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Connect the release CAUTION, DANGER

buckle to the Delta- OF BREAKAGE!
Links... ...and close the Ensure that both
screw gates. screw gates are
FULLY closed!!!


Thread the Detension-Strap ...and from top to
from below through the bottom around
second and third beam... the lineLocks
connection bolt.


. ...... winding up the increase the amount of wrappings and turn the entire wrappings on the spool by webbing spool. Now thread the end through the buckle again from below.. Now hold the existing ..but UNDER the first wrapping. .

e. .. Please see the table to the left for different layer definitions! Minimum webbing At this always layers top ensure that the & bottom: strap end is 7kN = 3 (the end of threaded behind 10kN = 4 the strap is the beams and 13kN = 5 now here) bolt. 4 layers for 10kN). Continue winding until the desired / necessary amount of webbing layers are reached (this is designated by the tension .i. .. 15kN = 6 Now thread the end from below through the FIRST & SECOND beam and keep winding the spool until..about 20cm of webbing protrude..

.and then BEHIND Now thread the the buckle. ...... (in here) .and back through these small coils.out the other side.... end again under the previous strap.... . .

knot slightly. Now tighten the knot as Varying the pulling direction well as possible.. .Pull out the end on the other . Move your hands back and fourth for this.and pretension / align the side of the coils. helps to tighten the knot as tight as possible....

Must protrude a minimum of 5 cm from the knot! . be as compact and tight as possible. ... This is what the knot should look like from The knot should the front...and like this from the rear.. Now remove the slack webbing by turning the spool CLOCKWISE..

Should the webbing spool be too long. Grab a bight from the top most strap. this may be reduced by simply pulling on the protruding end.. CAUTION: leave a few cm space between the knot and lineLock-Bolt! Now the . beam. .until everything is nicely coiled... ..and push it through prodtruding end the third and fourth will be secured...

... ..between the second and Now insert the Locker-Pin thrid beam. Pull out the bight from . into this bight...... up..and thread back below for a few cm. .

. ..pull out 10-15cm.... shifting and falling out... To do this push the protruding end upwards..and pull hard on the lower webbing running to the rear beam. . .and secure with the Excess webbing on top spring-clamp against may now be retensioned.... The locker-coil should now retension.

Finally pull back This would be the optimum coil- down the fed out pretensioning and length. DONE! The De-Tension System is now ready to be loaded. CAUTION: the knot may NOT touch the lineLock! There should be about 2-3cm space between knot and lineLock-Bolt. Ensure that all the webbing layers are covering nicely and parallel! . webbing.