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Policy statement and integrated

management system

IMS Policy Statement
Vasuchem Technologies FZC functions within robust IMS processes and procedures that
ensure the efficient quality management of its operations and supply of its products and

Organization recognizes responsibilities to its customers, employees and other stakeholders,
and is committed to the provision of quality goods and services that meet or exceed their
expectations in all aspects of its business activities.

The company identifies and complies with all health and Safety and Environment legislation
relevant to its activities and endeavours to prevent harm or pollution from routine and non-
routine activities and incidents as far as is reasonably practicable, or required by law.

Company is commitment to maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment for its
employees, clients, contractors and others that may be affected by its operations.

Achieve sustainable development by promoting the latest environment friendly technology
of fabrication, energy conservation and industrial echo logy. Strive to achieve a proper
method of waste disposal.

Date: 01 05 2015 Managing Partner