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One of East Africa’s largest and fastest growing manufacturer of consumer products implements

OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solution

BIDCO Africa leverages OpenText and Avaali to deploy a Document Management System and setup
content enriched SAP business processes.

Bidco Africa Ltd. is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Kenya with over 48
different brands and distributorships across 17 countries in the East, Central and Southern African
regions. Their products include Edible Oils, Cooking Fats, Margarine, Baking Products, Hygiene
Products, Detergents, Laundry Bars and Animal Feeds. The Group operates factories across Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar. The company reaches over 350 million consumers across Africa.


Across their business process like Accounts Receivable, payment approval, master data creation etc.,
Bidco has several challenges such as processes being manual with manual workflows, non-availability
of supporting when required during an audit, unstructured content relating to a process delinked
from SAP transactions and lack of a structured approach to document and records management.
Bidco had various business documents in the form of paper. Handling paper through the approval
process was cumbersome and it was a challenge for them to search for the relevant information in
case of any business needs. Collectively, this was leading to inefficient processes, consequent loss on
productivity, increased costs and high risks on governance and compliance.

Bidco was looking for a best of breed, comprehensive content management solution which could
automate their processes, integrate seamlessly into SAP business processes and seamless access for
its users to all the information they need at the time of executing every step in their business
process. Through this solution Bidco wanted to achieve more transparency, gain more visibility and
control of their processes. They wanted this solution to support them to deliver on their SLA’s in
their shared service center.

After exploring various options, Bidco chose to license and implement the OpenText Extended ECM
for SAP Solutions to achieve easy access to unstructured content within the context of SAP Business
Process. With this solution, they were confident that they would achieve greater productivity and
better visibility on shared services operations.

Partnering with Avaali to implement a solution efficiently and well within time:

Bidco is now able to access VIM invoices from Extended ECM interface and is able to apply retention rules on those invoices. The implementation of OpenText Extended ECM solution was split into 5 phases in order to better suit the business as well as to ease change management. Alkane Patel. to help Bidco appreciate how they could leverage the OpenText Extended ECM Solutions to resolve their document management needs. All our contents are now securely stored in a centralized repository thus avoiding silos and gives us the flexibility to access our content from different sources via preferred user interfaces. This solution has enabled Bidco to maintain high quality. it is now easy to audit in case of any issues. 40% for Reconciliation process. 70% for Master Data Creation process and enabled the business and management to have better control over the whole process and faster decisions. Implementation of the 1st phase of the core OpenText Extended ECM implementation was completed in just 4. we have a 360-degree visibility into any and all content associated with transactions in SAP.5 months.Bidco chose to partner with Avaali for the implementation of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. Vendor Reconciliation.5 months. their requirements. With document centric business process workflows being implemented. Bidco has also integrated the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management with OpenText Extended ECM Solution to digitize incoming invoices and store them in Extended ECM repository. Bidco is able to digitize most of the physical documents and thus minimizing dependency on physical documents”. about the solution and thus eased change management. to enable Bidco to create and maintain SAP master data for Vendor. accurate master data in SAP with a multi-level approval cycle for creation of master data. The workshops also covered all aspects of the proposed solution in detail. With this solution. Customer Reconciliation and Due Payment approval process. All those documents are now stored securely and can be accessed and searched easily. All the five phases together with required custom developments and migration from the legacy system was delivered in 8. Sales. Bidco has replaced its existing document management system and migrated those documents into Extended ECM repository. With automation. Avaali has implemented a solution using OpenText Extended ECM. Bidco has leveraged OpenText Enterprise Scan solution and ECM functionality to automate their Accounts Receivable. With Extended ECM Scan solution. their pain points. they have significantly brought down their cycle time to process and now got a greater visibility and accountability of their processes. With this integration. FI and HR business process with OpenText Extended ECM to standardize and streamline its core business process by enriching them with document management functionality. Bank Reconciliation. . we are able reduce cycle time by 50% for Due Payment Approval process. Head of IT at Bidco said ”As a result of this implementation. The Avaali team created a detailed blueprint document covering Extended ECM business scenarios and gained the acceptance and confidence of Bidco business and IT team. Automated solution leads to significant benefits: Bidco has integrated SAP Procurement. 50% for Accounts Receivable Process. Material. Bidco has streamlined these processes and significantly reduced the cycle time. Asset and Employee objects. Customer. The implementation team from Avaali conducted detailed workshops with key stakeholders from Bidco to understand the current system and business processes. Avaali also took ownership of educating the Bidco end users as well as IT users. and the roadmap. By attaching the supporting documents with the master data.

com .  Streamline master data creation process  Reduce storage costs – storage subsystems/disks Solutions  OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP Solutions Benefits  Quick core Extended ECM implementation in 4.  Streamline Accounts Receivable. Gaea. partners. Ltd. consulting and implementation services has enabled enterprises to transform their business processes and engage better with their stakeholders including customers. Powerboy and Gental. Challenges  Minimize dependency on physical documents.  Streamlined various business process such Accounts Receivable. Due Payment. fats and hygiene care products. employees. Bidco is home to some of Kenya’s most famous and loved brands such as Kimbo. Golden Fry. Uganda and Tanzania and a footprint in 16 African countries. Established in 1985 the company has manufacturing units in Kenya. Chipsy.5 months  Seamless integration with SAP ERP  Easy Access of unstructured content within context of SAP Business Processes.  Provide the ability to securely store documents and reference it with SAP business processes. To learn more about Bidco Africa visit: http://www. Avaali has strengths in providing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions.Sidebar Information Industry FMCG Customer Bidco Africa Ltd. Elianto.avaali. About Bidco Bidco Africa Ltd is Kenya and East Africa’s leading manufacturer of edible oils. Biddy’s. Reconciliation.bidcoafrica. Master Data is a company that enables Enterprises to drive and deliver business results by leveraging digital technologies. Reconciliation and Payment processes. vendors and shareholders.  Better Governance and Compliance About Avaali: Avaali Solutions (www. Partner Avaali Solutions Pvt. Avaali’s advisory.