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Lesson: Science

Grade: 7th
Topic: F.7.1. The Solar System and Beyond/The Earth and Universe, F.7.1.2. Celestial Bodies,
F. The Concept of Stellar
Teachers: Elgin Ekin İli, Furkan Hısım, Furkan Saydam, Pınar Başpınar, Yasemin Elagöz

3) Why it is important for students to learn this concept?

When students learn the concept of stellar, they have more awareness about space. They
will be curious about on the sky at night. Students distinguish brightness on the sky. When
they look at the sky, they identify the brightness whether star or not. Students can find a
pole star and label other type of star cluster when look at the sky. Therefore, abstract
knowledge is converted to concrete.
Students do not have any understanding about stellar because it is the first time to meet
students with stellar concept. After the lesson students have better understanding about
stars. They can classify the type of stars and draw star types. When student see any color of
star’s illustration, they decide it’s temperature in terms of hot or cold.
The last topic in The Solar System Unit is concept of universe. They are more ready to this
topic because they have knowledge about star which is the part of universe.
Lastly, students interpret the brightness on the sky like a little astronomer and they learn the
stellar concept.

4) As a teacher, what should you know about this topic?

At the beginning of the lesson, I should evaluate students’ prior knowledge about stellar
concept. I should talk with students about topic and then, be aware of their interests. And, I
should know stellar, star, pole star, star cluster concepts. Also, I should know description of
sun, protostar, white dwarf, nebula, neutron star, red giant, supernova, open or galactic
clusters and globular clusters. Lastly, I should know a description of light year concept.

9) What materials/ equipment are needed to teach the lesson?
I will use the white board, computer, slides, the Internet, Science textbook. For learning
center; I needed papers, balloons, foam, nail polish, colored marker pens, tape, black carton,
glue, a meter wire.