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Bombardier Transportation Description Template

A. General Information on the Job

Job title Reporting line (title of position) Generic role (from BT Careers)
Lead Vehicle Design Engineer Head Vehicle Design Engineer

Division/Function Business Unit/Department Work location Country

Asia Pacific (APAC) APA/IN/Hyderabad Hyderabad India

Local specifications (i.e. specificationsthat are required for any legal and compliance purposes)

Local field 1 Local field 2 Local field 3 Local field 4

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To be filled in and approved by C&B:

Job code Global Grade C&B Signature, Date
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Job family Subfamily (if available)

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B. Job Content Specifications (click for explanation)

Purpose of the job
You will be responsible for preparing the project master model (master model) is a term used to describe the collection of CAD data (3D Geometry
and 2D Drawing) created for a given project / product.It is where development of conceptual designs begins and provides a virtual representation
of the latest approved Unit configuration at any given moment in the product’s lifecycle.It is a means for information exchange and a tool to help
engineering demonstrate compliance to requirements, manage interfaces, support manufacturing and aid quality assurance.

You will be responsible to create the Master Model provides a record of the vehicle concept that is described within the bid and the drawing data
submitted with the bid. The Vehicle Concept contain a complete set of validated concepts with preliminary mechanical and electrical interfaces. You
will also supports gauging studies and passenger flow analysis and aerodynamic studies.

After bid submission, it will support the answering of customer technical questions and be used to develop the product during the customer
negotiations phase.

In the detail design phase you will be responsible to conduct design gate reviews to ensure emerging designs do not deviate from the original
concept and are in line with customer and vehicle requirements.

You will work as part of a small team of specialist engineers engaged with the disciplines of Gauging, Acoustics; Mass Properties; and
Aero/thermodynamics , Vehicle Interconnection.

As you will be working alongside experienced System engineers to ensure the Electrical, Mechanical & Pneumatic interfaces has been managed
properly from Assembly , Maintenance , homologation as well as functional requirements point of view.

Key responsibilities (describe key responsibilities in order of importance and specify the approximate amount of time, e.g. in % related to the typical business cycle)

Create project Master Model within VPM, structured. Support Vehicle Engineer in developing product concept.
1. 25 %
Develop Master Model in line with product concept and allocate space for Mock-Up Managers to work within.

Manage vehicle level requirements through space allocation models stored within Design Reference. For example , passenger
2. throughways, gauging. 25 %

Support Gauging Engineer in developing a vehicle build gauge and graphical representation of stepping distances.Carry out
3. inter-vehicle movements analysis to validate gangway, coupler, jumper concepts. 20 %

Create General Unit / Vehicle Geometries and Vehicle Profiles. Create vehicle layout models and derived 2D layout drawings.
4. 15 %
Generate documentation as required to support the bid. All such documentation to be formally managed using PDM.

Co-ordinate with System Engineers for Interface Management & Control. Participate in the design gate reviews to ensure
5. emerging designs do not deviate from the original concept (bid level) and are in line with customer and vehicle requirements. 15 %

D. Job Requirements(click for explanation)
Qualifications & Functional Knowledge
Bombardier Transportation Description Template

University degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent