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Prepared by:
LJ A. Zafra

Presented to:
Phebe Q. Menil
Practice Teacher

I interviewed Jose P. Zafra my father,
who is a lawyer. Graduated at San

Surigao Del Sur and has a three children with Melanie A. Jose Recoletos College of Law. Surigao Del Sur. Zafra former Principal of Tandag Pilot Elementary School. the nephew of the late Atty. . Cebu City. He lives in Purok Kalipayan. Jose M. He works at the office of Provincial Prosecutor at Hall of Justice Tandag City. He is the son of the late Atty.. They are family of lawyers. Dawis Tandag City. Zafra SR. Zafra and the eldest son of Victorina P. Agualing. Why did you choose to become a lawyer? Answer: It runs to the family and besides it is my advocacy to help poor people who will deprive legal services. Nabor M.

What field are your expertise`s? Answer: Handling criminal cases such as rape. Psychological and Physical exhaustion. . How to become a lawyer? Answer: You have to study 10 years and pass the bar examination in order to become lawyer. What are the difficulties your encountered when you`re still studying to become lawyer? Answer: Monetary problem. murder and oral defamation.What is your professional experience as a lawyer? Answer: To handle criminal and civil cases.

How many years have you been a lawyer? Answer: I`ve been a lawyer for 23 years. because it’s hard to memorize coal provision but if this is your dream. How can you balance your time to your family and your job? Answer: I spent hearing cases doing legal works to Monday to Friday and quality time for family on Saturday and Sunday. Is it hard it study or to become a lawyer? Answer: Yes. you have to pursue and you have to bypass the tiredness to be able to achieve your dream. .