travel) 1 His parents got divorced in 2008.
3I my flat and to Canada. 2 We a lot until we both left home.
(sell / move) 3 They to know each other at
4 He her a month ago and they university.
married last Sunday. (meet / get) 4 Carla always on very well with her
5 When she famous, she a husband’s mother.
lot of old friends. (become / lose) 5 When you in love with
6 We shopping at the weekend but him?
we many things. (go / not buy) 6 She her first husband at work.
10 10

Pronunciation Functions
3 Mark two links between words in each 6 Tick the correct response, a) or b).
sentence. 1 Would you like to go out?
a) I’d love to see a film 
1 Would you like a drink? b) Yes, it’s OK.
2 Did you see the women’s final?
2 What are you doing this evening? a) Yes, it was great.
b) Yes, it’s lovely.
3 He met her in Estonia. 3 I hope we meet again soon.
a) See you later.
4 I’d love a coffee, thank you. b) Yes, let’s keep in touch.
4 Dad, this is Miguel.
5 Did he phone her last night? a) Nice to meet you.
b) It was nice to meet you.
6 My holidays are in August. 5 Terrible morning, isn’t it?
a) Yes, it’s awful.
5 b) What was it like?
6 So what exactly do you do?
a) I’m working.
b) I work with animals.

Total: 50

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