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Lesson Plan in English 4

Demonstrator: Gim Reyes Date: March 8, 2018

Subject: English Topic: Prepositional Phrase
Section: Grade 4 Time: 10:45 AM – 11:35 AM

I. Competencies
Identify and apply most frequently occurring prepositional phrases of places in
sentences and paragraph.
II. Objectives
After (50) minutes of discussion, pupils are expected to attain 80% level of
competencies in:
Identify prepositional phrases of places used in sentences
and paragraph;
Applying the prepositional phrase of places in sentences
and paragraph; and
Appreciated the usage of the prepositional phrases in
narrating experiences.
III. Procedures
1. Employing classroom management routines
2. Short Review of previous lesson
3. Group Activity: “Finding Game”
Motivational Questions:
Look at Me
Look around the room. Where are the books?
Where do you place your things? money?
Where are your pictures? the board?

1. Class will be divided into 3 groups.
2. The teacher will provide key questions within four
(4) stations inside the classroom, that ask about
the location of things or places inside their room
and also template answers with it. They need to
answer it according to the majority of them who
have the same location/position of the things being
Sample Question:
Where is my money?
a. in my pocket
b. in my bag
c. in my palms
3. They need to complete 4 stations to complete the
game. They need to fill-in and answer the mystery
coupon given to them to each station.
4. The first to finish with correct and validated
answers with their members will win the game.
5. Give each group 3-minutes to review and use
these prepositional phrase in complete sentences.
The representative from the winning team will
read-out-loud the sentences afterwards.

The teacher will then process the game, relating it to
the lesson on preposition; and how they were able to
locate things with the use of the template sentences
in various stations.
1. Short Story Reading

Listen to the story that I will read.

I stay at my uncle’s farm every summer. I wake

up early every morning to gather ducks eggs. Before
the sun goes up, my cousin Celso and I drive the
goats to the grassy hill to graze. There is plenty of
grass to eat so the goats are full within an hour. By
this time Uncle Pastor is busy among his vegetable
plants. Celso and I help him pull the weeds or
cultivate the soil until lunch time which is around
twelve noon. After lunch, I lean against the trunk of a
huge acacia tree and take a nap for about half hour.

2. Discussion and Analysis

Have the pupils answer these questions. The teacher will
elicit and write the answers on the board to process and
underline the preposition.

a. Where is the story taking place? (in the farm)

b. When did the boys drive the goats to the graze?
PRESENTATION OF (before the sun goes up)
CONCEPT c. In how many hours that the goats full? (within an
d. Where does Uncle Pastor work most of the time?
(among the vegetable plants)
e. When is lunch time? (around twelve noon)
f. What do the boys do when the sun gets hot? (lean
against a tree)
g. What may be a good thing to do after lunch?
h. If you were Celso, will you also enjoy working on a
i. Will you also help your Uncle? How?
j. Say: Let’s go back to your answers to the
questions. What do you call the underlined words?
 What part of the speech do the prepositions
end? (noun or pronoun)
 What do you call the group of words that
begin with the preposition and end with a
noun or pronoun? (prepositional phrase)
 The teacher will then deepen the concept of
preposition in a phrase.

 A preposition of places are words that relate a noun or
pronoun to another word in a sentence.


 A preposition, its object, and modifier of the object make
DEVELOPMENTAL up a prepositional phrase.
LEARNING  Sometimes, prepositions have two or more objects. We
call these compound objects. The noun or the pronoun
that follows the preposition which relates to another
word in the sentence is called the object of the
 A prepositional phrase is made up of the preposition, the
object of the preposition, and all the words in between.
PRACTICAL Think – pair - share
APPLICATION/ Pupils will be asked to narrate their experience/journey of
VALUES going to school using the prepositional phrases used in
INTEGRATION the activity game and lessons discussed.

Ask pupils this question and guide them to elicit the

What is a prepositional phrase?
GENERALIZATION/ A prepositional phrase is group of words that
SUMMARY begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a
Will consolidate the lesson through a short Preposition
song prepared in a video.
Instruction: Read the sentence. Underline the
prepositional phrases and the word each one modifies.

1. I discovered a beautiful spot within my favorite

2. It is near the pond and beside a shady old tree.
3. I go to that spot when I need to be alone.
4. During these times of solitude, I realize a lot of
5. That place gives me a clear view of the sky.
6. Above me the sky looks so clear.
7. It is as if I could see God’s face through it.
8. The pond near the spot also gives a feeling of
9. You can see the fish swimming under the surface.
10.We can see amazing places around us if we look
hard enough.

Answer Key:

1. a beautiful spot 6. sky above me

2. It is near a pond 7. see through it
3. go to that spot 8. pond near the spot/feeling of serenity
4. times of solitude/ 9. swimming under the surface
a lot of things
5. view of the sky 10. Places around us

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Date submitted: March 7, 2018