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Chapter 1

1. Organization Chart of New Century's Office Staff

2. Identify at least three business processes that New Century performs and
explain who is responsible for the specific tasks.
o Order and organize office and clinic supplies - Carla Herrera
o Appointment processing - Lisa Sung
o Insurance reporting - Tom Capaletti
3. Explain how New Century might use a transaction processing system, a
business support system, and a user productivity system. For each type of
system, provide a specific example, and explain how the system would benefit
the clinic.
New Century might use a transaction processing system for appointment processing,
its most critical day-to-day business operation. It might want to consider a business
support system for its patient records that will provide information support for users
having to deal with patients. For a user productivity system, New Century might
consider a database management system that will help user access patient records
4. During the systems development process, should New Century consider any of
the following: EDI, vertical and horizontal system packages, or the Internet?
Explain your answers.
New Century might consider EDI for its claims and payment transactions with
insurance companies, vertical system packages for business processes specific to
New Century, and horizontal system packages for business processes common to
most businesses such as inventory, accounting, and supplies ordering.

Chapter 2

1. Dr. Jones arranged an introductory meeting between the associates of New
Century Health Clinic and you to determine if mutual interest exist in pursuing
the project. What should the associates try to learn about you? What should

how the current system is being handled. o Determine feasibility. Chapter 3 Interviewee Objectives Questions Copyright Home . o Define the project scope and constraints. New Century Health Clinic management decided to contract for your services to perform a preliminary investigation. on the other hand. Is the proposed computerized system a practical way to solve the clinic's growing operations? Does the clinic have the technical and human resources for the new system? Is the proposed computerized system economically desirable? What are the projected savings and costs? Is it a sound investment for the clinic? 3. I. you try to learn in this meeting? The associates should try to learn about my responsibilities as a consultant and how these relate to their own responsibilities. o Perform fact-finding. What kinds of questions would you ask to assess the initial feasibility of this project? Based on the information above. and economic feasibility of the new system. They should try to know my background and experience in analyzing and designing computerized office systems similar to what they wish to have in their office. how the office staff work together. physical therapists) to check whether they are getting current and accurate information. doctors. I will need broad information from the office manager and the doctors involved in administration duties and I can obtain such information by doing interviews with them. technical. and by directly observing system operations to follow the actual paths taken by input source documents or output reports. 2. What information is needed? From whom will you obtain it? What techniques will you use in your fact-finding? I would need to understand the organizational structure of the clinic and I can obtain this information by asking human resources to give me a copy of their organizational chart. why would they want a new system. o Present results and recommendations to management. does the project seem feasible? I would ask questions that revolve around the operational. should try to learn how I could establish a working relationship with the staff by asking who is responsible for certain office functions. You begin the preliminary investigation. nurses. o Estimate time and cost to continue development. I will do the following course of action: o Understand the problem or opportunity. I also would like to know about the current system by obtaining current system documentation. and what the staff hopes to gain in developing a new office system. by checking with users (office staff. 4. What will be your plan of action? To perform the preliminary investigation.

financial advisors reports.The information needed for the preliminary investigation:- Understand the problem or opportunity.Operational Feasibility:- Are all the New Century Associates in support of the project?- Will the development schedule of the project conflict with other company priorities?Technical Feasibility:- Does the proposed platform have sufficient capacity for future needs? If not.The fact- finding techniques I’ll use are: - Analyze organizational charts. 2.- Analyze project usability. and Staff feedback.Published by lmjg4208 System Analysis and Design New Century Health Clinic Case Study Chapter 2 See more 1 The New Century Associates should determine whether or not I am suitable for their request toturn their office into a computerized system.- Define the project scope and constraints. and schedule data.The computerized system project is a strong Business Case. The project needs are justified andthe company has the means to put it in place. my mission would be to determine their projects’ actual needs and requests in detail. benefit.- Conduct interviews.- Perform fact-finding.- Present results and recommendations to management.- Review documentation. I’ll obtain this information from New Century Associates .- Observe operations. 3.- .- Evaluate feasibility. cost. In the meeting with the New Century Associates. can it beexpanded?- Will a prototype be required?Economic Feasibility:- Will consulting expenses be a problem?- Will Licenses and Fees be budgeted?Schedule Feasibility:- Has management established a firm timetable for the project?- What conditions must be satisfied during the development of the system? 4.

Conduct a user survey .