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Top Grammar Plus Elementary to Advanced is a series of grammar reference books for teenagers
and adults learning English. The series covers all the main grammatical areas of the language.

Top Grammar Plus Elementary to Advanced can be used for individual study, for exam preparation
or, in class, for specific training on grammar included in a syllabus.

Top Grammar Plus Elementary to Advanced is easy to use, with clear explanations and lots of
practice. The books contains sections, each focusing on one or more specific grammar points.
Each section has one or more lexical themes based on various useful vocabulary topics. There are
a wide variety of exercises with a two-page Review at the end of each section containing revision
exercises. The Reviews are followed by two pages of Cambridge Key, Cambridge Preliminary, First
and Trinity exam preparation.

An online interactive site at contains:
• extra Grammar and Dictation activities which can be used individually by the student or by the
teacher for the class (Cyber Homework).
• a Tips for Teachers pdf with suggestions as to how to use the books
• Module Tests for each book
• Tests Answer Keys
• MP3 audios for use with the books
• MP3 Tapescripts
• Answer Keys for the books
To register and use these materials, go to:, then:
• click on Register now! in the box at the bottom of the page
• then click on Top Grammar PLUS, select your level and click on continue
• enter your book code (you can find this on the inside back cover) and click again on continue
• enter your personal user account data then select the activities you want to use

The Student’s Books
Each section of the books consists of a number of easily-manageable units of two pages each –
the language rules on the left hand side and the exercises on the right – for a total of 135 units.

The language rules are presented in graded sequence. They start with the most basic standard
form of a grammatical item and then look at its communicative use in spoken and written language.
Distinctions between various registers – formal, informal, colloquial – and the differences between
British and American usage are presented and made clear through a variety of examples.

The exercises within each unit are graded from simple to more complex. Practice is provided
through many different kinds of tasks such as gap-filling, choosing the correct form between two
alternatives, reordering words, finding the mistake, matching the two parts of a sentence etc.
Students begin with an exercise based on a single grammar item and then deal with it in a more
communicative context, such as completing a text, short dialogue, e-mail or letter.

NB Grammar points that are dealt with in one section and mentioned in another are cross
referenced throughout the series.

Top Grammar Plus focuses clearly and systematically on various key lexical areas. Each section
of the books covers one lexical group. These words and expressions are used to contextualise
the grammatical exercises for that particular section. This integration of key lexis and grammar
allows students to expand their vocabulary knowledge while practising key grammar structures.

Areas such as word formation, false friends and phrasal verbs are covered within the three levels.

At the end of each section there is a two-page Review with revision exercises covering all salient


Two pages of Exam Preparation follow each Review. 3 . Students will build up skills which will allow them to become more accurate in their oral and written production of English. and those with a prevalent auditory style can take advantage of the listening exercises included within the Communication sections of the book and the audios on the online site. Grammar Maps summarising various tenses can be found at the beginning of the books to give students a quick and easy overview of all major tenses in English and to use for revision and consolidation. students will gradually develop their cognitive and organizational skills through the study of how a language system works. INTRO grammar and lexis from the previous units. Teachers can use the online site to: • test their students using the Module Tests • learn new ideas for teaching grammar from the Tips for Teachers pdf All answers to the Tests and Student's Books are online with the relevant audio recordings for each level and their Tapescripts.with and without Answer Key. The Review always includes round-up exercises (Grammar upgrade). Top Grammar Plus Online interactive site at Students can use the online site to practise: • grammar and dictation activities (Cyber Homework). a guide to punctuation plus regular and irregular verbs etc. at least one lexical exercise (Lexis upgrade). They will also be able to identify any language interference which may come from their mother tongue. An Appendix at the end of the books contains various sections of interest for students: phonetics. kinaesthetic learners will appreciate the hands-on approach offered by the Tips for Teachers on the online site. By using Top Grammar Plus.helbling-ezone. Top Grammar Plus caters for a variety of learning styles: analytical students will benefit from clearly explained sets of rules aimed at making them feel more confident about using the language correctly. and a dialogue to listen and check (Communication upgrade). students who are more visual will be helped by the drawings. An fully comprehensive Index allows quick and easy reference to all the grammar points required. the photos and the tables. A comprehensive Word Bank at the end of each book covers all the active vocabulary presented in the units and allows students to learn and revise key words and phrases useful in a variety of contexts. They contain tips and activities on the grammar points presented in the preceding section. The Student's Books have two versions. They also allow students to practise their exam skills while reviewing a particular lexical group.