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Now I will give you a step by step guide to Know presence of Government job Yog in Kundli.

1. The Lagna Lord should be strong and if it is placed in 1, 10, 9, 6 or 11th house with these
house lord, it is a good planetary combination for successful career. when Lagna Lord is
conjunct with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter & Mars and placed in these house, it is a good
Astrological combination for Government job.
2. If your 10th lord is conjunct with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, saturn and placed in
houses like 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th, you have a very high chance of getting a
Government job. 10th lord and its position will indicate in which sector you can get
maximum benefit.
3. The Lagna and Lagna lord as well as Moon should be seen carefully. Because Lagna and
Moon will give a hints about the likes and dislikes and interest. There are certain Yogas
in astrology Like Gaja Keshari Yoga (when Moon and Jupiter placed in mutual Kendra),
Adhi Yoga (when Venus, Mercury and Jupiter is placed in 6th, 7th, and 8th house from
Moon) and Panch Mahapurush Yoga etc are also considered as the astrological
combinations for government job. If these Yoga also occur in Dasamsa Chart (D10), this
further increase the indication of Successful Career in Government Sector through
Astrology. these yogas are planetary combinations for successful career.
4. 6th house indicates Service and Job. So 6th house should be stronger than 7th House in
ashtak varga, Shadbala etc. If the 6th lord is associated with 10th house or 10th Lord is
associated with 6th house and the 6th lord is strong, Saturn is also influencing the 10th
house and sun is also prominent, there is yoga for Government job in Vedic astrology. If
we see such combination in charts, we can safely proceed with government job prediction
in astrology.
5. The influence of different Planet will help in going towards different kind of Government
Field. If there is prominent planetary combination for Government job Yoga is present,
different planets will indicate different area. If the 10th house, and its Lord is influenced
by Mars, the person may likely to go to Army or police service. If Jupiter’s influence or
Mercury influence is very prominent the native can go to Educational sector or revenue
sector etc.
6. Jupiter should be very strong for any kind of Administrative service. If Jupiter conjuncts
with Sun or Saturn and is placed in Lagna or 5th or 6th or 10th or in 11th house, it creates
a very strong yoga for Government job in astrology. Specially in administrative field.

Please understand that all these combinations may not be present in a single chart but more the
no of Indications, the more is the chances of securing a Govt Job by astrology.

Government job indication in astrology is little different with Astrological combinations for IAS
officer. So Now lets discuss about it.

Astrological combinations for IAS officer and IPS officer

Planet Responsible for administrative services is Sun and Jupiter. So these two planets should be
given special focus along with Saturn. We have to always check the strength of Saturn for any
government job prediction in astrology. IAS and IPS is the top most Government service in our
country. So there must some difference in their chart when compared to other Government job.
Here I am giving one technique which was discussed in Saptarshi Astrology.

 The Astak Varga Value for 6th house and 11th house should be More than 25.
 Sun should be either in Dharma Trikona (1-5-9) or in Moksha trikona (4-8-12). If you do
not know what is Artha trikona and Moksha trikona, read my in depth article.
 Saturn and sun should be in 4-10 or 5-9 or 3-11 relationship from each other.
 The vimsopka Bal of Sun should be more than 13 and Saturn should be more than 10.
 In Dasamsha Chart, Sun should be either in Indra amsa, or Agni amsa, Kuber amsa or
Anant Amsa.

If we apply these principles for government job prediction in astrology, we can easily get a hints
about who will get government job in astrology. Mars is the Main Planet for IPS. If Mars
conjuncts with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter etc and is placed in houses like 1st, 6th, 10th or 11th house, it
Gives a very strong Indication for Police service.

But One thing I would like to state that do not think that if you have the above mentioned
combination, you can get a Government Job. There are lot of factor which we have to check for
government job prediction in astrology. We have to see the aspect, different Divisional Chart,
shadbala, Nakshatra etc. If you are interested to know about Career, You can take my Career

I have tried to give you some information about government job prediction in astrology. If you
know anything more about How to predict Government Job in astrology, please comment Below.

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Planetary combination for IAS and IPS in Birth chart

Role of planets for success in Exam

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are the key planets in your horoscope for administrative
services.These planets are very helpful in any administrative success.


Sun signifies of govt job. Sun also indicate higher post in government.


Jupiter is the signifies of knowledge.


Mars planets depict courage and quick decision and reaction. Mars makes a person courageous,
energetic and enthusiastic, which is very essential to achieve success in life. Mars also indicates
the possibilities to join police services.


Saturn signifies of people and hard work in society. Saturn also does work like bridges the gap
between the people and administrative officer or authorities.

Astrological yoga in horoscope

There is much yoga available in horoscope but some yoga is very necessary for higher
achievement in society or govt and public sector.

1. Raj yoga

The lord of the Navamsha sign which the Moon occupies resides in a Kendra or Trikona from
Lagan or Mercury. The person becomes a commander or ruler.
One of the lords of the 11th, the 9th and the 2nd houses, is in a Kendra from Moon, while Jupiter
is the lord of either 2nd, 5th or 11th house. The individual becomes a great man or a respected

2. Dhan yoga

There is a relationship between the Lagan Lord on the one hand and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or
11th Lord on the other hand. The person will be wealthy.

3. Gajakesari yoga

Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon.The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy,

intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

4. Budha-Aditya Yoga

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the same house (also known as Budhadhiya Yoga).The person
is sweet tongued, clever, scholarly, virtuous and will have learning, wealth, progeny and self-
control, earns wealth by serving others. Also said to be highly intelligent, skilful in all works
with a good reputation.

5. karma jiva yoga

The 10th house from Lagan contains very strong Mercury devoid of a malefic aspect .The
persons fame is going to extend in various directions.

Role of Dasha (Period & Sub period) and Transit of planets

The good planet Dasha or Anterdasha (Period & Sub period) is also very necessary to success in
competition and after joining of the job also. If your birth chart promise administrative job but
your good Dasha and transit of planets are not going on then it is very difficult to select in the
If the Dasha of the Lord of Ascendant, six, the ninth or tenth house is going on then the native
can be a success in the competitive exam.
The role of transiting planets is very important. If period or sub period lord is transiting with the
tenth, sixth house or aspect in this house then result will come positive. If your period is
favourable and transits are not favourable then the result will not come positive so both period
and transits are most important for success in the competitive exam.
We should also find out the double Gonchar transits on the related house if the transits are
favourable then success will come surely.

Planetary Combination for IAS and IPS in Birth Chart

1. Mutual relation of the ninth, tenth and eleventh house and it Lord or privartan yoga the
possibilities to become an I.A.S.
2. If two or three planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Sun or Venus are exalted and placed in the good
house and mutual aspects or conjunction with each other. The person becomes an IAS officer.
3. If Saturn and Mars have a connection with the 10 house/lord in the birth chart or D 9 chart
then possibilities to join the police or army department.
4. Exalted Moon in Kendra or relationship with the tenth house or tenth lord.
Appendix A
IAS Officers

Saturn Mars Jupiter Yoga
1. 6th lord from the 1. Aspects the 6th , 9th 1. Aspects the 11th, the
Ascendant and 9th and and 10th. Ascendant and the 9th.
10 th lord from the 9th. 2. Mutual aspect with 2. Debilitated in the 5th.
1. -----------
2. In the 10th in friendly sign. exalted 3. Aspected by Saturn.
3. In the 2nd from the Moon Moon. 4. Lord of the 11th from
in friendly sign. 3. In the 3rd in own sign. the Moon.
1. Exalted in the 6th.
1. 6th lord. 2. Aspects 9th, own sign 1. Aspected by exalted Mars 1. Veena or
2. Aspects the 6th and the and from the 6th. Vallaki
11th. also Jupiter in the 2. 11th lord from the Moon. 2. Gajakesari
3. In the 2nd in friendly sign. Ascendant. 3. 5th and 8th lord and 3. Obhaychari
4. Owns the Moon 3. Owns 9th and 4th, 4th aspects 5th. 4. Lagna Malika
Ascendant. being 4. Gets Digbala in Lagna. 5. Prabhu
10 th from the Moon.
1. Aspects the 6th and the 1. 11th lord from the Moon.
1. In the 6th in own sign.
11th. 2. 10th lord from the 10th.
2. Aspects 11th from the 1. Ruchaka.
2. In the 6th from the Moon. 3. Occupies 7th with lord
3. Moon. 2. Pasha.
3. 4th and 5th lord and in the of Lagna in 1st.
3. Aspected by Saturn from 3. Obhaychari.
9th with 9th lord in own 4. Aspects 1st, 2nd and
the 9th.
Sign. 10th.
1. Pasa.
2. Maharaja
1. Aspects the 6th and 11th. 1. Exalted in the 9th with 3. Agni-Maruta.
2. Occupies 9th in own sign 9th 1. 11th and 8th lord. 4. Obhayachari
and in mutual aspect lord, who is 11th lord 2. Exalted in the 3rd.
4. with exalted Jupiter. from 3. Mutual aspect with
5. Lord of 5th in
3. 9th and 10th lord. In 10th the Moon. Saturns, Mars and 9th with the
from the Moon with 2. Mutual aspect with Mercury. lord of 9th
Jupiter's aspect. exalted Jupiter. and
the Sun with
1. Aspects the 6th, from
1. 6th and 9th lord from
Lagna and the 11th lord
1. In 11th in friendly sign. Lagna aspects11th 1. Hamsa.
from the Moon.
5. 2. Aspects 6th, aspects 11th from and the Moon. 2. Gajakesari.
2. In Gemini sign.
from the Moon. 2. Aspects 5th. 3. Budhadtiya.
3. 5th and 10th lord without
3. Owns 9th from the 10th.
1. 11th and 10th lord and 1. Aspects 6th, 9th and 10th 1. Aspects 11th, both from
aspects 6th. from Lagna and in 11th Lagna and the Moon.
1. Kedara.
2. In the 11th from the Moon. from the Moon. 2. 9th lord and occupies
6. 2. Kundala.
3. 6th lord from the Moon. 2. In the 3rd in Gemini. quadrant.
3. Bhdhadtiya.
4. Aspected by Jupiter. 3. Aspected by Jupiter. 3. 5th and 8th lord from the
5. In the 3rd in own sign. 4. Owns 1st and 8th. Moon.
1. Aspects 6th, 11th and the 1. 11th and 4th lord from
1. In 6th from the Moon. 1. Pasa
6th lord. Lagna and in 11th from
2. In Quadrant from lagna 2. Amla
2. In the 6th from the Moon. the
7. and in friendly sign, 3. Obhayachari
3. 1st and 2nd lord. Moon.
aspected by Mercury. 4.
4. In Jupiter aspected by 2. In virgo without the Sun.
3. 3rd and 12th lord. Ashtaiswarya.
Mercury. 3. Aspects 4th in own sign.

Now, in order to find the common astrological factors, the status and duties etc., of the I.A.S. officers (first stage of
the investigation) on one side area, in the first instance, to be balanced with the planetary influence and Zodiacal
indications (the second stage) on the other. The close study of the details on both sides in the foregoing paragraphs,
shows the two sides are found quite balancing. That is to say, that the duties of the I.A.S. officers are duly contained
in and corresponding to the status, nature and the tendencies of the three planets, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. It is
further to be seen how far the influence of these planets is contained in their horoscopes. The details of analysis
therefore are shown in Appendix A. These details go to show that these planets are duly placed in the horoscopes, in
auspicious and benefic and strong positions and are also simultaneously associated with and related to the 6th or the
11th or both houses.

Needless to say, the stronger and more beneficially the planets (Jupiter, Mars and Saturn) are placed in a horoscope,
the higher would be the position of the native concerned, even going to the level of I.A.S. officers or equivalent,
depending upon the degree of beneficence and strength of the planets.

Tenure of Service

As regards the second phase or the tenure of service, it is the stage when these officers work in different
assignments. Here, the difference in the careers of the IAS officers begins when they are appointed as such and have
come to the actual field of service. They are then alloted different assignments that carry work and amenities of
different natures. Some of these carry facilities like conveyance, glamour of supreme authority and power with all
paraphernalia and insignia of royalty; whereas in other cases, such as secretariat assignments or, the like, they carry
compartively few amenities and little splendour.

IPS Officers

Now as regards the IPS officers, they are also likewise administrative officers in the public administration, governed
by the same system of recruitment as IAS officers. They are similarly responsible for law and order and well being
of the people in general. So naturally, the same planetary combination of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn associated or
related with the 6th and/or the 11th house of the Zodiac, as in the case of IAS officers, would apply to them. The
only distinguishing point between the two classes of officers is that Jupiter in the case of IPS officers will be a bit
weaker compared to IAS officers.
Appendix B
IPS Officers

Mars Saturn Jupiter

1. 9th lord in the 4th.
1. 6th and 11th lord. 2. In Virgo sign. 1. In the 6th from the Moon.
2. In the 10th with Digbala 3. Aspected by exalted and 2. In his Nakshatra but has
3. Exalted. benefic Venus. Kendradhipati Dosha as
4. In friendly house. 4. Aspects the 6th. 7th and 10th lord.
5. 6th lord from the Moon.
1. In the 11th.
1. Aspects the 6th. 1. 6th and 9th lord.
2. 5th lord.
9. 2. In friendly sign. 2. Aspects 11th from Lagna.
3. Aspects 6th from Lagna.
3. In the 6th from the Moon. 3. In 3rd in inimical sign.
4. 11th lord from the Moon.
1. 6th (and 5th) lord in Lagna.
1. 11th lord.
2. 6th lord from Lagna or 1. In the 6th from Lagna.
10. 2. Occupies friendly sign.
the Moon. 2. In Aquarius ruled by Saturn.
3. In the 4th.
3. In friendly sign.
1. Aspects the 6th and 11th
1. 11th lord.
from Lagna. 1. Aspects the 11th from Lagna.
2. 4th lord in the 9th.
11. 2. In friendly sign Virgo. 2. In the 3rd in own Rasi as
3. Lagna and 2nd (benefic) lord 3rd and 12th Lord.
3. In Virgo sign.
in the 9th with 4th lord.
1. Aspects 11th from Lagna. 1. 6th lord.
1. Aspects 6th from Lagna
12. 2. 4th and 5th lord in benefic. 2. Aspects the 11th from Lagna
2. Aspects 11th from the Moon.
(2nd house). and the Moon.
1. Occupies 11th from the
1. 6th lord.
13. 2. In the 11th. 1. Aspects the 11th.
2. Aspects the 6th.
3. 11th lord from the Moon.
3. Yogakaraka (Benefic).

High Judicial Officers

As regards judicials officers, they too are recruited to the job through competitive examinations like administrative
officers. They are also officers under the government, with status and authority, and they are empowered to punish
the evil-doers. By exercise of law in the public interest, by way of their jufgements (of law), they create a sense of
law in the public to make then law-abiding and also on the other hand, providing a sense of security under law to the
public in general.

The distinguishing point in this case in that their place and system of work in the performance of their duties differ
from those of the administrative officers. They have not to work practically in the field but they exercise law in their
office or court rooms by pronouncing the judgement of law. In fact, they put the law of the country into action. It is
very well said that law is a silent judge, whereas a judge is a speaking law.

This specific aspect require further probe into the nature etc., of the planets to locate the particular planetary
influence concurring with it.
Appendix C
Judicial Officers

Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus

1. 11th lord.
2. 4th lord exalted.
1. 5th (and 7th lord) in
3. 5th lord from the 1. In the 11th.
14. Aspects the 6th. the 2nd.
Moon. 2. Lagna and 2nd lord.
2. In friendly sign.
4. Aspected by enemy
1. 5th lord in 9th. 1. Aspects the 6th. 1. 10th lord in the 5th.
1. In th 11th.
15. 2. Aspects Lagna and 2. 6th Lord. from the 10th.
2. Aspects the 6th.
5th. 3. Aspects the 11th. 2. 6th lord from the 10th.
1. 9th lord in 6th.
1. Aspects the 6th. 1. 5th lord (a benefic
1. Occupies the 11th. 2. Aspects 6th from the
2. 6th and 11th lord. house).
16. 2. Aspects the 6th. Moon.
3. Aspects 11th from 2. In the 6th from
from the Moon. 3. 11th lord from the
the Moon. the Moon.
1. Aspects the 6th. 1. In the 11th.
1. In exalted sign. 1. In the 12th in own
2. Occupies own sign 2. Debilitation cancelled.
2. Aspects 11th. sign.
17. in the 10th. 3. 9th lord in the 11th.
3. Aspects 11th from 2. 5th lord.
3. 6th lord from the 4. 4th and 5th lord from
the Moon. 3. Aspects the 6th.
Moon. the Moon.
1. Aspects the 11th.
1. 11th lord. 1. Digbala in the 4th.
1. Aspects the 11th. 2. 9th and 10th lord.
2. Aspects the 11th. 2. 6th and Lagna lord.
18. 2. in own Rasi. 3. In Virgo sign.
3. Aspects the 11th 3. In the 6th from the
3. Functional benefic. 4. 11th lord from the
from the Moon. Moon.
1. In the 9th in
1. 5th and 10th lord in
1. Aspects the 6th. the 9th.
1. In the 11th. 2. Aspects the 11th from
2. Aspects 11th from the 2. Neechabhanga
19. 2. In Moolatrikona Rasi. Lagna.
Moon. Rajayoga.
3. 2nd lord. 3. 6th lord ans aspects
3. In own sign in the 3rd. 3. 11th lord from the
the 11th from the
1. 5th and 10th lord in
1. Aspects the 11th
1. in exaltation. the
1. 11 lord from Lagna. from Lagna.
conjuct the Moon. 9th.
2. 4th lord in the 9th. 2. Lagna and 2nd lord in
20. 2. Aspects the 11th. 2. Neechabhanga Raja
3. Aspects 6th from the the 5th.
3. 6th lord from the Yoga.
Moon. 3. In the 11th from
Moon. 3. 11th lord from the
the Moon.
1. Aspects the 11th. 1. Aspects the 11th. 1. 6th lord from the
2. 11th and 2nd lord. 2. 10th lord with the 5th Moon. 1. Digbala and in own
21. 3. In friendly sign. lord in the 5th. 2. Aspects the 11th Rasi.
4. Aspects 6th from the 3. In the 11th from the from the Moon. 2. 9th lord in the 4th.
Moon. Moon. 3. In the 8th in Virgo.

In this context, excluding Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, we should look at Venus out of the remaining four planets,
namely, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon. Venus is the minister (counsellor for internal affairs i.e., matters
inside house), rules the kingdom or government authority, literacy composition, government seal
(Uttarakalamrita, IV - 42 1/2 - 45) and furnished rooms. On the other hand, the judicial officers administer justice
having authority vested in them by the government, through judgement of law (i.e., legal literacy compositions) in
their well furnished judgement halls. Thus, very obviously the distinguishing features of their working system and
place fall in with the qualities and tendencies of Venus.

Venus is auspicious in his exaltation sign, in his varga in the 3rd, the 4th, the 6th and the 12th houses from the
Lagna, in conjuction with the Moon; in retrograde motion and when he is in advance of the Sun (Vide, Jataka
Parijata II - 66). Venus in the 12th will prove auspicious except when he is in the Rasi or Navamsa owned by
Saturn. Venus as well as Jupiter become fully favorable, when in the house of a benefic and in conjuction with the
lord of the same.

Venus will do good when in the 6th house (Uttara Kalamrita IV - 9) and does not lose strength even when
eclipsed. He has Digbala in the 4th. When Venus in strong occupying the 11th or the 12th, a king's peer takes birth
(J.P. VII - 10).

When Venus occupies the Lagna in Aswini Nakshatra and is aspected by all other planets, the person will be senior
in the family destined to destroy the whole host of enemies (J.P. VII - 6).

In the Appendix A, B and C have been detailed the positions of the planets (Jupiter, Mars Saturn in case
administrative officers, IAS and IPS and also Venus in the case of judicial officers) forming the common factors for
a common career.