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T6865 Series Large LCD Digital Thermostat

24 VAC
2-pipe fan coil control
Data sheet

• Super modern appearance design, suitable
for office, hotel and residential building
• Slim design, direct installation on 86×86mm
box or 3×3inch box
• Stylish and elegant green/blue backlight with
white colour ring
• 2-pipe integrated into one unit with easy
• Big LCD display with English and icons
• Easy to install and set-up
• Time on/off function
Application • Selectable room temperature or setpoint

T6865 digital thermostats are designed for temperature display

application of 3-speed fan and modulating valves • Manual or automatic fan speed selection

in fan coil system. • Energy saving mode activation by button
press or dry contact (key card)

Including: • Adjustment of display room temperature

ƒ 2-pipe cool only/heat only/manual changeover • Temperature unit either ℃ or ℉
Ventilation mode • User setting can be kept when power off
Manual or automatic 3-speed fan control • Freezing protection function available
modulating valve control • Lock or unlock keys or part of keys in
ƒ Fan speed can be selected to automatic or Installer Set-up ( ISU )
manual 3-speed control mode. • Heat and cool setpoint limitation for energy
ƒ In ventilation mode, fan only support manual saving
speed control. • 24VAC power supply
• 230VAC fan load, 4A resistive and 2A
Model summary inductive switch rating
2- Power Manual/
Horizontal/ Time Energy Remote
Model Backlight pipe/ supply Ventilation Automatic
Vertical on/off Saving Setback
4-pipe (VAC) Fan
T6865H2WB Horizontal Blue Y 2 24 Y Y Y Y
T6865H2WG Horizontal Green Y 2 24 Y Y Y Y


In automatic mode. Thermostat acquires the room temperature via its integrated sensor and maintains the setpoint by delivering modulating output. fan speed depends on the difference between room temperature and setpoint. Gm. When Function the thermostat is on.Mechanical design Fan Operation Thermostat appearance Fan can be selected as manual or automatic 3-speed LCD display operation. Backlight will turn off after 8 seconds. cool or vent mode. The setting can be made during ISU process. holding power button for 3 seconds. The range of ‘time on’ or ‘time off’ is from 0 to 12 Modulating Valve control hours. system will enter ‘time off’ mode. system will enter ‘time on’ mode. the backlight will turn off after 60 seconds without operation. holding power button for 3 seconds. Time on/off When the thermostat is off. Backlight Pressing any key will activate the backlight. fan will be closed either. Gl. When room temperature reaches setpoint. The step is 0. the fan is switched to the selected speed via control output Gh. Temperature display The displayed temperature can be set to display room temperature or setpoint.5 hour and the default time is 0. When in ISU mode or ‘Installer test’ mode. In Manual mode. Heat/Cool/Vent Pressing the mode button to select heat. 2 . valve will be closed and meanwhile.

enabled.5℃. Frequency 50Hz If activated by dry contact. The value may change in ISU with step Environmental: of 0. If energy saving is VC7900 series actuators activated by button press. heat only and manual heat/cool On/off mode changeover. The dry contact can be Power supply 24 (+/-10%) VAC selected as normal open or normal close type in ISU. All buttons are locked Operating modes The following operating modes are available: Comfort mode In comfort mode. the setpoint will change to remote setback Wiring Max 16AWG heating setpoint. all buttons will be locked Modulating output DC 0……10V. A potential-free dry contact (such as hotel key card) or button press (pressing mode button for 3 seconds) Technical specification can activate the energy saving mode with icon Electrical: appearing on screen. Different applications include cool only. The range of remote setback Display range 0~37℃ cooling setpoint is from 22℃ to 32℃ and default value is 26℃. The range of remote setback heating setpoint is from 10℃ to 21℃ and default Temperature Control: value is 18℃.000 times For heating mode. pressing any button will stop energy saving mode. Support except the multi-key for ISU. The value may change in ISU with step Sensing element 10K (@25℃) NTC of 0.5℃. Modulating output Accuracy +/-1℃ at 21℃ For cooling mode.Keypad lock Freezing protection mode The default status of ‘Keypad Lock’ is all keys Freezing protection can be disabled (default) or available and it can be changed in ISU mode. Pressing power button can turn on/ turn off the Energy saving mode thermostat. the setpoint will change to remote setback Setpoint range 10~32℃ cooling setpoint. Protection Class IP20 Operation temperature -18~49℃ Shipping temperature -35~65℃ Relative humidity 5~90% Installation: Installed on 86×86mm box or 3×3inch box 3 . the setpoint can be changed by pressing up or down button. System button is locked out the thermostat will open heating device before the Fan and System button are locked out temperature rises to 8℃. if the energy saving function is enabled. if the energy saving function is enabled. 4(2)A Relay life 100. Fan load rating 230(+/-10%)VAC. Control algorithm PI. If freezing protection is enabled (It is not Keypad lock has the following settings: available in cool only application) and thermostat is in All keys are available (Default) OFF mode while the room temperature is below 6 ℃.

and then retighten screws 5 Gh High speed fan 6 Gm Medium speed fan 7 Gl Low speed fan 8 SB Remote setback 9 Sc Common for remote setback Wiring diagrams Step 2 Push the Power box into the junction box. insert and tighten mounting screws.5m) above the floor in an area with good air circulation at average temperature. Installation & Commissioning Step 3 Place Back cover over junction box. Install the thermostat about 5 feet (1. insert wires into terminal block. Do not install in locations where the thermostat can be affected by: 4 . • Drafts or dead spots behind doors and in corners Terminal Designations • Hot or cold air from ducts • Sunlight or radiant heat from appliances No Terminal Description • Concealed pipes or chimneys • Unheated/uncooled areas such as an outside wall 1 R 24VAC power 2 C Common 24VAC / Common for Installation Step: control output 3 W/Y Control Output DC 0……10V Step 1 Pull wires through wire hole 4 L 230VAC operating voltage for the fan Loosen screw terminals.

Step 4 System Test System Status Insert the cable into connector on circuit board of thermostat. Press or button to change system status. Installer set up Press and simultaneously for 3 seconds to enter ISU as below: Press or to change settings Press to advance to next function Press and hold and buttons 3 seconds to exit and save settings Installer test Follow the procedure below to test the heating and cooling and fan system. Press button into next test number. 5 . Step 5 Align the 4 tabs on the Back cover with corresponding slots on the back of the thermostat. Press and button hold to terminate system test at any time. Number Setting System test No. and then push it until the thermostat snaps in place. System status Press and hold and buttons 3 seconds to enter test mode.

0 Display room temperature Temperature 19 1 Display set point Display Mode 2 Display both (Default) Dimension Heating Range 10-32 ºC Default 32 ºC 20 Stop (50-90 ºF Default 90 ºF) Cooling Range 10-32 ºC Default 10 ºC 21 Stop (50-90 ºF Default 50 ºF) 0 All keys are available(Default) 1 System button is locked out 22 Keypad Lock out 2 Fan and System button are locked out 3 All buttons are locked 0 Hotel card NO Remote setback 23 1 Hotel Card NC enable method 2 Button (Default) Remote setback Range 10-21ºC Default : 18 ºC 24 heating setpoint (Range 50-70ºF Default : 64) Remote setback Range 22-32ºC Default : 26 ºC 25 cooling setpoint (Range 72-90 ºF Default : 79 ºF) Freeze 0 Disabled (Default) 27 Protection 1 Enabled 6 .5 ºC (1 ºF) ♦Check whether the keypad is locked or 1 ºC (2 ºF) The Up or Down not. -1. Energy saving mode. ♦Check whether the thermostat is off. ♦ Check whether the heating or cooling 10 Fan Control Type 1 Constant only system works well. button doesn’t ♦ Check whether the system is working in 1. ♦Wait five minutes for the heating system 1 System Type 1 Cool only to respond. 2 Both(Default) ♦Check whether the keypad is locked or not. -1 ºC (-2 ºF) ♦Check whether the keypad is locked or not. ♦Wait five minutes for the cooling system 9 to respond. Adjustment ♦Check whether the thermostat is off. . 0. -0.5 ºC (3 ºF) work. Temperature 0 ºF does not turn on. scale 1 ºC(Default) ♦ Check whether the Fan mode is set to 0 Auto only The fan doesn’t Auto work.5 ºC (-1 ºF) The Fan button Display ♦ Check whether the system is working in doesn’t work. 2 Two pipes 1H1C manual(Default) ♦Set the mode to Cool by pressing the Cooling system Mode button.5 ºC (-3 ºF) Energy saving mode. 18 Temperature 0 ºC (0 ºF) (Default) Energy saving mode. 2 ºC (4 ºF) ♦Check whether the thermostat is off.2 ºC (-4 ºF) The Mode button ♦ Check whether the system is working in doesn’t work.Setup Function Settings & Options Troubleshooting Tips ISU If… Then… Description Possible Options Code ♦Set the mode to Heat by pressing the 0 Heat only Heating system Mode button. does not turn on.