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Final Project
Pizza Center Simulation
Due to: 12 / 5 / 06

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Yavuz Alper ERGUL


Contents Page No. 1 Introduction 4 2 Description of the Restaurant 5 3 Flowchart of process 5 4 Layout of the model 6 5 What is it? Why is it important? 7 6 Problem Statement 7 7 Data Collection methodology 8 Data Analysis 9 Data Collection 10 The Customer Arrive Time Data 11 Customer Arrive Time Result 12 Drive Thru Customer Arrive Data 13 Customer Taking Order Time Data 14 Drive Thru Customer Arrive Time Data 15 Cooking Time Data 16 Eating Time Data 17 Modeling Assumptions Discussion 18 Figure Numerical results 19 Figure Entity total time 20 Figure Queue time 21 Figure Total cost 22 Input Analyzer Results 23 Customer Arrive result 24 Drive Thru Customer result 25 Customer Taking Order Time result 26 Drive Thru Taking Order Time result 27 Cooking Time result 28 Eating Time result 29 Discussion of how the results used in the model 30 Validation and Verification Discussion 31 Usage of Optquest 32 Selecting Controls 33 Selecting Responses 34 OptQuest result 35 Bottlenecks Problems in the System as is Model 36 Numerical results of the bottleneck (customer total time) 37 New Process To Be Modeled 38 New model result 39 Discussion on How The Improved Model is Better Than the Original Model 40 Conclusion 41 Optimality 42 Practical implementation problem 2 .

3 . However. 43 Criteria by which selection was made 44 45 Introduction: In the following project we are trying to simulate a restaurant model which is located on the 11th street…… Description of the Restaurant: The restaurant is owned by Miss. Siripon Magsic. so she looks at the possible improvement but do not need to spend much money on that. she needs to handle the increase of customer now and then. There is an employee for taking orders and one more staff for the delivery of food both inside and in the drive thru. she has just started this business last few months. After taking over this business. The restaurant has mainly two cooks who take care of the catering.

walk-in and drive-thru.1: Flowchart of process 4 .1 Walk-In Customers Drive-Thru Customers Cu s tom ers Arri v e R estaurant D oor W alk to C ounter R estaurant Dri v e Thru Arriv e D rive to w indow E ntrance 0 0 C outer to place Ta k ing Order Co ok ing StationA H ave a s eat order R estaurant Dri v e Thru Tak ing D rive to E xit Proc es s Co ok ing StationB W indow Order 0 0 0 0 0 Tr ue W aiting for food Eat at res taurant or ToGo E xit to street Ex it to 11 TH Street Go to dine ine Dining In 0 0 False 0 R oute from W alk to exit counter Go H ome E xit the restaurant Le av e the res taurant 0 Figure 3. we concluded that there are two types of customers.Thus these four employees take care of the whole process. And the flow chart of this process is shown in figure 3. The restaurant is an open to close model. After we finished interviewing the owner.

2: Layout Garden 11 TH Street Layout of the model 5 . Sink Kitchen Store Packing Table Place Order Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Fannin Street Figure 3.

There is a employee to take orders and another employee who does the delivery for the drive-thru. we can know that which process should be improved. Problem Statement The model that is simulated here is the restaurant in the 11th street. The total processing time for each of the customer was found out using the input analyzer by entering the values which were recorded in a week’s time. 6 . Thus for a proper simulation of a model layout is a very important tool. The restaurant consists of 8 tables. It forms the skeleton of the model and forms a basis for making further improvements on the model. The importance is that we can find out the helpful information such as entity total time and queue time in process without spending too much time to observe the process. So a new model was simulated to decrease the total processing time of the customers by adding a resource appropriately. There are two main cooks who take care of the catering inside the restaurant. Using Arena a model was simulated and the total processing time for each customer was found out. It is very important that after we have had all information. kitchen sink and a packing table.What is it? Why is it important? The layout gives us a broad outlook of the model that what it is. Thus the distribution for the various processing time for each customer was found out.