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Abstract - CHI Healing Protocols

The mechanist view of human health assumes that

1. The body functions as a machine which obeys fixed laws. The phenomenon of life is
explained exclusively as the product of a complex series of chemical and physical
reactions. Only physical / biological / tangible parts are considered.
2. Simply remove ‘faulty’ parts of the human body without affecting other aspects.
3. This view is associated with the concepts of reductionism and linear time
4. There is very limited focus on other causes of disease such as the
environment, social stressors, external factors and anything intangible the
most important being the soul.

In contrast, practice of the CHI protocols we focus on

1. The energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of
cells tissue, and organs.
2. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way
to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche. Also, what takes on much
importance for us are the intangibles. We know people are affected by culture,
religion, economics, race, class, gender, social, external, spirit,
environmental and biological factors.
3. We recognize that health is an attitude, and is influenced by one's beliefs,
expectations, and upbringing. Health represents an awakening on
a psychological or spiritual level.
4. We see health as the harmonious vibration of the elements and forces
composing the human entity on the physical, energetic, emotional mental and
spiritual planes of being. The human system continuously responds to,
compensates for, and balances the many factors that influence health. There is
continual change and movement.
5. We base our understanding on concepts of vitalism and holism. We recognize the
uniqueness of each person and the logic of health and disease. We understand that
there are essential building blocks to health and that each person is UNIQUE.
6. We guide people back to health, with the recognition that true healing is
an inherent ability and right.

CHI protocols are continuously developing and self evolving. The protocols make significant
effort to measure the intangibles through known tangibles.