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Spesifikasi Ventilator Draeger Evita V300 (CO2)

Items Description
Patient Type Neonate, Infant, Pediatric and Adult (Bodyweight ≈ 0.4 to 300 kg)

Ventilation Settings
Invasive Ventilation Modes All Ventilation Modes (Neonate to Adult)
Non-Invasive Ventilation Modes All Ventilation Modes (Pediatric to Adult),
Pressure Control and Spontaneous/CPAP (Neonate/Infant)
Basic Ventilation Modes :
• Volume (A)Control VC-CMV, VC-AC
• Pressure (A)Control PC-CMV, PC-AC
• Pressure SIMV PC-SIMV
• Spontaneous & CPAP SPN-CPAP/PS
• Apnea Backup Ventilation Yes, Automatic Return to previous mode
Advance Ventilation Modes :
• BIPAP/Assist PC-AC
• APRV PC-BIPAP with Inverse Ratio
• Pressure Control with VG PC-AC/VG, VC-AC/AutoFlow
(BIPAP/Assist - Volume Guarantee)
• Pressure SIMV with VG PC-SIMV/VG, VC-SIMV/AutoFlow
(BIPAP/PS - Volume Guarantee)
• Volume Support SPN-CPAP/VS
• Minute Volume Guarantee VC-MMV/AutoFlow
• AutoWeaning with etCO2 SmartCare/PS 2.0
Enhancement AutoFlow & VolumeGuarantee
Automatic Tube Compensation
Capnograph with Mainstream etCO2
Graphical Loops Overlaid with Reference for Comparison
Parameters Setting :
• Ventilation Frequency (RR) 0.5/minute to 150/minute
• Inspiration Time (Ti) 0.1 second to 10 second
• Tidal Volume 2 ml to 3000 ml
• Inspiratory Flow 2 L/minute to 120 L/minute
• Inspiratory Pressure 1 cmH2O to 95 cmH2O, absolute (include PEEP, not above PEEP)
• Insp.Pressure Limit (Pmax) 2 cmH2O to 100 cmH2O
• PEEP (Intermittent PEEP) 0 to 50 cmH2O
• Pressure Support 0 to 95 cmH2O (above PEEP)
• Pressure Rise Time (Slope) 0 second to 2 second
• O2 Concentration 21% to 100%
• Inspiratory Trigger Sensitivity 0.2 L/minute to 15 L/minute
• Termination Criteria (Expiratory Trigger) 5% to 70% of Peak Inspiratory Flow

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Items Description
Ventilation Monitoring
Displayed Parameters :
• Pressure PEEP,
Minimal Pressure (Pmin),
Mean Pressure (Pmean),
Plateau Pressure (Pplat),
End Inspiratory Pressure (EIP),
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP),
Pressure Low (Plow),
Pressure High (Phigh)
• Minute Volume & Flow Expiratory Minute Volume (MVe),
Inspiratory Minute Volume (MVi),
Minute Volume (MV),
Expiratory Mandatory MV (MVemand),
Prcentage Spontaneous MV (%MVspon),
Leakage Minute Volume (MVleak),
• Tidal Volume Volume Tidal (VT),
Mandatory VT (VTmand),
Spontaneous VT (VTspon),
Inspiratory VT (VTi),
Inspiratory Mandatory VT (VTimand),
Inspiratory Spontaneous VT (VTispon),
Expiratory VT (VTe),
Expiratory Mandatory VT (VTemand),
Expiratory Spontaneous VT (VTespon),
VT per kg Bodyweight (VT/kg BW)
• Respiratory Rate & Time Respiratory Rate (RR),
Mandatory Rate (RRmand),
Spontaneous Rate (RRspon),
Mandatory Triggered Rate (RRtrig),
Spontaneous Insp.Time (Tispon),
Time Low (Tlow),
Time Constant, Tau (TC),
Expiratory Time Constant (TCe),
Ratio Insp. To Exp. Time (I:E),
Ratio Spontaneous IE Ratio (I:Espon)
• Others Inspiratory O2 Concentration (FiO2),
Rapid Shallow Breathing (RSB),
Dynamic Compliance (Cdyn),
Index last 20%C to Cdyn (C20/Cdyn),
Elastance (E),
Total Resistance (R),
Patient Airway Resistance (Rpat),
Least Mean Square R,C & CT (r2)

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Items Description
• SmartCare/PS Data Spontaneous Rate (SC-RRspon),
Volume Tidal (SC-VT),
End Tidal CO2 (SC-etCO2),
Pressure Support (SC-Psupp)
• end Tidal CO2 Data Deadspace Volume (Vds),
Ratio Deadspace to Exp.VT (Vds/VTe),
End Tidal CO2 (etCO2),
Expired CO2 per breath (VTCO2),
Expired CO2 per Minute (V'CO2),
Increased Measured CO2 (CO2 slope)
Numeric/Graphical Displayed :
• Simultaneous, up to 8 Numerical Data Pressure, Minute Volume & Flow, Tidal Volume, RR & Time, etc
• Simultaneous, up to 3 Waveforms Selectable, Pressure, Flow, Volume and etCO2
• Simultaneous, up to 3 Graphical Trends 2h, 4h, 8h, 12h, 1day or 7days of Selectable Trend data
• Simultaneous, up to 2 Graphical Loops Pressure, Flow & Volume Combination (Overlaid with Reference)

Alarms / Monitoring
Expired minute volume High / Low
Airway pressure High / Low
Inspired O2 concentration High / Low
end Expiratory CO2 Concentration High / Low
Tachypnoea Monitoring High
Volume Monitoring High / Low
Apnea alarm time 5 to 60 second

Performance data
Control principle Time cycled, volume constant, pressure-controlled
Intermittent PEEP duration 1 - 20 expiratory cycles
Medicament Nebulisation Selectable 5, 10, 15, 30 minute for Adult, Pediatric and Infant
Bronchial Suction Manuever Yes
O2 Measurement Magnetic Field (Paramagnetic),
Lifetime (approx. 5 years and no yearly replacement needed)
etCO2 Measurement Mainstream, displayed as Numerical Data and Graphic
Safety Valve Open if Medical Oxygen and Air supply is not sufficient,
enables spontaneous breathing with ambient air.

Operating data
Main Power Connection 100 to 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Current Consumption 1.6 Ampere max. at 230 Volt
Battery Backup Up to 240 minutes, integrated on Trolley.
Capability to Supply Compressor (if ordered/included) for Up to 120 minutes
Gas supply :
• Oxygen Pressure 2.7 to 6 Bar
• Medical Air Pressure 2.7 to 6 Bar

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Items Description
Physical Specifications
Dimensions ventilator (W x H x D) 577mm x 1400mm x 677mm (with trolley)
Diagonal screen size 15.4" TFT Color Touch Screen
Weight basic unit Approx. 58 kg (127.9 lbs.)

Machine outputs
Digital output Digital output and input via an RS232 C interface
Draeger MEDIBUS and MEDIBUS.X protocol

Humidification System Humidifier F&P MR850
Breathing Circuit Reusable Breathing Circuit Complete with Chamber for Adult/Pediatric
Reusable Breathing Circuit Complete with Chamber for Infant/Neonate
Test Lung for Testing Reusable Test Lung for Adult/Pediatric
Reusable Test Lung for Infant/Neonate
Ventilation Mask Reusable Size S, M and L
Nebulisation Reusable Nebulizer
Gas Hose Oxygen Supply Hose (White)
Air Supply Hose (Black)
Gas Connector CIG / BritishStandard / DIN

Optional (Not Include)

Optional Medical Air Compressor Turbin technology, integrated on Trolley,
DC Power from Ventilator (or Backup Battery of Ventilator).
Need to order for Hospital without Central Medical Air on Wall
or for Transport (Room-to-Room) purposes.
Optional BedCoupling and Cylinder Holder BedCoupling to Ventilator Trolley and Holder for O2 Cylinder Holder.
Need to order for Transport (Room-to-Room) locked to Patient Bed.

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