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Teacher's name:

Age and grade of SS: 11, sixth grade

Type of activity planned (skill,grammar,vocabulary):listening, writing

Module and lesson: module 3, The Amusement Park

What is your objective for this activity: SS will be able to read about amusement parks. SS will
be able to use adjectives that denote feelings. SS will be able to listen to a dialogue about an amu

What sort of difficulties do you expect SS to have? How will you deal with them?

CD player might malfunction. TT will read the text himself.

Time Procedure Class Materials

5 T asks SS what an amusement park is (zabavni
park). T asks SS if they have ever been to an
amusement park. If they answer yes, T asks what
the SS saw there. If they answer no, T asks SS to S-T
recall a movie about amusement parks and asks
the same question. T asks SS how they feel about
amusement parks.

T asks SS to read the information about an
amusement park on page 38. T asks SS if the
rides seem exciting. T introduces key words T-SS Student’s
about feelings. T asks SS what each word means. book
SS will be required to show the facial expression
5 that accompanies the feeling. T then tells SS to
have a look at the photos on pg. 38-39 and guess
how the people in them feel.

T asks SS to listen to the dialogue on the cd and Student’s

Afterwards. T asks SS to use the answers in order to write a report about what their partner likes and what Notebook they dislike T-SS S-T 10 10 . T writes an example on the blackboard. T asks SS to assume roles of S-S the four participants and read the dialogue. check if they guessed the feelings of the people in T-SS book the photos correctly. T introduces key expressions and explains how to build sentences that talk about what they like and dislike. T tells SS to ask their partner the questions. The SS are required 10 to chose a topic and write seven questions about it in their notebooks. The SS are required to provide 10 translations of the key expressions. Student’s book T-SS S-T T asks SS to work in pairs. the SS write six sentences about amusement parks employing the new sentence building method and new expressions. Upon completion.