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Questionnaire I: Voluntary / Community Organisation

1. Is your organisation?
A national organisation A branch of a national organisation
A local independent organisation A neighbourhood/community group

2. How long has your organisations been in existence (in years)? __________________
3. Who are the main clients/beneficiaries of your organisation ( all that apply)
Older people Young people
Children and families People with learning difficulties
Physically/sensory disabled Mentally ill/mentally distressed
Women Ethnic minority group(s)
Drug or alcohol users Community in general
Refugees Unemployed people
Homeless people People suffering from illness
Carers Victims of crime
People in other countries Other (please specify) _______________

4. What is the main work of the organisation?
Support / home visits Day care
Residential care Advice/information
Counselling/therapy Transport
Healthcare Advocacy and campaigning
Referrals and placements Education and training
Practical services Housing assistance
Community work Social and recreational activities
Other (please specify)

5. What population does your organisation seek to serve?
Immediate neighbourhood Local community
County and region National

(Profile of volunteers (please estimate numbers if you do not know the exact answers)
6. How many volunteers do you have registered with your organisation presently?
None 1-5 6-10
10-20 Over 20

7. In a typical year, how many volunteers
Join your organisation? __________ Leave your organisation? __________

8. How many volunteers do you need in any given year? _______________________
9. What is the composition of your volunteer body? (in numbers)
Under 18 18-30 30-50
50-64 65-74 75+

Gender: Male____________ Female_______________

Employment (all that imply)
Employed Unemployed Retired
Full-time student Home-worker Other

(Involvement of volunteers)
10. How many paid staff, if any, work in your organisation? ___________________
11. Could your organisation function effectively without volunteers?
Yes No
Recruiting and supporting volunteers
12. What types of activities are your volunteers involved in? ( all that apply)
Committee work Administrative support
Administering the org Providing or seeking information
Providing advice or guidance Advocacy
Campaigning or promoting Visiting/befriending people
Practical household jobs Therapeutic services
Personal care Counselling
Fundraising Training or teaching
Leadership (e.g. scouts) Providing transport/driving
Recreational activities Other (please specify)
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Are your volunteers: Interviewed Asked to provide written references Subject to Garda checks Provided with a job description Required to sign agreements or contracts 17.___________________________________________________________ 2. Have you tried to target/recruit any particular type of people to become volunteers? Yes No If yes. social workers) Other (please specify) 15.___________________________________________________________ Page 2 . In your view. Does your organisation have anyone responsible for: Volunteer recruitment Volunteer training Volunteer support and supervision 20.13. programmes Newspapers Radio/television/internet Volunteer centre(s) Leaflets/posters Churches / religious organisations Volunteer fairs / stalls Public institutions (doctors. the major problems or issues affecting your organisation concerning the involvement of volunteers: 1.___________________________________________________________ 23. Please give the three major advantages to your organisation of involving volunteers: 1. Please outline. Would your organisation like more support around training and support for its volunteers? Yes No 26. Are your volunteers offered: Regular support and supervision A regular programme of training Access to external training 19. If a volunteer centre was operative in your area.___________________________________________________________ Issues in volunteering 24. in order to importance. articles. do you think your organisation would consider making use of its services to recruit volunteers? Yes No 28.___________________________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________________________ 2. what are the three (3) major issues facing voluntary organisations in the next three to five years? 1. Has your organisation ever experienced difficulty in recruiting volunteers? Yes No If yes.___________________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________________ 3. Have you ever used the services of a volunteer centre? Yes No 27. Which method(s) do you find most effective? _________________________________ 16. Are your volunteers given induction training/orientation to the organisation and its work? Yes No 18. please give details _____________________________________________________ 25. Does your organisation have an unwritten volunteer policy? Yes No 22.___________________________________________________________ 3. How do you usually recruit volunteers? (all that apply) Personal contacts Own membership Paid work/occupation networks Ads. library. give details: _____________________________________________________ 14. Are your volunteers offered out-of-pocket expenses? Yes No 21.