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Schematics RM-640


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All measurements were made using the following equipment:
1.0 First approved version. UI PWB, Keypad, Keypad LEDs, Reminder LED, MMC, SIM 6
Nokia repair SW : Phoenix 2010.24.003.43250
Oscilloscope : PicoScope 3206 2.0 Overall quality update.
Added RF antenna signal overview RF part 7
Spectrum Analyzer : Advantest R3162
Multimeter : Fluke 175 measurements.
I2C0 data line pin ID to RAPUYAMA Signal overview 8
The measurement points in the schematics are linked to the oscillo- corrected (p2).
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grams on the signal overview page. The links cycle between the meas-
urement point in the schematics, the oscillogram and the measurement Component finder Main board bottom 10
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Page 1 (13) | Front page | C3-01 RM-640, C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.0 | 14.10.2010

7 V VDigiMic (Measure while running 24 1.M8.8 V) 23 VCORE 3.M1.T9.H9.C10.P20. Digital mic.E2.Y23=VIO 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n H14.D23.AA23.C17.L9.B3.F10.J8.U2. BOB.K5.T14.C16.J13.A10.R11.AB10.R15.AA14.L2.B19.AB5. Only for training and service purposes Page 2 (13) | RAPUYAMA.C1. UI PWB (p3) RXDATAClk N6.N15.N1.D14.AB13.A18.C23. RXQN_LINKORXIQDA1 2 M20 J2 5 B8.78 V) 6 COL0 RFBusEn1X U10 genio2 7 COL1 Y10 L2420 120R/100MHz genio3 8 COL2 AA10 genio24 G12 TxCClk 120R/100MHz TxCClk TXC(2:0) INT_MMC(13:0) RF > ÄLLI (p7) Display ASIP PEARLJ (p3) 10 AB20 MMCClk C2420 C2421 2 AC21 Z2450 0 AB21 MMCDa0 MMCCmd R2 LCDRstX A5 100n 100n Display genio9 Out1 4 AB19 MMCDa1 DISPC_DATA_LCD16 W4 DIF0LCDTE A4 Out2 In2 A1 connector 6 AC19 MMCDa2 Y7 DIF0Da7 B5 Out3 A2 DISPC_DATA_LCD7 In1 X2420 8 AC20 MMCDa3 AB4 DIF0Da6 C5 Out4 B1 DISPC_DATA_LCD6 In3 1 MMCCmdDir AA21 U3 DIF0Da5 C4 Out5 genio70 DISPC_DATA_LCD5 RDX 1 3 MMCDaDir0 Y19 U7 DIF0Da4 D5 Out6 C2 genio69 DISPC_DATA_LCD4 In4 TE 2 5 MMCDaDir1 W20 AA9 DIF0Da2 D4 Out7 C1 genio11 DISPC_DATA_LCD2 In5 WRX 3 7 MMCDaDir2 D2 DCX 4 9 MMCDaDir3 In6 D1 5 11 MMCFbClk U22 In7 genio71 VDDI 6 LCD(99:0) MMCCardDet Y3 genio25 A3.L8.L1.8 V 1.E9.AC7.A15.F1.B2.Y12=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.K9.AA15.B15.K8.G10.78 V 1.B4.D8.G5.A12.B22.G9.B7.K22.C15.B9.A5. E5.8 V Digital microphone test in Nokia Care Suite.AC15.C19.B1.D3=GND VDD 7 MMC(15:0) Connector PWB (p4) RESX 8 UI PWB (p3) DISPC_DATA_LCD13 W3 Y8 TS_RESET TS_INT 94 95 Display ASIP 9 DISPC_DATA_LCD14 Z2451 D7 10 C2 D6 11 In4 D5 12 DISPC_DATA_LCD0 Y9 DIF0Da0 A5 Out1 C1 R23 In5 13 EMINT(3:0) EMInt1 DISPC_DATA_LCD3 AB7 DIF0Da3 A4 Out2 D1 In7 D4 14 PEARLJ (p3) DISPC_DATA_LCD1 AB3 DIF0Da1 B5 Out3 A1 D3 15 AA7 J2815 DIF0WRX C5 Out4 In2 VRFC DISPC_PCLK Y4 DIF0A0 C4 D2 16 Out5 1.E1.G1.H8.J10.G10.AC6.A10.T12.10.AB2.A9.8 V BOB ANT_DET D2800 N6300 R2804 R2805 R2853 R2852 R6302 R6301 Bandpass filter BT/WLAN 3k3 3k3 3k3 3k3 I2C2(1:0) D3000 genio36 G15 100k 100k M4 antenna spring 0 Combo memory VIO Z6300 AV amplifier (p4) U16 I2C2SCL R20 BTCTS M7 1 U15 I2C2SDA on top of genio47 D11 BTUARTIn L6 UART_RTS X6350 L6300 L6351 RAPUYAMA genio49 UART_TX A3 I2C0(1:0) genio50 N9 BTUARTOut K7 UART_RX RF_PORT Connector PWB (p4) 0 I2C0SCL D16 G17 HostWakeUp E4 1n8H 2400MHz 2n7H genio28 genio56 UART_WAKE 1 I2C0SDA D15 R22 BTRTS L7 L6350 genio27 genio48 UART_CTS L7 BTPCMSync H6 G G 2n2H CAM_CTRL(1:0) genio83 P7 BTPCMClk H7 I2S/PCM_SYNC 0 CAM_CLK J2851 U11 genio82 I2S/PCM_CLK Connector PWB (p4) genio86 M4 BTPCMout J6 1 CAM_XSHUTD J2852 R1 genio84 I2S/PCM_IN genio16 M7 BTPCMIn K6 genio85 I2S/PCM_OUT CCP(30:0) Z2801 genio54 D20 BTResetX J6303 H4 4 J2820 U13 BT_RESETX Connector PWB (p4) CCPStrbN0 D19 BTWakeUp E3 5 J2819 U14 genio53 BT_WAKEUP CCPStrbP0 D7 SleepClk C4 6 Z2800 J2818 AA13 SleepClk SLEEPCLK CCPDaN0 7 J2817 AA12 CCPDaP0 A8 FMANT SENSORS(15:0) ProxInt P23 genio35 FMANT PUSL(15:0) Connector PWB (p4) Connector PWB (p4) 1 PEARLJ (p4) AC16 J2803 7 RF > ÄLLI (p7) SysClk192 USB(20:0) SMPSClk E21 5 PEARLJ > USB transceiver (p4) 8 J2813 K20 N20 0 ULPIClock PURX 9 K21 P21 3 ULPIDir SleepX 10 H21 ULPINxt 11 G20 ULPIStp 0 J21 ULPIData0 J20 G9 WLANENABLE J6301 H2 1 RX2 WLAN_ENABLE 2 M22 ULPIData1 N22 WLAN_IRQ K3 2 ULPIData2 genio73 SDIO_D1/WLAN_IRQ 3 H20 ULPIData3 V22 SPI_Clk K2 J6302 genio74 SPI_CLK/SDIO_CLK F9 REFCLK_I 4 L21 ULPIData4 genio76 P17 SPI_MOSI H3 SPI_MOSI/SDIO_CMD RFClkExt(5:0) 5 F21 AB22 SPI_MISO L1 RF > ÄLLI (p7) ULPIData5 genio77 SPI_MISO/SDIO_D0 6 F20 ULPIData6 Y20 SPI_CSX K4 genio75 SPI_CSX/SDIO_D3 7 E20 ULPIData7 V21 CLK_REQ J6300 K1 genio37 CLK_REQ 12 ULPICS G23 genio52 DIG_AUDIO(20:0) PEARLJ (p3) 1 T20 R6303 EarDataL 2 U21 100k EarDataR 3 T22 MicData 0 P22 AudioClk0 4 T21 AUDIO(13:0) PMARP 5 R21 K10 J6304 MIC3RP 5 PEARLJ (p3) PMARN RFCLK(1:0) FM_AUDIO_PR L10 MIC3LP 3 ACI(7:0) G3 J2800 RFCLKP 0 RF > ÄLLI (p7) FM_AUDIO_PL K9 MIC3RN 0 ACIRX T17 RFClkP FM_AUDIO_NR 6 PEARLJ (p3) genio31 G2 J2801 RFCLKN 1 1 ACITX D13 RFClkN L9 MIC3LN 4 FM_AUDIO_NL genio32 CBUS(3:0) PEARLJ (p3) RFCONV(20:0) 0 Y15 H3 2 CBusClk TXQP_LINKOTXIQDA0 PEARLJ > IHF amplifier (p4) 1 AA16 J3 3 CBusDa TXQN_LINKOTXIQDA1 RF > ÄLLI (p7) 2 AB17 H4 8 CBusEn1X IREF_LINKOTXIQDA2 F4 0 TXIP_LINKOTXICLK INT_SIM(5:0) K4 6 RXQP_LINKORXIQDA0 PEARLJ (p3) 1 CLK L20 SIMClk1 J4 7 A1.A5.N16.C8.A4.A16.M5.C3.D1.D6.A7.J9.K15.C6. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.E23.C9.J14.B10. SIMIOCtrl1 RXIN_LINKORXIQDA2 0 M21 K3 4 D5.R16.C3.G16.J8.M15. 22 VDigiMic (1.B5.R9.H2.T11.H8.K8.G8. Combo memory | C3-01 RM-640.B12.U23.8 V RAPUYAMA 1.T2.C7.A6.E10.2010 .F3.B7.0 | 14. Display UI.A2. VIO VIO VIO VIO VIO VIO VIO 1.D2.F2.H23.N5.8 V 1.L2.L16.N8.T1.D18.M16.K1.N9.V23.A9.AC12.C10.D7.K2.P2.M10.C3.N10=GND 0 ROW0 T3 genio26 1 ROW1 L17 N3.H5.B18.H10.R14.M9.P1.B4.D3=GND VDDSTACK VBAT_BB VLED.M8.C22.8 V DISPC_VSYNC N13 D5 Out6 In3 B1 D1 17 F1 RFTemp A2 D0 18 VDDA_ACS AA5 J2816 DIF0RDX D4 In1 J1 DISPC_HSYNC Out7 19 VDDATX D2 In6 J2455 20 H7 VDDARX BC VLED+ 21 R8 A3.L15. C2803 C2804 C2805 C2806 C2807 C2808 C2809 C2810 C2811 C2812 C2813 C2814 C12.C21.F5.D1.N21.AC4.H11.J12.E6.D17.8 V 1.R13.B6.B5.P8.C5.J5.B3.M2.P15.K16.D9.B10.J15.P16.R10.A7.8 V 1.) 25 B2100 R2420 H13 2k2 VDDRAM T10 VDDRAM R2100 100R 3 VDD L/R 2 NPN transistor VLED+_Key VIO V20 DigiMICData R2102 100R 4 DATA 1 V2420 genio39 CLK 1.C9.H15.B8.J16.U1.N8.AC8.M1. KEYB(15:0) VREFN_LINKORXICLK B2 15 L3.8 V 1. SIMIODa1 RXIP_LINKORXIQDA3 L4 14 G1.L4.N2.M9.D22.8 V C2821 C2822 C2823 C2824 C2825 C2826 D12 VDDA18V2 LED(10:0) 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n E3 AC10 J2856 DigiMICClk R2103 100R PEARLJ (p3) VDDAPLLStack genio72 0 B3 5 VDDA H9 C2115 1 J2420 VDDA18V1 100n A4.D9.F23.C2.R12.M3=VBAT genio58 RFCTRL(11:0) VAUX1 VIO 2 ROW2 E22 3 ROW3 genio59 RF > ÄLLI (p7) 2.AB8.2 V C2800 C2801 C2802 C2830 "ST_DIGIMIC_TEST" self- 100n 100n 100n 1u0 1.T8.AA1.H10.E8.H1.H16.D8.AA22.C18.F22.AA20.L5.AC13.N4.H22.H1.F8.AA2.P9.G8.L8.A17.J11.T15=VCORE A13.E1.B3.E5.N2.AC5.8 V L22 genio60 P4 J2805 6 VIO (1.T16.M6.A21.N7.8 V) 4 ROW4 G21 RFBusClk genio61 N4 7 5 ROW5 H17 RFBusDa L2421 genio62 N3 8 VAUX1 (2.

B5.J15.F14.7 V COL0 C1 Input6 B4 4 1u0 27p 7 Output4 2 3 COL1 D2 C5 5 BGND 1 Input7 Output5 B3 SenseP L2300 S2500 ROW2 A1 Output6 C4 6 E4 SenseM M15 Input2 LedOut D1 Output7 D5 7 2 COL2 P12 2u2H Input8 D4 8 BTemp Output8 1 1 ROW1 A2 R2400 Input1 Output9 E5 0 C2245 PwrOnX E1 VBAT_BB Battery R2071 2u2 10k ROW0 E2 Input10 0 Input9 3.0 | 14.H15.T10=VBAT_BB Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.L15.T15.D3.5 V 1.8 V Data1B P15 CMDB G15 18 L2340 VCoreCoil J14 19 P16 Data3B VCoreCoil 20 1uH T13 VCore L16 21 SIMDaC C6 H11 22 VRFC SIMRstC D8 23 VDigiMic VBAT 24 COL0 3. Battery.6V 27p 2u2 2u2 P8 J2202 2 CBusSelX INT_SIM(5:0) G13 VAux2 C12 0 RAPUYAMA (p2) J2218 H8 VOut SIMDa B14 J2219 1 B7 SIMClk VAna B13 J2220 2 F2 SIMIOC VDDAudTx K1 VDDAudRx1 INT_MMC(13:0) C2271 C2267 C2268 H2 E15 J2221 2u2 2u2 2u2 VDDAudRx2 CMDA 0 RAPUYAMA (p2) M3 VDDAudRx3 M14 1 CMDDir G10 J2223 2 Data1A D13 3 Data1Dir C14 4 Data2A D12 5 Data2Dir C13 6 A6 Data3A CrI E14 7 B2200 Data3Dir Sleep clock Data4A D14 J11 8 9 32.2 V 1.M13.L13.R15.7 V temp NTC 47k B10 PwrOnX E4 PwrOnX Output10 R11 VBUSCoil L2347 P10 VBUSSMPSOut A3.2010 .N12.L9.7 V 3. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.7 V J2550 25 C2231 C2266 C2269 C2280 2u2 C2214 2u2 LED protection 26 COL1 22u 2u2 2u2 27 ROW2 28 COL2 V2550-2 V2550-1 R2551 R2550 29 ROW1 V2555 30 PwrOnX R2552 100R 10R H9 ExtPWMOut Battery VBAT VBAT_BB 4k7 connector 3.R14.L7.K7. 1 VBUS SetCurrKB H13 2 KEYPAD_LED2+ J2508 VAux1 3 KEYPAD_LED1+ J2507 4 ROW3 E5 5 ROW4 VR1 6 L14 7 A13 SIMClkC VIO K16 8 F10 VSIM VDD18 9 L2310 F16 10 MMC(15:0) C16 VMEM C2213 C2222 C2230 C2296 VIOCoil2 J13 11 RAPUYAMA (p2) 1uH C15 Data4B 2u2 2u2 22u 2u2 VIOCoil1 K14 12 ClkB 13 H14 14 Data2B 15 ROW5 16 VCORE VRFC VDigiMic G14 17 1.R6.C5.E2.E3=GND 1uH V2310 EMInt A3 J2211 EMINT(3:0) D5 VBatVR1 RAPUYAMA (p2) N15 VBatVCore N16 VBatVCore B15 VBatVIO C2249 C2294 C2282 C2326 C2329 A14 VBatVIO ACI(7:0) 2u2 2u2 2u2 2u2 2u2 A15 D11 J2227 0 RAPUYAMA (p2) VBatVIO MBusRx A16 B12 J2225 1 VBatVIO MBusTx B16 VBatVIO T3 VBatIHFLN DIG_AUDIO(20:0) P5 VBatIHFLP N3 J2212 0 RAPUYAMA (p2) AudClk R7 VBatIHFRN N5 J2214 1 EarDataL P6 VBatIHFRP P3 J2215 2 EarDataR VBACK (2.P11.C3.K11.F7.10.D16.R4.7 V R2553 X2070 VBAT (3.R16.0 V N2200 X2500 R2508 R2507 J2500 47R 47R P9 J10 KEYPAD_LED.P7.F15.B8. PEARLJ VLED+_Key VAUX1 VR1 VIO VBUS see also page 4 UI flex connector 2.J9.B4.78 V 2.K8.K15. G11.T4. C2200 C2316 C2315 2u2 CBusData N8 J2200 1 2.T14.F1.J8.8 V 1. Only for training and service purposes Page 3 (13) | PEARLJ.768 kHz 32.7 V) L2080 1k0 + 1 VBAT 2 28R/100MHz 3 C10 LED(10:0) Keypad ASIP BSI RAPUYAMA > Display connector (p2) K10 1 KEYB_BUS(15:0) V2070 Current sense SetCurrD Z2501 Connector PWB (p4) C2070 resistor L2314 0 ROW3 B2 Input3 KEYB(15:0) H10 150u_6V3 OVVLed ROW4 B1 RAPUYAMA (p2) R2200 600R/100MHz Input4 Output1 A5 1 1 4 VBAT_BB VBAT_BB Camera key ROW5 C2 Input5 Output2 A4 2 6 6 Output3 B5 3 C2314 V2300 C2313 3.R8.7 V 3.T16=GND A1.768kHz B6 Data4Dir ClkA E13 J2236 10 CrO F13 11 ClkFB A2.D15.5 V) N2 J2210 3 MicData L2200 N1 J2216 4 N14 PMARP VBack N4 J2217 5 PMARN 600R/100MHz AUDIO(13:0) C7 FM_AUDIO_PR 5 RAPUYAMA > BOB (p2) VRTC G4 MIC3RP G3 FM_AUDIO_PL 3 A7 VBg MIC3LP J4 FM_AUDIO_NR 6 Backup MIC3RN F4 FM_AUDIO_NL 4 G7 VRef MIC3LN capacitor + CBUS(3:0) N7 J2201 0 RAPUYAMA (p2) C2317 CBusClk G2200 .B9.H7.B2.D6.D3.C11. UI PWB conn | C3-01 RM-640.8 V 5.K13.D1.C2.T11.B1. P14.H4.A10.P13.F8.G16.N10.

E2.7 V J2028 C2010 C2011 IHF speaker IHF amplifier 10n 10n VBAT spring connectors J2027 N2120 3. IHF speaker. Audio.F1=GND V3302 J2041 J2040 L10 ID J2039 V3310 AV amplifier VBUS J2038 N2000 5. PEARLJ USB transceiver VBUS see also page 3 PUSL(15:0) 5.D1=GND HeadDet J2017 HookDet1 J2016 F3 C2034 R2053 0R J2015 Mic2N 100n G2 C2033 R2052 0R LCD(99:0) 94 J2071 TS_RESET J2014 Mic2P 100n RAPUYAMA (p2) J3 R2044 220R 95 J2072 TS_INT J2013 MicB2 J2012 R2056 R2054 0R 0R C2040 EARP J2011 2u2 E2050 0R E2051 0R EARN J2010 G6 HeadDet HeadDet J2009 D10 HookDet1 J2232 HookDet G1 J2008 EarP K4 J2007 EarN R9 J2006 VCharIn2 T7 VCharIn1 L8 J2005 VCharInTest C2318 4u7 J2004 D2 VIBRAN J2003 VibraN C1 VIBRAP J2002 VibraP J2001 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.0 | 14.7 V J2036 CPP SCLK C2 HPVSS VAUX1 J2035 A2 R2055 2.E1. Connector PWB ACF bonding | C3-01 RM-640. Only for training and service purposes Page 4 (13) | PEARLJ.0 V C2005 I2C2(1:0) J2037 2u2 C1 D1 1 VBAT CPN SDA RAPUYAMA (p2) B2 D2 0 3.7 V L2122 X2100 J2026 L2109 C2120 B1 IHFSpLP XEARL D2 SPKP INP 56nH 2/2 1u5 220R/100MHz J2025 C2120 XEARLC D3 X2101 INN L2124 L2110 R2125 1/2 1u5 C1 IHFSpLN J2024 SPKN 0R 220R/100MHz 56nH FMANT L2120 RAPUYAMA > BOB (p2) J2023 A3 B2 LX GAIN J2120 C2112 C2113 4u7H 1n 1n R2108 R2109 J2022 B4 18V/30V VBAT 18V/30V A1 J2021 PVDD A2 VCCOUT MIC2N J2020 B3 RKNEE D4 _SDBST MIC2P J2019 _SDSPK C3 IHF EN 15 RFCONV(20:0) C2124 C2122 R2124 RAPUYAMA (p2) C2123 C2121 J2018 27p 10u 27k RF > ÄLLI (p7) MicB2 1u 22u A4.E4. USB transceiver. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.10.7 V DATA4 5 A6 DATA5 6 B6 4 CCP_STROBEN J2048 DATA6 7 C6 C3303 C3304 C3300 C3301 C3307 DATA7 100n D7 F3 100n 4u7 100n 4u7 J2047 VBatVAna VCC N10 CAM_CTRL(1:0) VBATChacon RAPUYAMA (p2) J2046 0 E2054 0R Cam_Clk C2228 C2281 C2285 C2229 NPN transistor C3306 DM C1 1 CamResetShutdown J2045 2u2 2u2 2u2 2u2 100n D1 V3300 DP C2041 I2C0(1:0) M4 OUT 1 I2C0SDA J2044 VBUSCtrl 47p RAPUYAMA (p2) R1 D3 IN D4 ID 0 I2C0SCL J2043 PSW 4k7 J2042 47k R2 B4.78 V C2007 AVDD SENSORS(15:0) ProxInt J2034 HPVDD B3 RAPUYAMA (p2) 2u2 0R VAUX1 J2033 L2001 L4 C2029 XEARRC D4 SW A1 C2001 C2006 C2002 VIO J2032 XEarRC INR.8 V 2/2 1u5 J2031 D3 L2011 600R/100MHz XEarLC K2 C2004 XEARLC A4 OUTR INL- K3 1/2 1u5 C2004 XEARL B4 A3 L2010 600R/100MHz J2030 XEarL INL+ OUTL 2/2 1u5 B1.2010 .C3=GND VBAT J2029 3.8 V J2054 RAPUYAMA (p2) 1 ROW1 12 C3 12k CHIP_SEL_N 9 E5 2 ROW0 J2053 DIR 10 D5 NXT 11 D6 C4 J2152 STP TEST_N 8 A4 B3 CCP(30:0) CLOCK CHIP_SEL 0 B1 B2 RAPUYAMA (p2) 7 CCP_DATAP J2151 DATA0 VCC(IO) 1 A1 B5 DATA1 VCC(IO) 2 A2 E6 6 CCP_DATAN J2050 DATA2 REG1V8 VBAT_BB 3 A3 DATA3 E3 4 A5 REG3V3 5 CCP_STROBEP J2049 3.0 V Fixed connector 1 RAPUYAMA (p2) N2200 RF > ÄLLI D3300 PWB ACF bonding C4 J2207 1 R3302 SleepClk F4 A4 J2208 0 VBUS PURX E3 J2206 3 1k0 J2057 SleepX N11 J2213 5 V3301 KEYB_BUS(15:0) SMPSClk 7 F5 PEARLJ > UI PWB (p4) XTAL1 6 COL0 J2056 K9 F2 USBCharDetX CHRG_DET 7 COL1 J2055 R3300 VIO USB(20:0) C2 RREF 1. 10u 2u2 1n XEarR L3 1/2 1u5 C2029 XEARR C4 INR+ 3u3H 1.D2.C4.C2.C5.

D4. Vibra.B3.78 V Camera module J1057 L5001 H5000 J1056 col0 120R/100MHz 1 Volume keys Lock key 2 J1055 col1 S2550 S2552 VIO 3 S2551 1.5 mm) 2 XL D5 B1 J6002 X+ _RESET 3 J1024 4 A1 J6003 E2526 E2525 E2524 _PINTDAV 5 XR E4 X.2010 .C2.8 V) 8 120R/100MHz S1 S1 S1 9 10 CCP_DATAP J1051 11 12 CCP_DATAN J1050 C5006 C5005 GND J1049 27p 100n CCP_CLKP CCP_CLKN J1048 J1047 Micro A/B USB connector J1046 Camera LED flash regulator X3300 Camera LED flash N1400 J1045 PWB springs J1044 C2 I2C0SDA SDA X1401 L1411 J1043 Flash_LED+ B1 C1 I2C0SCL L3300 LED_OUT SCL GND 600R/100MHz 120R/100MHz L1410 VBAT (3. 3 X1402 1uH 120R/100MHz 2 A2=GND VBUS J1040 D+ 1 C1411 C1400 C1400 C1412 C1410 10n 1/1u5 2/1u5 3u3-3u9 10n J1039 VBUS (5.A5.E2=GND C6004 C6005 0R C=1n0 C2501 2u2 27p J1016 27p E2521 E2522 E2523 J1015 J1014 Earpiece E2100 E2101 J1013 B2100 J1012 not_assembled L2100 1 EARP 2 1 J1011 + 3 .7 V) J1042 Z3301 ID 5 B2 L1400 VOUT SW A1 D+ 4 J1041 D. Battery. J1023 R2503 0R 6 X2500 VIO PLUG_DET 7 YT E3 Y. Touch UI. AV conn. J1022 not_assembled 8 1. D. USB conn. R2502 C2 25 J1017 1k0 D2.0A 2 M4000 J1006 A L4001 + .10.8 V L2503 J1031 68nH J1030 Audio ASIP J1029 C2503 C2502 Z2500 18p 18p L2502 Touch controller J1028 A1 A2 1 2 HS_EAR_L R Touch screen connector N6000 VBAT J1027 C B2 4 3 HS_EAR_R X6000 D1 J6001 J1026 SDA C J6000 C1 C2 C1 R 1 YB E5 Y+ SCL J1025 AV connector (3. J1005 E4501 220R/100MHz J1004 C4002 C4000 10p VIBRAN J1003 10n L4000 VIBRAP J1002 220R/100MHz J1001 C4001 10p Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.C3. Only for training and service purposes Page 5 (13) | Conn PWB. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fpa_30a | v2.8 V R2500 10R 6 9 E1 J1021 AD0 5 10 AD1 B2 J1020 Mic ASIP N2500 B5 4 VREF L6000 L2501 C6001 C6002 C6000 C6003 A3 120R/100MHz J1019 MicBias A3 A2 ECI 120R/100MHz 3 I/OVDD 2k0 HS_MIC 1n 1n 1n 1n B3 B1 Mic2p 2 C5 2k2 SNSVDD to ASIC C3 C1 Mic2n HS_GND 1 J1018 2k2 B2 A2.0 V) J1038 (USB connected) VAUX1 ID 2. Fixed connector VAUX1 PWB ACF bonding 2. Flash PWB | C3-01 RM-640.0A 6 PROG ANODE 1 VBUS J1000 L1001 J1035 C3301 C3300 N3300 Fuse 5 VCC GND 2 VAUX1 27p 100n VAUX1 (2. Earpiece.78 V 4 TEST OUT 3 J1033 C1001 C1000 R1000 E1002 4u7 100n 100R 0R J1032 VIO 1.B4.0 | 14.8 V 4 J1054 row1 S2 S2 S2 C5008 C5007 C5002 5 6 J1053 100n 27p 220n row0 7 L5002 J1052 VIO (1.78 V Proximity sensor E3300 F3300 J1037 VBUS X1100 J1036 0R 2.78 V) 600R/100MHz J1034 2. 2 EARN 3 4 J1010 E4500 Charger connector 4 J1009 Fuse X4500 C2104 C2103 L4500 F4500 not_assembled J1008 1 27p 27p 220R/100MHz K E2102 E2103 Vibra module J1007 R4500 2.

C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fqa_30a | v2.2010 .8/3. Keypad. MMC.0 V) 3 GND CLOCK (SIM inserted) R2700 2 7 VPP RESET 1 IO VCC 0R 5=GND Keypad C2700 100n END SEND S2577 S2578 PwrOnX ROW1 COL0 3 2 1 S2565 S 2566 S 2567 ROW2 COL1 6 5 4 COL2 S2568 S2569 S2570 ROW3 COL2 COL1 COL0 9 8 7 S2571 S2572 S2573 ROW4 R2560 R2561 R2562 2k2 2k2 2k2 L2560 L2561 L2562 100nH # 100nH 0 100nH * S2574 S2575 S2576 R2563 R 2564 R 2565 2k2 2k2 2k2 L2563 L 2564 L 2565 100nH 100nH 100nH ROW5 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia. Keypad LEDs UI PWB flex connector X2701 V2500 V2501 1 KEYPAD_LED- 2 KEYPAD_LED2+ 3 KEYPAD_LED1+ 4 ROW3 5 ROW4 V2502 V2503 Micro SD connector 6 7 SIMClk X3201 8 VSIM 9 DAT2 1 10 VMEM CD/DAT3 2 11 MMCDat3 CMD 3 12 MMCClk Vpp 4 13 MMCCardDet CLK 5 14 MMCDat1 6 15 ROW5 DAT0 7 16 DAT1 8 17 MMCDat0 18 MMCCMD 19 MMCDat2 20 DSW 21 SIMDa 22 SIMRst R3200 GND 23 0R 24 COL0 25 26 COL1 C3205 C3201 27 ROW2 100n 100p 28 COL2 29 ROW1 30 PWRONX Reminder LED V2700 SIM card interface X2700 VSIM (1. SIM | C3-01 RM-640.10.0 | 14. Only for training and service purposes Page 6 (13) | UI PWB. Reminder LED. Keypad LEDs.

D2.E3.C8.7 V H3 D14 VBB_VRX VRX_LOW1 A3 F2 VBB_VRX1 VTX_LOW1 L7504 L7520 A4 D5 VTX_LOW2 PUSL(15:0) IND_BOOST J1 P13 PURX 0 D6 C7502 C7575 C7505 C7504 VTX_LOW3 PURX RAPUYAMA (p2) IND_BOOST 1uH 28R/100MHz K2 D7 100n 100n 100n 100n VTX_LOW4 SYSCR M7 SleepX 3 PEARLJ > USB transceiver (p4) IND_BOOST H1 IND_BOOST D8 C7521 C7520 C7568 C7524 C7579 VR1 J2 VTX_LOW5 A6 10n 4u7 100p 100n 1n 2.32=GND N6 TXIP/TXCLK 0 TXCLK M5 TXQP/TXDA0 2 TXDA0 G2 B4 N5 TXQn/TXDA1 3 SMPS_CNTRL DACOUT TXDA1 C4 A5 M6 IREF/TXDA2 8 MUX1 ADC2 TXDA2 G1 P5 CLK_T SCLK F2 N4 ENABLE SLE_T F1 P4 DAT_T DATA E4 M11 XRESET DXPD L7505 L7508 RFCTRL(11:0) A1 VDCDC VDCDCA B12 FB_DCDC VRX_LOW3 N11 RFBusDa 7 RAPUYAMA (p2) 120R/100MHz SDAT L7506 120R/100MHz P11 RFBusClk 6 A7 SCLK IND_DCDC C7512 P12 RFBusEn1X 8 B7 SLE IND_DCDC 2u2H 5p6 L7507 C7508 C7528 J14 10n 10u VRX_LOW5 K14 N12 RFSTROBE CB_DCDC B4 120R/100MHz VRX_LOW2 RFSTROBE TXC(2:0) C7581 RAPUYAMA (p2) VBATT B8 VBAT 68p VBATT A8 3.D4.D3.7. Antenna test connector ÄLLI VIO N7512 1. 1p8 RXDA3 25.2010 .F3.4 MHz clock Z7513 3k3 P14 AntHB Ctrl3 RFC3 R7541 SAW filter R7503 3k3 XINP B3 RFC3 3k3 Z7518 B7500 N14 XINM 38.29.27.P6=GND E1.4.10.H7.C7. Only for training and service purposes Page 7 (13) | RF part | C3-01 RM-640.N3.4 MHz RX_GSM IN OUT C7548 A13 INP18 BAND_II_RX 1842.A5. TXHP F1 820p H5 VC_TX CB_SMPS E5 OUT_BOOST E6 L7522 C7566 C7567 OUT_BOOST E7 1p8 470p OUT_BOOST 5n6H C7513 E8 OUT_BOOST RFCONV(20:0) 10u B1 P10 VREFN/RXCLK 14 PEARLJ > Audio (p4) FB_BOOST 2 N1 RXCLK F6 RFinHB+ TXHM RXDA0 N9 RXQP/RXDA0 6 RAPUYAMA (p2) INPUT_SMPS F7 M9 RXQN/RXDA1 7 INPUT_SMPS RXDA1 F8 N10 RXIN/RXDA2 5 INPUT_SMPS RXDA2 C7565 M10 RXIP/RXDA3 4 1.5MHz OUT 5p6 Antenna test TXLB BAND_II_RX L7524 C7525 BAND_I+IV_RX L7525 2n7H 1p0 connector BAND_I+IV_RX 6n8H C7549 A14 INM18 BAND_V_RX RF high band X6403 BAND_V_RX 5p6 antenna Phase 3&4 TXHB BAND_VIII_RX C7543 A11 BAND_VIII_RX connector shifter 3p3 INP19 DIODE G13 V7502 ANT_DET L7512 Z6401 X6401 4n7H OUT IN C2908 ANT 2 1 COM C7545 A12 27p INM19 R2913 E2910 3p3 900/ G14 VBG 1800MHz C7510 C14 C6401 Z6408 INM21 2p4 G G 3k3 0R 1p8 W=0.C6.G4.23. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.8 V RF low band X6402 E13 antenna Phase VRX_HI1 L7513 P7 connector shifter VHIA H2 VTX_HI1 VIO A2 VTX_HI2 120R/100MHz Z6400 GND C7539 X6400 100n L6400 AntLB C7560 C7501 OUT IN ANT 2 1 COM 100n 100n 12nH 900/ R7544 J7599 Ctrl1 RFC1 R7501 3k3 B2 1800MHz RFC1 C6402 Z6404 C2912 10p G G 0p5 3k3 W=0.C13.C5.3 QuBBE Ctrl2 RFC2 R7542 R7502 3k3 A3 RFC2 10n 100n B7.31.5 V C2 VTX_LOW6 CB_BOOST VTX_LOW7 RFCLK(1:0) D13 L13 RFCLKP 0 VRX_LOW4 REFOUTP RAPUYAMA (p2) M13 RFCLKN 1 REFOUTM D2 M14 VXO VBOKO R7509 D1 F13 VREF VREF REFOUT_EXT1 K13 REFOUT_EXT1 3k3 RFClkExt(5:0) C7529 C7500 RAPUYAMA > BOB (p2) A2.M4.H6.14.G3.B6.3 C7506 UKKO L7501 100n C2430 C2909 27p 1n 4n7H N7510 C7509 B14 INP21 1p8 AURA 24 A9 VDIG P9 RFoutHB INPLB2 N7509 17 L7510 RFoutLB C7503 L7509 18nH 6 100n H2 VHI Vbat 5 A10 INMLB2 120R/100MHz Vreg C7541 A7 D1 C7531 C7540 C7559 INPLB1 CID 2u2 100n 3p9 2p7 L7511 A4 VREG50BD R7539 15nH R7538 470R C1 19 C7542 A8 PA_DAC Icont INMLB1 C7523 2p7 2u2 100R 9 L1 RFinLB. TXLM 8 K1 C7553 11 RFinLB+ TXLP 470p Vcc2LB 15 R7540 F14 H1 Vcc1LB 21 R7505 3k3 A1 OUTCP_RX FB_SMPS 26 Band RFC5 C7546 L7503 L7516 Vcc1HB 3k3 H4 G6 30 VREG50S IND_SMPS Vcc2HB R7545 560p 22 R7504 3k3 B1 E14 G7 1uH RFC4 VC_RX IND_SMPS 28R/100MHz Mode IND_SMPS G8 3k3 C7516 G1 2u2 R7546 OUTCP_TX C7511 C7514 C7507 C7561 C7562 20 E2 ADC1 Detector C7547 10n 470n 3p9 220n 220n 3 3k3 M1 RFinHB.B5.0 | 14.28.H8=GND Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.C3.E2.B3.16.B13.F5.

CENTER:1. SPAN:250 kHz.2 V/div.0 V) (USB connected) VBAT (3.78 V) 1) SleepClk clock at J2207 VBUS (5. 0.8 V) Average 32. SWP:500 ms ATT:5 dB. 50 ns/div.7 V) RBW:10 kHz. Only for training and service purposes Page 8 (13) | Signal overview | C3-01 RM-640. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2. Measure while running “WLAN_TEST” self-test in Nokia Care Suite.768 kHz.5 V) VDigiMic (1.2 V/div.10. CENTER:1.8/3. 10 µs/div.2010 . 3) GSM HB at X6403 VSIM (1.8 V) 1 VBACK (2. probe x10 2) RefClk_I clock at J6302 Average 38.0 V) (SIM inserted) VBAT (3.8 V) (Measure while running "ST_DIGIMIC_TEST" self- test in Nokia Care Suite. SPAN:8 MHz.78 V) VIO (1.95 GHz Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia. SWP:500 ms ATT:35 dB. VAUX1 (2. probe x10.7 V) VIO (1. VBW:1 kHz. VBW:1 kHz.0 | 14.) 3&4 RBW:10 kHz.4 Mhz.88 GHz 2 4) WCDMA at X6403 VAUX1 (2. 0.

C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2. A C7510 C3 C7560 C2 L7513 C4 R7540 E3 A2802 F5 C7511 G3 C7561 E4 L7516 F2 R7541 D4 A7501 B3 C7512 C3 C7562 F2 L7520 I3 R7542 D4 A7502 E3 C7513 H3 C7565 G3 L7522 G3 R7544 D4 A7503 H3 C7514 G2 C7566 G3 L7523 D3 R7545 E3 B C7516 G4 C7567 C4 L7524 C3 R7546 E4 B7500 B2 C7520 H3 C7568 H2 L7525 C2 S C C7521 H3 C7575 C4 N S2500 I5 C2070 C6 C7523 H4 C7579 I4 N2120 F5 V C2120 G5 C7524 H4 C7581 B2 N6300 D5 V7502 B2 C2121 F5 C7525 C3 L N7509 H4 X C2122 G5 C7528 H4 L2120 F6 N7510 F3 X2420 H6 C2123 F5 C7529 H4 L2420 G5 N7512 B3 X2500 B5 C2124 G5 C7531 G4 L2421 H5 R X2801 A3 C2420 G5 C7539 B4 L6300 C5 R2124 F6 X2802 I3 C2421 H5 C7540 E4 L7501 C3 R2125 G6 X6403 H2 C7500 B3 C7541 C3 L7503 G3 R2507 B5 Z C7501 C4 C7542 C3 L7504 H3 R2508 B5 Z2450 H5 C7502 C3 C7543 C3 L7505 C4 R7501 C4 Z2451 H5 C7503 B4 C7545 C3 L7506 H4 R7502 C4 Z6300 C5 C7504 B4 C7546 B3 L7507 B2 R7503 C4 Z7513 D3 C7505 B4 C7547 B4 L7508 C4 R7504 C4 Z7518 C2 C7506 B3 C7548 C3 L7509 G4 R7505 C4 C7507 H2 C7549 C3 L7510 D3 R7509 C2 C7508 H4 C7553 G4 L7511 C3 R7538 G4 C7509 C3 C7559 G3 L7512 C3 R7539 C4 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.2010 .10.0 | 14. Only for training and service purposes Page 9 (13) | Component finder Main board top | C3-01 RM-640.

0 | 14. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fna_30a | v2.10. Only for training and service purposes Page 10 (13) | Component finder Main board bottom | C3-01 RM-640.2010 . A C2229 D3 C2804 H5 D2800 G4 R2044 E5 V2070 E5 A2801 E4 C2230 C3 C2805 G5 D3000 G4 R2052 E6 V2300 D3 B C2231 E3 C2806 H3 D3300 F6 R2053 E6 V2310 E4 B2100 B3 C2233 B3 C2807 H4 G R2054 F6 V2420 F6 B2200 C4 C2245 C3 C2808 H3 G2200 B4 R2055 H4 V2550 B6 C C2249 E4 C2809 G3 L R2056 E5 V2555 B6 C2001 H5 C2266 C5 C2810 F3 L2001 H6 R2071 B10 V3300 H6 C2002 H4 C2267 D5 C2811 E5 L2010 H5 R2100 B3 V3301 G6 C2004 H5 C2268 C4 C2812 H5 L2011 H6 R2102 B3 V3302 G6 C2005 H4 C2269 C4 C2813 E5 L2080 C5 R2103 B3 V3310 G6 C2006 H4 C2271 C3 C2814 E3 L2109 D2 R2108 D2 X C2007 H4 C2280 D3 C2821 G5 L2110 E2 R2109 D2 X2060 I5 C2010 H5 C2281 E5 C2822 G5 L2122 H3 R2200 B6 X2070 D6 C2011 H6 C2282 E4 C2823 H3 L2124 H3 R2400 C4 X2100 C2 C2029 H4 C2285 C3 C2824 G3 L2200 B4 R2420 F5 X2101 E2 C2033 E6 C2294 C5 C2825 E5 L2300 D3 R2550 B6 X6350 B1 C2034 E5 C2296 C3 C2826 E3 L2310 C3 R2551 B6 X6400 F1 C2040 E5 C2313 E3 C2830 H4 L2314 E3 R2552 B5 X6401 G1 C2041 G6 C2314 D3 C2908 H2 L2340 E3 R2553 B5 X6402 G2 C2100 D2 C2315 C4 C2909 G2 L2347 E4 R2804 F3 Z C2101 E2 C2316 C5 C2912 G2 L6350 B2 R2805 F3 Z2501 B6 C2102 D2 C2317 D5 C3300 G5 L6351 B2 R2852 F5 Z2800 H6 C2112 H3 C2318 E4 C3301 G6 L6400 F1 R2853 F5 Z2801 H6 C2113 H3 C2326 C3 C3303 G6 L6410 G2 R2913 H2 Z6400 F2 C2115 B3 C2329 E4 C3304 H6 L6411 F2 R3300 F6 Z6401 H2 C2200 B3 C2430 G2 C3306 G6 L6412 F2 R3302 G6 C2213 D3 C2800 H4 C3307 G6 N R6301 E5 C2214 D3 C2801 H4 C6401 G2 N2000 H5 R6302 E5 C2222 C5 C2802 H5 C6402 F2 N2200 D4 R6303 E5 C2228 C4 C2803 F5 D R V Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.

B E2102 F12 B2100 E12 E2103 D12 C L C1000 G12 L1001 G12 C1001 F12 L6000 B11 C6000 B12 N C6001 B12 N6000 B12 C6002 B12 R C6003 B12 R1000 G12 C6004 B12 X C6005 B12 X1100 G12 E X1570 A12 E2100 D12 X1571 I12 E2101 F12 X6000 C12 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fpa_30a | v2.10.0 | 14. Only for training and service purposes Page 11 (13) | Component finder Connector flex top | C3-01 RM-640.2010 .

0 | 14. C E4500 C12 N3300 F12 C1400 H10 E4501 C12 R C1410 H11 F R2500 C10 C1411 I10 F3300 F11 R2501 D10 C1412 H11 F4500 C11 R2502 D10 C2103 C10 H R2503 D10 C2104 C10 H5000 G10 R4500 C10 C2501 C10 L S C2502 D11 L1400 I11 S2550 K9 C2503 D11 L1410 H11 S2551 K7 C3300 F12 L1411 H10 S2552 K4 C3331 F12 L2100 C10 V C4000 B12 L2500 D10 V2500 C10 C4001 C10 L2501 C11 X C4002 C10 L2502 D11 X1401 H10 C5002 H9 L2503 D11 X1402 H11 C5005 F9 L3300 F12 X1500 E10 C5006 F9 L4000 C10 X2500 E11 C5007 H10 L4001 C10 X3300 G12 C5008 I10 L4500 C11 X4500 C12 E L5001 H9 Z E2521 E12 L5002 F9 Z2500 D10 E2522 E12 M Z3301 H11 E2523 E11 M4000 B11 E2524 E10 N E2525 E11 N1400 I10 E2526 E11 N2500 D10 Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.10. Only for training and service purposes Page 12 (13) | Component finder Connector flex bottom | C3-01 RM-640. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fpa_30a | v2.2010 .

A R2561 S2 A2500 N6 R2562 U2 C R2563 z C2700 P4 R2564 R2 C3201 Q4 R2565 T2 C3205 Q4 V Top L V2500 F5 L2560 P2 V2501 C5 L2561 R2 V2502 F4 L2562 U2 V2503 C4 L2563 O2 V2700 D8 L2564 Q2 X L2565 T2 X2700 M6 R X2701 A6 R2560 P2 X3201 Q6 Bottom Confidential Copyright © 2010 Nokia.0 | 14. Only for training and service purposes Page 13 (13) | Component finder UI flex | C3-01 RM-640.2010 .10. C3-01m RM-662 | Board: 3fqa_30a | v2.