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Name: Terrica Fleming
Grade Level: 7th Grade
Content Area: Life Science
Standard(s) Addressed: S7L2. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe how
cell structures, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems interact to maintain the basic needs of
Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking:
X Remembering X Understanding X Applying ___ Analyzing ___ Evaluating ___ Creating
Description of how to implement in the class: The class is a human body and each group is a
system and will be responsible for looking up information about their system to share with the rest of
the class. The chart will be filled in with the whiteboard by the students. This information will
include functions of the system, organs involved, and interactions with other systems .
Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): Level 2
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. I hope that the students learn from each other
through the collaboration. I also hope that using the whiteboard keeps students engaged in the content.

Importance of technology: Using technology in the classroom is great way to level with students. IWBs
are engaging, and interesting to students. I would use the IWB in my future classroom to keep the student’s
attention and make any lesson worthwhile. This technology will allow me to turn a lesson's lecture into an
inclusive environment.
Reflection: Learning about IWBs and how to use them added to my toolkit. I have always been familiar
with them from my high school experience but I am now equipped to use IWBs and their technology with
students of my own.