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KiWi Power Detailed Overview

Stephan Marty July 2017


1) KiWi Power introduction
2) What is Demand Response?
3) Why participate in DR?
4) Technology overview
5) Example of installation
6) Customer testimonials

KiWi Power introduction

Energy Management. Poland) 330+ MW under management at 800+ sites Selected awards Largest DR provider in the UK. Battery Storage. key player in France (100MW) Proprietary hardware and software Turnkey project management Proven track record in Smart Grid – DR. Romania. Czech Republic. Germany. international focus – installations in several countries (UK. Slovakia. France. Switzerland. Electric Vehicles . About KiWi Power Founded in 2009 Funding in 2010 – three large investors Commercialise the Demand Response market and move into adjacencies London HQ. Estonia.

imbalance energy trading from February 2017 Live market participation in 7 countries Several sites installed with large German partner. CM) Very experienced partner Building 6MW/6MWh battery at an industrial site (Enhanced Frequency Control) Controlling 2. expanding to Sweden/Finland Live in market for Tertiary control as of February 2017 Live in market for Primary control (FCR) with a battery. 6MW+ installations underway to go live in DSU in fall 2017 DER management Live in market with 20MW in R3 Extensive battery experience Successfully operated a 6MW/10MWh battery over 2 years (FFR. working on Battery+DR integration 7 large sites installed (>100MW capacity). focus on SPOT Energy Trading and Energy Efficieny Primary/ Secondary/ Tertiary Working with Energy Management company to bring Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management to SME customers Frequency. Capacity markets. FFR.KiWi presence and experience – DR & Battery Leading provider of DR with >300MW under management (STOR. ~100MW in FRRm and Effacement Live in market for Tertiary control with local partner. Trading. Imbalance Energy.5MW/5MWh battery at DNO substation (FFR) Installing several behind the meter batteries by Q3 2017 in the UK (250kW to 4MW size) Operating three batteries in Primary Frequency in the Netherlands . FCDM) Live market participation. STOR. Capacity Market.

aggregates the distributed loads into a larger package of MWs and sells this package in the balancing markets to the system operator The payments for this service are shared between the end- users and KiWi Power KiWi Power installs its technology at no cost to the customer KiWi Power targets “non-essential” loads whose use in Demand Response will not negatively affect the customers’ operation . Demand Side aggregator KiWi Power signs agreements with commercial & industrial customers. conducts site assessments.

Diverse expertise in multiple industry sectors. across 800+ sites Commercial Utilities Retail Public sector Hospitality operations and more… Our partners: .

Powering Innovation in energy technology Developing new residential demand Commercialising Europe’s largest response mobile app battery storage project Pioneering the use of Electric Vehicles Helping SMEs use demand response for demand response with revolutionary new micro building management system .

What is Demand Response ? .

What is demand response? KiWi Power is a commercial partner to TSOs and together we pay companies to manage/reduce their grid supplied electricity during times of peak demand .

floor and feature lighting • Shutting off or dimming certain lights for a short time can cut consumption by 15% . variable speed drive fans • Short term change to temperature set point doesn’t affect comfort and can reduce a building’s consumption by 20% BMS • Existing management systems can be used to intelligently and automatically control systems Lighting • Common area.How does demand response work? A site can adapt energy consumption and processes for short periods. For instance: Air handling • Air conditioning and circulation.

Assets used in Demand Response .

Applications for Demand Response System Balancing Energy Balancing Spot Markets Customer Optimisation TSO DSO TSO BRP Dayahead Intraday DM EE Ancillary Services Congestion Mgmt Balancing Mechanism Balance Group Mgmt 1-hour Continuous trading TSO grid charges Usage visibility Capacity Markets Feed-in Mgmt 15/30min auction DNO grid charges Temp/Light control .

Why do organisations choose to participate in demand response ? .

ensures through increased & communication consumption and infrastructure is DR payments costs are covered usage intelligence operationally sound by KiWi Power . & participate monitoring and Demand service (depending generates monitored through Reduce costs activation of Response helps to on the level of significant annual KiWi’s Client through CO2 controls and offset increased participation revenues application emission reduction generation assets energy costs sought) Sign up. multiple Allows more Readiness: Energy Costs: participants or any demand site smart metering renewables to Continued Participation in interruption to response is installed.The business benefits to participation in frequency response € Financial Real-Time Energy Improve Green Evaluate/Maintain Hedging Against No Cost: Benefits: Management: Credentials: Operational Increased There is no cost to Participation in Real-time. metering improving energy schemes.

Online Client portal / Energy congestation mgmt. peak load. KiWi Power competitive advantages Cost-efficient Superior technology Extensive experience Low cost hardware Proprietary and self-developed Loyal customer base >800 sites Control of supply chain. no reliance Highly automated solution (dispatch.) Management Experienced DR company with proven. DR. notifications) Active in several countries No upfront costs to customer for Frequency & Power measurement Active involvement with multiple installation Remote programmable firmware governments Flexible contracting & partnership Plug & Plug functionality Active in multiple different programs options (Frequency. >330MW under contract on major OEM supplier reporting. cost-effective technology ..

Technology & demonstration .

System overview .

Energy monitoring platform – Hardware: Power information Pod (PiP) Proprietary designed and built meter – manufactured in the UK Powerful embedded Linux platform for real time (second-by-second) power and frequency measurement.0 High Speed ports . monitoring. CE certified. logging and control of onsite loads/generation Remote firmware upgrades. preconfigured and designed for easy install with minimal expertise Communications • GPRS modem with SMA connector for external antenna • ZigBee module for Master and Slave deployments in the local area • Modbus protocol • Router Rebooter to ensure uptime for the data concentrator and sub units Memory Inputs/Outputs 128MB RAM for system Digital and Analog I/Os applications and data Modbus Minimum of 2 weeks’ worth of Ethernet port minute-by-minute data stored All configurable via the web interface or locally for each input prior to installation 256MB of NAND Flash Two USB 2.

KiWi Power operations platform (KOMP) • Proprietary software. 100% up time • Fully encrypted storage and communications • Real-time monitoring of system. multiple redundancy. developed and managed in-house • Cloud-based infrastructure. metering points and connectivity • Live tracking and reporting of demand and frequency response events • Scalable – designed and tested for tens of thousands of Client sites / billions of real-time meter readings • Fully automated dispatch .

Client information portal with real time info Bespoke. user-friendly online client portal which can be accessed on any internet capable device • See all sites and select from menu screen • Live. minute-by-minute kW consumption for each site/meter point • Drill further to view and compare historical consumption for each meter • Real time calculation of revenues generated • Heating demand days • Receive reports for every DR event. with full details and payment reconciliation .

dispatches and earnings Example payment schedule Example performance report .Automated reports KiWi Power’s solution includes automated performance and billing reports to clients Customers are constantly updated on energy use.

Online Demand Response analysis tool Sophisticated tool to assess demand response potential based on a yearly data set (e. 15min) .g.

Example of installation and results .

Installation The installation for the three assets was done in about 10 hours without much prior preparation A local electrician for installation. power supply from control cubicles. current transformers for power measurement. antenna and cabling to the outside for mobile communication . supervised by KiWi comissionning engineer Smart Boxes (PiPs) installed next to assets.

Control. Monitoring and Dispatch of the assets The local utility partner has direct access to their assets via KiWi’s software All data (on a second-by-second basis) are provided with the ability to remotely dispatch the assets .

Example of a chiller dispatch .

Example of a air handling unit dispatch .

Customer testimonials .

measuring the frequency in hertz second by second • Set up the trigger output for 49. When it hits that set point – the automated controls respond to turn down No disruption Enhanced Reduction CSR Access to real time energy to site system of CO2 benefits management dashboard with operations resilience emissions enhanced monitoring features .Delivering utilities system resilience and efficiency Longstanding STOR client • Declared Volume: 2MW • 3 operational sites of aggregated value • Utilise pump motor assets at water treatment works and supply pumping stations Moved into FR – Live May 2015 • 200 KW of FCDM responding within 2 secs for 15 mins of turndown • 2 sites: 3 x pumps motors onsite • Installed KiWi proprietary UK national grid approved meter.3 Hertz.7/50. CASE STUDY KiWi Power .

• The nature of the Banks commercial operations demands an uninterrupted electricity supply requiring specialised backup assets • 1 onsite diesel rotary uninterruptable power supply (DRUPS) • KIWi installed proprietary meters suitable for FCDM response within 2 secs. CASE STUDY KiWi Power and CBRE partner for leading global banking institution Global bank pioneer frequency response • Leading commercial property manager CBRE introduced one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Response and 15mins load replacement • Live Jan 2014 • 7 events. 15 mins each 3 MW delivered.. £100+k annual revenues . Annual Reduction No disruption CSR Access to real time energy revenues: of CO2 to site benefits management dashboard with £100.000+ emissions operations enhanced monitoring features .

CASE STUDY KiWi Power . Annual Reduction No disruption CSR Access to real time energy revenues: of CO2 to site benefits management dashboard with £100. £100+k annual revenues .5 MW onsite diesel rotary uninterruptable power supply (DRUPS) • FCDM participant since May 2014 • KIWi installed proprietary meters suitable for FCDM response within 2 secs. 15 mins each 3 MW delivered.FR provider for UK financial services • 3 MW of FCDM responding within 2 secs for 15 mins of load replacement • Commerzebank London Headquarters office building • 2 x 1. Response and 15mins load replacement • 7 events.000+ emissions operations enhanced monitoring features .

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