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Risk Statement Risk Category Risk Mitigation

Insufficient Operation The government
income from provided a financial
tolls gurantee to account
for the toll risk

operation costs Operation Monitoring and
overun evaluation of
operational costs at
regular intervals
construction Design Producing a thorough
design and comprehensive
inadequate design. Working with
established design

Late withdrawal Finance Have a second and
of investors third option such as
substitute investors in
case such situation

lack of Finance Appeal for funds from
investment private investors as
funds well as the

construction Construction Working with an
delays established
constraction company
with a good reputation.
Giving incentives for
meeting schedule.
Regular meetings to
perform a progress

construction Construction Perform a thorough
cost overun assessment of the
financial status of a
construction company
during the tender stage
before awarding the

insolvency of Construction Perform a thorough
contractors assessment of the
financial status of a
construction company
during the tender stage
before awarding the

Disapproval of Time Maintaining
Stakeholders transparent dialogue
with all stakholder

Ensure procedures suggested and requested are adequately followed . change unstable Political Insuring the project. environmental Incorporating flooding dissaster such preventing solutions in as flooding the design International Economic Insuring the project. Major Environmental Insuring the project. expected on the Take insurance on the roads and bridge bridge Flooding Operation There is no risk of flooding Changes in Legislation Having a long term legislations contract where all cost leading to are agreed in advance increases operation cost during the contractors operational lifespan Protests from Political Maintain from local communication with special groups special groups during all stages in the project. economic event tax regulation Financial Insuring the project. gorvernment Poor Construction Imposing severe construction penalties in case such a workmanship situation arises Inflation rate Economic The unitary charge fluctuations increases by approximately £1m each year which accounts for cost of capital calculations Gaining access Planning The government and ownership provided £86m for land of the site acquisition Higher Operation Estimate the Maintainance maintainance cost and Cost than maitainance risks early.