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Pipeline Healthcare Assurance

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 P2D Background  Pipeline HealthCare Assurance  Our Customer Connected Approach  Crafting value propositions to meet your needs  Technology Enhancements .

Stavanger. international Oil & Gas Operators • Locations in Aberdeen. experienced pipeline personnel • Long term contracts with numerous. Background • P2D was formed in January 2007 • Consists of multi-discipline. Newton Aycliffe .

 Productivity  Risks  Integrity  Shutdowns  Asset Life  Maintenance  Reliability  Operating Costs .

• Acquire • Analyse and accurate & assess reliable conditions information Monitor Evaluate CUSTOMER Optimise Plan • Design & • Develop & Implement • Execute enhancements .

Waste Pig Design & Handling & Specification Disposal Piggability Assurance Pipeline Pigging Risk Condition Assessments Assessment PPT.PCR.PET (PRA) Optimisation Chemical Assurance selection Reporting PIR.PRR Engineering Process & Trending Flow Operational Assurance Support 6 .

Operating costs Productivity Potential cost savings Implementation of Healthcare Asset life Extended life span Designed lifespan .

P2D’s Pipeline HealthCare provides a cost effective approach to ensuring overall operating efficiency in a controlled and safe environment .mayo@pipelines2data.