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What Are Mandalas . . .

Mandalas are one of the oldest religious art forms known to Humanity.
Translated, "mandala" means circle - a symbol of completeness - the most
perfect medium in which to present a picture of yourself.

They are "painting like" patterns within the boundary of a circle. The
word itself comes from "Sanskrit" and is also translated as both the centre,
and the outer edge of a circle simultaneously.

Mandalas are often linked with religion or psychology, and are seen to
represent a journey from one state of awareness to another. Each pattern,
form, colour, and shape is a significant symbol for that journey.

The outer border reflects the psychological boundary that separates

oneself from the outer world or other persons. All the contents of the
mandala lead the viewer onwards and inwards to the centre. This is a
natural urge within us - to search out the centre of our own being.

The creative process is in itself a unique method of visual self-

expression. At the time you may experience a feeling of relief, a sense of
peace, as the pattern comes together and "works" within the circle. By
creating mandalas or meditating on them, fragmented parts of our psyche
can be healed.

Mandalas are not only beautiful, intricate patterns or designs within

circles - they are powerful tools for inspiration, self-discovery, and healing.

Red: strength, high energy and passion

Pink: love, intuition and feminine

Orange: creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition

Yellow: learning, wisdom, happiness and laughter

Green: physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring

Blue: emotional healing, inner peace and meditation

Purple: all spiritual

White: spiritual focus

Black: mystic, individuality and deep thinking.

Start writing in your own Mandala with the colour that attracts you just now:

“I am……………………………………………….”