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Classroom Management Techniques

Class Check-In
 Students rate the class from 1-4
1. Very poor and disrespectful
2. Some students are listening but most are being disrespectful
3. Most students are listening but some are being disrespectful
4. All students are listening
 Students hold their fingers to their chest and rate the class
 Ask students (individually) to explain their rating
 Seek ways for improvement

2,3, Eyes on me
 Teacher says “2,3, eyes on me”
 Class responds with “1,2, eyes on you”
 Class is then expected to stop what they are doing and turn to face the

Review 3 main rules of the classroom
1. I will not talk over you
2. We will use our time effectively
3. You waste my time, I waste yours
 Have students review the rules of the class
 Explain what wasting time means

Keep students in a recess
 Explain to students that if they are acting out then they will be required to
come in at recess
 If they come in, talk to them about appropriate behavior in the classroom
 Discuss strategies that will be taken in future classes

Get quiet and wait
 Don’t talk over the students if they are being loud and not listening
 Get quiet and wait
 Explain that this is wasting time and students will have to come in at recess
to give that time back

Quiet coyote
 Create horns with hands and hold them to the head
 When coyote horns are made the class is to be quiet and listen to instruction

Shh, hand raised
 The teacher will hold their finger up to their lips and symbolize “shh” the
other hand will be raised in the air
 When students see these signs they will replicate
 This will cause the class to remain quiet and listen