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Name : Amira Najihah binti Ahmad
Class : TADIKA Anjung Didik
Date : 22nd March 2018
Day : Thursday
Time : 9:00-9:30 a.m
Number of children : 10 person
Age : 5 years old
Module : Theme
Main component : Communication Component – English Language
Topic/Theme : Wild Animals
Standard of Content : (BI 2.3) Demonstrate understanding of a variety texts in
the form of print and non-print materials
Learning Standard : (BI 2.3.5) Read simple sentences
Integrated Learning : (BM 2.1.3) Chatting with easy sentences and correct
Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, children will able to :
i- Sing songs of wild animals together with teacher
ii- Recognize the wild animals such as tiger, lion,
elephant, snake and wolf
iii- Read a wild animals storybook together with teacher
Prerequisite Knowledge : Children already know the animals such as elephant, lion
Thinking Skills : Knowledge, analysis
Good Values : Confidence, tolerate, cooperation
Teaching Aids : Laptop, flashcards, big storybook, CD-music video, speaker
Multiple Intelligent : Verbal linguistic, naturalistic, interpersonal, musical
Vocabulary : Wild, animal, sound, tiger, snake, lion, wolf, elephant

I am a song of ‘‘Wild -musical snake I have no limbs I say Animals” with hiss his his. I am a tiger I movements am very fierce I say growl together growl growl. Children read out -interpersonal the name of the wild -verbal linguistic animals on the -naturalistic flashcards then GV: children read out -Knowledge after teacher -Analysis . The wild animals song. I stand up together -speaker am an elephant I got long and sing a song MI: trunk I say trumpet 3. Teacher puts all -music video: children “I am a lion the king of the the children to songs jungle I say road road. Teacher sings the -interpersonal trumpet trumpet. Steps/ Contents Teaching And Remarks/ Times Learning Activities Teaching Aids Set Teacher do activity with 1. These are the wild animals. I am a wolf an ancestor of dogs I say howl howl howl”. Teacher greets to Teaching aids: Induction children (sing a song children -laptop (5 minutes) “Wild Animals” 2. Teacher shows the Teaching aids: (7 minutes) flashcards of wild animals flashcards of wild -flashcards animals one by one MI: Flashcards(wild animals): 2. Step 1 Teacher shows the 1.

Step 2 Teacher read the 1. Teacher sit in front about wild animals life in of the children and the junggle” read the storybook “Wild Animals” MI: together with -verbal linguistic children -naturalistic GV: -Cooperation Step 3 Teacher do activity with 1. Teacher asks Teaching aids: (7 minutes) children “mystery box” children to take the -mystery box name of wild MI: animals in the -verbal linguistic . Teacher asks Teaching aids: (8 minutes) storybook “Wild Animals” children to sit in a -storybook “Wild with children group Animals” (explain a story 2.

What we GV: have learn -Cooperation today? Reflections: . Teacher asks children to read and GV: make a sound of the -Cooperation animals Closure Teacher summarizes the 1. Teacher asks MI: (3 minutes) lesson children: -verbal linguistic Q & A session i. mystery box -naturalistic 2.