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An agreement in project represents any form of negotiated contract between you and one of your

customers to accomplish the tasks of a project. You specify all the financial terms & conditions
(such payment term, agreement amount, currency, etc.) in the project agreement. All the project
invoices and revenues are generated as per the signed agreement.

You can use agreements to fund projects and tasks. You can specify only one customer in an
agreement but system allows you to associate more than one customer in a project. You can
fund a single project from many different agreements from different customers. Similarly, you can
use a single agreement to fund different projects.

Each project agreement consists of 2 different levels of data
1. Header Level Information
2. Funding Level Information

You can create an agreement by various different methods.
1. Manually entering all the header & funding details
2. Importing the entire header & funding information from an excel file.
3. Copying an existing agreement in the agreement form.

• Project Funding Information
• nishitD
• 2015-08-18 09:48:53

Project Number: Enter the project number in the project number field. vi. To fund a project from an agreement. Click on the search icon to search & project item. You can create trasaction lines by various different methods. You can select the project number from the suggestion list. Allocation Date: Enter the date of the project funding. Enter 2 consecutive characters from any part of the project number in the project number field and system will show you a list of projects containing the text entered in that field. 3. • . 2. Description: Enter any comment /remark in the description field. Importing funding details from a spreedsheet.You can fund one or more projects from a single agreement. 1. If you want to search projects. v. If you know the complete project numbers then enter it in the project number field. Amount: Enter the funding allocation amount in the project agreement currency. then click on project number field. Copying any existing funding lines. primary key of the prj_agreement_line table. System will show you a search icon next to the project field. You can enter the project number in different ways iv. the agreement customer should be associated with the project. Line id is an auto increased. Manually entering funding level information. Line Id: Line id is a read-only field.