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Classroom Newsletter

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Important Information Specials

 March 2018 – Unit 6 – Earth and Space Science – Our
Changing Weather 03/26 – Day 4 Music
 Please plan to read to and/or with your child every night 03/27 – Day 5 P.E. II
for at least 20 minutes 03/28 – Day 6 Art
 Website: 03/29 – Day 7 Media
 Check Seesaw daily to see what your child is learning 03/30 – Day 1 Spanish
 Class picture day is on Thursday. Solid colors look best in
group photos!

Reading/ELA Word Work Science/Social Math

Vocabulary Words
(season, weather, spring, High Frequency Word Lists History Timeline Spring Flowers –
summer, fall, winter, Bingo! “Weather Throughout Number Sense –
snow, wind, temperature,  Students will the Year” Multiplication and
Sun, Earth, sky) participate in a game  Students will Division
 Students will of BINGO to review use a timeline  Students will
review these their sight words to describe the solve
words. order of events multiplication
Letterland - Unit 3 – of a weather and division
Non-fiction Articles 1, 2 Rhyming with –op, -ot, -ock condition problems
“The Changing Weather”  Students will  Students will
& “The Weatherperson” participate in read
 Students will use reading a rhyming multiplication
words to fill-in chant for –op and division
sentences from  Students will problems
the story complete a rhyming  Students will
 Students will picture sort activity identify the
discuss the main  Students will multiplication
idea of the text participate in live and division
 Students will reading using signs
locate vocabulary picture cue cards
words in the text

Upcoming Events Upcoming Birthdays

April 1 – Mrs. Allison
April 2-6 – Spring Break