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Challenges Faced By Operators In

a Successful Pipeline Inspection
7th annual Pipeline Integrity
Management Forum

6 February, 2014

Bryan Melan
Marathon Oil, USA
Houston, Texas
Corporate Pipeline Integrity SME

Contents About Marathon Oil Company High Level Overview of Integrity Management (IM) of pipelines Upstream vs. downstream (midstream) pipelines Upstream issues 2 .

the USA’s leading center for crude oil production at that time. the Ohio Oil Company changes its name to Marathon Oil Company Marathon became one of the top 5 largest integrated US companies in the 2000’s In 2011. the Middle East. Marketing. the Company has activity in North America. and transportation 3 . In celebration of its 75th anniversary in 1962. Based in Houston.A Bit About Marathon Oil Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE: MRO) is an independent international energy company. = Exploration and production • Marathon Petroleum = Refining. Texas. Marathon Oil Corporation becomes independent upstream company. the Ohio Oil Company was founded in northwestern Ohio . and Africa. In 1887. Europe. • Marathon Oil Co.

Living Our Values Marathon Oil Corporation creates value for our shareholders and provides quality products and services for our customers. we act responsibly toward those who work for us. These are the core values that guide our approach to business: • Health and Safety • Environmental Stewardship • Honesty and Integrity • Corporate Citizenship • High Performance Our UK operating unit Marathon Oil. UK has been named in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in the United Kingdom for the last 7 consecutive years 4 . the communities in which we operate and our business partners. In doing so.

The Pipeline Integrity Management Progression based upon Table 3-2 of DNV-RP-F116 5 .

Integrity Management Cycle 6 .

8S 7 .Pipeline Threat Categories as defined by ASME B31.

Midstream/Downstream systems  UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAM/MIDSTREAM  Raw product Finished/partially finished  Contains water and corrosive products impurities Typically dry and noncorrosive  Primary threat is internal Variety of primary threats corrosion Operating Pressure is fairly  Unusual threats constant over lifecycle  Operating Pressure declines Greater likelihood for lifecycle over lifecycle extension and uprating  Solids are generally organic Greater likelihood of product  Often rural service changes Solids are generally inorganic from refining /treating processes Often near population centers (markets) 8 .Upstream systems vs.

Immediate 3rd party damage Not designed for pigging Wall thickness changes Reduced port valves Technological advances making the “unpiggable” piggable Volatile/toxic products 9 .Midstream/Downstream Challenges Older pipe – technology selection Coating issues Construction/long seam manufacture issues Latent 3rd party damage Development near (or on!) the right of way .

“As-Received” cleaning pig photos Dry Gas Transmission Refined Liquids Pipeline Pipeline 10 .

and more changes! Water drop-out 11 . black powder and debris Construction issues Tight schedules Questionable practices Less strict inspection requirements Operations impact to gathering systems Untreated product Transient or laminar flow regime = very low velocity Multidiameter pipe Operational changes.Upstream Challenges Wax. changes.

Waxed ILI tool 12 .

5m 100% 12746.4m 100% 21.5m-12765m 40% .4m-546.4m 50% 41.2m-377.4m-41.6.4m-66.4m-70m 35% 70m-83.7m-914m 20% 914m-963m 50% 963m-979m 75% 1000m-1025m 90% 1025m-12629m 100% 12629m-12734m 50% 12734m-12746.2m 80% 256.3m-701.5m 60% 83.1m-13.3m 70% 546.everely Degraded data due to high levels of wa APPROX % OF PIPELINE ABSOLUTE DISTANCE CIRCUMFER (metres) ENCE AFFECTED BY WAXING Welds from 778m-877m 0-4.1m 20% 840.5m-91.6m 50% Welds from 963m to 1062m 377.6m 100% 91.2m 20% 793m-800.1m 30% 772m-778.1m 50% 13.6m-256.4m 75% 66.1m-21.1m 10% 4.

Water drop-out Created by Naj Kandala. MOUK 14 .

Stratified Flow in Upstream Gathering Systems 15 .

Pipeline Profiling Tool 16 .

Comparison of successive cleaning runs 17 .

Challenges Faced By Operators In Securing a Successful Pipeline Inspection Thanks to Pipelines 2 Data LLC and PII Pipeline Solutions for inspection data graphic illustrations Thank You for Your Attention Bryan 18 . PE Questions? Marathon Oil Company bpmelan@marathonoil.