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Marionettes, Inc.

By Ray Bradbury

1. Using a dictionary, define the words below:




2. What technology do you notice in the story? List any advanced technology and explain
how it is used.
3. Similar tech today? From the technology you listed above, is any of it similar to
anything we have today?

Comprehension questions
1. How would you describe Braling’s marriage?
2. Explain what Smith thinks about his marriage
and his wife. What problem is he having in his
3. What exactly IS Braling Two?
4. What is ironic about what Smith discovers
about his wife?
5. What does Braling One think about Braling
Two’s feelings?
6. What do we learn at the end of the story
about the marionette?

and what causes each of the feelings that follow? 5.” “What did she mean. the horrid thought. someone said?” what is the effect of using “someone” here.” . How do we use technology now to avoid conflict? Explain a time when you or someone you know has used technology to avoid working through a problem face-to-face. “your marriage hasn’t exactly been roses. what do they reveal about his attitudes towards his wife and money? 4. And then the terror and the loneliness engulfed him. explain one central idea of “Marionettes. “I’ll just slip eight thousand out as a business venture… Nettie needn’t know. Inc.We’ll see what we can do about that-. Do you think it was ethical that Braling bought a marionette to take his place in his marriage when he didn’t want to be there? Explain. rather than a name? Thinking/Opinion questions 1. “And then. And then the fever and disillusionment. I wonder if perhaps she isn’t just a little simple-minded?” Can you explain why Smith should get this impression of his wife? 3.” Can you explain this sequence of reactions that Smith goes through? What is the horrid thought..Language Focus 1. Rephrase these expressions from the story in your own words. 2. Theme/Central Idea Using at least two pieces of supporting evidence. “-. “And it seems to me that in the last month she’s gotten worse. has it?” “It may be splitting hairs” “His knees suddenly turned to water” “Did my wife put you up to this?” 2. taking their money like this?” compare these two statements of Smith’s.