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Project name: Mersey Gateway Project

2. Constanino
Client/Promoter: Halton Borough Council and the government are the promoters of
the Mersey Gateway project. Promoters in the construction industry are responsible
for the development of the construction projects, portfolio, and programs. They are
responsible for operating real estate assets for the sales and specific activities. The
objective of project management is to achieve specified goals and objectives where
the promoter success depends on the effectiveness of the control during the process of
achievement of project’s objectives. In this case, Halton Borough Council defined
goals in different areas of responsibility. They are responsible for the fulfillment of
their duties for the successful completion of the project. The Halton Borough Council,
as a promoter, is responsible for the selection of concessionaires who can manage the
project and make an agreement on certain financing conditions. These concessionaires
will allow the project to proceed the work. The Mersey Gateway Crossings Board Ltd
is a special purpose vehicle, created by the Halton Boarding Board. He must deliver
the Mersey Gateway Bridge project and and to administer and oversee the
construction and maintenance of the new tolled crossings including the tolling of the
existing Silver Jubilee Bridge. The Board’s terms of reference and delegated authority
are expressed in a Governance Agreement with the Council, set to last for sixty years.
The Board’s terms of reference and delegated authority are expressed in a
Governance Agreement with the Council, set to last for sixty years. The government,
being promoter also providing grants PFI credits to give support to the project. It is
important to notify that, both the government and the HBC are convinced that the
project is financed by the terms constitute good value for money.

This structure is important to understand. Merseylink Consortium. building. CLD Fencing is responsible for providing approximately 5km of 2. which is a shell company. In addition to the Project Agreement with Merseylink.article .kier. http://www. The consortium members include Kier Infrastructure. operations and financing of the Mersey Gateway https://www. drainage cleaning services and new drainage infrastructure. who are responsible for the delivery of the end to end tolling collection and enforcement of unpaid appointed as a project management company which is responsible for designing. The Merseylink Consortium include experienced sponsors with a strong track record in maintaining and delivering major infrastructure projects. The contract includes the delivery of CCTV drainage surveys. typically including a financial institution and construction and maintenance companies.pdf https://www. the Council entered into a Demand Management Participation Agreement (DMPA) with emovis. with no employees that subcontracts elements of the contracts to sister companies.merseygateway.notolls. SPV  The concessionaire will be a consortium of several CH2M HILL is responsible for providing technical and contractual advisory services to the project. known as a special purpose vehicle (SPV). Lanes Group secured a contract to provide drainage survey and maintenance services to the project.1m-high eclipse mesh fencing to the project. Final. Also.newcivilengineer. Samsung C&T and FCC Construcción. Constanino Developer: A company set up approach is followed for the execution of the project. It will be financed primarily by debt and have no recourse to its parent “The Merseylink” was appointed by “The Halton Borough Council” because it was preferred bidder in June gateway/10026255.

Capital expenditure projects or Capex projects as they are known in short are projects which involves the purchase or investment in a fixed asset such as a vehicle or construction building that provides a source of income for the future. JJ The contract for this PFI arrangement was awarded to the Merseylink Consortium in March 2014 for the design. In addition.pdf 4. Mersey Gateway project is a 30 year PPP project which start from 2014 and end in 2044. The project may also be referred to as an Opex project since it has ongoing operating expenses which are tax deductible. The £1.86 billion cost will include design. a Council loan and a bond investment supported by the HM Treasury’s UK Guarantees Scheme and an equity investment. A capex project refers to any project where expenditures are made in the present to purchase or improve an asset with an objective of creating future financial benefits. 7. the . The project opened in the Autumn of 2017 as the first step to kickstarting a 20-year regeneration programme in Halton. The construction cost amounted to £600 million. Craig 8. finance and operation (DBFO) of the Mersey Gateway Bridge project over a 30-year period. JJ Definition of the Project The Mersey gateway project may be defined as a Capex + Opex project. Spanning the river Mersey and the Manchester ship canal the bridge itself is constructed of concrete and steel and approximately 2200 metres long and has a clearance of 25 metres.000 vehicles at the site daily. Size of the project The construction of the bridge was a major undertaking consisting of the use of around 80. Toll revenue from the users of the Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee Bridge is used to as the main source for funding the investment costs such as the cost of Information-Memorandum-Feb-2011. a financial arrangement was put in place by Merseylink which consists of bank loans. The total cost of the project through to the year 2044 is estimated to be £1. The major capital investment in the Mersey Gateway project is the construction of the bridge from which income may arise in the form of toll charges. To be able to meet these costs. 6. The UK government also contributed £85 million for the purchase of land.http://www.merseygateway. Craig 5.86 billion. maintenance and building cost. build. and finish at 14 of October 2017. Peter The whole project construction period is start form 7 of May 2014. Typically.

9. This charge is based on the consortium meeting a set of agreements made with the council. Halton council pays the Merseylink Consortium an annual fee known as a unitary charge until the year 2044. Dimitri . An agreement has also been made with the UK government whereby over the first 12 years annual payments amounting to around £125 million is contributed for the operation purposes. The agreements include making the road available to users and ensuring the average speed of the users does not drop below an agreed minimum.