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BML Munjal University

Master of Business Administration (MBA): 2014-16 Batch

Semester-1 (Module-1) : Collecting & Managing Data
End-Term Exam
Duration: 2 Hours Max Marks: 35

1. Part – A - Answer should be marked on the question paper itself.
2. Part - B – Should be answered on the answer booklet and then attach this to PART –
A and handover to the Invigilator
3. Part B Can be carried by the student

Part – A (30 X 1 = 30 Marks)

Tick the appropriate answer.
1. "Can you tell me more about what you mean by that?" is an example of:
a. a mall intercept

b. a self-administered questionnaire

c. a probe

d. the drop-off method

2. Clara is a researcher who records shoppers’ movement through a grocery store. What method of
research is Clara using?
a. survey

b. assessment

c. immersion

d. observation

3. All of the following are observable phenomena EXCEPT:

a. attitudes

b. verbal behavior

c. spatial relations and locations

d. neurological activity

4. Measuring the distance visitors stand from a painting in a Van Gogh exhibit at the St. Louis Art
Museum is an example of what type of observation?
a. verbal behavior

b. temporal patterns
c. expressive behavior

d. spatial relations

5. A Web site designer is interested in how people look at a Web site. He wants to know where they
look first when a page comes up. Which mechanical device would be appropriate for finding this
a. Pupilometer

b. eye scanner

c. eye-tracking monitor

d. psychogalvanometer

6. "Does package size affect consumption rates in snack products?" is a typical question in what type of
research design?
a. descriptive research

b. time-series research

c. experimental research

d. phone surveys

7. Researchers measure concepts through a process known as:

a. Summation

b. Operationalization

c. Assessment

d. Matching

8. Which of the following provides correspondence rules that indicate that a certain value corresponds
to some true value of a concept?
a. Operations

b. Reliability

c. Sensitivity

d. scale

9. Which of the following refers to concepts measured with multiple variables?

a. operation

b. construct

c. Concept

d. Scale

10. 10. Coding household income into "Above $100,000," "Between $50,000 and $100,000,"
and "Below $50,000" is an example of a(n) _____ scale.
a. interval

b. test-retest

c. criterion

d. nominal

11. A scale which arranges brands in an ordered sequence in which there is an equal interval between
each point on the scale is an example of a(n) _____ scale.
a. interval

b. Ratio

c. nominal

d. Ordinal

12. A(n) _____ is a single characteristic or fundamental feature of an object, person, situation, or issue.
a. concept

b. Variable

c. attribute

d. construct

13. A researcher is measuring consumers’ attitudes toward product placement in movies using five
attitude items. She created a scale by simply summing the response to each item making up the
composite measure. This composite measure is called a(n):
a. derived scale

b. additive scale

c. summated scale

d. primary scale

14. Which of the following is an indicator of a measure’s internal consistency?

a. reliability

b. Validity

c. coefficient beta

d. Sensitivity

15. The most commonly applied estimate of a composite scale’s reliability is:
a. coefficient alpha

b. coefficient beta

c. criterion coefficient

d. an index coefficient
16. The ability of a measuring instrument to measure what it is supposed to measure is the basic
purpose of _____.
a. Reliability

b. validity

c. sensitivity

d. indexing

17. Which of the following is a component of construct validity?

a. face validity

b. discriminant validity

c. convergent validity

d. all of the above

18. When a two-point scale (e.g. agree/disagree) is expanded to include five categories (e.g. strongly
disagree, disagree, undecided, agree, strongly agree), we say that the _____ of the scale has been
a. Sensitivity

b. Reliability

c. predictive validity

d. criterion validity

19. Laurie believes a Honda Accord get 36 miles per gallon. This belief represents which component of
an attitude?
a. Affective

b. behavioral

c. Cognitive

d. Personal

20. What type of scale is the following?

United Parcel Service (UPS) would like you to distribute 50 points among the
following in terms of how important each aspect is to you for your overnight
shipping needs:

_____ Accurate billing

_____ On-time delivery

_____ Price

a. Likert
b. paired comparison

c. Thurstone

d. constant-sum

21. What type of measurement is the following?

I would like to know your overall opinion of two brands of athletic
shoes. They are Nike and New Balance. Overall, which of these two
brands -- Nike or New Balance-- do you think is the better one? Or
are both the same?

____ Nike is better

____ New Balance is better

____ They are about the same

a. semantic differential

b. Thurstone

c. paired comparison

d. constant-sum

22. "In light of the current economic crisis, do you agree or disagree that the President of the United
States is doing a good job of managing the economy?" is an example of what type of question?
a. counterbalancing

b. order bias

c. double-barreled

d. Loaded

23. Which technique recommends asking general questions before specific questions in order to obtain
unbiased responses?
a. skip logic technique

b. Telescoping

c. Squishing

d. funnel technique

24. In which type of sampling does every element in the population have a known, nonzero probability
of selection?
a. absolute sampling

b. relative sampling

c. nonprobability sampling
d. probability sampling

25. When a marketing vice-president tells the marketing department to schedule a test market in
Dallas because he feels that this city is "typical" of the composition of the target market for a new
product nationally, this is an example of what type of sample?
a. judgment sample

b. area sample

c. cluster sample

d. convenience sample

26. When researcher instructs field interviewers to interview 25 workers in manufacturing industries,
25 in service industries, 25 in non-profit organizations, 25 in healthcare industries, and 25 in the
government sector, this represents what type of sampling procedure?
a. systematic sample

b. quota sample

c. area sample

d. multistage sample

27. If a researcher for Procter & Gamble selects five states randomly, and then selects 10 supermarket
chains within each of these states to call for a phone survey for a test market of a new shampoo,
what type of sampling procedure is being used?
a. systematic sample

b. simple random sample

c. nonprobability sample

d. cluster sample

28. Which of the following probability sampling technique is low cost and frequently used?
a. simple random

b. Snowball

c. Cluster

d. Quota

29. A researcher has decided to insert a response for items not answered by respondents. This answer
the editor inserts is referred to as a(n):
a. proxy value

b. simulated value

c. Imputation

d. plug value
30. Many researchers use a statistical process to provide an educated guess for missing responses in
data based on the respondent’s choices to other questions. Which method of dealing with missing
data does this represent?
a. impute a missing value

b. plug in a neutral response

c. plug in alternative choices for missing data

d. randomly select an answer

Part - B

Answer the following questions ( 2.5 X 2 = 5 Marks)

1. What are the components of construct validity? Describe each.

2. What advantages do numerical scales have over semantic differential scales?