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Service manual

Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s. Service manual V1.00


Dear customer,
thank you that you bought an Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s product. Choose the
type of slot machine (further just shortcut SM) according to the place where it would
be used. Your later displeasure is not relevant reason for reclamation. Before use
read carefully user manual which is provided by Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s. and
follow it precisely. Store all documents about your SM for the best warranty and
standard service.
Following those recommendations will lead to your satisfaction. In the
opposite case we will not admit reclamation. Before you contact service center, read
carefully service manual and condition of guarantee. If the fact that the malfunction
is not acceptable for warranty will reveal during the repair, the expenses will be
covered by the customer.
Dear customer, service manual which you received with our SM, is for our
whole line of slot machines. It could be a reason why some functions, control
elements and accessories are not for your product. Thank you for understanding.

For long-life effectiveness and safety of this SM we recommend:
- Contact only service center authorized by producer.
- It is necessary to use original spare parts only.

Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s. Service manual V1.00

Problems that prevents SM to start .Technical characteristic 3 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. starting . Generally . pre-set.Problems that prevents program to boot .Basic function .Next function Chapter 3: Problems.00 . Service manual V1. JCM UBA 1x o MEI CASHFLOW SC83 .Safety information .Description of parts o Apex Dual Slim line o Apex Slim line o Apex Standard o Apex Slant top .Error messages of the acceptor o JCM EBA 3x.Connector use . V) .Content: Chapter 1: Preparation.How to do ELECTRONIC KEYS SETTING Chapter 4: At last . Turn on Chapter 2: Using of SM . solution searching .How to do MASTER RAM CLEAR .Problems that could appears after the program starts .Cleaning of the SM . Tension control (electric.s. Content of package .Statement .

set-up and start 4 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.00 .s. Service manual V1. Prepare.

00 . remove all protective sheeting and make sure that the SM is acclimatize (especially if it was removed from colder environment).s. read this chapter for get help in the beginnings. Make sure that this is the last issue of manual. If you have ever before worked with SM. Before you start setting up SM. Important: Read carefully all instruction about install and safety information in chapter 4 before plug the SM in. 5 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.Your new SM is manufactured so precisely. please. you could be able to handle it. that you can set and start using it very quickly. If you never use SM before or you are new user. You can get new info from it. Service manual V1.

Content of package SM is delivered with these parts as default: .00 .Power supply cable 6 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.SM already configured and with the game of your choice. . Service manual V1.s.

Documentation 7 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s.00 .Two pieces from all mechanical locks . . Service manual V1.Three pieces of electronic key (KEY) .

00 .Powering the SM Check the voltage of the wall socket if it matches to voltage written on the SM sticker before switching on. continue in manual with part Problems. Switching on Connect the power supply cable a set the switcher to 1 (on). Wait about 5-10 min for complete initialization of SM. If SM is not in operation status.s. Check the connection of all plugs and cables as well. 8 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. solution searching. After that the SM is ready for any next changes in setting. Service manual V1.

s. Service manual V1. Usage of SM 9 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.00 .

Different types of SM and description of their parts : Apex Dual Slim line 10 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.00 .s. Service manual V1.

s.00 . Service manual V1. Different types of SM and description of their parts : Apex Slim line 11 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.

s.Different types of SM and description of their parts: parts Apex Standart Different types of SM and description of their parts parts: Apex Slant Top 12 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.00 . Service manual V1.

Service manual V1.00 . run tests.Control components Part Description Use for enter main menu. Electronic key-system Use to control short temp accounting and for Blue electronic key access to selected functions according to setting in main menu Electronic key-system Use to pay off or to set the amount of credit (if set Yellow electronic key in main menu) Hole for bank notes For accepting bank notes (different in various Acceptor (optionally) types and for various bank notes) Coin hole For accepting coins (different in various types Acceptor of coins and for various coins) (optionally) Front door lock For lock or unlock front door (access to counters and withdraw bank notes) Front door lever For open front door (access to counters and withdraw bank notes) Main door lock For lock or unlock main door (access inside the SM) Main door lever For open main door (access inside the SM) 13 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. control main accounting.Basic function of SM . Black electronic key stats and more. You can make changes Electronic key-system in setting.s. More info in manual for Main menu.

(bottom monitor) Mechanical counters For long term counting inserted and pay-off (IN.More function of SM . Main board CPU unit controls whole machine. Power supply Powering all parts of slot machine. Hopper Device can pay-out the win in coins. OUT) money. Main menu switch In case that electronics keys are not working use this to get to main menu. Connector board Here are all inputs and outputs.00 . (optionally) Bank notes acceptor For accepting bank notes (different in various (optionally) types and for various bank notes) 14 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. (top monitor) TFT LCD + Touch Screen Bottom monitor for display games and controls.layout of components Component Description TFT LCD Top monitor for display win table and info table. Service manual V1.s.

Service manual V1.s.00 . Problems. solution searching 15 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.

the solution is usually simple and quick. 16 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. Warning: Because of warranty terms and to avoid an injury. there could be some error. read next chapter for search and fix those errors. Service manual V1. only qualified technician is allowed to provide service.s.Meanwhile the slot machine will work. If there would be some problem.00 . Please. Things which led to the problem will help you to find out what could probably cause it and how to solve the problem.

Check the main board powering . SM stopped during game loading . SM is restarting itself .Check that the RAM memory is not loose (not with XPA1 boards) .Check main board powering o With NEXCOM board type have to be the voltage 5.Check that the RAM memory is not loose (not with XPA1 boards) 3.00 . 2.Check the speakers connection 17 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.Make sure the SM is not turned off with another switch inside. During game loading appear the “SYSTEM ERROR PLEASE REBOOT” message . SM doesn’t beep during the start . o Important: if you are changing flash card. SM is emitting sound after start .Check the filter with the switch and the safety fuse in it.Try to clean connectors on RAM and slot for RAM (not with XPA1 boards) 4.s.Change the FLASH CARD for new one.Make sure that SM is correctly plugged in to the electrical network .Change the FLASH CARD for new one. . SM cannot be turned on . 1.Problems which could the slot machine prevent to start.05 V checked directly on the board o With XPA1 type have to be 12 V on the power source Problems preventing program to load 1. Service manual V1. always do the MASTER RAM CLEAR 3. During game loading appear the “enter run level” message . always do the MASTER RAM CLEAR 4. o Important: if you are changing flash card. No sound .Check RAM memory (not with XPA1 board) 2.

Make sure that the electronic key is correctly set in main menu . .Make sure the acceptor is connected properly . . 5.Check the connection of electronic key connector 8.Make sure that the doors for access to main board are closed. Service manual V1.Make sure that the credit was zero before the SM was turned off.Make sure that monitors are not switched off Problems that could appear after the program starts 1.Make sure that the doors for access to the counters are closed. . contact your dealer or service point.Check the connection of door switch. continue to part about acceptor error messages. The top or the bottom monitor is not working .Check the connection of touch screen .Make sure that the counters are properly connected 3.Check the monitor powering .s. Acceptor is not working. .Make sure that no electronic key is in the electronic key connector.Check connection of the door switch 4. Blue back rounds with time countdown appear on the screen . Touch screen is not responding .Check the connection of the bulbs.Check the connection of signal cables . SM loads directly to attendant menu . 5. .Make sure that the screen is clean 6.Check connection of all connectors 2. 7. please. Message on the red back round „Hardware error“ .If diode on the acceptor is flashing or shining. Message on the red back round „Counters error“ . Buttons are not shining . Unable to pay off .00 . 6. 18 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.Check the light bulbs in the buttons. SM loads directly to main menu . Note: in case of some other errors or messages.

19 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. JCM UBA 1x Numbers presents how many times the diode flashes. SC83 and others. OFF meansns that the diode is not lighted at all. OFF 6 OFF 6 Bank note identification error Remove paper or bank note from acceptor and clean lenses. Clean any dirtiness dry way or OFF 2 OFF 2 Magnetic sensor error with nonalcoholic cleaning preparation. Error of top / bottom sensor board OFF 15 OFF 15 Optical sensor 5 error may occur. Clean any dirtiness dry way or with nonalcoholic OFF 5 OFF 5 Bank note accepting error.Error messages of the acceptor There could be various types inside of the slot machine: EBA 3x. EBA 3X UBA 10 ERROR HOW TO FIX 1 OFF OFF 1 Bank note container is full Empty the container Bank note is jammed in the 3 OFF OFF 2 Remove the bank note container Bank note is jammed in the head 4 OFF OFF 3 Remove the bank note of the acceptor 10 OFF 10 OFF Container error Check the connection of container Head of acceptor was removed 16 OFF _ _ Remove acceptor and insert again from the container 1 OFF OFF 1 Bank note inserted sidelong Insert bank note straight Check the metal part between lenses on the top part of acceptor.s. OFF 14 OFF 14 Optical sensor 4 error Remove paper or bank note from acceptor and clean lenses. Clean any dirtiness dry way or with OFF 13 OFF 13 Bank note length error. nonalcoholic cleaning preparation. Often there could be some hair twine around. Error of top / bottom sensor board may occur. clean lenses. Check all connections and connectors. Check all connections and OFF 4 OFF 4 Optical sensor 1 error connectors. UBA 1x. Check all connections and connectors. . Check all lenses for scratches or dirtiness. Service manual V1. OFF 9 OFF 9 Prohibited bank note Set the DIP switch properly. cleaning preparation. Remove paper or bank note from acceptor and OFF 3 3 OFF Bank note is jammed in acceptor.. JCM EBA 3x. Check all belts and rollers on delivering mechanism. Check all connections and OFF 8 OFF 8 Optical sensor 3 error connectors. Error of top / bottom sensor board OFF 7 OFF 7 Optical sensor 2 error may occur.00 .

Often could be fixed by yourself Green – no error. Often some parts of acceptor have to be changed.s.00 . Service manual V1. Red – serious error. MEI CASHFLOW SC83 The table bellow shows 15 color combinations of diagnostic diodes on the acceptor. LED indicator Status Have to be done Green is shining Normal status nothing Green blinks ones turned off from SM check status of SM Yellow is shining bank note container wrong insert bank note container inserted or missing correctly Yellow blinks ones wrong acceptation clean the acceptor Yellow blinks twice acceptor blocked remove bank note which is blocking the acceptor Yellow blinks three times bank note acceptor blocked remove acceptor first. Yellow – medium error. then try to clean the bank note container Red is lighted bank note container is full change for an empty one 20 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.

Message PLEASE WAIT would appear on the screen. Restart SM by turn it off for 20 seconds and on again. Wait until reset of SM is completed and message RESTART MACHINE appear. Warning: MASTER RAM CLEAR will erase all entries an set the SM to factory setting. In menu HARDWARE SETUP chose MASTER RAM CLEAR In MASTER RAM CLEAR menu press and hold CLEAR for 10 seconds. Service manual V1.00 .How to do MASTER RAM CLEAR Warning: It is necessary to do MASTER RAM CLEAR eevery time tim you would change the version of software on CF disc! Use black electronic key or CPU door switch to enter main menu. Menu HARDWARE SETUP will open open. 21 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s. Choose HARDWAREWARE in main menu using touch screen or buttons.

Menu HARDWARE SETUP will open. In menu HARDWARE SETUP choose KEY SYSTEM SETUP.Press hold3. Choose HARDWARE in main menu using touch screen or buttons.00 . .Move the cursor to position you want to delete. Use black electronic key or CPU door switch to enter main menu. follow instructions bellow.Make sure there is no key in electronic key connector.hold5 (KEY1 – KEY3) to set up to 3 keys for each level. hold4 or hold5 for deleting specific key (text will change from OK to NO KEY) 22 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s.How to do ELECTRONIC KEYS SETTING In case of needed to set new electronic keys. . Use touch screen or buttons hold3 hold . Use touch screen or buttons hold1 and hold2 to choose level of access for each key. Service manual V1. Deleting of key: .

00 . Service manual V1. .Move the cursor to position you want to save. hold4 or hold5 for save the key (text will change from NO KEY to OK) 23 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.Saving the key: .Make sure that proper key is inserted in electronic key connector.s. .Use hold3.

At last 24 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.s.00 . Service manual V1.

s. produced by Apex company. Electronic parts used in this SM are offering maximal operation power and requiring minimum space.00 . It is necessary to follow safety instruction on the product an in the documentation. Service manual V1. Unplugged slot machine upkeep or service from electrical network before. 25 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. Modular structure of slot machine offers maximal comfort for upkeep and service.Slot machines. are using latest technologies. Use only original spare parts! Only qualified person is allowed to service the slot machine! Read this manual before upkeep! Follow the rules for cleaning bellow to guarantee safety to you and your slot machine.

Slot machine must operate only in basic environment (dry.Placed SM out of any sources of liquid.You want to clean slot machine (use only recommended procedures) Important: you can shut down powering of the slot machine by unplugged power source cable or by switching the switch on the filter to position OFF.00 . as sinks and so. protective electric conductor PE and phase electric conductor L). . inside) and electrical network TN-S (middle electric conductor N.Slot machine was exposed to wet weather or mechanically damaged .Never use SM immediately after it was replaced from cold environment (air moisture condensation may occur) .s.Protect SM from wet or rainy weather. .Unplug the SM if you are not going to use it for a long time or to protect it from overvoltage during the storm. Producer does not guarantee any warranty in such case! .Safety information for setting and usage of slot machine .Any liquid got into the slot machine .SM has to be placed in order to ensure its ventilation. 26 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.You thing that slot machine needs upkeep or service . .Power source cable has been damaged . . Unplugged power source cable and disconnect LAN cable (in case of lottery terminal) if any of those situation occur: .Place SM on stable base.You want to replace any changeable part of slot machine . Not expertly changed sockets or connectors could cause damage to slot machine. Service manual V1.

Use dry. Make sure that the connector is compatible with the port and that you are inserting it in the correct situation according to the port.00 . If it cannot fit smoothly. to clean the SM. Do not use any kind of aerosol. Do not allow children to reach inside any electrical devices or touching any cable.Make sure that at least one end of power source cable or the switch is reachable. dissolvent or abrasive material. Service manual V1. 27 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. Important: Electrical devices could be dangerous if not use properly. soft cloth. Cleaning of the bottom display Shut down SM and unplugged any cables. so you can shut down the slot machine whenever you need.s. without any dust on it. Cleaning of SM Follow these instructions for cleaning exterior of SM Shut down SM and unplugged any cables. Warning: Never push any object inside the slot machine thru ventilating apertures. Such act could be dangerous and cause a fire or electrical shock. the connector and port are probably not compatible. Using connectors of connectable devices Never force the connector in to the port. Usage of this product must be always under supervision of an adult. without any dust on it and wipe the display. Moist any soft cloth. Do not allow any moisture to get inside of the SM. Do not use any aerosol directly on the screen.

EN 61000-3-2:00.Declaration 1) This product is safe if used properly. EN 5022:98+A1:00+A2:03. 2:03+A11:04+A1:05. EN 60335-2-82:03. 2 2) Attributes of this product are meeting technical requirements which apply to it and which are mentioned in directions of government or other technical prescriptions. EN 61000-3-2:00. ČSN EN 60335-2-82 ed. 2:04. ČSN EN 61000-3-3+Z1:02+A2:06 certificate nr. EN 55024:98+A1:01+A2:03. EN 61000-3- 3:95+A1:01 certificate nr. 2:04. ČSN EN 55024:99+A1:02+A2:03.00 . 2:03+A11:04+A1:05. With accepted precautions is guarantee conformity with all products on the market with technical documentation to basic direction of government which apply to it and with requirements of technical prescriptions mentioned in article nr. 2:01. EN 5022:98+A1:00+A2:03. ČSN EN 55022:99+A1:01+A2:03. 1060203 EN 61000-3-3+Z1:02. 1060684 28 Apex Gaming EUROPE a. ČSN EN 55022:99+A:01+A:03. EN 55024:98+A1:01+A2:03. ČSN EN 61000-3-2-ed. Service manual V1. ČSN EN 60335-2-82 ed.ČSN certificate nr. 2:03+A11:04+A1:05. ČSN EN 60335-2-82 ed. 1060104 5) Examination for Apex Standart was made by: ČSN EN 60335-1 ed. 3) Examination for Apex Dual Slim Line was made by: ČSN EN 60335-1 ed. ČSN EN 55022:99+A1:01+A2:03. ČSN EN 61000-3-2-ed. EN 60335-1:02+A1:04. EN 60335-2-82:03. 2:01+A2:05. EN 55024:98+A1:01+A:03. EN 61000-3-3:95+A1:01+A2:05 certificate nr. EN 61000-3-3:95+A1:01 certifikát č. 1060683 EN 60335-1:02+A11:04+A1:04. EN 5502:98+A1:00+A2:02. ČSN EN 61000-3-3+Z1:02 certificate nr. ČSN EN 61000-3-2 ed. 2. 2. ČSN EN 55024:99+A1:02+A2:03.s.1060204 4) Examination for Apex Slim Line was made by: ČSN EN 60335-1 ed. ČSN EN 55024:99+A1:02+A2:03. 1060100 EN 60335-1:02+A11:04+A1:04. EN 61000-3-2:00+A2:05. EN 60335-2-82:03.

Service manual V1.s. Technical parameters: Type of case weight high depth wide input Apex Dual Slim Line 135 kg 200 cm 45 cm 55 cm 180 W Apex Slim Line 108 kg 202 cm 43 cm 59 cm 145 W Apex Standart 130 kg 200 cm 55 cm 60 cm 180 W Apex Slant top 135 kg 152 cm 86 cm 70 cm 185 w 29 Apex Gaming EUROPE a.00 .