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 Follow the instructions carefully in each case.
 BIR Forms can be downloaded at
 The computation sheets and BIR Forms should be fastened in a long white folder.
 BIR Forms can be encoded using MS Excel, typewritten or manually written. If manually written, make
sure to write clearly.
 Provide a cover page indicating your names and SET LETTER.


Mr. Restin Pez, Jr., a resident citizen, died on January 18, 2018 and was survived by his wife, Mrs. Alivein Pez. Mrs.
Pez, as the administrator of the estate of Mr. Pez asked for your assistance in computing the Estate Tax of Mr.
Restin Pez and filing the necessary tax returns with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, together with the attachments.

Per property land holdings obtained from different city, municipal and provincial assessors’ offices disclosed the
following properties:

OWNER: Mr. and Mrs. Pez

OCT TD No. Location Class Area Zonal (per FMV
(sq.m) sq.m)
001822 2873 Sta. Fe, Bantayan Res 450 P2,000 P500,000
012457 8372 Tipolo, Mandaue Res 500 P4,000 P1,800,000
8373 Tipolo, Mandaue Bldg 320 P1,200,000
02238 2732 Labangon, Cebu City Res 400 P3,200 P1,600,000
01223 3234 Sogod, Cebu Agri 3,500 P120 P1,000,000

OWNER: Mr. Restin Pez

OCT TD No. Location Class Area Zonal (per FMV
(sq.m) sq.m)
047563 3847 Poblacion, Carcar Agri 2,000 P500 P420,000
034852 8973 Santander, Cebu Agri 1,200 P200 P263,231

Mr. and Mrs. Pez reside in Tipolo, Mandaue City per certification of the Barangay Captain.

The administrator also obtained a Bank Certification from Rural Bank of the Camotes Island, indicating that Mr.
and Mrs. Pez are accountholders of Savings Account No. 112-394-2022 with a balance of P1,825,000 as of January
18, 2018.

Mrs. Pez provided you with a schedule of expenses deductible against the estate:

Funeral Expense (Actual) P200,000
Judicial Expense 540,000
Unpaid Mortgage of Sta. Fe property 600,000
Transfer of Exclusive Property to Carcar Local Government Unit 500,000
Medical Expense (all substantiated with receipts) 300,000

Other Information:
 Estate of Mr. Restin Pez with TIN 124-938-092 registered in RDO 080
 Mrs. Alivein Pez with TIN 143-049-294 registered in RDO 080

On March 15, 2019, Mrs. Pez died leaving the following properties:

1. 50% of the real properties, she and Mr. Pez owned. The Zonal Value and Fair Market Value increased by
50% and 60%, respectively.
2. Cash in Bank in the Rural Bank of Camotes Island, indicating that she is the sole accountholder of Savings
Account No. 112-394-2022 with a balance of P583,000.
3. A 100sq meter residential real property in Guadalupe, Cebu City (Tax Declaration No. 2016-22-3821 and
TCT No. 1213) she inherited from her parents on January 16, 2016 when the value was P500,000. The
zonal value and fair market value of the property on March 15, 2019 are P600,000 and P800,000,
4. Expenses:
a. Actual Funeral Expenses of P380,000
b. Judicial Expenses of P400,000

2018 Transaction January February March Sales subject to 12% ₱8.  Mr. CASE III. Beshy Pez.00 Exempt Sales 300.400.000. TIN 321-232-444- Purchase of Goods (attributable to Exempt Sales) 280. Cebu City and was issued with TIN 194-394-093-000 in RDO 082.600. Cebu City and was issued with TIN 883-023-442-000 in RDO 081. 2018.00 ₱7. Talisay. Pez.00 250.00 Purchase of Goods (attributable to Zero- Rated Sales) 660.000. Arnold. Cebu City.00 . FIRST QUARTER ENDING MARCH 31.000 Agri 1.000 P1.300.000.000. Mambaling. Donor’s Tax Return (July 1999 version).000.00 1.  Mr. On August Pez. P220. 50% substantiated. Cebu 11294 P1. 2018. - Purchase of Goods (attributable to 12% Vatable Sales only) 6.000 On the same date.000 to Arnold.00 6.lawphil.400.00 800. Cebu and was issued with TIN 832-122-304-000 in RDO 083.000. Cebu and was issued with TIN 129-029-048-000 in RDO 083. (TIN 111-222-333-000). located at N. Talisay..700. Mrs.00 180. Pez.’s address is Cebu Business Park.m Daanbantayan.000. Inc. after the latter informed them that they have a new grandson. Prepare ONETT computation sheets of Donor’s Tax for every date of donation and for each donor.pdf for a copy of the ONETT computation sheet. 4.00 700. Bacalso St. The ESTATE OF ALIVEIN PEZ was issued with TIN 888-222-333-000 and her daughter.000. which is under the jurisdiction of RDO 082. Complete ALL the applicable BIR Form 1800. Prepare the ONETT computation sheet of Estate Tax Due of the Estate of Mrs. CASE a domestic corporation. Inc.00 200.000 P1. Other Information:  Mrs.200. Arnold Castillo’s address is Basak.000.00 6. INC. (2 computation sheets per date). 3.00 400.00 550.000.000 cash to BlueEagle. Medical Expense.00 480.000. Castillo donated additional common cash of P300. Fill out BIR Form 1801. Prepare the ONETT computation sheet of Estate Tax Due of the Estate of Mr. Castillo approached you to help her compute the donor’s tax and file the necessary returns in the Bureau of Internal Revenue.pdf for a copy of the computation sheet) 2. The Company provided you the following details for the taxable year 2018: Note: The amounts stated here are exclusive of VAT.400. Value Res 400 sq.00 Input tax from previous period 80. Required: 1.000.000. Pez. The company’s telephone number is 235-3365.000. and Mrs. Complete BIR Form 1801. Mr.00 Zero-Rated Sales 1.. Mildred Castillo’s address is Tabunok.00 Government Sales 500.000 5.000. DONOR’S TAX Mr. Class Area Location OCT Zonal Value Fair M.000. Alfred Castillo’s address is Tabunok.lawphil.800.00 ₱8. VALUE ADDED TAX PLANETOIDAL LEGION. Castillo donated her exclusive property of P320.000. Required: 1.  BlueEagle. c.200 sq. Estate Tax Return (July 2003 version) of Mr. 2.m Santander.00 280. Mrs. Check http://www.500. Cebu 12837 P800. Alfred Castillo and Mildred Castillo donated their communal properties to their son. Estate Tax Return of Mrs. on account of marriage on March 31. Ms.000. Cebu City South. (check http://www.

000. The business has the following results of operations for the first quarter of 2018: JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH General Merchandise P 180.000. PERCENTAGE TAX A certain taxpayer with business address at Mambaling.00 180.000.000. Prepare VAT Monthly Return for the month of January 2018 2. Cebu City.000 Videoke Bar P 310.000 Required: Complete Applicable PERCENTAGE TAX FORMS for the first quarter of 2018. Mango St.000. was registered to operate a general merchandising store in Mambaling.000 P 150.00 240.00 200.000 P 320. CASE IV. .00 REQUIRED: 1. Cebu City and a videoke bar in Mango Square. Purchase of Goods and Services (attributable to government sales) 240. Prepare the Quarterly VAT Return for the first quarter ending March 2018.000.00 Purchases from NON- VAT Suppliers 300.000 P140.00 200.000 P 350. Cebu City and NON-VAT TIN 812-034-558-000.