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A special thank you to the following education supporters for hearing 

our voices 
​ H​ ISD Board Trustees 
​Rhonda Skillern- Sergio Lira Diana Davila Susan Diegaard 
​Texas State Board of​ ​ Education Coordinator ​ ​Texas State     
​Education ​ ​Member at the Mayor’s Office​ ​Representative      
Lawrence Allen Emma Oliver John Whitmire 
HISD Officer of Secondary    
HISD Chief Academic Officer
Curriculum Development 
“Our voice is really important and it’s even more 
  important since it’s our education” - Nina Zhang 
    Brought to you by Cluster 8L   
Grenita Lathan Annie Wolfe 
  Intermission (10 minute break)
Welcome​ - Dr. Katherine Bradarich 
Introduction of Town Hall​ - Nushana Huq, Moderator  7. Jessica Lin ​End the Revolving Door: Increase
  Teachers’ Pay and Our Schools’ Stability
Introduction of Panelists ​- Tavien Dickson, Moderator 
Synopsis of Town Hall-​ The Town Hall is a meeting led by eighth grade  8. Cecilia Rodriguez ​The Inevitable Failure of a High Stakes
students in cluster 8L. This meeting is an opportunity for students to voice  System
their opinions on the current school system and how it should be changed. 
  9. Thomas Dowe (Reading for Marcela Rodriguez & Camille
  Marlin) ​You Laugh-But, Limiting Homework WILL
Introduction of Speakers ​- Simon Gross, Moderator  Improve Student Learning

1. Evelyn Bell ​It’s 2018- Time to Rethink Our Education System 10. Jah’kya Rucker ​Don’t Whitewash Our Past: Ensure an
Equal and Unbiased Representation in
Our Social Studies Curriculum
2. Daphne Goodsby ​Before Another Tragedy Strikes- Addressing
Bullying in Our Schools 11. Isaac Zelaya (Reading for Elvin Merino, Nushana Huq, and
Atahan Koksoy)
​Feeding Young Minds- The Importance of
3. Aryn Waters ​“That’s So Gay” Is Not Okay: Make Our Schools A a Tasty and Healthy School Lunch
LGBTQ-Inclusive & Safe
12. ​Serina Ibarra ​Class Sizes Matter: Overcrowding
Negatively Impacts Students Learning
4. Jewlyann Cruz ​A Safe Haven to Learn: Give Immigrant Students
Equal Rights to an Education ​13​. ​Roy Semaan And Ritsuki Kai
Fulfill Your Constitutional Duty: Why the
State Needs to be Held Accountable for
5. Nina Zhang ​Equity vs. Equality: Cutting our Magnet Program is HISD’s Budget Crisis.
Not the Answer
​ 14​. ​Charles Walker ​When Profit Dictates Our Education: End
Pearson’s Corporate INfluence on Our
6. Jessica Tidwell​ ​Essential, Not Extra: Arts Education is Integral to Education System
Academic Success
​15.​ S
​ imon Henry ​One Size Doesn't Fit All: Why
High-Stakes Testing is Failing ALL Our

Conclusion ​- Simon Gross, Moderator