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Lesson Head-Stands Date Friday March 16, 2018

Subject/Grade PE Time 30 min
Unit Gymnastics Teacher Josh Bouwsema

SLOs Learning Objectives Assessments
Students Will: (Formative/Summative)
Perform and refine nonlocomotor skills to Observations during bi/tripod balances and
improving physical performance headstand (F)
Apply and refine basic skills as they relate to Observations during bi/tripod balances and
balances in gymnastics. headstand (F)
Participate in PA and understand health- Closing discussions about fitness and
related fitness while encouraging movements effort/attitude (F)
 Alberta Program of Studies  Mats
 Safety Guidelines (2013)
 NCCP Gymnastics Foundations
Prior to lesson Write “This Day in History” for music and sports
Introduction Diagram Time
Keys Partner Balance: grab a mat each and go with a
 Responsible, safe, partner. Practice the balances and stretches we did
and honest last class.
Body Diagram Time
Keys: Bipod Balance
 Keep elbows inside Teach and demo the bipod balance. Don’t worry
of legs like a frog, about falling forwards, because you will only fall 2-3
if you’re falling inches and it will be a slow fall to just land on your
forward squeeze forehead. Give to practice and hold for as long as
the mat. you can.
 Must land on the Tripod Balance
top of your head, Next step from a bipod balance. Start in the same
keep your knees “frog” position but lean all the way forward to land 5-10
bent and stabilize on the top of your head. Lift your knees up and place min
this position. them on your elbow while upside down and hold. each
How to roll out of the tripod onto your feet (use one
leg to kick of needed).
 Legs straight and Head Stand: With a partner, one at a time try and
feet together, tuck lift your legs straight up from the tripod balance.
chin to fall. Your partner does not grab your legs to pull you up
but gives you tips on positioning (feet together, legs
Closure Diagram Time
Keys: Closing Comments: completed a skill you didn’t
 Attitude and effort, think you could, or need to keep practicing as this is
carry over of a difficult skill. 2-5
information Next Class: Work more on rolls with mats and min
ramps. Then next week we will have mission

Reflections from the lesson:
Sponge Activity Give time to practice any of the three skills.
Personal Skill Development / kick foot out to roll out of tripod / continue to work on
mastering bi-pod balance (for those uncomfortable doing full head stand)
Motivation MY ENERGY / Group games and cooperation / fitness and balance training
- On-site supervision / Observation
- Head looks to the knee that lands (if your roll backwards on the left shoulder you
look left)
- How to fall out of the tripod balance (tuck chin)
- Start on the top of your head, not your forehead.
- Keep wrist pointed right way when falling backwards.
- Partner to help keep you balanced.
- Proper footwear
- Mats to fall

Reflections from the lesson: