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Discipline Plan for Ms.

(Second Grade)

Rules and Guidelines:

1. We will come to class prepared each day with our pencils and good attitudes.
2. We will raise our hands to share our thoughts.
3. We will follow directions when they are given.
4. We will listen when Ms. Diaz is teaching and our friends are speaking.
5. We guide our travel buddies with kind hearts and gentle hands. Always remember, second grade
is OUR adventure.
Incentive Plan:
In my travel/adventure themed classroom, my students will be given a “passport” at the beginning
of the year that they bring home each day to their parent or guardian. Every day that they meet classroom
expectations their passport will be stamped by their “travel guide” (myself). The students go home and
have that passport initials by their parent or guardian. Every two weeks, if a student goes with receiving a
stamp everyday, they get to pick an item out of our souvenir shop.
In addition to the daily stamps, if a student goes above and beyond expectations they will receive
“tourist tickets”. Five tickets gets them something out of our souvenir shop. Ten tickets gets them to pick
their job for the week (ex: line leader, teacher assistant, etc). Fifteen tickets gets the student a free
homework pass. Twenty tickets gets the student 5 points on a test. If students, as a class, are able to
collect 150 tickets by the end of the year they can choose to have an ice cream luau with administration
Limit Settings Before Negative Consequences:
1. Make direct eye contact with the student
2. Knock on the desk
3. Call out the student’s name
4. Stand within a close distance from the student
Negative Consequences:
1. Verbal warning
2. Continue to go against classroom rules results in their passport not being stamped, and will
receive a small note on what poor choice they made that day.
3. One ticket will be taken away...then two...then three.
Outside Help:
1. If a student gets three tickets taken away, their parent will be called directly.
a. Can result in parent-teacher conference
2. If the same behavior continues to occur on a daily basis, then parents and administration will
become involved.
a. Conference with principal or counselor depending on type of behavior.

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