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Service schematics

Nokia Asha 309
RM-843, RM-844 IMPORTANT Version information
25.09.2012 This document is intended for use by authorized Nokia While every effort has been made to ensure that the document is accu-
v1.0 service centers only. Please use the document together rate, some errors may exist. Please always check for the latest published
with other documents such as the Service Manual and version for this document.
Service Bulletins.
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1.0 First approved version.

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3 X-GOLD, Memory, Power, Backlight, Charging, Accelerometer
4 X-GOLD, WLAN, RF part
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Nokia Asha 309 RM-843, RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1.0 | 25.09.2012 | Upknowledge
1 (7) | Front page Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia, Only for training and service purposes

C3301 C3303 S1004 USB_DMINUS P17 J3135 D+ 4u7 27p R1059 USB_DPLUS A ROW1 J2 R3303 Send KP_OUT1 100R V1022 V3300 A2 S1002 S1001 S1000 R1041 ROW0 J1 KP_OUT0 A1 100R V1011 B1 B2 Lock Volume. Only for training and service purposes .09. SIM. MMC.10. UI-keys. 13 R1084 R1081 R1082 R1083 L1010 22k 2k7 2k7 4k7 14 120R/100MHz 15 TE P5 DIF_VD C1078 C1077 C1017 C1016 X1002 16 100n 100n 10n 100n 17 TOUCH_IRQ G8 R1079 100R INT 1 USIF_RXD_MRST 18 2 19 D1 V1 DIF_D1 J8 R1078 47R SDA 3 I2C2_SDA 20 D3 U1 K9 R1077 47R SCL 4 DIF_D3 I2C2_SCL 21 D5 T2 GND 5 DIF_D5 F9 TOUCH_RST 6 22 D7 U2 USIF_RTS_N R1080 47R XRES DIF_D7 7 23 D/CX M1 DIF_CD VDD 8 24 RDX N1 DIF_RD C1072 C1088 R1087 R1086 R1085 R1088 R1089 V11024 100n 56p 18V/60V 18V/60V 18V/60V 18V/60V 0R VBUS X3300 J3132 2A Z3301 F3300 K N17 Z3300 J3134 D.9.8.0 | 25.11=GND E2805 B16 5 T13 MEAS2 CLKOUT2 6 L6 I2C1_SCL 1V8 7 L8 VBAT I2C1_SDA 8 J1010 U16 R2223 R2226 C2750 CSI_CLKN 9 J1011 V16 47k 120k X2200 100n L1011 CSI_CLKP 10 + 120R/100MHz 11 J1012 U15 CSI_DN1 R2225 12 J1013 V15 B15 BSI C2231 CSI_DP1 MEAS0 100n GND 10k R2228 C2235 27p Nokia Asha 309 RM-843. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1. Volume+ GND VMMC L3200 R1042 COL5 H3 600R/100MHz KP_IN5 R3200 C3201 X3200 100R C3200 R10 100n 10n R11 DAT2 V1012 R12 DAT3 R13 CMD A3 Vdd/Vmmc Vpp R14 MMCI1_CLK R18 A4 MMCclk R2 clk A2 J3204 CLK R1043 MMCI1_CMD V18 B4 MMCcmd R3 cmd A1 J3205 VSS COL4 H2 MMCI1_DAT0 U19 C4 MMCdat0 R4 dat0 B2 J3200 DAT0 KP_IN4 MMCI1_DAT1 R17 C3 MMCdat1 R5 dat1 B1 J3201 DAT1 MMCI1_DAT2 U18 J3202 D4 MMCdat2 R6 dat2 C1 100R T17 J3203 D3 MMCdat3 dat3 D1 CSW MMCI1_DAT3 R7 V1013 B3 GND C2 GND DSW D2 GND VRTC S1005 U17 J3206 CARD DETECT USIF3_SCLK Power A8 J3207 R3201 MON1 18V/60V E12 ON_OFF J3115 R3102 180R J3 KP_OUT3 J3116 K7 KP_OUT2 J3117 G1 KP_IN0 J3118 H7 R2811 KP_IN1 J3119 G3 L18 VSIM KP_IN2 VDD_PMU_SIM J3120 H1 0R KP_IN3 R2812 C2218 4k7 0u47 R2750 C2 X2750 USIF3(3:0) P18 R2810 0R 0 SIM_IO J2751 A3 R1 A2 SIM_CON0_IO 5 CC_IO C7 R19 R2809 0R 1 R2770 0R SIM_CLK B3 CLK R2 CLK B1 J2752 SIM_CON0_CLK 1 C3 VAUX CC_CLK 2 X1000 I2C1(1:0) CC_RST M17 R2808 0R SIM_RST C3 R3 C1 J2750 SIM_CON0_RST 2 C5 0 1 GND B2 1 3 L1010 C6 2 120R/100MHz 3 J1014 W17 USIF3_TXD_MTSR 4 J1015 7. Touch interface. 1V8 D2200 N1000 X1001 A2 VIN VOUT A1 1 WRX N3 F11 J1017 B2 ON B1 DIF_WR USIF2_CTS_N GND 2 3 D6 T3 DIF_D6 4 D4 R3 DIF_D4 5 D2 R1 DIF_D2 6 D0 P2 VAUX 1V8 DIF_D0 7 8 RESX M3 DIF_RESET VDDI 9 VLED_K.2012 | Upknowledge 2 (7) | X-GOLD. HS USB Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia. VLED_K+ VDD 10 11 VLED1+ 12 VLED1. Display. Camera. Battery.

C6.R7. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1.A9.J1.L4.F13.10.2012 | Upknowledge 3 (7) | X-GOLD.P10.P2.E7.E14.G1.D4.R5=1V8 CP2 A7. Charging.E10.N6.N11.C12.J11.E1.H1.F11.R8=GND B18 33n CP1 1V8 R2224 560R E6115 E7501 E7500 J2204 R2202 10k C10 VBUS VDD_FMR_DCDC K2 N18 J3136 VDD_BT_1V8RF RESET_N H6 VDD_BT_1V8DIG E18 M18 VSHG_U VDD_PMU_RTC R2235 K17 1k5 VDD_PMU_AUX K16 VDD_PMU_MMC T18 VDD_MMC V2201 3 C6180 C7501 C7500 C2250 C2219 C2212 C2217 4n7 100n 100n 2.H19.L11. Backlight.6V 100n 1u5-2u2 1u5-2u2 G18 5 CSB_U M9 VDD_DLL R2233 VCORE M11 4 VDD_CORE_MEM_1 39k M7 F17 VDD_CORE_MEM_2 CS J10 V2221 VDD_CORE_MEM_3 L17 VDD_PMU_CORE VBAT VBAT_BB J14 VDD_PMU_BAT Z2204 R2200 K19 SENSEN F19 1 2 VDD_PMU_SD1 V2200 X2201 C8 Z2200 F2200 F18 0R15 VCHARGER 2 GND VDD_GSM_BAT J3103 D17 SENSEP VDD_MS_BAT K 2A 1 Cent D16 R2229 not_assembled VSS_MS_AUD C2244 C2243 C2246 C2236 4n7 27p 470n A C3007 C3004 C3003 C2228 C2227 C2213 C7508 C2226 C2211 C2210 1n0 C2224 C18 1u5-2u2 100n 100n 220n 100n 1u5-2u2 1u5-2u2 22-30u 1u5-2u2 1u5-2u2 VNN_MS VBUS 100n MSGND C2223 B17 VDD_MS_DCDC 220n R2201 V2204 V2222 39k J3108 V2201 6 CSB_N E17 2 1 V2203 C3 F17 VDD_GSM_TRX CS F14 VREF D2 VDD_GSM_TDC VBAT VBAT_BB E3 VDD_GSM_XO E19 C7 VCHG_N VDD_GSM_2V5 R2205 K3 1k5 R2207 VDD_BT_RF R2203 H13 VDD_PMU_PMU 1k5 0R15 L14 M13 VDD_PMU_USB R2206 VDD_PMU_MIPI 2k2 R2208 R2209 L12 VDD_PMU_AIF 10k 10k 1V8 B9 G17 VDD_PMU_CHG VDD_FMR_DIG A10 VDD_FMR_RF G16 K13 VDD_PMU_SHNT V2205 V2205 V2207 VDD_PMU_DCDC K18 K11 SD1_FB ANAMON L2201 J19 SD1SW R2210 R2211 C7506 C2229 C7504 C7503 C7507 C7502 C2216 C2220 C2221 C2222 C6181 C6182 C2214 C2225 3u3H 82k 220k 1u5-2u2 1u0 22n 47n 220n 100n 100n 100n 220n 220n 4n7 4n7 100n 22-30u B3.M11. VBAT_BB D2200 D3000 1V8 J3105 L1000 R3001 V10 P3 0 VACC P6 120R/100MHz DDR2_CA[0] W10 N3 DDR2_CA[1] 4k7 U10 N2 DDR2_CA[2] V11 M2 C3001 C3002 C3006 DDR2_CA[3] U11 M1 100n 100n 1u5-2u2 DDR2_CA[4] VLED_K+ V12 H2 L1001 DDR2_CA[5] W12 G3 22uH DDR2_CA[6] DDR2_CA[7] U12 G2 V1000 DDR2_CA[8] W13 F2 V13 E3 9 DDR2_CA[9] CA C1004 V1002 C1002 C1001 1u 10u 27p V6 J10 V1001 D DDR2_DM0 DM0 P7 G10 L1002 DDR2_DM1 DM1 G G19 U6 P5 D-CKE LEDDRV DDR2_SDRAM_CKE LPDDR2 P11 N5 600R/100MHz DDR2_NVM_CKE NV_CKE S T9 K1 DDR2_CK_T CLK G12 R10 K2 LEDFBP DDR2_CK_C _CLK N8 L2 MEM_CS1_n _D-CS T11 L1 MEM_CS0_n _NV-CS R1004 R1003 R1002 C1005 R8 K10 DDR2_DQS_T[0] DQS0 3R3 2R2 2R2 1n0 T5 F10 DDR2_DQS_T[1] DQS1 T7 J9 _DQS0 DDR2_DQS_C[0] H11 R6 G9 LEDFBN DDR2_DQS_C[1] _DQS1 E2 ZQ E1000 R3000 J3109 JTDO W15 240R TDO N6501 J3110 JTMS B7 TMS J3111 JTRst C9 P9 J2 TRST_N DDR2_VREF VREF (CA) VAUX 1V8 J3113 JTClk R14 H10 7 TCK VREF (DQ) CS 12 SDO C3000 1 100p Vdd_IO 9 J6501 ACCIRQ2 J3112 JTDI U14 INT2 TDI 6 VDD 3 Data I/O Res J6500 P7 8 ACCIRQ1 V17 USIF3_CSO0 DDR2_DQ[0] V9 C6503 C6504 INT1 100n 10n U9 P8 DDR2_DQ[1] V8 N10 DDR2_DQ[2] W8 N9 I2C1(1:0) DDR2_DQ[3] U8 P9 0 I2C1SCL 14 DDR2_DQ[4] SCL/SPC 1V8 W7 M10 1 I2C1SDA 13 DDR2_DQ[5] SDA/SDI/SDO V7 L10 DDR2_DQ[6] U7 L9 DDR2_DQ[7] J3106 J3107 W5 E9 2.B6. Memory.F1.K10.M2.5.H11.G14.R4. Only for training and service purposes .N14=GND Nokia Asha 309 RM-843.C11. VLED_K.G11.G10.R9=VCORE 1V8 VRTC VAUX VMMC C2101 A8. Power.D1.D11.N1.E6.B1.J3.H5.R3. Accelerometer Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia.0 | 25.11=GND H9 DDR2_DQ[8] VDD_IO1_1 V5 E10 R2 DDR2_DQ[9] VDD_IO1_2 U5 D10 P15 DDR2_DQ[10] VDD_IO1_3 V4 C9 C7505 C2215 E2 DDR2_DQ[11] VDD_GSM_DCDC U4 C10 1u5-2u2 100n DDR2_DQ[12] W3 C11 DDR2_DQ[13] V3 B9 DDR2_DQ[14] W2 B8 DDR2_DQ[15] B19 B7.K11.4.J4.R6.09.E11.

0 | 25.L2=GND X3100 X7450 X7451 X7400 N7500 C7510 A5 RX34X J7401 J7402 J7400 1p8 L7502 R7400 C7400 ANT 2 1 COM 12 Z7100 27p ANT 5n6H 0R Out1 8 C7511 A6 9 J7501 1 RX34 RX2 (HB) In1 Out1 9 1p8 Out2 6 L7401 L7402 C7407 R7450 7 4 C7512 A3 R7402 J7502 7 1n5H 6n8H 2p7 RX1 (LB) In2 Out2 RX12X 0.B2.F3.E6.G4.09.K2.C6. RF part Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia.J3.B7.D2.A6.K4.2012 | Upknowledge 4 (7) | X-GOLD.E2.3pF/4kV 6k8 4p7 L7503 C7513 15nH A4 R7403 RX12 4p7 USIF3(3:0) 470R C7406 C7405 C7404 25 B2 TXIN_HB TX2 27p 1n0 27p 24 C2 TXIN_LB TX1 2 R7114 0R D1 SE FE2 3 R7513 0R A2 BS PABS 4 R7512 0R D3 PM FE1 28 J7503 D7 VBAT VPC VRAMP 27 R7510 0R J7454 C1 19 TXP PAEN VBAT 20 VBAT C7527 C7520 C7523 C7522 27p 10u 120p ln0 RF Shield Nokia Asha 309 RM-843.G3.E3. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1. WLAN.F4.D4. Only for training and service purposes . D2200 X6001 Crystal Oscillator 26 MHz N6301 F2 XO B7500 N6300 Z6300 J7403 L6308 E7401 1 C6307 OUT IN 1 COM ANT 2 A1 L6306 C6300 RFC C5 WRF_RX 5 47p WRF_RFIN RF2 1n2H WRF_VCO_LDO_OUT_VDD1P2 10p G2 3n6H XOX L4 L6302 VOUT_CLDO 6n2H H2 WRF_TX L6307 L6300 C6301 4 VDD WRF_RFOUT B1 RF1 H3 2nH 1n8H 47p VDD E13 L1 MEAS1 L6303 1u5H SR_VLX C6302 D13 L3 0p3 E6000 L2 MEAS3 VDD_LDO BT_RFIO A5 8 C6303 ANT_BT WRF_VCO_LDO_IN_VDD1P8 RF3 G1 G2 RF_SW_CTRL2_WLTX 3 V1 10p R7505 R7503 R7404 RF_SW_CTRL2 VDDIO_RF F1 RF_SW-CTRL1_WLRX 6 V2 39k 47k 120k H1 RF_SW_CTRL1 VOUT_3P3 E1 RF_SW_CTRL0_BT 7 V3 D5 RF_SW_CTRL0 WRF_RES_EXT C6304 C6305 C6306 1V8 VBAT C6319 3p3 3p3 3p3 C6315 C6316 C6318 R6301 220n 1u5-2u2 3u3-4u7 1u5-2u2 15k 9=GND J6 BT_STATUS J6302 P13 D9 J1016 BTCX_STATUS/GPIO_4 DIGuP_CLK CTRLDATA J7 BT_RF_ACTIVE J6303 U13 E6302 E6301 BTCX_RF_ACTIVE/GPIO_5 DIGuP1 E4 H5 BT_TX_CONFN/SECI OUT J6305 V14 GPIO_0 BTCX_TXCONF/GPIO_3 DIGuP2 H4 VDDIO SPI_SDIO_N K5 VDDIO_SD R6300 D1 100k WRF_PA_VDD D3 WRF_PADRV_VDD J1 SR_VDDBAT1 CLK_REQ J2 F6 J6300 J6309 A7 SR_VDDBAT2 XTAL_PU FSYS_EN K1 L5 WLAN_IRQ J6308 SR_VDDBAT1 F3 CTRCLK SDIO_DATA_1 J4 WLAN_ENABLE J6307 U3 L6304 600R/100MHz WRF_XTAL C7 WL_RST_N DIF_D8 WRF_XTAL_VDD1P2 L6 SPI_MISO R4 SDIO_DATA_0 USIF1_RXD_MRST L6305 120R/100MHz WRF_AFE F7 L7 SPI_CLK J6319 V2 WRF_AFE_VDD1P2 SDIO_CLK USIF1_SCLK B4 K6 SPI_CSx J6321 M5 WRF_ANA_VDD1P2 SDIO_DATA_3 USIF1_CSO0 A3 K7 SPI_MOSI J6318 P3 WRF_LNA_VDD1P2 SDIO_CMD USIF1_TXD_MTSR K3 E6300 VOUT_LNLDO1 C6310 C6311 C6313 C6314 C6312 C6317 C6321 D7 SYSCLK C6308 F5 100n 3u9-4u7 1u5-2u2 100n 15p 1u5-2u2 2p7 OSCIN FSYS1 1n E2806 R12 CLKOUT0 J5 SleepClk J6310 EXT_SLEEP_CLK J6303 WLAN_UART_TX / JTAG_TDO G5 JTAG_TDO J6304 WLAN_UART_RX / JTAG_TDI H6 JTAG_TDI J6301 A7 WRF_TCXO_IN A4.

2012 | Upknowledge 5 (7) | X-GOLD.0 | 25. Only for training and service purposes . D2200 J12 ACD R2101 100R R2105 R2100 R2111 1k0 A15 VUMIC 1k0 10k A13 C2107 MICP2 1/100n R2125 22k C2102 C2108 1n 27p L2107 J3137 B13 R2106 C2107 MICN2 2/100n 600R/100MHz 100R X2100 not_assembled R2112 G 1 18V/60V HS_MIC MIC 2 HS_EAR_R R 3 HS_EAR_L L 4 HS_GND G 5 R2103 R2135 B8 PLUG_DET PL 6 MON2 1k0 1k0 R2104 C2113 18V/60V 10n C2129 L2109 220p 600R/100MHz A18 R2107 33R HSL A17 R2108 33R HSR L2110 600R/100MHz C2117 R2110 C2122 C2118 R2109 C2119 47n 18V/60V 1n0 47n 18V/60V 1n0 C2130 C2131 18p 18p C6102 L6500 L2111 B11 FMR_IN 1n0 100nH 68nH L6102 C6103 R2122 100nH 27p 14/350V R2152 A14 C2123 MICPOS MICP1 2 2X100n B2100 C2120 100R C2168 27p 1n0 + C13 R2116 C2123 MICNEG - MICN1 1 2X100n 10k R2114 C2165 R2130 C2121 2k2 47p 3k9 1u5/2u2 R2113 A16 VMIC VMIC 1k C2103 1n B2101 not_assembled L2104 E16 EARP 1 2 + EPP - E15 EARN 4 3 EPN R2118 R2119 18V/60V 18V/60V C2126 C2127 47p 47p B2102 not_assembled L2102 L2105 LSP D19 - 120R/100MHz 240R/100MHz + L2101 L2103 D18 LSN 120R/100MHz V2100 240R/100MHz A1 A2 C2104 C2105 1n 1n B1 B2 H17 Crystal Oscillator VSS_PMU_VIB 32. Audio Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1.09.768 MHz M2100 M19 C2140 C2108 F32K L2140 H18 27p 10n + - N19 B2800 OSC32K VIB M 600R/100MHz C2801 C2800 22p 22p Nokia Asha 309 RM-843.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 A A B B C C D D E E F F G G H H I I J J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 B L R1083 G21 V B2100 F2 L1014 G21 R1084 D21 V1024 G20 C L2104 D19 R1085 E21 X C1016 D20 N R1086 E21 X1001 C19 C1017 D19 N1000 G20 R1087 G21 X1002 F21 C1072 G20 R R1088 E20 X3100 I19 C1077 D19 R1059 D3 R1089 E20 X7450 D3 C1078 C20 R1077 E21 R2118 D19 X7451 G3 C1088 G20 R1078 E21 R2119 D19 C2126 D20 R1079 G21 R2152 G3 C2127 D20 R1080 E20 S C2165 G2 R1081 E21 S1004 C3 C2168 G2 R1082 E21 S1005 I3 Nokia Asha 309 RM-843.2012 | Upknowledge 6 (7) | &RPSRQHQWƬQGHUWRS Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia.09. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1.0 | 25. Only for training and service purposes .

2012 | Upknowledge 7 (7) | &RPSRQHQWƬQGHUERWWRP Nokia Internal Use only | Copyright © 2012 Nokia. RM-844 | Board: 3wn_40c | v1.0 | 25. Only for training and service purposes . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 J J I I H H G G F F E E D D C C B B A A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 B C2107 G18 C2130 I18 C2220 H8 C2243 H11 C3007 E9 C6303 C16 C6317 D18 C7502 F7 C7523 G4 E6301 C16 L1011 E18 L6300 C17 M R1043 J15 R2113 I6 R2207 B7 R2750 F17 R6300 D17 S V2200 G11 X3200 C10 Z2800 H7 B2800 H8 C2108 H18 C2131 I18 C2221 H8 C2244 F12 C3200 E11 C6304 C17 C6318 C17 C7503 F6 C7527 G4 E6302 E17 L2101 H6 L6302 C17 M2100 D19 R2100 G18 R2114 H6 R2208 B6 R2770 I10 R6301 D16 S1000 J15 V2201 G11 X3300 F21 Z3300 E20 B7500 E7 C2109 H6 C2140 I7 C2222 H8 C2246 D20 C3201 E11 C6305 C17 C6319 D16 C7504 E6 D E7401 B20 L2102 H6 L6303 C18 N R2101 H18 R2116 H6 R2209 B7 R2808 H9 R7400 I3 S1001 J13 V2203 F11 X6001 B19 Z3301 D20 C C2113 H18 C2210 H6 C2223 H6 C2250 J11 C3301 F17 C6306 C17 C6321 D16 C7505 E6 D2200 G7 E7500 E7 L2103 F2 L6304 D16 N6300 C16 R2103 H18 R2122 I18 R2210 B6 R2809 H9 R7402 H2 S1002 J8 V2204 G11 X7400 H3 Z6300 C18 C1001 C7 C2117 I18 C2211 I6 C2224 H6 C2750 F17 C3303 F17 C6307 C17 C6503 A8 C7506 F6 D3000 F9 E7501 E7 L2105 F3 L6305 D17 N6301 D17 R2104 H18 R2125 G18 R2211 B7 R2810 H9 R7403 G2 V V2205 B7 Z Z7500 G5 C1002 C8 C2118 I18 C2212 H7 C2225 H7 C2800 H8 C6102 I5 C6308 D16 C6504 A8 C7507 F6 E F L2107 G19 L6306 C16 N6501 B8 R2105 G18 R2130 I6 R2223 E10 R2811 H9 R7450 H2 V1000 D8 V2207 B7 Z2117 H6 C1004 D8 C2119 I18 C2213 H7 C2226 H7 C2801 I8 C6103 H18 C6310 D17 C7400 I2 C7508 G6 E1000 D7 F2200 C20 L2109 I19 L6307 C16 N7500 H4 R2106 G18 R2135 H18 R2224 J10 R2812 H9 R7503 E6 V1001 D8 V2221 F11 Z2200 C20 C1005 D8 C2120 H6 C2214 H6 C2227 H9 C3000 H9 C6180 G6 C6311 C17 C7404 G2 C7510 F6 E2000 I19 F3300 D20 L2110 I18 L6308 C17 R R2107 I18 R2200 E11 R2225 E6 R3000 E9 R7504 E6 V1002 D7 V2222 F11 Z2201 G7 C2101 H6 C2121 I6 C2215 E7 C2228 H9 C3001 I9 C6181 G6 C6312 D16 C7405 G2 C7511 F6 E2805 I9 L L2111 H18 L6500 I18 R1002 D8 R2108 I18 R2201 G11 R2226 E9 R3001 I9 R7505 I4 V1011 J13 V3300 D20 Z2203 H7 C2102 G6 C2122 I18 C2216 I6 C2229 H6 C3002 H10 C6182 G6 C6313 C17 C7406 G3 C7512 F6 E2806 H9 L1000 C7 L2140 I6 L7401 H2 R1003 D8 R2109 I18 R2202 I9 R2228 D6 R3102 C12 R7510 I5 V1012 J13 X Z2204 E11 C2103 G6 C2123 H6 C2217 H8 C2231 B6 C3003 E9 C6300 C16 C6314 D16 C7407 I1 C7513 F6 E6000 E7 L1001 C8 L2201 I7 L7402 I1 R1004 D7 R2110 I19 R2203 G10 R2229 C20 R3200 D12 R7512 I4 V1013 J15 X1000 F19 Z2206 H7 C2104 I6 C2128 E18 C2218 H9 C2235 D6 C3004 H10 C6301 C17 C6315 D18 C7500 E7 C7520 G4 E6115 G6 L1002 D8 L3200 E11 L7502 F6 R1041 J14 R2111 G18 R2205 G11 R2233 F11 R3201 E10 R7513 I4 V1022 J7 X2200 D6 Z2207 H6 C2105 I6 C2129 I19 C2219 H8 C2236 D20 C3006 E9 C6302 C17 C6316 D18 C7501 F7 C7522 G4 E6300 E16 L1010 G18 L6102 H18 L7503 F6 R1042 J14 R2112 G18 R2206 G10 R2235 F10 R3303 D20 R7514 I5 V2100 G3 X2750 H16 Z2208 H9 Nokia Asha 309 RM-843.09.