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Gobi Desert
Huang He River Yellow
Tibet-Qinghai North Plain
Chang Jiang River

Chang-Jiang China
Basins Sea

The Shang discovered how to make Nobles

bronze from a mixture of tin and
copper. The bronze was used to make Craftspeople
Kings who died were buried with food,
weapons, and chariots. Slaves &
servants were also sacrificed and buried Farmers
in the tomb in order to serve the king in
the afterlife. Slaves

ANCESTOR WORSHIP – honoring q written character that bronze

ancestors through rituals, such as represents a word
offering food and wine to the dead.
The Shang believed that the dead had
the power to help or harm the living.

A way for a king to get advice from the

Bronze allowed the Shang to make
dead ancestors. A holy man would
many weapons of war which helped
press a hot needle into a turtle shell or
them remain in power.
cow shoulder blade so that it helped to unify the Chinese people
it would crack. The pattern
of the crack was believed
to be a message. more than 500 years
Society works well when all people act properly based on
their roles and relationships with others. Rulers should
have good character to work as an honest and fair
Confucius government official (lead by example).

People will gain happiness and peace by living in

harmony with the way of nature. True harmony comes
from balancing opposite forces of nature (yin and yang).
Laozi People should live simply and the best rulers are those
who rule the least (don’t make many rules).

Most people are naturally selfish and cannot be relied

upon to have a good influence on one another. Therefore,
rulers need to establish strict laws and harsh punishments
Hanfeizi to keep society under control.

a power or law believed to be granted by a god

a system of government based on landowners and tenants

military might spies bribery alliances


rich and poor were punished equally if money, weights, and measures were the writing system was simplified by
a law was broken standardized so trade deals were fair dropping many written characters
used across China

to protect the empire from invaders

mostly peasants, farmers, craftspeople

geography (mountains, deserts, swamps) and weather (bitterly cold winters and blazing hot summers)

he executed people teaching Confucian ideas, burned

all Confucian books, and threatened death to those who criticized the government

death he searched for

a magic potion that magicians told him would make him immortal

the army was

created to protect the Emperor of Qin in the afterlife
The leaders believed that improved strength and changed from Legalism to a moved water to help irrigate
they could not rule using quality of armor & weapons less-harsh bureaucracy the fields
force alone (like Legalism). (picture a pyramid: few people
Gradually, the government on top to rule, lots of people
began to follow more on the bottom) made plowing more efficient
favorite weapon, two pieces
Confucian-like ideals (moral of wood in shape of a cross
& fair leadership).
based on their ability and
knowledge, candidates had to
send messages and to frighten take an exam and learn five made it easier to move heavy
enemies (eerie sounds made from books by heart
bamboo pipes attached to kites) loads

the art of fine handwriting

restoring balance in the body
an instrument for detecting
foot-powered reeling by sticking tips of thin needles
machine that threaded silk into specific locations
fibers more efficiently
using heat from powdered leaves
an instrument for detecting
that have been placed on skin and
paper was much cheaper set on fire to reduce pain and direction
than writing on silk so people promote healing
people learned how to mine
salt from the ground could afford to write more
something that takes away a type of iron ore (used in
the feeling of pain ancient compasses)
explorer named Zhang Qian

at first, only the Chinese knew how to make silk

they kept their process secret to maintain trade value

glassware and gold

thieves, sandstorms, mirages that

lead travelers off the main path
midpoint between East & West roads

mountains, deserts filled with tigers,

lions, scorpions, and flies
• Horses
The words in yellow are
• Spices You should have the most important!
• Gold
• Jade at least four of
• Cotton
• Furs these things
• Pearls
• Ivory listed on your

Glass Products
paper (you do

not need to list

them all).

You should have • Silk

at least four of • Dishware
these things • Ornaments
• Jewelry
listed on your • Cast-Iron
paper (you do Products
not need to list • Decorative
them all). Boxes
response will
be graded
from the
study guide.

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