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My body

$  hair Let’s talk!
 What’s your name?
!  ʺͶ Here are lots of children playing.
Are they happy or sad?
hand body face ʺͶ Who’s waving at you?
foot eye
mouth nose

At the zoo chicken

frog horse


  sheep goat  .

duck monkey  lizard .

snake crocodile tail Let’s talk!  Oh dear! Where’s the yellow snake? dog ʺͶ Look at the goats. Which goat has yellow eyes? What colour giraffe are yours? animal ʺͶ OK. have you got a favourite animal? Which animal don’t you like? spider po elephant  .

At the clothes shop white skirt black hat clothes  glasses blue jacket shoe sock brown bag pink  handbag .

#% grey/gray trousers )&''( shirt Let’s talk! angry  Wow! How many hats do you see? man ʺͶ What’s your favourite colour? red T-shirt ʺͶ What clothes do you like to wear? green orange jeans dress  .

0 baby boy girl monster alien child +. balloon men women children give a toy ./.My friend’s birthday Miss Park person people woman man -.

mum/mummy/mother Mr Park Mrs Park family Let’s talk! 1 Is the alien very ugly or really beautiful? ʺͶ Whose birthday is it? How old is he? ʺͶ What do you do on your birthday? cousin grandmother/ grandfather/ sister brother grandma grandpa 22 .34353433657489:.

My favourite food meat potato banana lime mango supper grapes lemon >??@A pineapple orange pear fish water rice peas sausage egg fruit beans onion tomato <= bread coconut breakfast milk .

17 candy/ sweet(s) chocolate watermelon cake chicken Let’s talk! juice B Is the door open or closed? lemonade ʺͶ Do these people like eating? drink ʺͶ What do you eat for breakfast? ʺͶ What’s your favourite food? burger EFGGHI chips/ ice carrot lunch fries cream CD .

RXYZUVVW dining room At home mirror window picture box clock chair cupboard bath table OPLQM LMNN kitchen bed bookcase apartment/ flat JK RSTUVVW house/home .

hall garden wall flower door phone Let’s talk! [ Can you show me the white flowers? painting television/ ʺͶ Where are the children watching TV television? sofa cdde ʺͶ Where do you sleep at night? armchair ʺͶ Do you live in a house or a flat? ^_` a_bp mat living room \] .

At school part teacher alphabet letter line draw/do a board drawing test page football/ floor soccer class classroom ruler hockey pen pencil basketball fg eraser/rubber .

book computer mouse keyboard Let’s talk! desk close h Look at the woman in the blue skirt. Is she standing up and writing a open sentence? ʺͶ Do you enjoy reading books and listening to stories? tick ʺͶ Do you like to spell? music cross ij .

At the beach hit piano qorq a ball paint a ball mnopar paint(ing) jump baseball walk sing a song table tennis camera kl fishing take a photo .

|~}€ catch a ball a ball kite sport Let’s talk! s What colour is the boy’s camera? ʺͶ Do you see the boy with the yellow and blue shorts? What did his mum tennis vwxyz{|}{ give to him? ʺͶ There are a lot of games here. Which game do you like? sand swim sea sun shell tu .

My street run tree park train morning afternoon evening ‚ bookshop shop/store day .

fly a plane bus †‡ˆ‰ Let’s talk! drive a car ƒ Can you point to the car under lorry/truck the bridge? stop ʺͶ What’s in front of the fruit shop? helicopter go ʺͶ What colour bag does the boy see? ride a motorbike bike „… .

The answers are on page 30! 3 ‹ŒŽ beautiful end nice sorry new good small again big angry well dirty short double complete hers long young old pardon ŠŠ . Some games Can you find the words?  O U N G K D D E N L L W W Z D O S S C N U O E E L U N O E I O F N J L B C L E A N D I G I L N D V G X A R T L E A Q H A L L B A U L H M W T R O H S P A A E T E L P M O C X E M R K P Q B R F P E B S S Y Y T R I D V V Q A N G R Y W F G O O D Don’t worry if you don’t find them.

Which number? “”• –—˜ ™š—› ›šœš •˜žŸ ¡ ¢— ™ ›œ£š ›šœš ”•¤ ›¡œ£  œ• £š  ¥ ££ ¡™¦ _w_ 1 __g__ 11 s_____n 2 _h___ 12 one 3 §§¨§§©§§§ 13 _w___y 4 __x 14 _l___n 5 n___ 15 __u___e_ 6 _e_ 16 _h__t___ 7 17 f_f____ ____n 8 18 _w___e ___h____ 9 19 f__r __n_t___ 20 __v_ ‘’ .

Where is Monkey? ª«¬¬­® ¯°¬±² in front of next to behind in between under on µ between ³ 3 4 5 6 ´ 24 .

g. a child/children n camera n car n ball) v chips n (US can v carrot n chair n fries) candy n (UK cat n chicken n chocolate n ÅÆ .Starters A–Z Word List º»¼½½¼¾¿À¼Á ÂÃÄ adj adjective excl exclamation pron pronoun adv adverb int interrogative v verb conj conjunction n noun det determiner poss possessive dis discourse marker prep preposition A ¶ det alphabet n answer n + v about prep an det apartment n add v and conj (UK flat) afternoon n angry adj apple n again adv animal n arm n Alex n Ann n armchair n alien n Anna n ask v at prep of place B ·¶·y n beach n bird n box n badminton n bean n birthday n boy n bag n beautiful adj black adj bread n ball n bed n blue adj breakfast n balloon n bedroom n board n brother n banana n behind prep boat n brown adj baseball n Ben n body n burger n basketball n between prep book n bus n bath n big adj bookcase n but conj bathroom n bike n bookshop n bye (-bye) excl be v Bill n bounce v C ¸¶¹e n sweet(s)) catch (e.

ÇÈÉÉÊË v close v come v cow n class n closed adj complete v crocodile n classroom n clothes n computer n cross n + v clean adj + v coconut n correct adj cupboard n clock n colour n + v cousin n D ÌÍÌÎdy) n dinner n don’t worry excl dress n Dan n dirty adj door n drink n + v day n do v double adj drive v desk n dog n draw v duck n dining room n doll n drawing n E ËÍÏ n elephant n enjoy v evening n eat v end n eraser n (UK example n egg n English adj + n rubber) eye n F ÐÍÇË n fishing n food n fries n (UK family n flat n (US foot/feet n chips) father n apartment) football n (US frog n favourite adj floor n soccer) from prep find v flower n for prep fruit n fish (s + pl) n fly v friend n funny adj G ÑÍÒË n glasses n grandfather n grey) garden n go v grandma n great adj + excl get v goat n grandmother n green adj giraffe n good adj grandpa n grey adj (US girl n goodbye excl grape n gray) give v Grace n gray adj (UK guitar n H ÈÍÓÏ n he pron him pron home n + adv hall n head n hippo n horse n hand n helicopter n his poss adj + house n handbag n hello excl pron how int happy adj her poss adj + hit v how many int hat n pron hobby n how old int have v here adv hockey n have got v hers pron hold v ÔÕ .

I Ö pron in prep of place in front of prep its poss adj + ice cream n + time it pron pron J ×ØÙÚet n Jill n jump v jeans n juice n K ÚÛÜÝÞØßà n kick v kitchen n know v (computer) Kim n kite n L áØâã n letter n (as in living room n a lot adv + pron learn v alphabet) lizard n a lot of det leg n like prep + v long adj lots adv + pron lemon n lime n look v lots of det lemonade n line n look at v love v lesson n listen v lorry n (US Lucy n let’s v live v truck) lunch n M âØÚe v me pron monkey n mouth n man/men n me too dis monster n Mr title mango n meat n morning n Mrs title many det milk n mother n mum(my) n mat n mine pron motorbike n music n May (as in mirror n mouse/mice n my poss adj girl’s name) n Miss title mouse (computer) n N äØâÛ n nice adj no adv + det now adv new adj Nick n nose n number n next to prep night n not adv O Þå prep old adj open adj + v ours pron oh dis on prep of place or conj oh dear excl one det + pron orange adj + n OK adj + dis onion n our poss adj P ãØæe n paint n + v painting n pardon int 27 .

çèéê n pencil n pick up v playground n part n person/people picture n please dis Pat n n pineapple n point v pea n phone n + v pink adj potato n pear n photo n plane n purple adj pen n piano n play v put v Q ëìíîïðñò n R éèóðñ n rice n right dis rubber n (US read v ride v robot n eraser) really adv right adj (as in room n ruler n red adj correct) run v S îèó adj shirt n snake n start v Sam n shoe n so dis stop v sand n shop n (US soccer n (UK store n (UK sausage n store) football) shop) say v short adj sock n story n school n show v sofa n street n sea n sing v some det Sue n see v sister n song n sun n See you! excl sit v sorry adj + int supper n sentence n skirt n spell v sweet(s) n (US she pron sleep v spider n candy) sheep (s + pl) n small adj sport n swim v shell n smile n + v stand v T ïèôõí n thank you dis this det + pron toy n table tennis n thanks dis those det + pron train n tail n that det + pron throw v tree n take a photo/ the det tick n + v trousers n picture v their poss adj tiger n truck n (UK talk v theirs pron to prep lorry) teacher n them pron today adv + n try n + v television/TV n then dis Tom n T-shirt n tell v there adv tomato n TV/television n tennis n these det + pron Tony n test n + v they pron too adv ö÷ .

U øùúû adj under prep understand v us pron V üýþû adv W ÿ-ú v we pron white adj word n wall n wear v who int would like v want v well dis whose int wow! excl watch n + v well done dis window n write v water n what int with prep watermelon n where int woman/ wave v which int women n X 6 ÿords at this level) Y ûý-þ n yes adv young adj yours pron yellow adj you pron your poss adj Z 9 n Letters & numbers :--ý ÿúú ý ý ý ý  øýþ- - ÿþý .

ý úýýþ  .

ý -ú .

-ý - numbers 1–20. Names :--ý ÿúú ý ý ý ý  þý ùý - ÿþý .

ý úúÿù -ý Alex Dan May Tom Ann Grace Nick Tony Anna Jill Pat Ben Kim Sam Bill Lucy Sue 29 .

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